probs my favourite one

Love Song
The Cure
Love Song

Whenever I’m alone with you
You make me feel like I am free again
Whenever I’m alone with you
You make me feel like I am clean again
However far away
I will always love you

“Cops use chainsaws, yeah?”

FUZZ is probs one of my favourite SR2 activities… (I’m also disgustingly bad at it.)

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what do you think of the ship sheith? do you like or hate it? (sorry, aking cus there are lots of haters)

I actually don’t mind it, I think it’s really cute. It’s prob one of my third favourite ships. But in my opinion, I see Keith and Shiro as more of a younger brother/older brother dynamic? I think their brotherly love is more cute and pure than a romantic love, because they look at and value each other as family and that is so special, means they have a rlly strong bond

And I don’t even acknowledge the “Keith is underage so shipping him with Shiro is illegal” bull crap that all those anti-shaladins spread around, it’s just stupid


‘Where there is life, there is death. This one is Hollow, spirit of old hollow trees and voice of things dry, dead and forgotten.’

So this is where I’ve been for the past few weeks, new character and a new costume to wander around cons in (most recently Oz Comic-Con) :D Probs my favourite so far, and the one with the most visibility/comfyness. But that said, I still came out with sore spots on my face from where there clearly wasn’t enough foam in the mask. 

Resin/apoxy sculpt/fimo for the head and horns, misc fabric/leather/worbla and bits and pieces for everything else. The stick is literally a stick I grabbed from the garden and painted. All made by me.

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Hello~! Can you kindly suggest me some yoonmin or jikook soulmate AUs? 😊

you bet I can 😊

- color me blue by florations
- too close to the sun (i fell for you, i always do) by yourdietsoda
- electric love by smolwoozi (littlenoona) 
- colours by starjay
- if we touch hands, will i lose you? by softnugget
- atlas by allthefeels

- guy-liner by wontaek
- my love for you (oh, how it reeks!) by wontaek
- longing: a yearning desire by nahe

bonus (yoonkook) 
- i know i’ll fall in love with you baby by witheredleaf (micooled) (probs one of my all time favourite soulmate aus tbh)

some of these are older so i hope you find something you havent seen before! 

-  admin s

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*sliiides in* how would Okuyasu, Josuke, and Kakyoin react to their small s/o wearing their clothes? Like their school jackets or something??

s/o wearing boyfriend’s clothes is one of my favourite tropes

- is probs going to die seeing his lil s/o in his jacket, they’re so cute!! so short!! look at how long the sleeves are on them!! aaah!
- he’s not really going to care if it gets messed up or a little ripped or something, he has more important things to care about and it’s just clothes, right?
- he really likes seeing s/o in his clothes; he’s a loud and confident guy but he does get anxious that his s/o doesn’t like him as much as he likes them! seeing s/o in his clothes feels to him like s/o publicly acknowledging their Relationship and them Belonging Together and it fills him with Warm Fuzzies

- dis boi loves his clothes
- ok yeah it’s cute seeing lil s/o in his big jackets and fancy brooches looking like a swaddled up lil kitten
- but that cost 30,000 yen and a month of savings
- he can’t deny s/o anything but he’s going to be there, all the time, hovering, making sure that they don’t do anything that might damage his clothes
- if s/o teases him about it he gets blushy and reassures them he loves seeing them in anything
- the above doesn’t reply if it’s one of his t shirts slung on over bare legs bc heck is he into that

- he’s a gentleman and s/o is probably too intimidated by his elegant presence to say outright that they just want to wear his clothes to feel close to him
- offers his jacket/scarf/anything he has when it’s cold
- probably gets a thrill out of seeing s/o in his clothes because it marks them out as Belonging To Him
-  *thinks about kakyoin winding his scarf around s/o’s neck when it gets cold and smiling at them and dies*


ok these aren’t the best and tbh i’ll probably change some of them when I draw them digitally but i’ve been wanting to draw my phandom favs (and their urls) for a while now so here we go!!! I still have a lot more planned but so far here is: plantboylester, galaxyphan, dauntlester, beware-phangirl, eternallyphan, starlighthowell & spacecoatlester !!

<3 ilysm! thank you for being so wonderful!! <3

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1-10 + 18, 35, 40, 45

1. Height: 5"0 lmao
2. Shoe Size: UK4
3. Sexual Orientation: ??? Idek straight mostly
4. Do you Smoke? No, yikes
5. Do you Drink? Yes,
6. Do you Take Drugs? ;) jk who u think i am
7. Age you get mistaken for: umm ?? Probs 18
8. Have Tattoos? Nope
9. Want any tattoos: yes!!
10. Got any Piercings? Yep, my ears

18. Someone you miss: My grandad, he passed away 12 years ago, but feels like yesterday he was still here ❤

35. A wish that I’ve wished for repeatedly on 11:11: World peace in general, getting rid of general hate, including: racism, sexism, homophobia, islamophobia, just bashing people on their views tbh

40. My favourite ice cream: Tricky one, but probs mint choc chip

45. A random fact about anything: Octopuses lose their shape when they’re pulled out of water bc they have no bones xx

Send a # and I’ll answer