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How do you keep your faith in God strong when there's so much evidence supporting evolution?

Well, to answer this question we have to step back and look at things that have been assumed: one, that faith in God and belief in evolution are mutually exclusive, and two, that there is “so much evidence” for evolution.

The first assumption is pretty easy to dismiss. There’s a lot of Christians who believe that God created the world using evolution, and that the Genesis account of creation is purely poetic, not literal. It’s the second assumption that is a little harder to address. 

It’s important to note that I am definitely not a scientist. I’m just a 16-year-old girl with strong opinions. I’m really not even that science-minded (I actually much prefer English). So that’s why I’m just going to post paragraphs and links from people who understand science a whole lot more than me.

“Everything that makes up your body requires genetic information. You’ve got hands and feet because your genes code for it. The same is true for any creature—dogs, camels, you name it.

The genetic information in humans varies from the information in animals, plants, and so on. Seems obvious, so why point it out? Because for animal kind A to somehow “presto-change-o” into animal kind B, the information’s got to change. A fish doesn’t just morph into an amphibian without something changing in the genes. It would have to gain some new information.

Here’s the clincher: when we use operational science—the kind involving observable, repeatable, testable results—we have never observed, repeated, or been able to test animal kind A turning into animal kind B—at all. Sure, there’s some genetic “do-si-do” going on through mutations and gene drift, but there’s no way fish are going to sprout hair and opposable thumbs. Just in case you think by “no way” we mean there’s still a chance, there’s not—none, zilch, nada, not going to happen. What if we add billions of years and cool artistic renderings? Still no.” (x)

“You’ve probably heard news accounts about how life could have started on earth ‘gazillions’ of years ago in volcanoes, slush pools, crystals, rocks, you name it. Maybe you’ve heard something about “artificial” life or test-tube life.

Those are interesting speculations, but they overlook one important rule in biology: life doesn’t, cannot, and will never come from non-life. Life comes from life. Always. That’s the law—the Law of Biogenesis, to be exact.

All these failed experiments, like the Miller-Urey experiment, really show is just how much intelligence is required for life to begin in the first place.” (x)

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~probs tmi, period/vagina related~

I’m trying a menstrual cup for the first time today, and trying to put it in was the second worst vagina related incident in my life. i understand that in theory they’re great - that’s why i’m trying it, but in practice it feels like hell, abd I was hoping that in the menstrual cup tag I was gonna find some hate, bc, letzbereal, tumblr can and will hate on anything. and there’s lots about “stick with it for 3 cycles to get used to it”, but that indicates to me that the first insertion attempt is not generally enough to put ppl off; and now i am genuinely starting to worry that I have an abnormally small vagina and I don’t have anyone that I can ask if that’s true and I am so stressed out by this whole affair 

wait guys fuck caspar hates seeing joe in pain so hes gonna be so worried and nervous when joes getting his tattoo?!?!? theres probably gonna be more jaspar hand holding and concerned and scared caspar reassuring anxious and frightened joe and lots of “you okay, buddy?” “joe, are you alright?” “you’re doing great” and :(((((

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