probs gonna get a lot of hate


Noah fence @tv girl but u should rly consider using one of these as the cover for ur next album

Something that bothers me:
  • Daryl Dixon: *is literally the least sexual character*
  • Daryl Dixon: *is canonically a virgin*
  • Daryl Dixon: *is canonically straight*
  • Daryl Dixon: *became visibly uncomfortable when Carol flirted with him*
  • Fandom: *completely ignores canon because Daryl /has/ to have sex with everyone and sex is something everyone /has/ to love and if you don't you're wrong*

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if you don't mind could you list some people I can follow to get started? It would really help <3

do u know how much i hate this (also cOOl i’ve never been asked) i’m gonna list some harries i know like there are a lot of ppl i would recommend to follow jus bc but idk if u want that or jus harries but oke here we go:

@halsetto @allthehazza @harrystylesalbum @harrygotstyles @1dedus @appreciatetommo (she’s becoming a harrie i think she’s close to her final form) @harryfeatlouis (i mean she like…..she has the Good content u know) @harryhateblog (would like for me to say that she’s #1 on the charts n #1 in our hearts she’s v upset she didn’t get a note) @helladonut @cupcakelirry @babeharoldstyles @thereignofsoloharry @alienwitchstyles @kalelube (my other half look at her) @harrysfalsettos @harryistyles @packersbeanie @activatenarry @stylesweaty @stylesreborn @tsevers @stockholmsstyles @millionharry @stylesonly @thightat @tigerthightat @curatingstyles @slytherinbisexual (idk she’s jus the ale to my kale) 

Latte au (part 3)

(You guys had to have known this was coming)

Ok so pretty much; Shiro is in a huge car accident and loses his right arm because of it. Matt, his roommate visits him everyday, bringing is sister as well during a lot of his visits. Once Shiro is fitted with a top of the line prosthetic, he has to go through physical therapy to get used to using it. His doctor suggests yoga being a good way of learning how to rely on his prosthetic, and she even recommends a yoga instructor to help with the transition.

But Shiro is still pretty dang afraid of drive, so Matt takes him to his yoga classes, and even meets with the instructor, some super hot Cuban named Lance. He’s super funny and asks Shiro a bunch of questions about how far he is in physical therapy and where he might be struggling in when it comes to the prosthetic (it seems that a lot of amputees and those going through physical therapy take his classes.)

Lance is just super kind and sweet and even asks if Matt wants to join the class, if only to help help Shiro feel much more secure and relaxed. And DANG can this boy bend. He leads the class through so many yoga poses and Matt is pretty sure that his back is going to hate him for the next couple of days for taking it too far, but Shiro seemed to have enjoyed himself, and even looks more relaxed than he has in weeks.

Lance comes over after the class ends and asks how Shiro did through it, and if there was anything that might have pushed him to far. But before they leave, Lance slips something into Matt’s hand and then leaves to go and teach his next class. When they get back to the car, Matt looks at what Lance slipped into his hand and it’s a scrap of paper. With his number on it.

Shiro makes fun of Matt all the back home.

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i may be misinformed but isnt Shiro like.. wayyy too old for Matt? i mean I'm pretty sure Matt is 20 (younger?) and Shiro is well into his thirties... I don't know I'm just getting bad vibes here

yeah some people get bad vibes because at first glance the ship looks like sh!dge but that’s understandable. 

we have confirmination that shiro is around 25 (unless im outdated) and most people tend to headcannon Matt around 23-24 (I personally headcannon him as older because he was able to go on the Kerberos mission because NASA has an avearage age of astronaughts of 36 and Matt is not that old)

And honestly, we havent had much cannon Matt Holt screen time yet so Matt Holt is like Wes Weston from Danny Phantom if you want a reference. Had only 5 seconds of screen time and no name, yet has a lot of content and even a ship name and backstories and gay aunts. Matt Holt is a bit like the voltron fandom oc if you will. 

and if you don’t like what I post (because i have written several shatt fics in the past) then feel free to unfollow me anon. no judgement.


i spent the last 24 hours reading kenhina fics somebody kill me lmaooo

finally home from vacation but i start work on monday so i wanna draw lots before i get too busy >A<

the most interesting thing to me about the zamii070 hate is the damara cosplay debacle.

it’s interesting because suddenly cosplaying damara is suddenly being called “yellowface” and now she’s “racist.”

it’s even more interesting because never once before on this website or any other have I seen anyone called that who’s cosplayed damara “yellowfacing” or “racist.”

it’s interesting to go through the damara cosplay tag and see several people of different races cosplaying damara without getting bulldozed by hate comments like zamii070 is.

and by ‘interesting’ I mean it’s kind of terrible.

i don’t care if you’re gonna criticize someone. but make sure you’re criticizing that person for the right reason and not out of spite.
because it looks like most people are just attacking for the sake of attacking.

sorry that’s been on my mind for a few days now and I just had to say something.

wait guys fuck caspar hates seeing joe in pain so hes gonna be so worried and nervous when joes getting his tattoo?!?!? theres probably gonna be more jaspar hand holding and concerned and scared caspar reassuring anxious and frightened joe and lots of “you okay, buddy?” “joe, are you alright?” “you’re doing great” and :(((((

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I know lots of people who had sex at 14 and none of them have been regretting it. I guess its sort of a cultural thing, we're not really raised with the beliefs that sex is something special, more like it's the most natural thing ever and I assume that makes it easier to wait. Personally I wouldn't be read at 14 but I was a late bloomer in many ways. My point is just that some people actually are ready at 14 and if they are that's fine too as long as the feel confident and mature enough.

I am sorry, but how can you be ready to have sex 14 years into your life???? Take that everyone lives until they are 100 years old, you have 86 years of your life left, you still can’t drive a car, you can’t buy a lotto ticket, you can’t get alcohol. If you can’t even legally buy alcohol can you tell me that 14 year olds are ready to have sex and face the consequences of sex? People always seemingly forget that sex is the foundation of life. To make more people we have sex. When you have sex you are making a baby, or well you are meant to be. If you are 14 years old and you are telling me that you are ready to have a baby then sure you can go and have sex all that you want. I just think that if you aren’t in a place in which you can face the consequences of having a baby then you really aren’t ready. This is just my opinion. I don’t mean to offend anyone, if you had sex at 14 and you don’t regret it then thats your life and I don’t judge, I just think that if you can’t even legally drive a car - mostly because you are still a child and you could kill people - then why are people ready at 14 to have sex which it’s main purpose is to bring life into the world???? Probs gonna get a lot of hate for this but yolo 

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