probs gonna do it for all the seasons

Idk about you guys but you know how hating s*pern*tural/sh*rlock/d*ctor w*o is expected on here? Is anyone just tired of that and just gone to ‘i don’t care anymore. if you like it cool if you don’t cool’

time to analyze the fucking trailer

Ok… so let’s go scene by scene…

Here we see the cuties talking about how fucking intense Steven’s life is…

And then we hear the bombshell… "Sadie… never came home last night?”

Onion’s gone missing too! But wait…


“Steven… do you know what you’re doing?”

So he’s probs gonna go and rescue everybody…

But here’s the kicker… remember this from that article that came out a couple of weeks ago?

“"Spending time with the Diamonds”

What if Steven doesn’t come back to Earth by the end of the season?

What if this is how we learn about the Diamonds? After all, this show is from his point of view, and it would make sense if we learn about them that way.

As for this, this is probably from “"I Am My Mom”. The Diamonds don’t know about Steven yet, as far as they know he’s just a kid.

What if in this episode they learn that’s the son of Rose Quartz? And then they take him to Homeworld… and that’s how this bomb ends?

And as for that voice at the end asking “"Are you… my dad?”… I really don’t know.

This is gonna be huge.

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I seriously love nb!Alex. Do you have any headcanons about how coming out as nonbinary would go for her? (You mentioned Vasquez blowing up at Eliza's micro aggressions, so I'm assuming coming out to Eliza doesn't go well for Alex?)

so, do remember my nb!alex uses they/them pronouns.

my fic idiosyncrasy (ao3) has alex coming out to maggie, if you haven’t already seen it.

kara and j’onn are both great about it, obviously. kara, because she is kara, and j’onn is the best space dad (+ coming from a species of shapeshifters who probs don’t have as rigid a concept of gender helps). the rest of superfriends… honestly, i’m gonna need to think about that one some more, lol, but in the end they are all on board.

as to things with eliza, no they do not go the best. to quote @nerdsbianhokie from our hc session “I can totally see [eliza] resorting to microaggressions when she’s frustrated/mad, then falling back on ‘I’m trying, but it’s hard to overcome nearly thirty years of knowing you one way’ when confronted“.

(eliza’s portrayal this season has been a bit… odd, tbh. @queergirlwriting sums it up really well over here.)

TWD season 3 sucks

I made Clementine go with Kenny so why is she acting like Jane in season 3? I made my Lee teach her RESPEK and she gives none of dat in season 3. And btw, no one cares about the Garcia’s. Gabe is a whiney little shit and his face looks like it’s gonna slide off his buttery fucking face. Marianna was nice but she got shot for the lolz. Kate looks like a thumb. Javier is kind of cool but I wouldve liked him as a secondary character. I love Kenny but I dont wanna play as him bruh! I base all my choices in this shitty season to do whats best for Clementine and so do you 👏🏼

If you like season three then youre probs one of the few that havent played s1 or s2. Telltale killed Kenny and Jane like they didnt even matter. remember them cuh? they turned Jane into a pussy and made her kill herself and they stuck a finger up kenny’s ass by making him die to a sappy car accident. 10/10 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 lmaoo 

Isn’t it just a complete tragic, pity that in the final season of teen wolf we could have finally had a season centered around Scott McCall, the MAIN MOTHERFUCKING CHARACTER, great endgames in the form of Scira, Stalia (couples that display diversity, non-conventional love, or over used couple tropes), bad ass female leads in the form of Kira Yukimura, Malia Tate and Lydia Martin, and even a reunion with some of the characters that disappeared/left without their stories being finished up and told. We could of had all OF THAT BADASSERY AND EPICNESS and had an amazing finale season. A brilliant closing chapter and send off? But no. No, no, no. We can’t have that, can we? Nah, fuck that am I right, teen wolf? Why have all of that, when we can have the season centered around a shitty, undeveloped and entitled prick of a character, aka Stiles Stilinski who is THE MAIN CHARACTERS SIDE KICK??, a shitty endgame in the form of St*dia which literally makes no logical sense and completely depletes all of the other relationships that have been built and all the character development that’s been made over the years. We’ve lost our main POC female lead, Kira Yukimura for basically no real reason other than making room for shitty writing for shitty characters and relationships. Another badass lead female, Malia Tate, is most likely going to be sidelined this season so that st*dia can happen. Our final female lead, Lydia Martin, is going to lose all morals and sense of ground this season just so that st*dia can happen. AND TO PUT THE CHERRY ON TOP OF THE MOTHERFUCKING CAKE Instead of bringing back some of the golden oldies, we’re getting Peter Hale and Theo Raeken back. YOU HEARD RIGHT PEOPLE! Shitty midlife crisis-Peter Hale who literally has zero relevance in the tw universe anymore IS COMING BACK. And meant-to-be-dead-in-hell-ass Theo Raeken, whose story was closed last season, is also COMING BACK. BUT BUT BUT Kira Yukimura, who story was no where near finished, isn’t. Kira Yukimura, who was a valuable member of the pack, POC rep, badass kitsune, who is only with in the desert with the skin walkers ISNT COMING BACK. Arden Cho, who was basically kicked off the show without a word until a couple days before filming for s6 started, who thought she was reprising her role as kira for the final season, who was the only WOC lead, ISNT COMING BACK. Why? Because apparently there wasn’t enough space for her character in the storyline or her characters story was apparently wrapped up. The same character who had barely started her story, who was growing into her powers, who is only away in the desert, who is A MAIN CHARACTER. BUT BUT BUT there is apparently space for: A) Peter Hale, who holds no relevance in the story whatsoever anymore, it’s a reach. He was a background character. At best, he was supporting but that too, is a reach. B) Theo Raeken, who literally came on the show last season. He was literally dragged to hell. What the fuck? Literally guys, I’m so perplexed rn. I have so many more issues with the handingly and treatment of s6 and would love to rant on the controversial topics but let’s be honest, I’m wasting my breath. What’s done is done, can’t change it now. It’s just disappointing to see a show you once loved and was so excited about, leave you feeling so bitter and annoyed. I’m not looking forward to this impending shit show of a final season, and Idk if I’m even gonna watch it (I’ll probably watch it one day, bc I haven’t spent like 6years being a fan to not watch the final season despite how crap it’s probs gonna be, but not any time soon.) So thank you, teen wolf, for doing us all a disservice. Atleast the st*dia fanatics will be pleased. 👋👋👋

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Piestiel makes me smile all day every day. That is all.

Cas: Well, this Season 7 parody has dragged on too long, so I’m gonna do something dramatical!

Sam: What are you gonna do, Piestiel?

Dean: And more to the point, is it gonna involve pie?  Preferably, apple?

Sam: Piestiel is headed over to that cream pie!

Dean: And he’s trailing jelly beans!  Nom!!

Sam: Piestiel has stepped into the pie!  Conveniently enough, it’s off-camera.

Dean: What’s gonna happen? 

Sam: It’ll probs be angsty.

Dean: As long as it involves pie.

******LE BOOM!******

Sam: OMG, Piestiel has turned into jelly beans!!!

…To be dramatically continued, in a dramatical fashion, here!

If 5x02 has a failed TLK, my headcanon is that third time’s the charm and Emma is the one who initiates it

I mean, I think we all agree that TLK is coming this season right?

Smtm4 Episode 1:

First off really surprised at how many known faces came out to audition I was like duuuude (kinda felt bad bc shows like this u wanna discover new people or contestants u like and follow/cheer them but most of the screentime went to them. BUT at the same time ofc everyone wants to know how the known people are doing). Tbh I don’t know what to expect for this season (fuk u kim jiwon im still a mess. Literally still so impressed by like everyone last season well give or take q few oop). Few comments as I was watching:

  • Why I feel likw Verbal Jint gonna be the next YDG in his own world lmao
  • P type’s preaching gave me the willies
  • Granny-g in the red was lit
  • Team AOMG gonna be funny af with Jay acting high all the time amd cutie Pooh Loco. They prob create the hot catch phrase for this season like Illionaire and Masta Wu did
  • Black Nut lmaooo dudes gonna keep me so entertained
  • Did Bobby start a movement lol lots of idols here…just hope theyre doing this for themselves
  • The swearing guy still scares me (((but he still got flow
  • Vernon, Joongki-rapper and One literally blessing the viewers with their visuals fuckckAUMFMF
  • I would pay to have Jessi and like Cheetah as their own team and be producers. Mf badass female squad plssss
  • lol mnet f u lemme just watch my babe mino without your editing and cuts ugh