problems with multi shipping

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you re a nina roleplayer so, can u tall us a bit about what you think about ninas development ?

Hello! Dokie here \o/

Okay, before I start with my thoughts I’ll clarify some things.

  • I’m a multi-shipper. I don’t have problems with well-development ships. I’ll try to talk in this post mostly about Nina and not about ships.
  • This’ll contain a lot of criticism of the writer and how she’s working Nina. Probably I’ll rant about how sexist is the way she’s writing her and another RL issues like toxic relationships and so on. If you don’t want to read that, please don’t look at this post.

That’s all \o/ under read more so people that don’t want to read this, can easily avoid it. Remember this is my own opinion and I’m not trying to force anyone to think the same as me.

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One Hundred Ways to Say: “I Love You”

Heyo! So I plan on being extremely busy this semester with my thesis, new job, resbang, ACB, and birthday gift plans. I fear my updates and writing will slow down and I do not want that at all. 

In an effort to prevent that, I am going to launch this drabble series to keep me writing when I’m slow. I will not open requests at all during this semester. My time will be organized, I hope, and this will not be a problem at all.

I will try to make it multi-ship, but it depends on my muse.

1# “I want you to have this.” NaLu

She was shivering in the night air, goosebumps peppering her skin as reminders to her fragile body. She was human and she felt temperature changes accordingly.

Not everyone could be made of lava and brimstone.

He watched her, the moon shining down on her blonde hair and casting shadows over her thin shirt. Lucy had never been wise in her choice of outfits, that much was true. However, he very well couldn’t let her freeze on his watch.

A frozen Lucy would be no fun.

So, with careful movements, Natsu unraveled the scarf from his neck, ignoring the nagging feeling of exposure in an effort to properly wrap it around her neck, insulating the transferred warmth.

He ignored her surprised stare in favor of looking to the canal water, hating how his cheeks warmed. “I want you to have this.” He stated simply, tugging the scaled scarf to remain secure around her neck.

When she gave him a quite affronted look, he nearly coiled away until she brought her hands up to grasp the white fabric, wide brown eyes taking him in with serious inspection.

“Natsu, I can’t take your scarf.” She stated bluntly, slightly offended even at the idea of taking his most precious treasure left to him by his father. Lucy was good like that, nice.

Frazzled enough, his hands crammed in his pockets and he scowled at the stars as if they were the cause of her stubborn streak. “I meant for the walk home. You look weird when you are cold.” 

His amendment seemed to satisfy her, for she smiled easily and nodded, bunching the garment close to her face to keep her cheeks warm as well, which was all fine for him.

In reality, she was hiding the blush across her nose and cheeks.