problems with being an indecisive individual

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Why not venus in 7th and mars in 1st aren't these the ideal houses for the signs to express themselves?

“Ideal” in astrological terms maybe, and ideal for most people, but ehhhhh not really for me. I should just make it clear again that those were my opinions, and I wasn’t basing it off of astrological correctness. I’m not exactly fond of Venus in the 7th because they could carry similar problems as Sun in the 7th natives, often choosing to mask their identity and sacrifice a lot of their comfort because they aim to please the crowd, they may become indecisive in terms of choosing romantic partners or they may associate with Venusian people, sometimes attracting individuals who reek of vanity or shallowness, you know, the usual. That’s not the case all the time though. I also think there is lots of flirtation going around (and that’s fine if you’re a person who would be okay with your partner being like that) but I don’t care for that, which is why Venus in the 7th ranks low on my favorites. Mars in the 1st is decent, but their aggression could be over-the-top and they have a combative approach to conversations, may turn everything into a competition, etc. They’re cool placements but I don’t dig them the most.

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Charity from funkymbtifiction has been giving indications that NE is such an indecisive function that any NE user basically cannot have an "ultimate truth". I feel like stating something like that is an ultimate truth in itself (decidedly undecided ha ha). My question is, shouldn't an NE user be able to zero in on something because of the entirety of their functions working together? Especially lower si to keep them grounded? I understand indecision, but everyone decides on something, right?

Basic type theory states that decisions are handled by the Judging functions. As long as an individual has healthy Judging functions, they will not be excessively indecisive. And positioning of the functions matters a lot. E.g. Ne/Se dominants are characterized by maximal openness to cues from the external environment and this must be balanced with healthy auxiliary functioning that narrows down those external options according to personal calculation of consequences via Ti or personal calculation of moral significance via Fi. Fi/Ti-doms have the opposite problem of being too narrow-minded or not having healthy Judging functions until they use their middle functions to gather enough objective data for proper decision making. The fundamental nature of Ps is that they need more time to gather data and narrow down options, so they will often appear to be more indecisive relative to Js who have more access to objective standards for evaluating decisions via Fe or Te. Note that being forced into deciding because of time or situational constraints is not the same as being 100% certain about something, that is, it is often the case that even after making a decision, Ps will continue to wonder whether it was the right decision. In short, how in/decisive a particular individual is depends on how well/poorly their Perceiving and Judging functions are working together. This is all explained in the Type Dynamics masterpost.