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The Tragic Love Song of Destiny 

It kinda annoys me how fandom culture is often treated as something “other” to be mocked and laughed at, but being a passionate fan of a sports team is considered totally fine. 

For ages, you think your parents can solve the world’s problems. But they’re humans going through things, too. There is a realisation as you become an adult that you have to take care of your parents, but you can’t let it consume you; they are your family, and you should always be there for them, but you need your own space.
—  Elle Fanning

Johnny Depp may have been through a lot of things and may have problems but he’s still there, going to events, meeting with fans and being nice to children. He has difficulties speaking in front of an audience and he still does interviews. And after being through so much this past year, he looks healthier than a year ago. He has more than 10 projects in the next 2-3 years.

And all of this gives me so much strength to deal with my problems (personal and speaking in front of an audience), you have no idea how important this is to so many people. 


For whatever reason The New York Post has a problem with Beyoncé and her fans being happy about her pregnancy. They posted two articles in two days, that did nothing but show how much hate lies in their hearts. How can you even tear a women apart for being happy and confident while pregnant. You don’t have to like Beyoncé or her music to know that this is gross and unnecessary. Having a baby is miracle for all women, but to attack a woman who has previously suffered a miscarriage for being happy and healthy, while carrying twins at 35 lets me know you are truly sick. Beyoncé and all women deserve to be happy about becoming a mother and they all deserve to feel like goddesses! GO FUCK YOURSELF IF YOU DON’T THINK SO!

A really frustrating thing about reylos?

They’re not star wars fans.

Ok I’m sure some are. But overall? Eh, I don’t think so. 

The thing about reylo shippers is it’s almost comical how little fucks they give about anything else in the sw universe other than reylo. How often do you see a reylo shipper getting excited about an Ahsoka movie, or writing meta about R2D2, or being part of the Lando Calrissian Defense Squad? 

More often than not, when I see a blog from somebody who ships reylo (not necessarily a reylo sideblog!) reylo is pretty much the only sw thing they post about. They don’t care about Luke Skywalker. They don’t care about Finn. (They don’t actually even care about Rey, if we’re being honest). All they care about is their nasty ship and their weird, convoluted theories of how it will become canonical. The only time I really see reylo shippers talking about other parts of the sw universe is when they’re pulling out random elements from the OT, or prequels, or legends verse as “evidence” that “proves” reylo.

It’s so weird how this happened too, because it’s like this huge group of people who claim to be star wars fans, but all you ever see them talk about is one relationship between two characters in a single movie. And I would be willing to bet a lot of money that a large number of reylos didn’t consider themselves sw fans before TFA came out. Which, by itself, is not a problem! There’s nothing wrong with being a new star wars fan! That was a great thing that came from TFA, it revitalized the sw fandom and brought a lot of new, younger people into the fold and kickstarted a lot of people’s love for star wars! That’s awesome! But what isn’t cool is these people who are actively attempting to hijack an entire fandom, and a fandom culture which is FORTY YEARS OLD, and make the entire thing about a crappy ship between two characters who have only appeared in one movie in a vast fictional universe. It’s honestly so disrespectful to people who genuinely LOVE Star Wars and have loved it their entire life, who have swung around lightsabers since childhood and seen Leia as a role model and wanted to fly x-wings and gotten emotional over the droids. THAT’S the sort of thing Star Wars is about. There are so many iconic characters and elements of the Star Wars universe that reylos totally sideline constantly and don’t seem to care about whatsoever. It’s ridiculous that Star Wars has a rich fandom history spanning forty years, and that one group of obnoxious people with nasty kinks go all emo for a ridiculous pairing after seeing one movie and then decide that everything in the sw universe is related to them. 

The Star Wars universe and sw fandom is so much bigger than reylo. Reylo is just a tiny speck of a bad ship in a vast universe of Star Wars content. And yet the discussions on tumblr and the tags for characters and upcoming movies are all overflowing with a ridiculously high amount of reylo content compared to anything else. It’s so annoying and frustrating that anyone in any part of the Star Wars fandom inevitably has to come across a boatload of reylo content on a daily basis. And newsflash: people who ACTUALLY love Star Wars care about more than just a single pairing between two characters who are NEVER going to canonically get together. 

so @reylos, your fake is showing. 

I think the worst thing about lapidot is that theirs no going back or fixing the characters

Lauren fucked up peridot and lapis so damn bad Jesus christ

It’s almost funny to me how much she had to change Peridot and Lapis to even make their relationship work lmao

Lapis went from being and actual character with problems to Laurens fan au of a grump(complete with lazy hair and lazy eyes)

And Peridot went from, well you know what she was, to an over happy and positive ball of sunshine to counter Lapis’s grumpyness.

Whenever Lapis and Peridot aren’t under Zuke you can see the characters they’re supposed to be in comparison to the oversimplified cliches that Lauren turned them into

Its sad. Why was no one watching over the writing. Do they care.


‘twas the grammar slam before christmas…

just because it’s christmas time doesn’t mean your poor grammar is excused!

The amount of hate Muslim skam fans are getting from this season really just goes to show what this season is about

Problems of being a kdrama fan..

• You are emotionally and physically affected by scenes in the drama.
• There are times when a drama finishes as well as your life because it was just that good.
• Your friends will think you’re speaking gibberish, but you are actually just repeating your favourite line from last nights episode.
• To my fellas who needs subs to understand everything, we all know that annoying feeling when we think the subbed version has came out already, but in reality it still hasn’t.
• We all plan out what dramas to watch in order depending on what feelings it’ll give you. I end up my day watching WFKBJ once cause The Legend of the Blue Sea’s episode was depressing.
• We will scream our hearts out whenever we see new still cuts or episode scenes from new episode you still haven’t seen.
• We always have a “Need to watch” dramas, but we never get to watch them cause we’re just too attached to the current drama we’re watching.
• We know that after happy scenes that’s been showing for 3 minutes, depressing scenes will come after.
• You’ll find every oppa in each drama you watch hot, and be immediately be married to them. (one of the greatest problem in all human history.) There’s so much oppas to love that it hurts the brain but a pleasure to the heart.
• You cry on each drama OST you hear. Even if it’s a happy song, it just brings so much memories.
• We’ve all had hated the lead females. And how they are so perfect and pretty. Like why Song Hye Kyo?
• You’ll watch specific variety show episodes you’ve never watched just because of your favourite actor/actress being a guess.
• The depressing dramas will affect your life.
• The happy ones will make you smile out of nowhere.
• Lines by oppa are too cringe worthy but yet you still love it.
• We’re all busy, each day new episodes of dramas we watch come out. (Honestly one of the reasons I wake up in the morning. Specially on Mondays just to see Park Seo Joon.)
• You always change your wall paper depending on what oppa you want to see that day.
• Once you’ve become a kdrama addict, there’s no way back.

• Second lead syndrome is just too real. • Age for an oppa doesn’t matter. They’re all be looking like they’re 26 even though they’re 50 ~.~

(List some more!!!)

If you ever need evidence of how profoundly sexist the mainstream gaming press is, you don’t need to look any further than the alleged rise and fall of point-and-click adventure games.

Everybody knows what a point-and-click adventure game is, right? You walk around pre-rendered environments looking for hidden objects and talking to quirky NPCs, then use those objects to solve inventory-based puzzles. They’re usually colorful, often comedic, and tend to have little or nothing in the way of twitch gameplay - fun for the whole family.

Now, the narrative the gaming press would have us believe is that, following the golden age of Sierra and LucasArts back in the late 80s and early to mid 90s, point-and-click adventure games suffered a sharp and seemingly irreversible commercial decline, essentially vanishing from the gaming scene until they were revived by the heroic efforts of outfits like Telltale Games and guys like Tim Schafer in the late 00s.

The trouble is, that never actually happened.

Oh, don’t get me wrong: point-and-click adventure games are enjoying something of a renaissance at the moment, and the names I just dropped deserve a lot of credit for that.

No, the part I have trouble with is the alleged interregnum between the reigns of LucasArts and Telltale. The fact of the matter is that point-and-click adventure games never died.

The chronology just doesn’t add up. To pose a few obvious examples:

  • The Nancy Drew series, a point-and-click adventure franchise as old-school as they come, put out over a dozen titles during the early 00s.
  • Funcom’s Dreamfall: The Longest Journey was enormously successful, both critically and commercially, during a period when the gaming press would have us believe the genre was almost wholly moribund.
  • Likewise, the Dream Chronicles series managed three sequels during a period when point-and-click adventure games allegedly weren’t a thing.

Sure, a lot of these games weren’t sold via specialty gaming stores, instead appearing primarily on the discount software shelves at Target and similar stores - but then, that’s a matter of how you frame it, isn’t it? With a slight change in perspective, being relegated to the Target discount shelf becomes maintaining a strong presence in mainstream retail channels during a span when virtually all other games were increasingly confined to specialist hobby outlets.

So the question becomes: why was the gaming press claiming that point-and-click adventure games were dead when the genre was clearly alive and kicking?

I strongly suspect that the answer to that question lies in what the Nancy Drew franchise, the Dream Chronicles series and Dreamfall all have in common: female viewpoint characters and an explicitly female target audience.

None of that stuff counts because it’s for girls. When the gaming press talks about the revival of the old-school adventure game, they’re specifically talking about point-and-click adventure games for boys.

When FPSes began to dominate the young male gaming audience in the mid 90s, point-and-click adventure games saw the writing on the wall, and shifted their target audience en masse to young girls. And it worked fantastically - but as far as the gaming press was concerned, that was high treason.

There was a problem, though. You see, being a fan of point-and-click adventure games - particularly the kind with really obtuse puzzles - was once trumpeted as the badge of a “serious” gamer. There was far too much male gamer identity invested in the genre to simply turn around and say “well, they’re not real games anyway”, which is what usually happens when a genre finds a strong female audience.

And so the great myth of The Death of the Adventure Game was founded. That way, the gaming press could continue to lionise the point-and-click adventure games of the past while straight-up refusing to acknowledge the existence of the genre in its new, girl-targeted form.

These people are so sexist that they literally spent over a decade grandly eulogising a genre of games that was, in fact, alive and well rather than accept the blindingly obvious truth: that adventure games didn’t need male gamers to survive and thrive.

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The problem is not Harry's social media silence it's the fact that 1D fans have been seeing and hearing things from the group for 5 years straight and now suddenly one of the 4 has decided to take a much needed break and take his time to embark on his solo endeavors. The problem is the selfish nature of what 5 years of a group constantly doing things has created.

That wasn’t my point at all. My point was I’m tired of only getting people speaking on his behalf when I would like to hear from him. I don’t like the filters and I don’t like other fans constantly telling me what he wants, even though there’s no way to of them knowing. I want him to represent himself. 

This has veered into a critique of social media, which is not where I wanted it to go. I have long believed they all have a fucked up relationship with SM. It’s not a pleasant place for them to be. 

And it’s hard to say that he’s taken a true break, when he’s still getting papped periodically to remind people he exists. He’s still trying to maintain relevance, but silently.

And I’m also tired of fans being the problem. And blaming fans for their appetite. It’s kind of a cop out. There’s a way to maintain a distance and have a break without turning completely cold.


Before I go to bed early (since I’m feeling sick, my sinus problems are being a pain) I wanted to share some fan art for @ragtimegoat of the lovely Lucie and a little fan art for @ragtimedevil Bendy with my BATIM OC Smiley cuz I thought this idea was cute.  These peeps are amazing (and may I say extremely cute together… I ship them ) and  deserve all the love they can get. ^v^  Hope you like this guys. <3

as far as i’m concerned rory and logan were married in the revival

Edit That Out-PINOF 8

Summary: PINOF 8 is more than we can handle

Genre: Fluff, Coming out

Word Count: 516

Warnings: Swearing(I think that’s it, message me if there’s something I missed)

This was it. This was the video in which they would finally do it. He and Phil had chosen the question they would use for their statement. The question read ‘Show us your favourite blooper of the year,’ Phil would then edit in a video of them kissing with the words ‘Edit that out’ at the top of the screen.

Dan was nervous to say the least, you see Dan had some problems with anxiety and the idea of being judged. He knew that this entire fan base would love him even more now that he was fulfilling their dreams. After all he pretty much sailed the ‘Phan’ ship, and it wasn’t sinking any time soon.

But alas he was still sweating this hair into curls as Phil sat next to him watch the video upload, giddy with excitement. Dan loved to see his husband excited even if he was scared. Dan looked at Phil with this signature ‘Heart eyes HowellTM’, the older man looked like an excited puppy dog and the other couldn’t help but jump on his Phil.

Dan kissed the other than looked back at the screen seeing the video completely upload. The first comment comes about a minute after at the same place the clip is.

HOLY FUVK CHRIST WTF YOU LITTLE SHITS !!!!!111!111!1111 ajkhshshkjjkj

“Well that’s not bad, right?” Dan says uncertainly. “They love your homosexual tendencies” Phil jokes as if Dan’s the only not straight in the room.  The brown haired boy gives a sarcastic eye roll in return.

That’s when the comment start rolling in Dan’s subscribers swearing a lot while Phil’s mostly just congratulate the and ask polite questions. It’s easy to tell their subscribers personalities match with one of them or the other.

They both decided it’s time to tweet that there will be an explanation video up tomorrow as they’ve already made and edited it. So far there’s been no rube comments or any slurs so Dan is already feeling better.

You open you laptop in the morning to see a new amazingphil video. You had already seen PINOF 8 and knew this would be an explanation video. You click on it and Dan pops up next to Phil. They both do their usually introductions and start the video.

“So we probably owe you all an explanation Phil starts off, then Dan jumps in saying “ Oh, wait a second I think I messed up my introduction Phil”. Phil only laughs waiting for Dan to continue.

“Hello internet, my name is Dan Lester,” then they both burst out laughing stopping for a minute to say “just watch the clips”

The screen went dark for a second before a clip started playing. It was a clip of them kissing again. When the broke apart Dan said “Edit that out.”. Many more similar clips played making a total of 2 minutes with then just a black screen reading ‘PHAN IS REAL’ the video was now over.

You close your laptop and sit there emotionally dead. You don’t get out of bed that day. None of us do.

I just want PINOF 8 to come out.

Problems of being a Twenty One Pilots Fan
  • Me: *listens to Twenty One Pilots"*
  • Random Person: oh you like them? What kind of music do they do?
  • Me: Umm... Well... It's not rap. It's not hip hop. It's really just an attempt to make the voices stop.
  • Random person: O-ok... *runs off*
  • Me: Well nice talking to you.