problems with being a fan

I’m so bitter about how racist the 100 was from the jump, how it kept up, how many racial stereotypes there were, the weirdass colonizer/native vibes, and how every time there needed to be a character pushing for violence and arguing against peace… it’s a character of color doing it.

And obvs that doesn’t mean the fans deserved the lesbophobia that went on, not at all. But it stings a little watching and catching up and seeing all the really nasty racism and racist deaths that no one gave a damn about… until the white girl died.

And it’s not like, a fandom problem exclusively, and I don’t blame fans for being heartbroken! It’s just, it would be nice to be able to watch shows being touted as Representation without the people who look like my family being morally grey at best. And it would be nice if white wlw specifically cared about racism half as much as they care about issues that affect -them-

PSA to Sherlock Fans

The #tfp tag belongs to another fandom and it appears to be their main tag. See here, here, here & here.

I think it would be great for us Sherlock fans to peruse #the final problem, reasons being:

  1. Not to invade their main tag with our episode musings. Please see the above linked posts to understand their situation. Put yourself in their shoes for a moment if need to.
  2. It is more useful to gather all posts under the rightful tag  #the final problem. It will make browsing easier - rather than sifting through #tfp tag when you want to look for discussions on the episode.

If you merely need to use acronyms #tfp for sorting blog posts, we can always be extra considerate and put the tag after the first five tags, OR use another acronym all together. Add your suggestions below if you have any.

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Problems of being a kdrama fan..

• You are emotionally and physically affected by scenes in the drama.
• There are times when a drama finishes as well as your life because it was just that good.
• Your friends will think you’re speaking gibberish, but you are actually just repeating your favourite line from last nights episode.
• To my fellas who needs subs to understand everything, we all know that annoying feeling when we think the subbed version has came out already, but in reality it still hasn’t.
• We all plan out what dramas to watch in order depending on what feelings it’ll give you. I end up my day watching WFKBJ once cause The Legend of the Blue Sea’s episode was depressing.
• We will scream our hearts out whenever we see new still cuts or episode scenes from new episode you still haven’t seen.
• We always have a “Need to watch” dramas, but we never get to watch them cause we’re just too attached to the current drama we’re watching.
• We know that after happy scenes that’s been showing for 3 minutes, depressing scenes will come after.
• You’ll find every oppa in each drama you watch hot, and be immediately be married to them. (one of the greatest problem in all human history.) There’s so much oppas to love that it hurts the brain but a pleasure to the heart.
• You cry on each drama OST you hear. Even if it’s a happy song, it just brings so much memories.
• We’ve all had hated the lead females. And how they are so perfect and pretty. Like why Song Hye Kyo?
• You’ll watch specific variety show episodes you’ve never watched just because of your favourite actor/actress being a guess.
• The depressing dramas will affect your life.
• The happy ones will make you smile out of nowhere.
• Lines by oppa are too cringe worthy but yet you still love it.
• We’re all busy, each day new episodes of dramas we watch come out. (Honestly one of the reasons I wake up in the morning. Specially on Mondays just to see Park Seo Joon.)
• You always change your wall paper depending on what oppa you want to see that day.
• Once you’ve become a kdrama addict, there’s no way back.

• Second lead syndrome is just too real. • Age for an oppa doesn’t matter. They’re all be looking like they’re 26 even though they’re 50 ~.~

(List some more!!!)

I think the worst thing about lapidot is that theirs no going back or fixing the characters

Lauren fucked up peridot and lapis so damn bad Jesus christ

It’s almost funny to me how much she had to change Peridot and Lapis to even make their relationship work lmao

Lapis went from being and actual character with problems to Laurens fan au of a grump(complete with lazy hair and lazy eyes)

And Peridot went from, well you know what she was, to an over happy and positive ball of sunshine to counter Lapis’s grumpyness.

Whenever Lapis and Peridot aren’t under Zuke you can see the characters they’re supposed to be in comparison to the oversimplified cliches that Lauren turned them into

Its sad. Why was no one watching over the writing. Do they care.


‘twas the grammar slam before christmas…

just because it’s christmas time doesn’t mean your poor grammar is excused!

Problems of being a Twenty One Pilots Fan
  • Me: *listens to Twenty One Pilots"*
  • Random Person: oh you like them? What kind of music do they do?
  • Me: Umm... Well... It's not rap. It's not hip hop. It's really just an attempt to make the voices stop.
  • Random person: O-ok... *runs off*
  • Me: Well nice talking to you.
Problems with being a Jaebum fan

- Sexual frustration

- When you call him by his nickname “JB” in public and people think you mean Justin Bieber

-His voice sounding like an angel

- Cuteness overload

- Sexual frustration

- His dark hair days

- The changing of his hair


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Edit That Out-PINOF 8

Summary: PINOF 8 is more than we can handle

Genre: Fluff, Coming out

Word Count: 516

Warnings: Swearing(I think that’s it, message me if there’s something I missed)

This was it. This was the video in which they would finally do it. He and Phil had chosen the question they would use for their statement. The question read ‘Show us your favourite blooper of the year,’ Phil would then edit in a video of them kissing with the words ‘Edit that out’ at the top of the screen.

Dan was nervous to say the least, you see Dan had some problems with anxiety and the idea of being judged. He knew that this entire fan base would love him even more now that he was fulfilling their dreams. After all he pretty much sailed the ‘Phan’ ship, and it wasn’t sinking any time soon.

But alas he was still sweating this hair into curls as Phil sat next to him watch the video upload, giddy with excitement. Dan loved to see his husband excited even if he was scared. Dan looked at Phil with this signature ‘Heart eyes HowellTM’, the older man looked like an excited puppy dog and the other couldn’t help but jump on his Phil.

Dan kissed the other than looked back at the screen seeing the video completely upload. The first comment comes about a minute after at the same place the clip is.

HOLY FUVK CHRIST WTF YOU LITTLE SHITS !!!!!111!111!1111 ajkhshshkjjkj

“Well that’s not bad, right?” Dan says uncertainly. “They love your homosexual tendencies” Phil jokes as if Dan’s the only not straight in the room.  The brown haired boy gives a sarcastic eye roll in return.

That’s when the comment start rolling in Dan’s subscribers swearing a lot while Phil’s mostly just congratulate the and ask polite questions. It’s easy to tell their subscribers personalities match with one of them or the other.

They both decided it’s time to tweet that there will be an explanation video up tomorrow as they’ve already made and edited it. So far there’s been no rube comments or any slurs so Dan is already feeling better.

You open you laptop in the morning to see a new amazingphil video. You had already seen PINOF 8 and knew this would be an explanation video. You click on it and Dan pops up next to Phil. They both do their usually introductions and start the video.

“So we probably owe you all an explanation Phil starts off, then Dan jumps in saying “ Oh, wait a second I think I messed up my introduction Phil”. Phil only laughs waiting for Dan to continue.

“Hello internet, my name is Dan Lester,” then they both burst out laughing stopping for a minute to say “just watch the clips”

The screen went dark for a second before a clip started playing. It was a clip of them kissing again. When the broke apart Dan said “Edit that out.”. Many more similar clips played making a total of 2 minutes with then just a black screen reading ‘PHAN IS REAL’ the video was now over.

You close your laptop and sit there emotionally dead. You don’t get out of bed that day. None of us do.

I just want PINOF 8 to come out.

as far as i’m concerned rory and logan were married in the revival

The Problem with being a Fan
  • Mom: *in our family group to her sisters* during sherlock weeks it's really hard to keep up with Zahra I'm glad sherlock is just three episodes.
  • Them: why? 😂😂😂😂
  • Mom: because she just won't stop bragging about how genius that show is to every living thing near her and nobody knows what she's talking about cause nobody watched it.
  • Me: I'm right here mom!
  • My Sister: all I know is that she thinks Sherlock Holmes is gay 😂😂😂
  • Them: 😂😂😂😂
  • Me: yup still here btw, Hello!
  • Mom: *to my sister* you should've seen her crying till the end of this week's episode 😂😂😂
  • Niece: OMG she's completely obsessed I can't understand how she made a tv show such big deal?
  • My Sister: nobody does! I tried watching the show with my husband and he said this guy is as mad as your sis no wonder why she likes him.
  • Aunt: She NEVER CRIES!
  • Mom: You guys won't believe it, she turned the volume up and Sherlock is screaming "STOP LAUGHING AT ME" OMG
  • Me: well i'm a high-functioning sociopath who's obsessed with things that sound clever and it seems like these walls have higher IQ then anyone near me so I'm talking to them now bye.
  • *Leaves the group chat*

For whatever reason The New York Post has a problem with Beyoncé and her fans being happy about her pregnancy. They posted two articles in two days, that did nothing but show how much hate lies in their hearts. How can you even tear a women apart for being happy and confident while pregnant. You don’t have to like Beyoncé or her music to know that this is gross and unnecessary. Having a baby is miracle for all women, but to attack a woman who has previously suffered a miscarriage for being happy and healthy, while carrying twins at 35 lets me know you are truly sick. Beyoncé and all women deserve to be happy about becoming a mother and they all deserve to feel like goddesses! GO FUCK YOURSELF IF YOU DON’T THINK SO!

Here's the truth

Some of our faves are problematic. Being a true fan is acknowledging those problems and not allowing them to abscond with it. Sometimes it shapes the way you know view this person. Whether that means you stay a fan or not, is completely your prerogative. But you have to recognize that they aren’t saints, and they certainly are not martyrs. Everyone is human. Mistakes will be made, feelings will be hurt, childish actions are sometimes taken, and immature words can be spoken. You don’t necessarily have to forgive, and you certainly don’t have to forget, but again, that is completely and one hundred percent up to you as a fan. As long as you recognize their faults as well as their accomplishments, you’re good to go.

One of the problems of being an international kpop/khh fan

Having a song’s beat and “lyrics” in your head and you want to know the song or the artist..

But guess what?

You can’t google search the lyrics because you don’t speak Korean

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Clone Wars/Galactic Empire problems

One of the greatest problems about being a Clone Wars fan and keeping an eye on the OT and EU at the same time is that all the lovely Navy officers end up on the wrong side in the OT or dying outright in Imperial-Rebel clashes.

Take these two, for example.

Admiral Yularen, head of Anakin Skywalker’s star destroyer the Resolute: 

Moustache-eyebrow guy in the Clone Wars, fairly harmless. Even likeable at times for a rare sort of dry humour.

But then he became a Colonel in COMPNOR (basically in charge of the Empire’s security and anti-rebel stuff and all the lovely things that entails) in particular, apparently Agent Kallus (from Rebels) reports to Yularen. Eventually he became deputy director for IMPERIAL INTELLIGENCE of all things. Yularen came to a not-so-lovely end on the Death Star when the son of the General he once served shot two perfectly-aimed proton torpedoes down that particular exhaust shaft, courtesy of Galen Erso’s particular designs.

Captain Pellaeon, in command of Leveler and later, Chimaera:

If you’ve read Karen Traviss’s novels, especially No Prisoners, Pellaeon seems like a fairly decent chap. He was besties with Rex (“Come and have a drink!”). He got Ahsoka to put on army fatigues because he was worried about her getting into accidents on board.

But then.

In the Republic-Empire personnel reshuffle he was put high up in the command crew of the new destroyer Chimaera; this ship often made slaving runs to Kashyyyk.

And then Pellaeon became Thrawn’s second, and in command of the Chimaera proper. Here follows the dubiously-canon-even-by-EU-standards stuff of the Thrawn Trilogy (A pity TFA did away with all post-OT canon, but well). Amazingly, Pellaeon continued to serve the splinter remnant of the Empire even after the Battle of Endor, and a whole mess of stuff later, somehow managed to find peace with the Skywalkers and Solos. Huh.

And then, already older than many, many characters in Star Wars could ever hope to be, he was assassinated. He died rather heroically, though given his history I’m not sure that means much.

Admiral Tarkin, later Grand Moff Tarkin:



Let’s just say he deserved his place on the Death Star.