problems of undocumented youth

Problems of Undocumented Youth: Gema

As many of you know, there’s a Miss Teen America pageant, but it’s not a beauty pageant. It’s all about personality, skills, special talents, academics, communication skills, and human relations. 

I received a letter today, as many of my peers, saying that since my I’m an over achiever when it comes to academics, that I am eligible. It also said that the winner gets a $20,000 scholarship, and I was getting pretty excited by now. I really wanted to do this.

As I was looking through the requirements, it said only U.S. residents are allowed to participate.

I am so bummed, bro. Academics are like my specialty, and one of the few opportunities I get, I’m turned down because of my undocumented status.

To top it all off, my mom says, “You’re not from here. What do you expect? If you were in Mexico, this wouldn’t be happening.”

Yeah, well, don’t blame me for trying to seek opportunities in the country I was raised in.