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How do add beads and such to slime? I made slime out of water, glue, and borax (+ glitter) but when I added beads they all fell out? Like, they didn't stick into the slime like everyone else's does. (sorry if you can't answer this, I just thought I should ask since you got the crunchiest blog)

No problem, friend! I’ve seen you want to make your slime stickier than normal for the stuff to stick!

Gay Aphobe: Headcanoning gay characters as ace is homophobic because it steals representation from the gay community


“youre lucky, you get disability benefits and insurance to help you financially! that free money that you dont have to work for!!”

lmao you mean the money that i have to fight constantly to get, that almost never pays fully for something?

or do you mean the types of money ill probably have to pay back at one point in my life because no money is free money?

oh wait, do you mean the money that i need because as a disabled person in a world where things i need to live are seen as accomodations and not necessities, so i have to have help paying for it, because it costs me thousands of dollars more to have a fraction of the normal, healthy life that you, an abled person, get for free?

get this right, disabled people dont get free money, they arent mooching off of anything or anyone

we just have to pay for things that youll never have to pay for, so we need money that you will never need, to live a life that youll never have to think about.

fuck off with this shit seriously.

i don’t have time for people whose response to other fans criticizing the content they’re watching is “go watch another show”

especially when fans are rightly commenting on the quality of the writing, animation, pacing, and execution of a show. no show is exempt for criticism, not even if it’s your favorite

@rude anons:

👏 writers 👏 were 👏 not 👏 put 👏 on 👏 earth 👏 to 👏 appease 👏 you 👏 stop 👏 demanding 👏 more 👏 from 👏 them 👏 and 👏 just 👏 appreciate 👏 the 👏 fact 👏 that 👏 they 👏 write 👏 for 👏 you 👏 at 👏 all 👏

One thing that i’ve been thinking of since the leaks is how different jasper could have turned out if she had been grouped with the other Earth quartz.

A Major part of her character is her inferiority complex. from what we can assume she is the only Earth quartz to be sent into service with standard troops. If i had to guess her peers there were less than accepting of her, being that she not only came from a planet of traitors, but from also from kindergarten site known for rejects. She has probably been fight an uphill battle to be regarded with any other than disdain. She wouldn’t even be able to talk to anyone about her problems, for fear of being seen as week. The only gem we’ve seen who showed her the most respect is Eyeball, a low class disposable solider. Yellow diamond did send the Rudy squad to find her but we don’t know whether that was to retrieve a valued asset, or to punish her for failing her mission, either way I don’t think she and YD has much of a personal connection.

Now just imagine if she was with the zoo fam.

They would have been supportive and given her a place to belong, and other gems she could relate to.

Her perfection really is her own curse isn’t it? Get well soon Jasper.

tbh something that annoys me a lot about how Batman is portrayed is that you can do so many interesting things with him visullay, with how he moves with his cape, hides with it and behind it and uses it to glide through the night, and what would work best for that would be a lean physique yet most of the time he’s envisioned as this bulky af dude who just happens to be wearing a cape

this works really well visually 

and yet most of the time we get this

like why is he as bulky as Superman?? how is that interesting??? how does that tell us anything about the characters???? it doesn’t, it’s just strict adherence to hypermasculinity and it frustrates me 

Batman is fucking sneaky, he hides, he’s quiet, he makes damn sure he has the jump on someone before he attacks - he’s not a bruiser he’s a fucking rogue okay. leaving him behind his cape tells us that much better than giving him an eight pack

like take these pictures

they’re doing something interesting with the cape, but to me the emphasis on his muscles really distracts from what could be something that worked quite well if rendered more simply. the constant emphasis on him being big and muscular detracts from an otherwise interesting visual design. 

this isn’t about any one installment being better than another, i’m still not a fan of the body type they chose for him in B:TAS and I do think the Arkham games portrays the cape gliding well, my only point is that I’m so tired of seeing him drawn with hypermasculinity as the main goal instead of with visual storytelling in mind. 

Fandom spaces in tumblr have such a toxic habit of shaming and abusing people for the characters they like or the things they ship and I don’t understand how people find it so difficult to just stay out of each others business. I physically do not see what it is that makes a person think it’s okay to be outright abusive based on someones fictional relationship preferences. 

The world is a terrible place and there are horrible things going on every second of every day and then there are people who lurk on this website that spend their time slipping into peoples inboxes to tell them how wrong and vile they are for shipping a straight pairing over a same-sex one or vice versa like, why. How do you have the time and the energy to be so hateful. What do you gain. 

It is so so simple to just…not do that. It’s actually less effort. It takes valuable minutes out of your day to open someones blog, go into their ask box and construct a message about how much you, an insignificant anonymous user, dislike this thing that they like and how wrong they are to disagree with you. It is literally so much easier to just keep scrolling and let everyone do their own thing.  

it just doesn’t make sense. why would a gay man, actively against queerbaiting, queerbait on one of the most popular shows in the world? why would he have nearly a whole cast of people basically in on this queerbaiting and hyping up and acting like a big “rug pull” would happen? why does none of this make sense? why did season 4 feel out of place, add stuff that doesn’t even add up, and basically change the whole course of the show? why does it feel so unecessary? what was mary’s real point in the show? why were many things added in this season at all? why aren’t loose ends all tied up? how did two writing styles change so drastically? how did they get so out of touch with bbc sherlock? when did “love conquer all?” 

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Hey! Love the blog, but I have a question. so, we're a mixed family. My (largely Caucasian-looking) teen and I were browsing threw your photos because we're both Moana obsessed. After noticing your blog title/about me she asked me, "I thought diversity meant everyone". I said yes of course, then she goes, "why aren't there any white characters?" Being mixed, we talk about equal representation a lot, so I didn't know what to tell her. Is your blog intended for just for POC? Thx

“Is your blog intended for just for POC?”

As in do I only post people of colour on this blog cos they’re often misrepresented, under-represented or just flat out ignored by the media and fandom? then yes.

Tell your daughter that white characters are literally everywhere, there’s no such thing as “equal representation” - the scales are already unfavourably tipped against ppl of colour/non-white ppl…the aim of this tiny blog is whatever way I can, make things a bit fairer by focusing on these beautiful characters. 

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Walked by NBC studios today and had to stop and take this picture. When my mom asked me why I literally responded with, “because she is so beautiful” and if that’s not gay enough for her to realize then it is no longer my problem lmaooooo