problems of modernity

your little daily reminder

not to be too hard on yourself.

Humans didn’t develop/evolve/come to be with instincts and abilities based around technology. We aren’t born with eyes that are meant to stare at screens for prolonged periods, or minds that are supposed to handle mathematical, political, social, and linguistic problems every 15 seconds like we do in this modern world.

If you look at the human span of existence, language, business, ‘the work day,’ and all of these modern problems are the tiniest blip at the end of the spectrum. In a body that for millenia specialized in survival practices such as hunting, gathering, and procreating, you are making spreadsheets, completing homework assignments, going to weddings, cooking on a stove top, inventing machines, using smart phones, having relationships dependent on small bubbles of words, Snapchatting, motivating, reading, writing, driving heavy machinery, and making art in the process.

It’s okay to procrastinate a little. You’re not inhuman or a failure. You are far ahead on the learning curve, and there’s much that you have made yourself able to do through desire and willpower. Written language is not innate, nor is mathematics, etiquette, or any of these constructs we use daily. In fact, studies show that there is a recorded shift in the dominant part of the brain and the patterns of brain growth after written systems of language and calculation came about. Before this, this part of the brain was a rarely used tool, something that came up very rarely when looking for patterns. 

We as humans collectively shifted our major. ;)

We as humans taught ourselves beyond our ‘evolutionary capabilities’ and created society. 

Any time you are feeling down on yourself, just realize “I have these problems because humans decided they were going to kick biological convention on its knees and do one better.”

You were not born to make spreadsheets.

but you can make spreadsheets.

That alone makes you pretty groovy. Go ahead and make some hot cocoa and watch Supernatural. History might just let you have the night off.


Me, a historian: history is deeply complicated, and there are inherent problems with applying modern society into history which the online community doesn’t always realize.

Also me, a historian: I want George Washington to punt me into the sun

Trump is accurate in saying that the press is currently acting as the “opposition party” to the White House, and it is for that reason that he is wrong in saying it is “the enemy of the people.” The press should act as an opposition party to everyone and anyone in power, and one of the major problems with it in modern times is exactly that it failed to do that sufficiently.

wexlermendelssohn  asked:

I wanted to tell you about a novel that I thought you might like called Lovecraft Country. There's a recent post by the author Matt Ruff in the Big Idea category on John Scalzi's blog and reading through the post it sounded like your sort of thing- it's about Lovecraftian horrors faced by a black family in the 1950s; horrors both of the monster/ghost variety and the white supremacy variety.

“Lovecraft Country is a genre-bending attempt to address the severe problem of race in modern America, skewering the prejudices of older pulp works while maintaining their flavor, but it’s also a compulsively readable horror-fantasy in its own right: timely, terrifying, and hilarious.” ( Barnes & Noble Sci-Fi & Fantasy Blog)


The more you know...

I get a lot of ignorant comments on my posts from far right white men who have likely never met a Muslim in their life. Somehow, these people think they know more about my religion than I do. So, I wanted to set the record straight.
1. Muslims don’t hate Jews and vise versa. The political conflict between Palestine and Israel is just that: political.
2. Yes, there are a few countries that force women to wear the hijab, but despite what they claim, these countries are not practicing the teachings of Islam when they do this. Ironically, these countries happen to be American allies.
3. Yes, Islam is a religion of peace. Islam is a religion that not only encourages, but REQUIRES it’s followers to protect their Christian and Jewish (and others) neighbors. I am a Muslim who has Christian, Jewish, Hindu, and even atheist friends and family.
4. As a Muslim woman, Islam gives me more rights than my male counterparts. I choose who I marry. If I want a divorce, I don’t need anyone’s permission, but he’d need mine. I’m encouraged to read and learn. I’m on the educational path to becoming a pharmacist. My faith is my freedom.

When you and your partner reach that point in your relationship where, somehow, you both accidentally end up in the same outfit on a regular basis.


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marvel: were raising up the inhumans to be a marginalised group within the marvel universe in which we can write stories dealing with issues of prejudice and hate while also being able to create a cast of uniquely powered individuals stuck on the fringes of society. The concept is new and edgy and relatable to todays modern problems and we’re really proud of ourselves for finally addressing these issues within comics

the x-men: we’re literally standing right here

Paladin Problem #4
  • People using modern slang: I'm trash for this this morally questionable character or idea.
  • Paladin: That won't do, come on, let's get you cleaned up and exposed to more upright examples to look up to.
  • People: they're so amazing, they could step on me, punch me, set me on fire and I'd thank them.
  • Paladin: That doesn't sound right, not only are you getting seriously hurt and degraded, don't you think you'd have an easier time getting their respect and admiration by standing on your feet and being more than a stepping stone?
  • ...
  • Paladin: I wonder why nobody invites me to parties.