problems of being asian

Ok but, Katsuki Yūri literally took the whole “no boyfriends until you finish university and have a nice job” instruction which I got from my strict asian parents

New In Town Starters

“I don’t look older, I just look worse.”

“I always thought quicksand was gonna be a much bigger problem than it turned out to be”

“if you watch cartoons, quicksand is like the third biggest thing you have to worry about in adult life behind real sticks of dynamite and anvils falling on you from the sky.”

“I think I’m becoming more like my mom. I was watching Access Hollywood, and one of the reporters said ‘up next we have and exclusive interview with Sandra Bullock’s former husband, Jesse James.’ And out loud I went ‘uhg! This oughta be good!’”

“One time I was in bed and my dad came in and said ‘good night (name) did you brush your teeth?’ And I said ‘yes’ but here’s the thing… I hadn’t.”

“If the court reporter reads back my remarks you will see that I did not purger myself.”

“She would just make wild accusations all day long and wait for something to stick.”

“My mom would blame me for things that happened on the news. That is true.”

“(Name) I have been here all night! You can feel the tv, it’s warm.”

“Luckily I had a good alibi because I was in Wisconsin and twelve.”

“My brothers and sisters and I had this babysitter when we were kids and I was in love with her.”

“Why was she in charge?!”

“That’s just like hiring a slightly bigger child.”

“That would be like if you were going out of town for the week and you paid a horse to watch your dog.”

“Why do people shush animals? They’ve never spoken.”

“This is the height of luxury!”

“Lost in New York? The streets are numbered! How did you get lost in New York?”

“It’s a grid system motherfucker. Where you at? 24th and 5th? Where you wanna go? 35th and 6th? 11 up and 1 over you simple bitch.”

“When I was in grade school I was bullied for being Asian American and… the biggest problem with that… is that I am not Asian american.”

“On the first day that he met me, the guy that is now my best friend went home and said ‘papa, today I met a boy with no eyes’ and that was me.”

“Thirteen year olds are the meanest people in the world. They terrify me to this day.”

“8th graders will make fun of you but in an accurate way.”

“No! that’s the thing I’m sensitive about!”

“First off: no.”

“If you’re comparing the badness of two words and you won’t even say one of them, that’s the worse word.”

“Midgets were never enslaved! Unless you count the Wonka factory!”

“It was really easy to get away with murder before they knew about DNA.”

“Here’s how easy it was to get away with bank robbery back in the 30s: as long as you weren’t still there when the police arrived, you had a 99% chance of getting away with it.”

“Oh good it has a mind of its own, that’s very reassuring.”

“It’s 100% easier not to do things, and so much fun not to do them. Especially when you were supposed to do them.”

“In terms of like instant relief, canceling plans is like heroin.”

“I’ve never been killed by hit men, so I don’t know what it’s like in the moments right before you’re killed by hit men, but I bet it’s not unlike when you’re on the subway and you realize that a mariachi band is about to start playing.”

“It doesn’t have to be right, it just has to be short.”

“A hero is any man that does his job.”

“A bozo is any man that cheats on his wife.”

“I went into the room to get the massage and the woman there told me to undress to my comfort level. So I put on a sweater and a pair of corduroy pants, and I felt safe.”

“Hey mister! I found your treasure!”

“If I got a plate of crack for the table would you have some?”

“I have a girlfriend now myself, which is weird because I’m probably gay, based on how I act and behave and have walked and talked for 28 years.”

“I think I was supposed to be gay. I think in heaven they built like three quarters of a gay person and they forgot to flip the final switch and just sent me out.”

“Everyone get out of my way! I just wanna sit here and feed my birds.”

“You want me to do what?”

“We’ve been going pretty hot and heavy lately, I think it’s time we brought in two older catholic people.”

“I listen to everything my girlfriend says. I don’t mean she bosses me around, I just mean that before I had a girlfriend, I never had someone who was always standing next to me and could just point out obvious things that are happening.”

“I don’t look like someone who used to do anything.”

“Oh hey, (name), would you like an old turnip we found in a cabinet? Would that be good for you? Would you like that? I know you don’t drink!”

“I’m really sorry about last night, I was just so drunk.”

“I’m really sorry about last night, it’s just that I’m mean and loud. It probably will happen again.”

“I don’t drink anymore because I used to drink too much and I would black out and ‘ruin parties’ –or so I’m told.”

“ I was 20 and I was at a party at someone’s house and I blacked out drinking and someone came out of one of the rooms at this party holding an old antique bottle with some liquid in it and they said ‘hey, is this whiskey or perfume?’ And apparently I grabbed it, drank all of it and said ‘it’s perfume.’ And it was.”

“(name) was an asshole and one weekend he and his wife decided to leave town, which you should never do if you’re an asshole.”

“Okay, lets go over there and destroy the place.”

“I walked into this party, everyone I had ever met was there and everyone was drinking like it was the end of the world.”

“People were drinking like it was the civil war and a doctor was coming to saw our legs off.”

“They had a pool table in the basement, one kid got a running start and threw his body onto the pool table and broke it in half.”

“I’m standing in the basement and I’m holding a red cup - you’ve seen movies - and I’m starting to black out. And I guess someone said like ‘something something police’ and in a brilliant moment of word association, I shouted ‘FUCK DUH POLICE’ and everyone else joined in. A hundred white, drunk children yelling ‘fuck. duh. police’ with the confidence of guys that have like already been to jail and aren’t afraid of it anymore.”

“My friend – who is now a father, this man now has a baby – grabbed a 40, smashed it on the ground and yelled ‘SCATTER!’ And everyone ran in different directions.”

“I ran into the laundry room and hopped up onto the washing machine and climbed out a window into the back yard and I’m running through the back yard and there’s this huge chain link fence and I thought ‘I have never climbed a fence that high before!’ And then I woke up and home.“

“And I said ‘no’ you know, like a liar.”

“And I had that thought, that only black out drunks and Steve Urkel can have: did I do that? I figured no, I wouldn’t have done that, but I was never sure.”

“he takes me into his bedroom and then he takes me into a side room off of his bedroom- never a good thing to have.”


“Because it’s the one thing you can’t replace.”

“That’s the end of that story but how fucked up is that?”

“I was going into my building late at night and in front of my building I saw a wheel chair knocked over on its side, with no one in it. That’s a bad thing to see. Something happened there, you hope it was a miracle, but probably not.”

“That wasn’t what I was telling you, but alright, let’s talk about this entirely new topic.”

“Excuse me, I am homeless, I am gay, I have AIDS and I’m new in town.”

“That is not the most dramatic thing that you just said.”

“Hey would you help me out? I’m very gay, I’d like a few dollars.”

“Yeah that’s the type of lowbrow shit I’m looking for.”

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One of the stereotypes I hate is how all asians hate black people, like a good majority of us don't have a problem...I've seen pins on Pinterest about all asians being racist, thoughts?

I think that all Asian people have the potential to be anti-black but I wouldn’t say all Asians hate Black people. We’re talking about 4.4 billion Asian people here so that’s a huge overstatement.

Also, at least in America, Asian people didn’t construct the categories of race or racism and as a group, we don’t wield any systematic power to be racist. When it comes to individual power of who decides what happens in America, Asian Americans were almost non-existent in 2016 as well. Anti-blackness is real in the Asian community and anyone who says otherwise is trying to deflect from their own. Anti-blackness is not okay, never okay. Like I said though, I believe that all Asian people have the potential of perpetuating anti-blackness in any form (even me) but to imply that we have any kind of power in America is also an overstatement.

Angry Asian Guy

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What do you think of people saying Iron Fist is racist? I honestly don't understand where it's coming from, since Danny is white in the comic books, I would call it being faithful to the original. I really just wanted to understand, but I've asked a few other people here on tumblr and everybody has been really aggressive about it.

First, I should state that I am white, so my opinion and perspective on this subject is limited and should be taken with a grain of salt.

I think to describe the show simply as “racist” is unhelpful when explaining the nuance of problematic elements in a show, which there are many.

Is Iron Fist perfect? No. Are there problems and issues with diversity and cultural appropriation? Absolutely. But it takes some parsing to understand just where the problems are in the show.

People saying casting Finn Jones as Danny Rand is “whitewashing” is incorrect. The comic book character is a blond-haired, blue-eyed white man. However. The origins of Iron Fist in the comics is absolutely whitewashing and cultural appropriation. The character took elements of Chinese culture, the popularity of kung fu in the 70′s specifically, and gave them to a white person. To say the Iron Fist character origins were whitewashed in order to make him more alluring to a white audience is absolutely true. To say casting Finn Jones in the role of Danny Rand is whitewashing is not true.

This post explains it better than I can.

Some folks have stated that Claire Temple and Colleen Wing’s character arcs were overshadowed by their roles of “helping the White man on his journey.” That is another criticism that needs to be explored (especially because these criticisms were made by women of color). I personally thought Colleen and Claire were strong characters, but I did notice Colleen’s independence and fierceness seemed to diminish after she was made the love interest. And Claire’s character may have been pushed to the side in ways I can’t see, because again, I’m white.

So if you want to say Iron Fist is “racist” in that most White-led TV shows today lack diversity and fully developed characters of color, you can definitely make that argument because it’s certainly a pervasive problem in today’s media. But I think the statement can and should be explored with more detail, rather than a blanket statement. And to dismiss the show as being completely unwatchable because of it isn’t entirely fair or warranted. But I’m white, so I don’t get to decide what is and isn’t racist in media.

After the bullshit that was casting Scarlett Johansson as Major in Ghost in the Shell, I can see why people are tired of white folks being cast in Asian roles. It’s a problem, and it’s been a problem for decades. And I admit, seeing a white person cast as Danny Rand was a disappointment to me too at first. But considering how much of a dumbass Danny is for most of the show, I’ve come to the realization that it’s probably best he was cast as a white guy. (As @aquahogcodes said in their post here, Asians deserve better characterization.)

Of course, that begs the question, is bad representation worse than no representation at all? I don’t know, and I’m definitely not the person equipped to tackle that question.

I think dismissing the show as racist also hurts the actors involved. Rosario Dawson (Claire Temple’s actor) is an outspoken activist in her personal life, and she’s one of the few celebrities I look to as a role model. Madame Gao is just fucking awesome, and how often do you see an older woman of color in a mainstream show? And Colleen Wing. Her fight scenes would actually get my blood pumping, and I enjoyed them much more than Danny’s. I loved all three of them so much, and can’t wait to see them in Defenders.

In conclusion, I think Iron Fist gets way more hate than it deserves despite it having some legitimate issues and problems. And despite elements of the show being problematic, it doesn’t make you a bad person for watching it. I love Iron Fist. But I can enjoy it while also acknowledging it’s not perfect and it has a lot of problems that I can hope will be addressed in future seasons.

I hope that answered your question, anon!

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if they actually had cast padme as nonwhite would that have been also bad considering her children were already played by white actors?Padmes Asian coded name, costumes, and culture make it really uncomfortable that she's white but I've seen a lot of pushback against any parentage theories for Rey that involve characters of colour as either of her parent for this reason. Or do you think luke and leia should not have dictated Anakin and Padmes casting? Not something I see discussed so I'm curious

Oh, anon. I’ve been waiting a long time for someone to ask me this. 

Short answer: no. That would not have been bad. Luke and Leia should not have dictated the casting.

Long answer:

First of all, if Padmé had to be white, as in, it was absolutely crucial for them to remain accurate to the last iota even when Luke and Leia appeared for two seconds each in ROTS, why all that pump and fanfare around her culture? Why ‘Padmé’? Why make her wear all these cultural outfits that belong to Asian cultures, give her Asian names, hell, even Asian characteristics? What’s wrong with having a name that’s pretty much made up and could belong to any culture i.e. some default white culture (Anakin for one, Beru, Shmi, etc)? Europe has some pretty nice fashions throughout history, it’s not that hard to make Naboo flashy and give it some 1700s genteel European aesthetic that Tumblr hoes would eat up. If Padmé was characterised this way and also white–fine. Don’t care. You wouldn’t hear a peep from me. But as we all know, this did not occur.

But if Padmé was South Asian (and being SA myself, this is the casting I vouch for, but I support any other Asian interpretation for her), all of this aesthetic would have fit. Let me address your concern, first, however: If Padmé was SA, with SA clothing and SA name and pretty much everything else, it would not be a bad thing because the prequels are essentially her story. Her story with Anakin, Anakin’s story with her. Their love story. There are many troubling aspects of Padmé’s arc and characterisation, but her story did not solely revolve around Luke and Leia. If Padmé was a brown girl, this would have been a brown girl’s story. I have thoughts about Anakin’s casting as well, but this is about Padmé so I’ll stick to that.

The thing is, by using Asian aesthetic on a milquetoast, white girl, a bad thing is already being committed. There is a problem. But if you use that Asian aesthetic on an Asian girl, and make her the female lead and love interest of the main character, that problem is resolved. The OT movies took place decades before the PT movies. Luke and Leia were conceived in the 1970s. The overwhelming whiteness of the OT trio cannot be changed, but the same man who came up with these white characters could’ve amended his mistakes and casted a non-white girl for the female lead! That would have been progressive. And if Padmé’s ‘appearance’ was such an issue, cast a light-skinned Desi girl? While I would’ve loved to have a dark-skinned Padmé, even that would have been preferable to a white Padmé. In fact, Natasha Ramachandran is my FC and HC for Padmé:

The pushback with Rey’s parents is different. If either of Rey’s parents are POC, that would be propping up an existing character of colour for a white character. Because that would have made it all about Rey. Rey’s parents would never have made an appearance, the story is about Rey and her family drama would have been prioritised. If they really wanted to give this character of colour a child, why didn’t they cast accordingly? POC are underrepresented, so it’s crucial one stays accurate. White people are overwhelmingly overrepresented, so if faced with casting parents, especially since that would give POC a chance to shine, for white characters who will not appear in the movies, one should cast liberally. Especially since Naboo is shown to be diverse, with South Asian Queen Jamillia (Ayesha Dharker), Captain Typho, played by Samoan actor Jay Laga'aia, and Queen Apailana, played by Keisha Castle-Hughes, who is part Maori. In fact, all the Queens after Padmé are women of colour: Jamillia, Apailana, Neeyutnee (arguably), and Sosha Soruna. Padmé’s casting would have been accurate to Naboo itself, and if audiences can sit through a white girl parading in Asian clothing styles and being called an obviously non-white name, they can sit through a brown girl doing all of that instead.

Signs As John Mulaney Quotes


Taurus: Do you want to go for a jog or freebase cocaine?

Gemini: It’s 100% easier not to do things than to do them

Cancer: Excuse Me: I am homeless. I am gay. I have AIDS. I’m new in town

Leo: I’ll book a ticket on some garbage airline. I don’t wanna name an actual airline so let’s make one up, let’s just call it Delta Airlines

Virgo: Why do people shush animals? They’ve never spoken

Libra: Being President looks like the worst job in the world

Scorpio:Eat ass, suck a dick, and sell drugs

Sagittarius: HEY! Look at that high waisted man. He’s got feminine hips

Capricorn: I’ll keep my emotions right here *points to chest* and then one day I’ll die

Aquarius: Eleven up and over one you simple bitch

Pisces: When I was in grade school I was bullied for being Asian American… The biggest problem with that is that I’m not Asian American

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Not half Japanese but here are more half Asian problems? Being asked "what are you", never fitting in anywhere because you're too Asian for the white people and too white for the Asian people, getting plopped into one category rather than both, people fetishising you (e.g. Aw mixed babies are so cute... well I'm mixed!!!!) etc.

oh man that sounds awful, im sorry you guys have to hear all of that..

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Okay but people who ship Clalec and wish Magnus death are racist and homophobic.

Obviously some people are problematic that way, so you educate them and if that doesn’t work. You block them. But it could also be important to find out why?
Would they still ship Clalec if Alec was dating Jace, and if then would they wish Jace dead too? If so, then they aren’t racist, they just want the person dead that is dating Alec, who at the moment happens to be Asian. If the problem lies with Magnus being Asian then yes, they are racist.
Engage with them before labeling them, it might help educating them, since you know which part you are going to have to address and which part can be left alone. Though it would require a great deal of knowledge on sexuality to do it justice since you need to know history and everything that comes with it. Saying he’s gay, isn’t education. When educating on racism find the root cause before shouting you’re a racist because you are a white supremacist. It’s usually far more complex than that. Plus if they are anything like my student, an attack will just lead to a rude defensive response. Nobody will listen to what you have to say if you start your educational speech with harsh accusations.

I teach sexuality to teenagers, some students change their minds afterwards, some don’t, even with all the facts, examples and counterarguments I give. They were raised with such ideas that are rooted beyond anything they can let go off. Those ideas are founded within everything they believe in. It’s like Jenga, if I pull out that one block of their reasoning, what if the whole thing came falling down?
I once talked to a Muslim boy, who was very upset that people mocked Allah, under our law that protects the freedom of speech, so when I told him that he was free to say horrible things about gay people, he was using his right to upset people and be phobic, I hit the nail on the head. He was a truly wonderful boy, and in the end he understood that respect is and always will be a two way street, His whole world didn’t come crashing down, but I took the time to talk to him one on one. To listen to his upset, understand him even as he insulted my homosexuality and then I educated him, called out his hypocrisy and it worked. By the end of the conversation we had an understanding, he had learned something valuable.
This won’t happen all the time, but if teachers don’t try, if people with voices and the knowledge don’t try. Who will?
Knowledge is power, understanding is power. Patience can pay off.
But like I said if a brick wall would make for a more pleasant conversation best to block that person especially if the person you are talking to is not showing you any kind of respect. Not everyone is ready for that block of Jenga to be pulled and to figure out if the rest of the blocks remain standing.

However, by hating on them, you’re not the better person and are in fact sinking to their level. Some people in the end you have to accept cannot be talked too. But calling them slurs or hateful words, isn’t the answer.
It’s sad but that is reality, if education helped for everyone, this world wouldn’t be half as fucked up as it is.
But one must always at least try.


I can’t stop watching this shit (a minor compulsion…I started, and must finish).

Kimmy Schmidt is antisemitic garbage.  On top of every other sort of racism. (Vietnamese character named “Dong” played for laughs, Asians calling a black man “a Hitler” because he puts on Yellowface to portray his geisha past life (in this case, everything is a problem, because the Asians calling him racist are being portrayed as unreasonable and wrong), and Jane Krakowski playing a Native American…) this season that antisemitism is getting ridiculous.

Five seconds in, Krakowski’s character complains about the Jews trying to steal her painting.  In the second episode, Kimmy Schmidt assumes a pair of Orthodox Jewish men are “sad Santas.”  And in episode 8, we finally find out what’s going on with Jane Krakowski’s character’s painting.  It’s a Mondrian that was provably stolen from this Jewish family during the Holocaust by the Nazis, and they want it back, and are being portrayed as the bad guys! Worse, they’re just another shitty, off-color, unfunny joke.  Their names are “Harry Weiner” and “Ivana Ita Weiner.” And their daughter “Anita Weiner.”

This is getting worse by the moment, but I can’t look away…I have to finish, because I’m me.  Help.

@feministrhymeswithwitch and @kylorensrey, if you can avoid it, do so.  This is where it’s going.  And it’s not likely to get better…

Tina Fey.  Back on 30 Rock, you were less bad, in what I saw of the show.  You even recognized that the bullshit coded language used to attack “East Coast liberal values” was just another way of saying “Jewish” (though for all I know, you cribbed that right from the West Wing) and made it clear that this was bigoted.  Now, your new show is nothing but racist jokes (ok, to be fair, there’s gay jokes and I’ve caught a couple of transphobic jokes, too) and unless something drastic changes, I’m done with you.

The problem is never being seen as an Asian American writer; the problem is with being seen only as an Asian American writer.

An Interview with Celeste Ng - The Toast

Our pals at The Toast just published this wonderful interview with Celeste Ng about representation, Asian American visibility, family, and writing. Go read it!

Video Addressing the Fetishization of Asian Women and Why It Needs to Stop

We’re a collective of activists and we made a video to address the problem of women of color, specifically East Asian women, being fetishized.
  “Racial fetishization is a form of racism. It’s degrading and invasive whenever anyone makes assumptions about what women like sexually, especially when those assumptions are that we enjoy being submissive. The stereotypes need to end, and our personhood needs to be recognized. Stop fetishizing us.
Eww, you ship Skoulson? But...

…he’s her father. 

No he isn’t. We met her father. He wasn’t Coulson.

…he’s like her father. 

Well, he’s her family and the show has left the exact definition of that fairly open ended. The father/daughter reading is actually an interpretation of the text, which you can tell because Coulson and Skye specifically avoid that kind of terminology,*** barring the fourth episode where Skye refers to “mom and dad” sarcastically…and then later invites Coulson to slide on in to the back of the SUV with her (which people rarely mention when bringing up the “mom and dad” point in that episode, for some reason, I don’t know why).

My interpretation of the canon text is that Skye and Coulson share a more undefined – and, yes, platonic – love. I’m not arguing for canon as being anything other than platonic, okay? But the fact that it is undefined, not shoehorned into this “father/daughter” thing is important to me.

All shipping concerns aside, I feel my reading is a better one for capturing the complexities of Skye and Coulson’s relationship. Once they’ve actually gotten close (after Skye’s agenda is out), the only people who use the father/daughter comparison in universe are people being treated as villains/antagonists, and who don’t know Skye or Coulson very well. Even Cal cuts that shit out once he starts to come around. 

The people who know Skye and Coulson well refer to the intensity of their relationship, to them “whispering,” to the fact that Skye is more than just an asset to Coulson, to the fact that Coulson might be compromised by his feelings for Skye, and Hunter and May both insinuate that Skye and Coulson’s relationship has similarities to their marriages.

Skye and Coulson refer to each other as family, and Skye asks him to be her friend. 

Those are the ways they directly refer to each other. (Well, that and the red corvette/”most beautiful thing I’d ever seen” thing.) So, you know, I think “undefined, really intense, but platonic” is a pretty good way of looking at their relationship in canon.

It’s particularly important to me as part of representing Skye’s importance within the text and outside the text as the first woc superhero in the MCU. The idea that her most important relationship should be with a traditional father-figure, instead of with someone who is just totally fucking awed by how wonderful she is (which Coulson totally is), 

is sort of icky. I think the way the show presents them is wonderful, and it’s fandom insisting on the father/daughter label that irritates me and feels like minimizing Skye’s importance in her own narrative.

However, as long as someone is able to see Skye and Coulson having a father/daughter relationship that is built on Coulson growing and changing because of Skye’s presence (the opposite of this – of Coulson really teaching her much – is pretty minimal, honestly, tell me what Coulson really teaches Skye?) then we can get along.

(And belief that he would call her ‘pumpkin’ or adopt her or ground her will be met with scoffing from me. Yes, even jokes. Yes, even when Clark does it.)

…the age gap. 

Fair enough. I really get it if you’re squicked by the age gap. There are plenty of scenarios where an age gap would squick me, okay, and I’m not going to try to talk anyone out of their squick. 

…there’s a potentially abusive power imbalance. 

So, I think that Skye and Coulson are set up beautifully to avoid the kind of power imbalance that might come about because of their age gap or his position as her boss. Coulson’s recent return from the dead positions him as a new man, (re)discovering himself. Skye’s presence is an important catalyst for his self-discovery and an important influence for his developing ideologies, which puts her in a position of more power. 

Coulson begins digging into Tahiti after learning about Skye’s own mission to find out about herself. Coulson develops the new SHIELD with no levels after Skye schools him on how levels place a gross value scale on human life. 

Coulson deals with his issues about Tahiti after seeing Skye deal with her issues about the shadow protocol and the horrific emotional trauma in her early life. Coulson overcomes his carving after bringing Skye into the matter. Skye is an important catalyst for all of Coulson’s best character developments (and his whole arc actually ends up being about her), while not a tool of those developments. (She’s got her own plots and her own shit to do.) 

In 2x14, Coulson states that he trusts Skye to do what’s right/best for her – that he’s not going to pretend to have answers, and that she’s the person he thinks is most capable of making decisions about what she should do. This is important, and it shows a mutual respect of personal agency between them that is literally everything to me (oh god, it’s everything). An example of the reverse is Skye agreeing to torture information out of Coulson in 2x07, even when it’s horrible for her to do so. He tells her it’s his call, and she agrees, she gives him the right to decide this for himself. And then here, in 2x14, he lets this be her call.

It’s…honestly, it’s a pretty great dynamic, okay? It’s a situation in which a young biracial homeless woman is a huge influence on a middle class white bureaucrat. (And then, you know, alien blood and cosmic ties and superpowers on top of that.) It’s two people who have both had people fuck with their bodily autonomy and agency, who respect the fuck out of each other’s bodily autonomy and agency. 

…she’s just someone young for him to take to bed.

Yeah, no. Coulson loves Skye. Sure, he compared her to his sexy red corvette, but he loves her. That’s the reason I ship this, okay? Because Coulson is – canonically – the person that loves Skye the most. And – canonically – Skye knows this. (I’ve seen people be super pissed off about this – “What do you mean Coulson is the only person to really try to take care of you? What about Fitz and Simmons and May, you bitch?” etc – so I know people know it. They don’t like it, but they know it.) 

The amount that Coulson loves Skye, and the fact that Skye deserves to be loved that much, is why I ship this. The fact that Skye deserves an epic love story with someone who was brought back from the dead to find her is why I ship this. 

…why would she be attracted to him? 

Why indeed.

For the record, I’m not that much older than Skye – much much much closer to her age than Coulson’s – so it just doesn’t strike me as that weird for her to see Coulson as a very attractive sexual being. Hell, she directly confronts him about being a sexual being the second day she knows him:

And, of course, she looks at him like this:

and this:

and this:

and this:

So, you know. I don’t think it’s really far fetched for Skye to be attracted to him is what I’m saying. 

…you’re sexualizing Skye by writing a bunch of porn about her.

Yup. Sexualizing that twenty-seven year old woman, icky icky me. 

Look, I’m really uncomfortable making statements about the the biggest problems Asian women face as far as being exploited sexually because I’m not an Asian woman. Fetishization of Asian women’s bodies is obviously a real problem, and if I felt someone was presenting Skye in a grossly fetishized way, I would be incredibly offended and say as much. But I’m less concerned about the exploitation/fetishization of Skye’s body in this fandom and more freaked out by how many people forget that she’s a fucking adult. 

Seriously, y’all. Skye is older than Natasha was in Iron Man 2. She’s actually the age Natasha was in the first Avengers movie. (By my count, Nat would have turned 28 a few months after the action of the film.) Skye is an adult.  

The overwhelming tendency in some parts of this fandom is to write AUs where Skye is a literal child. Like, a distressingly large number of AUs are like that. And even when there’s not such literal treatment of Skye as a child, it happens metaphorically when the mere fact of her having sex is seen as somehow gross. The infantilization of Asian women’s bodies – treating a young Asian American woman like a child, speaking as though portraying her as a sexual being is in line with pedophilia – strikes me as a much more prevalent and distressing form of racialized misogyny in this fandom than fetishization. (I mean, someone tell me if I’m off base with that, but seriously, this is something that bothers me a lot.) So you can squick all you want at the presentation of consenting sex between two adults you don’t want to see that way (honestly, we can be cool even if you don’t like my ship, as long as you’re not a douche about it), but at the point that you behave as though treating Skye as a sexual being is wrong, you’re either 1) practicing a different kid of racialized misogyny, or 2) utterly misrepresenting the Skoulson fandom.

It’s a true fact that the Skoulson tag on AO3 is, relatively speaking, the porniest place in AoS fandom. It’s probably a contender for porniest place in the whole MCU fandom, tbh. (It sounds like a theme park!) But this is all relative to the fact that over 75% of our fics (totaling only 692 as of right now) are written by, like, 6-8 people, many of whom are fans of writing erotica. It’s all relative. And by and large, we are a fandom very dedicated to enthusiastic consent, safe sex, explicit kink negotiation, women in positions of power, and sex as an emotionally significant part of a romantic relationship. (And also to the fact that Phil Coulson is obviously really good with his tongue. And his hands.) That’s like…what our porn is mostly about. (And I can say that because I’ve written almost a fifth of the E rated Skoulson stuff, just by number of fics, not even chapters/word count. Which…is a lot of porn.) 

…the actress doesn’t like the idea of the ship. 

Okay, that’s why I don’t tweet her or contact her or harass her? Chloe is a great actor, she brings Skye to life and I love her, but she’s not the arbiter of Skye’s place in fandom. I don’t choose my ships based on what the actors want or what they say about a ship, I base it on the text. And then I don’t bother the actors about it because that would make me an asshole. 

…it’s not what the show runners intended.

This is where we come to the fact that I base my viewing of the show off of what is presented in the text. Getting into discussions of what is intended is not a productive way to discuss what actually happens in a text, imo. I’m not saying that reasonable people can’t have some disagreements about this, but I’m also just not going to engage with that stuff. (Engaging with that stuff is why people can pretend that Skyeward could still totally happen.) It’s a waste of time to engage with that stuff as more than a spectacle and a way to see adorable people being adorable dorks, especially since everything every show runner, producer, or actor has said has something that contradicts it elsewhere. 

Also, Skoulson isn’t a ship that I am campaigning to be made romantic in canon. It’s an appreciation for the canon relationship that exists – the amount that Skye and Coulson love each other in an undefined way, which the show is often really weird about presenting through romantic tropes (a la Mulder & Scully). You can argue for days about intentions (with yourself, I mean, because I don’t care), but this is what the text says about the development of Skye and Coulson’s relationship over the past two seasons from the last scene of the Pilot to the last scene of 2x22:

I think just that speaks volumes about the centrality of the relationship in the narrative, about how it is a partnership, and about how their relationship has evolved as mutually respectful and equal, even putting Skye in a more leading role. That’s the text. 


***ETA: Okay, in 3x18 (”The Singularity”) Lauren LeFranc made Coulson say the thing, and the thing has now been said. You can officially be a douche and throw that in my face if you need to do so. I know how some people loooove being assholes.

Look, I’ve always believed that whatever love Coulson feels for Daisy in canon has confused and worried him – because it is intense and because he’s done extreme and possibly stupid shit because of/for her. So it’s relatively easy for me to see Coulson looking for a label for something complicated, and it matters to me a lot that it was him and not Daisy who expressed that label. 

(I think Daisy would be a combination of upset, insulted, and kinda sad for Coulson if he expressed this to her.) 

Even the context in which he said the thing was part of realizing that what he had been giving her was not enough/not what she needed. So. That’s what I’ve got. 


“I’m lucky. When I speak out I’m not doing it from a selfish place because I get incredible opportunities. I get incredible roles and experiences with these wonderful filmmakers. I’m speaking out as an audience member who is going to the cinema and noticing there’s a problem here because I don’t see women being represented. I don’t see Asian-American actresses begin represented. I don’t see women in their 60s being represented in film. I want to see incredible actresses like Sarah Paulson and Lily Rabe in movies. There are these really fantastic actresses out there, but there are so few opportunities.”