problems of a someone like you fangirl

  • Friend: Our expectations in men are way too high because of actors, bands and fictional characters!
  • Me: Agreed. Fangirls have a real hard life. I blame Tom Hiddleston.
  • Friend: Me too. I'd like to go to a therapist and talk about this.
  • Me: Ok but... Now imagine Tom Hiddleston is the therapist...
  • Friend: I HATE YOU

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Hcs where todoroki gets jealous and another one with yaomomo too(separately)

Thanks for the ask anon! You didnt clarify so I assumed you meant ‘jealous of x for the other’ and made these Todomomo centric. Hope that’s what you wanted.

Jealous Todoroki

  • He doesnt get jealous.
  • Ok let me clarify. He doesnt get conventionally jealous.
  • He doesnt get jealous over boys asking Momo to tutor them and/or attempt to flirt with her bc he knows Momo is, and will always be, faithful.
  • He knows that if Momo agrees to such, its out of the goodness of her heart and drive to help people. (So pure..)
  • (( Having said that though, he is still protective sometimes bc Momo can be too naive to see that they’re trying to take advantage of her.. ))
  • What he does get, is envious. Over the silliest things.
  • Most of the time it involves him being envious of things that take Momo’s attention away from him. Especially when he’s being needy.
  • Like, he’ll get envious of their cat that uses Momo’s lap as a pillow while she reads and it refuses to move. (“Lucky cat…”)
  • Or their kids that refuse to go to bed and want another bedtime story from Mama, but he’s tired and wants to cuddle with his wife.
  • Its really funny tbh bc he’ll deadpan stare down at the cat or the kids and have this little pout on his face that he tries to hide lololol

Jealous Momo

  • Momo’s jealousy takes the form of insecurity.
  • When they start dating, its tough for Momo to admit but she gets jealous over all of Todo’s fangirls.
  • Todo doesnt pay attention to them but its kinda hard for Momo to ignore (I mean, they’re constantly bombarding him with love letters, stalking him out of school, trying to catch a glimpse of him training…)
  • She tried not letting them get to her but an unsettled feeling bottle up inside her and that jealousy spiralled into her own insecurities of being his girlfriend.
  • “Todoroki-san has so many girls chasing after him. He could have anyone to be his girlfriend. Im sure there are many girls that are more beautiful, have better quirks, are a better hero than me.. is this really okay? He’s an amazing hero, he needs someone just as good by his side. It is really okay for me to date him? I dont deserve him..”
  • Todo didnt realize his fangirls affected Momo until someone (maybe Kaminari?) offhandedly commented “Mannn Todoroki you sure are lucky to have so many fangirls; how does Yaomomo deal with them..”… and remembers it isnt just his problem anymore… and Momo’s been oddly quiet these past couple days… and— shit.
  • He probably does something dramatic… like bolt out of the classroom to chase after her in the rain, soaked and out of breath, to confess all his feelings.
  • Somehow he always manages to say the words she needed to hear — that he only loves her, that she’s an amazing hero the others cant compare, that there’s no other person he’d rather have by his side, forever and always.
  • Later in their relationship, Momo finally gets comfortable with Todo having fangirls and takes their.. enthusiasm?.. as a compliment bc “that’s right, I have one of the most attractive and top heroes in the country as my boyfriend, and he loves me. That’s all that matters.”

> prev hcs here

In response to the whole LeFou thing, I am happy for Lefou on a Watsonian level. Like good for him for being gay. I’m not acting like it’s him in particular being gay which is the problem and it’s not because he’s not the usual traditionally handsome gay dude and I’m some fetishising fangirl who needs someone hot to crush on (I’m bi, dudes, I’m here for the rep). It’s not that there aren’t gay people like him out there who end up falling for the misogynistic straight dude, cause yeah, there are. 

The issue is that this is the first gay character in a Disney movie. The first. How bad is that when you think about the fact it’s 2017? 

You can’t just jump in with your first tiny tea-spoonful of representation being the comic relief who will probably pine miserably for the arsehole straight dude and be horribly mistreated by him (as well as being laughed at by the audience). You can’t just do that. 

That is something you get to do, as straight writers (and let’s not pretend most of the creators involved in this aren’t straight or catering to straight audiences), once you’ve actually given positive representation. First you give kids watching that movie a positive gay role model that they can look up to, who isn’t laughed at. Give them a gay hero. I assure you they will be watching. I remember every little bit of LGBT rep I saw when I was a kid, and most of it was horrible and seriously impacted my self-esteem and the way I thought about myself. 

So it’s no good acting like people not liking this gay LeFou thing are pretending gay guys like him don’t exist, it’s that THIS SHOULD NOT BE THE LANDMARK FIRST CANONICALLY GAY DISNEY CHARACTER IN THE YEAR 2017. 

Straight (white cis) kids get to see themselves as the heroes in everything they watch, and that’s actually great because all kids should be able to see themselves as heroes, but you’re gonna offer this measly, offensive, cowardly representation instead of a proper hero for LGBT kids? With a minor character. Who gets abused by Gaston. Who is the comic relief. Who is not there to empathise with but literally to laugh at. 

It doesn’t even matter if he ends up happy in the end (he had better) because homophobes/casual viewers will still get to view him as the comic relief and even be valid in that because that is what he is in the original film. 

It’s a mess, my dudes. A mess. 

internet best friend for hire pls !!

I just need an internet friend who I can Skype looking really bad, barely talk, sit on my phone, and make random ugly faces at. Also, lets me send them randomly bad selfies on any social media. Does not ignore or get bored of me. Lets me fangirl when needed. Is not an ashton or Louis girl because then well have a problem. Actually cares about me. Does not just suddenly stop talking to me. Randomly tag each other in posts. We make a joint accounts, maybe. And just end up ruling the world together pls.

Hey all! Just a shot in the dark here — it’s coming up on fall, which is NaNoWriMo season. Since I am not a grad student anymore woooo I’m going for it this year! I have a plot, I have character arcs, I’m gonna cheat by prewriting, I am (getting) ready. 

My problem is this — fandom has absolutely spoiled me. Whenever I get a new otp I am so fortunate to connect with one or two writers who become my writing partners. Not in the sense of collaborative writing but someone to bounce ideas off of, fangirl with, catch stupid grammar errors, and poke each other when writing gets hard (because it is hard). 

So here’s my shot in the dark — Is anyone out there planning or currently writing an original work? Do you, like me, miss having someone to message your over-enthusiastic flails? I’m your Huckleberry if you’ll be mine!

Or if you know of any tumblr or other resources to find something like this, please share! 

My inbox is always open and feel free to message me! And if you’re on the fence about writing original work, just think of all those thinly-veiled AUs you could be gifting to the world!

I realize it might be overly optimistic to want the fandom experience for original writing, but a girl can dream.


ID #19891

Name: Mo
Age: 17
Country: Germany

So, I’m always kinda awkward at writing so I guess I’ll just start quickly, like ripping off a band-aid, right?
So, my name is Mo, I am a 17 year old, pretty average girl from Germany, who loves a lot of things honestly. I currently speak four languages fluently and am trying to learn a fifth, but it’s kinda hard right now because I’m on exchange and even dream in Spanish.

Music is my life. I like almost all genres but I really love rock. Also, I love to listen to Pink Floyd, Fall Out Boy, Coldplay, Panic! At the Disco, those songs from IAMX that were featured on How To Get Away With Murder, Classical Rock and all this but sometimes I just sit there and listen to Disney Songs. It all depends on my mood, honestly.

I am a huge nerd, as you may have noticed. My favourite books are forever the Harry Potter Series (Snape was a great character but an awful person), mainly out of nostalgia, honestly, but I read, like, a lot.
My favourite movie is Now You See Me, I guess, but I have seen a lot and it’s difficult to choose. I also love marvel and expecially Guardians of the Galaxy!

Reading fan fiction is one of my hobbies and have been a writer since I was ten (Just saying: Marauders, OC. You can imagine how that ended) but I thankfully deleted all of them before I could start a new My Immortal. I still have a lot of ideas but I know that I never make it to the fifth chapter so I seldom write them out.
I also had a poetry phase, an impressionistic phase and right now I’m into archery. I know.

I also watch/watched a lot of series, like Scorpion, Sherlock, Brooklyn 99, The Librarians, Criminal Minds, Merlin and a lot more that I can’t remember right now.

I am the kind of person you would probably hate to watch a movie with because I always have to add my sarcastic and incredibly smart-ass comments.

I’m also very interested in politics, memes as well as the serious stuff even though I’m pretty desilusioned right now.

I hope, this gave you a sneak peak into my personality and if you’re interested in writing me, feel free to do so! I’m always there to fangirl or just to write about daily life problems!

Preferences: I’d like someone around my age, let’s say 15 - 20. Otherwise I’m pretty open, but I guess it would be great if you shared some of my interests so we have something to write about:) I prefer to first write emails and maybe later send each other small packages? Also I’d love to do those dorky pen pal challenges, so it would be better if you were up to it! :)

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Honestly bless you for saying that you support authors in the midst of this drama. If people don't stop we're going to lose great artists and authors and I'm grateful someone like you who has so much sway in this fandom will stand up for them! Thank you! 😊

No problem anon! I’m just trying to keep this a chill place for everyone to relax and fangirl about their favourite fics <3

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Can you do an imagine about self harm scars with Ethan? The reader tells tell him they used to cut but they stopped and he finds out one day they started again without telling him.

yes!! ah im very pro don’t make mental illness a secret so this may be slightly opinionated but tysm for this ask!! its vv important for this stuff to be written about. also. hopefully im a CTUALLY WORKING ON REQUESTS THIS TIME


It had been a really long time since you’d last self-harmed by the time you and Ethan were officially a “thing”. It was just this type of… emotional outlet, and now you had him to give your everything to. And, your other mental illnesses had gotten much much better, too. You were even off of medication and everything, soaring above the clouds. Ethan had asked you several times in advance if you wanted to be in a video, so he could introduce you, because you know he wanted to be transparent with his audience and also be kind and courteous to you. Eventually, you accepted his offer.

There was overwhelming kindness to the video of you two sitting side by side, doing one of the very generic couple’s tags for Valentine’s Day. He was not overly touchy, nor pushy, and let you help choose what questions you wanted to answer. He’s always this kind of gentle when he wants you to be happy, and it makes you lighthearted.

You ended up spending a lot of time looking through the comments of that video, trying to find something that would contradict the too good to be true aspect. Of course, you should never look too hard to find a problem, because then you see it everywhere.

And it didn’t take long to find some negative things about you, along with jealous fangirls lusting after someone… well, they didn’t even properly know. You feel like you’ve had your fair share of time to actually understand him a little more… even though he does let his personality show through.

Honestly, it takes you back to see the amount of hate you’re getting already. People are making jabs at how you look, how you dress, your personality. Other comments are perverted and rude, and it takes you ten minutes to close your laptop before you start getting so vulnerable that you break down. You aren’t weak, but you don’t want to poke the sleeping bull of your past habits.

In fact, you talk to Ethan about it and he offers you the best tips he possibly can and holds you into oblivion for the rest of the night. You both end up falling asleep on his couch together, waking up in some weird contortion of a position. It puts a kink in your neck but a smile on your face.

However, the comments keep on rolling in You start getting Twitter messages and Instagram followers harassing you. It’s like being attacked from all angles. And although you leave your Instagram on public, you do close off notifications on everything.

It only takes a week for your confidence to begin to break down, even with everybody by your side, because sometimes you tear yourself down, too. It’s not a healthy habit and you know that it isn’t, but you can’t always help it.

You habitually read the comments on the video, even though it’s only one video and even though the majority is happy for you, you can’t see the positives through the negatives. You’re in a fog. Swimming through syrup.

You don’t feel like you have any good reason besides your own crushing self doubt, but you pick up the oldest and worst habit you can think of and put it to use.

“Oh yeah, I used to,” you hum in regards to the scars on the arm you haven’t been using. There aren’t too many, honestly, because you were never obsessive with how you self-harmed. You just did it.

“I’m so sorry you had to go through that,” Ethan mumbles in response, just picking at your defenses with a shy little smile and a kind hand holding yours. It’s warm and you feel happy when he’s in contact with you.

You really, really want to tell him, and at the same time don’t want him to be angry at you.

Strangely enough, you just quiet yourself for the rest of the day. Normally you’re as chatty as could be, but tonight you find yourself somewhat stuck in the rut of worrying that if you keep talking it’ll just slip out or if you stop talking it’ll set him on your tail for what’s wrong, and you wouldn’t lie.

“Ethan,” you blurt, “I started again.”

It’s reserved. Mumbled shamefully and tiredly, and he seems surprised and disappointed and a cocktail of unhappiness brews in your stomach. Each individual cut hurts a little worse now, like they don’t belong there.

Because they don’t belong there.

And even though you know that he’s probably a little frustrated and so are you, you struggle and grapple with the fact that you’re gonna be alright. He seems eerily silent, and then he squeezes your hand and you look up. And he’s reassuring and disappointed and all of the emotions that you can’t put together, and you’re broken.

“It’s gonna be okay.”

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White Gaze did Miles Morales & Blackness Wrong

I’m typing this up all anxious so excuse the typos. Did yall see the recent issue of Miles Morales/ Afro-latinx spiderman being written by Michael Bendis? I have high hopes for characters like Miles but not when it’s written under white liberal bias view of blackness. In Spider-Man #2, the writer Michael Bendis gets the chance to insert Miles point of view on how he’s seen as the “Black Latino Spiderman” and drops the ball entirely. Peep:

I honestly don’t care about the Bendis fan appreciation that throws on they “I dont see a problem” goggles when he fucks up like this because this is a touchy sensitive subject for Black, Latinx, and Afro-Latinx folk who are constantly being erased in stories. What ever your personal views on the guy or his intent, forget it, his delivery of Blackness under white gaze failed Miles Morales badly and you can’t convince me otherwise unless he undoes this fuckshit in later issues that address the topic more maturely and further away from whiteness. Like I went into a heated discussion with my non black latino friend who was urging that because some non identifying Black, Latinx, Afro-Latinx folk exist (and I know they do trust me I come from a family of them) that should give Bendis enough reason to represent THAT type of Blackness to the world.


You can’t just give these white writers a pass just because you feel represented and like the space is welcome to you. Oh! they at least got Miles reppin his Latinx side tho!

Interesting so Bendis has him openly identifying as ‘Hispanic’ no problem (even though younger ‘Hispanics’ mostly identify as Latinx - not that other reagan ass moniker) while getting all weirded out that someone is praising him for not being another white super hero. He [Bendis] clearly made the youtuber/fangirl of this fact seem like an annoyance, like her point of view is too much for Miles (in reality Bendis though cause he writting him..). I don’t give a fuck, that fangirl is all of us Afro-Latinx, Black, Latinx folks who were jumping at the fact that they encompassed a bit of all of us in the new Spiderman. She had every right to be excited of seeing a Spiderman that was Brown/Black, that’s a real world reaction of today! That was sadly minimized to a supposedly annoying caricature of fans. It’s unfair to those of us who have been clamoring to be represented. Most fucking government applications wont even acknowledge we exist, give us a damn break! It’s a slap in the face to those of us who already deal with that Miles Morales set up where you weren’t excited about being Black.

You coulda tactfully used those pages to incite excitement in other little Black babies and grown folk in general about being Black but nah you chose that white liberal garbage “Why does it matter?! Blackness should be nonexistent in anything ever cause make me uncomfortable when it are not about me!!”. It’s so aggravating. Marvel needa stop letting white people write Black characters if they’re gonna make us into the people they wanna see rather than who we actually wanna be. Like it’s so easy to be far removed from this issue and read right past it but it’s like how many times are you gonna allow yourself to be erased cause it makes a white person more comfortable to box Blackness into simplicity? I’m so tired of this and I’m more tired at the fans who jump at us for trying to talk about this. Give Miles Morales his Blackness back.

When You Meet Someone Who Doesn’t Like ACOTAR

PSA: Short People Concert Pet Peeves

Hi, tall friends. Looks like I might need your assistance.

See, last night, I went to see MILCK. Those of you who’ve followed my fangirling over her this past year will know how much that meant to me. But a lot of people were there for Ani DiFranco, which is fair. Including a mom who brought her twelve-year-old daughter. And invited all of her friends. Who promptly stood /right in front of me/. (WHY ARE YOU LIKE THIS.) And /talked/. And /taaaaaalked/. Here I am, wanting to sing with someone who inspires me–yes, about not keeping quiet, of all things–and yet, these are these people. Why. How would they feel if I talked in front of them the entire time? 

All I wanted to do was literally part the red sea with them (that one guy that’s directly in front blocking me from seeing her entirely was a very large, tall guy, but he at least knew to hunch down over the railing. Yeah, I come early for concerts to get good standing room, etc, especially since, I’m, you know, short.
Instead, I gripped my leather jacket so tightly to keep myself from being a complete asshole. But I was so, so frustrated. How could they be so rude? (So you’d best bet that when MILCK was awesome, I “woo”’d rather loudly so they could tell I cared. You know.) 

This being said, tall people, if you are with me, I don’t know, maybe make a fence around me to shove everyone else out of the way, haha. Or encourage me to say something. I don’t know. I usually say things when I don’t agree with it, but I think I was just too irritated–and knew I wouldn’t be very kind if I did. Also, tall people, make sure you look out for those who literally can’t see past you… I don’t have this problem with a lot of my friends, but still. Thanks in advance…

Well, i don’t have any problem with someone else OTP like you can ship anyone you want, you can explore your imagination and creativity, i will never judge you, i will be on your side. Unless you ship someone from my OTP with someone else.

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and long story short he tells me that he love me and all even if we didn't see each other since but I don't trust him at all and also I don't love him, it's like I'm stuck with my fav fictional character and Dylan/Posey bc that's the kind of person I love, and this is what I want And I absolutely don't know why I tell you this but I needed to talk to someone who know what its like to be a fangirl, bc you understand the problem Part 2/2

Oh I 100% understand the problem because it affects me too lol. I am very in love with Dylan and his characters, which gets me in the way of finding a real boyfriend. I always compare them to Dyl/characters and I’m like “yeah, there not as good as Stiles so not good enough for me” which is seriously fucked up! I hope we can find love girl, I do.

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What about a hc were MC is a hip hop dancer and is even in a girl dance group like Flavvah 8(might have spelled it wrong) if you know who they are how would the RFA+Saeran react

This is a tough one, not at all
Thank you for your request
By the way, I lack knowledge about those things
I hope you liked it!

Please feel free to send me a feedback, if this is NOT what you wanted, I’ll do it again in no time!
Any mistakes, report to me
My requests are still open! Please feel free to send your request.


  • When you told him
  • He finds it pretty cool
  • He’s dating a talented woman!
  • The first thing he wants to do is see you and your group doing a performance
  • You told him that you’re going to train next week
  • He didn’t even think, he’ll be there
  • When he sees you and your group dancing
  • His jaw is on the floor
  • He can’t even imagine someone dancing with such a passion, so fast
  • He’ll see all your group performances on the internet when he gets a chance
  • If he’s free, he’ll be there seeing you in person
  • He just loves the way you guys dance
  • He’ll just the video to his friends, he has to brag about it


  • He is dating an artist like him!
  • When you told him, he’ll want to watch you
  • It’s the first thing that comes to his mind
  • When he sees you dancing
  • Oh god, he’s really in love
  • Those moves make him crazy
  • He don’t even look at your partners, it’s just you
  • He’ll ask for you to teach him
  • He wants to dance with you
  • And he wants you to dance for him sometimes
  • Zen, go take a cold shower


  • Is this art?
  • The only art she knows is Zen’s performances
  • Could we watch it now?
  • No Jaehee, you’ll watch me dance
  • She agrees, she could watch it, what’s the problem with that?
  • When she watches, she looks like someone that discovered a new color
  • She thinks it’s so fantastic 
  • You’re so fantastic
  • She’s fangirling about it
  • She’s your number one fan
  • She’ll support you, everywhere in everything
  • You’re an art
  • She’ll make a fan club by the way


  • What is this genre?
  • What is this music?
  • What is going on?
  • He doesn’t understand what you’re talking about
  • But you’re so happy to invite him that he cannot say no
  • He’ll go
  • When he watches , his eyes are on you, only you
  • Like seriously, he can’t take his eyes off you
  • You’re a masterpiece
  • He loves it
  • It’s something that he didn’t know it, but now he wants to know all about it
  • He’ll say multiple times how you need to have all his support
  • He’ll tell about your group to everyone that he knows
  • You’ll get the attention that you deserve


  • He knew it
  • He’s doing the same thing he did to Zen
  • Spreading you like a virus
  • This always works
  • He will make shirts with the name of your group
  • Your partners will not like him in the training
  • He just screams so much your name
  • It’s cute
  • But it interrupts the concentration
  • He doesn’t care
  • If they kick him out, he’ll find a way to come back
  • They already give up
  • Let him stay
  • The most devoted fan


  • He doesn’t understand it
  • And looks like he doesn’t want to know about it too
  • He always does that
  • “Cool”
  • “You want to watch one of our performances?”
  • “Whatever”
  • When he watches he is fascinated
  • His face tells it
  • He loves how you’re dancing, he’s not even listening to the songs or looking away, his eyes are stuck in you
  • He doesn’t want you to dance to other people see, but you’re so happy about it that he’ll not even say something about it
  • If you ask him if he likes it, he’ll say “It was okay”
  • He’ll never admit how much he likes it
  • And how much he want you to dance for him
Out in the Open pt. 4 || Neymar Jr Imagine

“Y/N, just listen” Neymar says as he follows you into the bathroom where you are picking up the clothe you left there to rinse to take it to your bag.

“Answer the phone, maybe she wants to hang out a little longer” you say. You weren’t going to break up with him or anything, but you were pretty upset that Bruna continues to call him when she clearly must know he has a girlfriend. If you stayed the night like this, you weren’t sure how it would go. Probably with some more jealousy and fighting and you wanted to avoid that.

“I don’t want to hang with her. I want to be with you” Neymar says while he stands watching you shove your clothe into the bag.

“You didn’t thought of me when you were out in the mall with her” you say, looking away from him and zipping up your bag.

“That was a random thing, my friends took me there but I didn’t know she was coming” he says, now walking up to you and reaching for your hand. “I’m sorry. I don’t know what she wants from me, but I don’t want anything from her” he voices, now pulling you to him. You look at him and see his expression, the puppy eyes and the overall sad expression.

You sigh before speaking, “Why now?” You think out loud, “She-” his phone goes off, this time a msssage. Neymar as his eyes closed in annoyance because of the sound and knowing that it might be her. You frown before reaching for his phone on the nightstand.

“Just ignore her.”

You pick up the phone, and glare at the message, “Looks like she won’t give up any time soon if that’s your plan” you pause and read the message out loud, “I’m glad we could spend some time together tonight. I missed those things. See you tomorrow in the closing ceremony” you finish reading and look up at him.

“I’m not going. I have to schedule things to go back to Barcelona.”

“Let her know” and you hand over the phone to him.

“I’m not telling her that, she would probably show up too. She can figure it out herself.”

“Just like she figured out you have a girlfriend now? And that means that she hasn’t apparently or is playing the ‘I didn’t know that’ role.”

“Y/N, I’m sure she knows because my friends asked me about you around her.”

“Well, she doesn’t care apparently. Tell her again.”

“I’m not going to-” another beep.

Your hands go up in the air and take a small step back, “I can’t. I will say things and I will regret them later probably. I can’t be here” you say and take your bag, tossing it over your shoulder.

“Baby, she can try as much as she wants but I only want you.”

“Well let her know that because she doesn’t seem to care and wants you back by the looks of it. I’ll be back tomorrow” you say and reach for the door but Neymar’s hand stops you.

“Stay. Its too late to get you a ride or change you to a room” he says, and you know he’s right.

“Fine, but I’ll take a walk” you say and he nods his head and moves his gaze to the floor before looking up. He reaches for your bag to take it and you simply let him, “I’ll be back later” you say before you walk out of the room, not looking back because you knew his expression would make you forgive him right away.

  So maybe it wasn’t his fault Bruna was all over him again, but shouldn’t he at least remind her that he has a girlfriend if he loves you so much as he calls? Why go out shopping with her? Why not let you know? You knew those were small things, but it made you upset.

“If I were an incoming truck, you’d be on the ground by now” you hear a voice say and look up to find Rafinha.

“Oh God I’m sorry” you say, noticing he was a few inches away.

“Distracted much?” He asks, “What are you doing out so late? Where’s Ney?”

“I needed to take some air, distract my head and thoughts” you say, not giving much information.

You hear Rafael hum in thought before throwing an arm around your shoulder, “Come on, let’s go to the pool and we can talk there, yeah?” You nod your head, smiling as he smiles at you before starting to walk.

  “He didn’t tell you he was going out with her?” Rafinha questions after the two of you have seated on the edge of the pool without sinking your feet in.

“Nope. Nothing.”

“I knew she’d go to the game, I bet he knew too. The shopping…That was strange, he wouldn’t go with her anywhere with her after what happened, but if his friends took him then it wasn’t all his fault.”

“I know…I just” you sigh, “I just feel like he’d go back to her in any minute. She is pretty, she is confident, she is famous…She knows his world more than I do. She…She seems to be an important part of his life” you say, remembering the words coming from Neymar that he’d embrace someone he promised he would if he became champion.

“Neymar and Bruna had something different, I actually saw his interest in her and they had good chemistry, she encouraged him in a way” Rafinha says and you frown, but he continues. “Ney and you though, its different. You encourage him and support him no matter what. You give him his time with his friends, you give him a balance. He loves you, Y/N. You and him are so alike in many things and I have barely seen him this happy, not even with Bruna. You might not be part of our famous world as you call it, but you will get used to it and it will come naturally, like you did in that first interview” he says smiling. “Neymar has plans for the two of you, has had for a while now he said, its just that things haven’t worked out the way he wanted them.”

  You were smiling since he started to describe the relationship between you and Neymar, then your eyebrows arch in surprise when Rafinha mentions that your boyfriend had plans for the two of you, “Did he tell you?” You ask curiously but the football player chuckles, “I do, but I have no say in it. I promised to keep these lips shut.”

“You can’t be serious. Spill it” you say, playfully shoving him on the shoulder, but he barely moves.

“I’m sure you have an idea, you just have to figure it out” he says and you roll your eyes.

“Unbelievable” you tease.

“Sorry, but hey, Neymar might do stupid things like the one with Bruna, but I’m sure he does love you and won’t risk doing anything stupid enough to lose you. Give him a chance. Don’t doubt him, I don’t see him cheating on you any time soon, and if he does, well, he is an idiot, but he already is that” he jokes and you can’t help but laugh.

“Thanks, Rafa. Never would’ve guessed I’d be getting relationship advice from you” you admit, because this was something that you never even dreamed of.

“No problem. You are a nice girl, you are genuine, authentic. You fangirl and you don’t hide it, and that’s something I like, you don’t try to be someone who you are not” he says, looking at the pool and you look at him, noticing his jawline, his stubble, he was really good looking in person, you had to admit that. “That’s what I know from you so far” he finishes.

“Still remember when I first saw you, I think I squealed to the top of my lungs” you say, and you both laugh, and then you notice that he dyed his hair too and your laugh lasts longer than his. “They pulled you into the blonde team too I see.”

“I had to agree, everyone did it” he says with a smirk, “but I got other plans, reason why I agreed to it” he says.

“Other plans?”

“Don’t ask, you’ll get to know later.”


“Later” you playfully nudge him and he pretends to almost fall into the pool and your eyes widen. The two of you laugh, him probably because of your expression.

“Am I interrupting something?” Neymar asks from behind you and you quickly shift so you are facing him, but still sitting down. You notice his body tensing, eyes shifting between you and Rafinha.

“Your girlfriend is making fun of me because of the hair, looks like she didn’t notice her boyfriend looks uglier than me” he says, standing up, and now you are on the floor, in between them.

“Maybe she makes fun of you because she has seen the good side of blonde” Neymar points at his own head, “and has seen the bad side” and points at Rafinha’s.

“Shut up” he says with a chuckle, trying to reach to slap the back of Neymar’s head but he dodges, you almost thought there’d be tension because of Neymar finding you with Rafinha, but thankfully he didn’t seem to be jealous about it. Besides, Rafinha was like a big brother to you. That’s how you considered him after tonight anyway. “I’ll leave you two alone, don’t screw it up” he says to Neymar, patting his back.

“Bye, princesa” he teases and Rafinha runs to Neymar and flicks his fingers against Ney’s earlobe before he storms off, Ney letting out a huff and glaring at him. All this time, you were either laughing or smiling at the great friendship these two have. “Can I?” Neymar asks as he points at the spot besides you.

“Taken, ghost is sitting right there” you say and he chuckles.

“Well then…” he trails off and before you know it, he is sitting right behind you, his shoe less feet in the water and his arms snaked around your waist. “I’m sorry…”

“No” you interrupt, resting your back against his chest. “I’m sorry, for acting that way. It isn’t your fault she is all over you again…Can’t blame her though” you say with a small smirk and you hear him chuckle before he speaks.

“I should’ve talked to her…I wouldn’t have done those things if I knew they would get out of control later…” he says and you simply shrug.

  For a moment, you two stay quiet, letting the cool night breeze wash you both. After the almost fight between the two of you, this moment was really relaxing and felt nice. Best of all, nothing had to be said because it was as if the silence speaked for itself and both of you understood completely.

“I spoke with Lucho earlier” Neymar says, being the first to break the silence, “He told me I could stay for the first two Qualifiers and then I could go back to Barcelona with the team.”

“That’s great. I mean, I can be more time with you before-” he cuts you off.

“Actually…What if I took you to my first game with Barça?” He asks and you grin excitedly.

“You know I’d never miss it.”
“What about all my games?”
“Never missing them.”
“Then its settled” he says and you shift slightly so you can see his face, the goofy grin up on his lips.

“What is settled?”
“Obviously you have to agree but-”
“Agree to what?”
Neymar chuckles before he looks at you, even with that smile on his face, you can tell he is somewhat unsure of asking. “Would you move to Barcelona with me?”

  Your whole expression goes in shock. Your mouth is half opened, eyes wide, body still and your heart skipled a beat before it started a fast beating. You?! Move to Barcelona with Neymar?! “I-”

“We can go visit your family during breaks, you can get a job there and you’d be staying with me” he says quickly.

“I’d love to move with you” you squeal in a low volume and he chuckles before pulling you closer, murmuring a small ‘come here’ before he presses his lips against yours, both of you smiling into the kiss. You let out a sigh of happiness into the kiss, only a hand resting on his chest because of the sitting position between his legs you are in.

“I knew you told Leo and Luis about this, that you haven’t asked me because everything was happening too fast…” you say.

“Yeah, it was because of that, but then I spoke with Dani about it and he told me that things for us had to be done in a fast pace because of our lives, and that if I wanted to keep you I had to act fast, so I did” Neymar says and smiles and you can’t help but feel lucky to have such an amazing person as your boyfriend.

  “I guess Rafa was right” you think out loud and Neymar looks at you curiously and before he can ask, you explain. “He said that he did see you different around me and that you wanted things to work between us, not with those exact words, but close” you pause. “He said he has seen you this happy about someone barely.”

“I bet he mentioned her, didn’t he?” He questions and you nod your head before looking at your hand intertwined with his. “Bruna made me happy, yes. She supported me through my games and always said that I deserved to be a champion, just like you” he starts, “but with you, its different. I noticed right after you answered during the interview. You stood by my side, you know how important certain things are for me, and you certainly don’t complain about me playing FIFA and going out with my friends, and I love that about you. You are different and even when you care about what people think and might say, you stay true to yourself” he says, and with all that talk your cheeks had flushed a bright pink and you can’t help but smile dreamily at him.

  “I’m happy to hear that I make you happy, and that I’m doing things right for the two of us.” You admit as he removes a lose strand of hair off your face.

“And I’m happy you are considering everything before doing something. You find the happy medium for both of us” he says and you blush, leaning against him.

“Come on, let’s go to the room. Big day tomorrow” he says and you pout which makes him chuckle. He stands up before helping you up. Once you are standing up, he bends down to place one.arm under your legs and another one on your back so you were being carried bride style.

“What are you doing?! Put me down!” You squeal, fake struggling against his grip.

“You want me to put you down? Okay” he says and you arch an eye brow before he takes a few steps closer to the pool and you shake your head quickly.

“Neymar, no. Don’t yo-” and he tosses you into the pool. Thankfully you had enough time to cover your nose before hitting the water. You come to the surface and shake your head before opening your eyes when you hear another splash.

“You are crazy!”

“You told me to put you down, so I did. I obeyed orders.”

“You only obey when they are for your own good” you say, splashing him and making him chuckle before swimming your way, arms going around your waist.

“You are amazing” he whispers before kissing your neck and you feel yourself melting into the moves od his lips against your skin.

  “Ney…People can see us” you breathe out as you look around and he chuckles.

“Okay, okay. I’ll control myself” he says before helping you get out of the pool.

You two are soaking wet obviously, so when you get back in the vila you are both giggling and looking after the each other to make sure neither slipped, cause if you fell, Neymar would as well.

“Almost there” he says before he almost slips and you squeal as you hold his hand before you laugh. You two get inside of the room and he shakes his head like a puppy, drops of water hitting your face making you giggle.

  You are now looking for your clothe, the little amount that you had brought since you moving to the vila with Neymar was a decision taken by him after your relationship was out there officially. You didn’t have much say, and you wouldn’t have said no because you wanted to spend as much time with him. That was a reason why you had agreed to move with your boyfriend to Barcelona, and you couldn’t be happier. Neymar eyed you as you looked for your things, he was standing at the edge of the bathroom, arms fold as you turn around.


“Nothing…Just thinking” he says and you tilt your head to the side. “Everything good has happened so fast and I just feel like something will mess it up, you know?” He is deep in thought about it and you hold your hands out for him and he takes the steps necessary to take both of your hands, but instead of holding them, he locks them around his neck and his own around your waist.

“Why not think that everything good is happening because of all the bad ones that happened before?” You question and he shrugs slightly. “This is your moment. Neymar. You are breaking records and reaching your dreams, don’t think those things or you won’t reach them and they will just vanish” you advice and he smiles.

“What about you? Are you going to vanish?”

You smile and peck his lips, “I’ll be around as long as you want me to” you pause, “I love you.”

Neymar simply smiles, nods his head and kisses you deeply for a few seconds before he pulls away. “Let’s go get that shower and get some rest” he says and you nod your head.

  You’d lie if you said that you have not thinked the same as Neymar about good things happening all of a sudden, but maybe Dani was right, things had to happen fast for things to work, but you will just enjoy it while it lasts and you hope it lasts quite a while because you were liking everything about it.

Note: And finally its ouuut! Since so many things have happened I’ll most probably make a timeskip about things, only giving small details. What do you all want to see in the next part? Fluff? Angst? Jealousy? Meeting the Barça players? Reunion with Ney’s parents? I want suggestions and feedback! Send them up! I hope you guys enjoyed this one!

BSD Pairing Concerns

Ya this has been bugging me for a while

Let me get this out of the way before anything else


It’s perfectly fine by me who you ship! It’d be pretty petty of me to go around and say, ‘OMG Y U SHIP DEM?! *Insert pairing name here* IS THE WAY TO GO’. I think that’d be kind of childish. <|D Now on to the main post where I will list my reasoning’s:

1. This is a no grounded fear to be honest, and a bit idiotic, but I’m a strange girl sue me >|T I tend to see a lot of people ship Soukoku (Double Black) rather than Dazushi, which again, I have no problem with. I tend to think that both the ships of Dazai and Chuuya or Akutagawa and Atsushi are really cute, it’s just I am kind of worried that Dazushi will become a rare-ship where people don’t really talk about it and those who do get strange looks or are put down for it. So it’s not so much of how popular one of the ships are as it is of people ridiculing others for who they like to pair together. This will come back later.

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