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In response to the whole LeFou thing, I am happy for Lefou on a Watsonian level. Like good for him for being gay. I’m not acting like it’s him in particular being gay which is the problem and it’s not because he’s not the usual traditionally handsome gay dude and I’m some fetishising fangirl who needs someone hot to crush on (I’m bi, dudes, I’m here for the rep). It’s not that there aren’t gay people like him out there who end up falling for the misogynistic straight dude, cause yeah, there are. 

The issue is that this is the first gay character in a Disney movie. The first. How bad is that when you think about the fact it’s 2017? 

You can’t just jump in with your first tiny tea-spoonful of representation being the comic relief who will probably pine miserably for the arsehole straight dude and be horribly mistreated by him (as well as being laughed at by the audience). You can’t just do that. 

That is something you get to do, as straight writers (and let’s not pretend most of the creators involved in this aren’t straight or catering to straight audiences), once you’ve actually given positive representation. First you give kids watching that movie a positive gay role model that they can look up to, who isn’t laughed at. Give them a gay hero. I assure you they will be watching. I remember every little bit of LGBT rep I saw when I was a kid, and most of it was horrible and seriously impacted my self-esteem and the way I thought about myself. 

So it’s no good acting like people not liking this gay LeFou thing are pretending gay guys like him don’t exist, it’s that THIS SHOULD NOT BE THE LANDMARK FIRST CANONICALLY GAY DISNEY CHARACTER IN THE YEAR 2017. 

Straight (white cis) kids get to see themselves as the heroes in everything they watch, and that’s actually great because all kids should be able to see themselves as heroes, but you’re gonna offer this measly, offensive, cowardly representation instead of a proper hero for LGBT kids? With a minor character. Who gets abused by Gaston. Who is the comic relief. Who is not there to empathise with but literally to laugh at. 

It doesn’t even matter if he ends up happy in the end (he had better) because homophobes/casual viewers will still get to view him as the comic relief and even be valid in that because that is what he is in the original film. 

It’s a mess, my dudes. A mess. 

  • Friend: Our expectations in men are way too high because of actors, bands and fictional characters!
  • Me: Agreed. Fangirls have a real hard life. I blame Tom Hiddleston.
  • Friend: Me too. I'd like to go to a therapist and talk about this.
  • Me: Ok but... Now imagine Tom Hiddleston is the therapist...
  • Friend: I HATE YOU
Reality of Jerome:
  • Jim: Jerome I'm so sorry this snake found your mom's dead body
  • Jerome: Idk that snek is lying
  • Jerome: I was abused as a child and i killed my mom
  • Jerome: you are single right babs
  • Babs: go away
  • Jerome: i need friends
  • Jerome: *dangles legs off the edge of a building* DO WE NEED PROPER SPELLING WITH DEAD BODIES OR SHOULD WE JUST ADD PUNCTUATION
  • Galavan: You have a nice laugh
  • Jerome: *internally screams* ARE YOU MY DAD
  • Galavan: sure
  • Jerome: Papa Galavan I want this sword and this cannibal took it from me
  • Galavan: here's a gun solve your problems like grown ups
  • Jerome: *shoots selfin the head 3 times*
  • Jerome: I'm the boss of the gang AND I GET TO HAVE A SWORD WEEEEEE
  • Jerome: I'm not changing out of this robe I will die in this robe
  • Maniax: We're gonna have matching uniforms
  • Jerome: *fangirl screaming*
  • Jerome: Can you people help me set you guys on fire faster
  • Jerome: I was abused as a child and finally someone believes in me
  • Blind guy: your gonna die and be a curse of madness
  • Jerome: ugh what are you a screenwriter *stabs*
  • Bruce: you killed yours
  • Jerome: love similarities celebrate differences
  • Galavan: What if I told you're gonna maybe get a GF and definitely a cult that would die for you
  • *is bAck*
  • Jerome: I feel dizzy and I've been smiling for like a year straight ugh
  • Jerome: where's papa
  • Lee: nah he ded twice
  • Jerome: do I have a cult now
  • Lee: yes
  • Jerome: am I reincarnated as Melanie Martinez
  • Lee: no???
  • Jerome: where's my face
  • Lee: taken by some poser
  • Jerome: thanks you the best
  • Dwight: OMG SENPAI
  • Dwight: here's a stapler
  • Jerome: I look ugly now
  • Dwight: not in my eyes Senpai
  • Jerome: I wanna murder you ugh
  • Dwight:
  • Jerome: too late
  • Jerome: hey gotham no cell phones just lets all be friends in my carnival that's in the promo
  • Jim: why do people listen to you
internet best friend for hire pls !!

I just need an internet friend who I can Skype looking really bad, barely talk, sit on my phone, and make random ugly faces at. Also, lets me send them randomly bad selfies on any social media. Does not ignore or get bored of me. Lets me fangirl when needed. Is not an ashton or Louis girl because then well have a problem. Actually cares about me. Does not just suddenly stop talking to me. Randomly tag each other in posts. We make a joint accounts, maybe. And just end up ruling the world together pls.

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Honestly bless you for saying that you support authors in the midst of this drama. If people don't stop we're going to lose great artists and authors and I'm grateful someone like you who has so much sway in this fandom will stand up for them! Thank you! 😊

No problem anon! I’m just trying to keep this a chill place for everyone to relax and fangirl about their favourite fics <3

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Can you do an imagine about self harm scars with Ethan? The reader tells tell him they used to cut but they stopped and he finds out one day they started again without telling him.

yes!! ah im very pro don’t make mental illness a secret so this may be slightly opinionated but tysm for this ask!! its vv important for this stuff to be written about. also. hopefully im a CTUALLY WORKING ON REQUESTS THIS TIME


It had been a really long time since you’d last self-harmed by the time you and Ethan were officially a “thing”. It was just this type of… emotional outlet, and now you had him to give your everything to. And, your other mental illnesses had gotten much much better, too. You were even off of medication and everything, soaring above the clouds. Ethan had asked you several times in advance if you wanted to be in a video, so he could introduce you, because you know he wanted to be transparent with his audience and also be kind and courteous to you. Eventually, you accepted his offer.

There was overwhelming kindness to the video of you two sitting side by side, doing one of the very generic couple’s tags for Valentine’s Day. He was not overly touchy, nor pushy, and let you help choose what questions you wanted to answer. He’s always this kind of gentle when he wants you to be happy, and it makes you lighthearted.

You ended up spending a lot of time looking through the comments of that video, trying to find something that would contradict the too good to be true aspect. Of course, you should never look too hard to find a problem, because then you see it everywhere.

And it didn’t take long to find some negative things about you, along with jealous fangirls lusting after someone… well, they didn’t even properly know. You feel like you’ve had your fair share of time to actually understand him a little more… even though he does let his personality show through.

Honestly, it takes you back to see the amount of hate you’re getting already. People are making jabs at how you look, how you dress, your personality. Other comments are perverted and rude, and it takes you ten minutes to close your laptop before you start getting so vulnerable that you break down. You aren’t weak, but you don’t want to poke the sleeping bull of your past habits.

In fact, you talk to Ethan about it and he offers you the best tips he possibly can and holds you into oblivion for the rest of the night. You both end up falling asleep on his couch together, waking up in some weird contortion of a position. It puts a kink in your neck but a smile on your face.

However, the comments keep on rolling in You start getting Twitter messages and Instagram followers harassing you. It’s like being attacked from all angles. And although you leave your Instagram on public, you do close off notifications on everything.

It only takes a week for your confidence to begin to break down, even with everybody by your side, because sometimes you tear yourself down, too. It’s not a healthy habit and you know that it isn’t, but you can’t always help it.

You habitually read the comments on the video, even though it’s only one video and even though the majority is happy for you, you can’t see the positives through the negatives. You’re in a fog. Swimming through syrup.

You don’t feel like you have any good reason besides your own crushing self doubt, but you pick up the oldest and worst habit you can think of and put it to use.

“Oh yeah, I used to,” you hum in regards to the scars on the arm you haven’t been using. There aren’t too many, honestly, because you were never obsessive with how you self-harmed. You just did it.

“I’m so sorry you had to go through that,” Ethan mumbles in response, just picking at your defenses with a shy little smile and a kind hand holding yours. It’s warm and you feel happy when he’s in contact with you.

You really, really want to tell him, and at the same time don’t want him to be angry at you.

Strangely enough, you just quiet yourself for the rest of the day. Normally you’re as chatty as could be, but tonight you find yourself somewhat stuck in the rut of worrying that if you keep talking it’ll just slip out or if you stop talking it’ll set him on your tail for what’s wrong, and you wouldn’t lie.

“Ethan,” you blurt, “I started again.”

It’s reserved. Mumbled shamefully and tiredly, and he seems surprised and disappointed and a cocktail of unhappiness brews in your stomach. Each individual cut hurts a little worse now, like they don’t belong there.

Because they don’t belong there.

And even though you know that he’s probably a little frustrated and so are you, you struggle and grapple with the fact that you’re gonna be alright. He seems eerily silent, and then he squeezes your hand and you look up. And he’s reassuring and disappointed and all of the emotions that you can’t put together, and you’re broken.

“It’s gonna be okay.”

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Hi Lila :) I'm feeling awkward to ask you that, but can you please give me some advice on how to make friends on tumblr? my friends irl don't have the same music taste as me, and the problem is that I'm shy, I don't know how to start to be friends with someone online, so because of that I still being here, like a potato that fangirls alone

aw, I understand it can be hard making friends, even on here. Honestly, I wouldn’t be friends with anyone on here if they didn’t begin talking to me first… I am so shy and well, with anxiety I automatically assume everyone hates me and I am annoying. lol But I am trying to be better about that! Knowing it’s just all in my head and as long as I am nice it shouldn’t be a problem. So I would suggest skipping all the small talk and get right to fangirling. Most of the friends I have made were due to writing, and I’m not sure if that’s the case with you, but through fanfics it was me either screaming about how much I loved their stories or them doing the same to me. You just have to find that one thing in common with them at first and initiate conversation through that. It might be intimidating, but I guarantee you that person is on here wanting someone to talk to as well, so just go for it! Whether it be stories, or complimenting their graphics or gifs, or just messaging them to flail about your fave’s pic or something. A lot of people have actually just randomly messaged me with Hobi gifs to strike up a convo, and I have thoroughly enjoyed that! haha

White Gaze did Miles Morales & Blackness Wrong

I’m typing this up all anxious so excuse the typos. Did yall see the recent issue of Miles Morales/ Afro-latinx spiderman being written by Michael Bendis? I have high hopes for characters like Miles but not when it’s written under white liberal bias view of blackness. In Spider-Man #2, the writer Michael Bendis gets the chance to insert Miles point of view on how he’s seen as the “Black Latino Spiderman” and drops the ball entirely. Peep:

I honestly don’t care about the Bendis fan appreciation that throws on they “I dont see a problem” goggles when he fucks up like this because this is a touchy sensitive subject for Black, Latinx, and Afro-Latinx folk who are constantly being erased in stories. What ever your personal views on the guy or his intent, forget it, his delivery of Blackness under white gaze failed Miles Morales badly and you can’t convince me otherwise unless he undoes this fuckshit in later issues that address the topic more maturely and further away from whiteness. Like I went into a heated discussion with my non black latino friend who was urging that because some non identifying Black, Latinx, Afro-Latinx folk exist (and I know they do trust me I come from a family of them) that should give Bendis enough reason to represent THAT type of Blackness to the world.


You can’t just give these white writers a pass just because you feel represented and like the space is welcome to you. Oh! they at least got Miles reppin his Latinx side tho!

Interesting so Bendis has him openly identifying as ‘Hispanic’ no problem (even though younger ‘Hispanics’ mostly identify as Latinx - not that other reagan ass moniker) while getting all weirded out that someone is praising him for not being another white super hero. He [Bendis] clearly made the youtuber/fangirl of this fact seem like an annoyance, like her point of view is too much for Miles (in reality Bendis though cause he writting him..). I don’t give a fuck, that fangirl is all of us Afro-Latinx, Black, Latinx folks who were jumping at the fact that they encompassed a bit of all of us in the new Spiderman. She had every right to be excited of seeing a Spiderman that was Brown/Black, that’s a real world reaction of today! That was sadly minimized to a supposedly annoying caricature of fans. It’s unfair to those of us who have been clamoring to be represented. Most fucking government applications wont even acknowledge we exist, give us a damn break! It’s a slap in the face to those of us who already deal with that Miles Morales set up where you weren’t excited about being Black.

You coulda tactfully used those pages to incite excitement in other little Black babies and grown folk in general about being Black but nah you chose that white liberal garbage “Why does it matter?! Blackness should be nonexistent in anything ever cause make me uncomfortable when it are not about me!!”. It’s so aggravating. Marvel needa stop letting white people write Black characters if they’re gonna make us into the people they wanna see rather than who we actually wanna be. Like it’s so easy to be far removed from this issue and read right past it but it’s like how many times are you gonna allow yourself to be erased cause it makes a white person more comfortable to box Blackness into simplicity? I’m so tired of this and I’m more tired at the fans who jump at us for trying to talk about this. Give Miles Morales his Blackness back.

When You Meet Someone Who Doesn’t Like ACOTAR

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So after maybe five or ten minutes on your blog here and your side blog, I think it's safe to say I'm going down with the Thrandolas ship and I have absolutely no problems with that. I'm fairly new to the Hobbit fandom even though I was crazy about LotR years ago and I am such a Thranduil fan girl it's ridiculous. I've been looking for someone to ship him with and I'd say my search is officially over! Awesome blogs. :)

Hi there :), yeah I know Thrandolas can be addictive ;). I’m glad you like my blogs and yes, I’m obviously a total Thranduil fangirl too, I mean who could resist all that beauty and sass anyway? 

I’ll be seeing you around <3

Well, i don’t have any problem with someone else OTP like you can ship anyone you want, you can explore your imagination and creativity, i will never judge you, i will be on your side. Unless you ship someone from my OTP with someone else.

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What about a hc were MC is a hip hop dancer and is even in a girl dance group like Flavvah 8(might have spelled it wrong) if you know who they are how would the RFA+Saeran react

This is a tough one, not at all
Thank you for your request
By the way, I lack knowledge about those things
I hope you liked it!

Please feel free to send me a feedback, if this is NOT what you wanted, I’ll do it again in no time!
Any mistakes, report to me
My requests are still open! Please feel free to send your request.


  • When you told him
  • He finds it pretty cool
  • He’s dating a talented woman!
  • The first thing he wants to do is see you and your group doing a performance
  • You told him that you’re going to train next week
  • He didn’t even think, he’ll be there
  • When he sees you and your group dancing
  • His jaw is on the floor
  • He can’t even imagine someone dancing with such a passion, so fast
  • He’ll see all your group performances on the internet when he gets a chance
  • If he’s free, he’ll be there seeing you in person
  • He just loves the way you guys dance
  • He’ll just the video to his friends, he has to brag about it


  • He is dating an artist like him!
  • When you told him, he’ll want to watch you
  • It’s the first thing that comes to his mind
  • When he sees you dancing
  • Oh god, he’s really in love
  • Those moves make him crazy
  • He don’t even look at your partners, it’s just you
  • He’ll ask for you to teach him
  • He wants to dance with you
  • And he wants you to dance for him sometimes
  • Zen, go take a cold shower


  • Is this art?
  • The only art she knows is Zen’s performances
  • Could we watch it now?
  • No Jaehee, you’ll watch me dance
  • She agrees, she could watch it, what’s the problem with that?
  • When she watches, she looks like someone that discovered a new color
  • She thinks it’s so fantastic 
  • You’re so fantastic
  • She’s fangirling about it
  • She’s your number one fan
  • She’ll support you, everywhere in everything
  • You’re an art
  • She’ll make a fan club by the way


  • What is this genre?
  • What is this music?
  • What is going on?
  • He doesn’t understand what you’re talking about
  • But you’re so happy to invite him that he cannot say no
  • He’ll go
  • When he watches , his eyes are on you, only you
  • Like seriously, he can’t take his eyes off you
  • You’re a masterpiece
  • He loves it
  • It’s something that he didn’t know it, but now he wants to know all about it
  • He’ll say multiple times how you need to have all his support
  • He’ll tell about your group to everyone that he knows
  • You’ll get the attention that you deserve


  • He knew it
  • He’s doing the same thing he did to Zen
  • Spreading you like a virus
  • This always works
  • He will make shirts with the name of your group
  • Your partners will not like him in the training
  • He just screams so much your name
  • It’s cute
  • But it interrupts the concentration
  • He doesn’t care
  • If they kick him out, he’ll find a way to come back
  • They already give up
  • Let him stay
  • The most devoted fan


  • He doesn’t understand it
  • And looks like he doesn’t want to know about it too
  • He always does that
  • “Cool”
  • “You want to watch one of our performances?”
  • “Whatever”
  • When he watches he is fascinated
  • His face tells it
  • He loves how you’re dancing, he’s not even listening to the songs or looking away, his eyes are stuck in you
  • He doesn’t want you to dance to other people see, but you’re so happy about it that he’ll not even say something about it
  • If you ask him if he likes it, he’ll say “It was okay”
  • He’ll never admit how much he likes it
  • And how much he want you to dance for him

I wonder how many traits of “annoying girls” are actually traits common to autistic girls.

can’t follow directions? Or relies exclusively on directions and can’t ‘figure things out?’ what an airhead

asks too many questions? nosy girl

clumsy, can’t be careful? girls are bad at sports

bad coordination/attention? Girls are bad drivers

can’t moderate the volume of their voice well? Girls are too quiet/girls are too loud

Have to copy someone else’s clothes, behaviors, or opinions to ‘fit in?’ Girls are so shallow

chronic melt downs during a crisis? girls are so over emotional

not looking happy enough/can’t moderate ‘neutral’ expressions? what an ice queen

come across incorrectly/too mad/not mad enough? girls are so catty, you never know what one is thinking

memory problems? what a ditz

a special interest or hyper function in a specific topic? what’s with those obsessive fangirls lol

Starting or stopping problems? girls can never make up their minds

etc. And then it comes down to if you can manage to make yourself look and act like your peers or not, because a girl’s identity often is rooted in what she looks like vs. what she does or has interest in. Compound this with that these traits are even more hated and pushed out of the picture if the girl isn’t white

and of course there are probably other developmental disorders and pd that have connected stereotypes of ‘bad girls’– bpd comes to mind big time. 

so not only are various disorders or neurodivergencies probably under-recognized in girls, even neurotypical girls who don’t have such strong or permanent relationships to these traits get punished for displaying them in any capacity. Which in of itself is a stereotype used to portray why girls are inferior: “girls are crazy.”

BSD Pairing Concerns

Ya this has been bugging me for a while

Let me get this out of the way before anything else


It’s perfectly fine by me who you ship! It’d be pretty petty of me to go around and say, ‘OMG Y U SHIP DEM?! *Insert pairing name here* IS THE WAY TO GO’. I think that’d be kind of childish. <|D Now on to the main post where I will list my reasoning’s:

1. This is a no grounded fear to be honest, and a bit idiotic, but I’m a strange girl sue me >|T I tend to see a lot of people ship Soukoku (Double Black) rather than Dazushi, which again, I have no problem with. I tend to think that both the ships of Dazai and Chuuya or Akutagawa and Atsushi are really cute, it’s just I am kind of worried that Dazushi will become a rare-ship where people don’t really talk about it and those who do get strange looks or are put down for it. So it’s not so much of how popular one of the ships are as it is of people ridiculing others for who they like to pair together. This will come back later.

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ZEN + JUMIN: Soulmate AU for countdown

thank you for all the follows and notes (☆▽☆)

send some requests in too!

~Admin reiko

AU where there’s a countdown on your wrist representing how much longer it takes until you see your soulmate.



As a child, Zen never had a thought about soulmates. Always wondering how you would look like and how you would be like. As he grew older his thoughts slowly changed. ‘what if you love someone else already.’ he quickly shook of the thought. 


Ever since he became an actor, the more uneasy it was. “What if you didn’t love him because of his financial problems?” He forcefully shook off the thought, knowing he had to focus on his career. He got happier as he was invited to RFA as there were parties and such he didn’t think as much. But when Rika died, his only source of happiness disappeared. 


Finally here he was counting down the last 18 seconds until he saw you. “What if you didn’t like him?” “What if you had someone else” “What if you’re one of his insane fangirls.” “What if you like him only for his looks” “What if you won’t see each othe-


and all thoughts disappeared when his eyes met yours.


Once upon a time, the rich asf child prince jumin was so desperate to meet his soulmate he send out an army of scouts to find the right one. 

The only moment he thought his soulmate was going to be one of those gossipers, those women who only forces themselves on him because of the money and power he has, oh how wrong is he. He knew you weren’t one, simply from your introduction. He couldn’t help but let a small smile tug on his lips, when you beamed at him. 

(I couldn’t come up with anything else, so i’m doing head cannons instead)

  • will be low-key excited when introducing you to the RFA
  • Will propose to you in a week or so 
  • “s/o will you marry me? (☆ω☆*)
  • even if you refuse to marry him straight away he’ll still make you wear a promise ring