problems of a lonely fangirl

I wish I had like this one Alien I could call whenever I have a fangirling attack, so we could fangirling together and they wouldn’t judge me and call me insane, because we’d be equally insane and totally crazy about TH and if we’d met, we’d fangirling even more, talk about stupid things and just forget about our problems. It’d be nice.

Problems of lonely teenage fangirl

Everywhere are so many Poe x Finn and Rey x Finn and Kylo x Hux fanfics, but what about forever alone and hopelessly romantic selfish human beings like myself who loves inserting myself into the story? What about us and our little hearts?!

Why there are no Poe x Reader?

Why there are no Kylo Ren x Reader?

Am I only one on this damn planet who reads it?

Who loves it?

Who needs it?

AM I?!