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So a combination of Rachet n’ Clank and my revived interest in League of Legends has finally made me do something that I’ve thought about for quite a long time. I have made my own Yordle. This is Kohl. He’s a burglar.

At a young age Kohl was known in Bandle City for his unnaturally sticky fingers. If something went missing, and it wasn’t simply misplaced, the first and often correct assumption was to check Kohl’s bag. As final means of dealing with this problem, the mayor at the time sentenced the young Yordle to a short stint in a  prison of Bandle City’s Ally, Piltover.

Though his initial sentence was supposed to be short lived, Kohl’s multiple escapes and pension for simply returning to his cell with new and interesting valuables became enough of an issue to extend the time due to an unreasonable amount of time. The most bewildering part of course being his capability to bypass any safeguard, any lock that they threw in his way.  As a desperate plea, to stop this living skeleton key, they called in another Yordle to assist them.

They did not expect Proffessor Cecil B. Heimerdinger to offer Kohl chance to attend the Yordle Academy of Science & Progress.

While Kohl was not a particularly strong scientific mind, he had a keen eye for reverse engineering problems, and then overcoming them in a typically understated fashion. Many students caught in group projects with Kohl would not even realize that there had been any problem until they cracked open the project in question and found Kohl’s little work-arounds. His work in self-propelled rocket mechanics put him on many people’s radars as a dangerous variable on Academy grounds.

But despite the diversion in his attention, Kohl still had an eye for things that didn’t belong to him; often getting in trouble for inexplicable disappearances and sudden reappearance of tools. This combined with his habit of simply doing and not submitting important forms to higher-ups eventually ejected him from the Academy. Instead of ending back in the grips of the justice system though, Kohl found himself working under Piltover’s Grandmaster Explorer in an effort to find and preserve archeological treasures. 

Since the resurfacing of the lost civilization of Shurima’s many sites, the sticky fingered Yordle has been treading sand and invading ancient tombs in an effort to catalogue all of Shurima’s treasures. He does often visit the lab of his mentor, to catch up, and also borrow tools to repair his favorite tool rocket-propelled helper.


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Based on my friend: @sirberrybreath

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