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I'm thinking about Cas' absence in the past 2 eps.I'm glad Assmop is talking to Sam & not Dean because I think Dabb would want the story to reflect that Dean knows something is up. Assmoses got over on Dean once, but a prolonged convo would set off Dean's alarm, so I feel good about that, but I also feel it's odd for Dean to not try to talk to Cas himself. Do you think this is a plot hole Or do you think Dabb has a reason for Dean (avoiding) talking to Cas? Have I misinterpreted here?

Ok, “Assmop” killed me. I’m not sure. I’ve been thinking of this throughout the entire episode, and I think we’re only going to be 90% sure about what’s happening after the spin-off backdoor pilot. I don’t think it’s a plot hole, because it would be weird after this season’s first half? I’ll be honest, my problem is that I’ve been writing a fan fic where Cas starts calling only Sam because he thinks Dean doesn’t love him back, but this ends up convincing Dean that Cas is the one who doesn’t love him back (and he doesn’t reach out himself because, I mean, he’s Dean), so I can’t make a guess on what’s actually going on in the show without being biased. Whoops.
It could be a way for the show to buy Casmodeus some time, put the whole Cas thing on a hold, but it’s a little weird that Dean doesn’t even make one tiny comment on it.
Like, he just accepts it.
For now, I’m just enjoying the fact that Asmodeus is trying to avoid talking to Dean, ‘cause he knows he wouldn’t be able to hold an entire conversation with him.

I love Dean, but the reaction to Sam coping has been so underwhelming.

Yes, Dean’s grief was possibly more touched upon in the first episode, but Sam is also grieving.

He still believes Mary is alive while Dean doesn’t, so it’s understandable his “grief” for her isn’t as talked about. However, people seem to ignore that, if losing Mary was taken out of the equation, he’d still be grieving. He lost his best friend. Whether you believe Cas was closer to Dean or not, he was his best friend too. The last two episodes show that.

Quote-“Dean, Cas, my family got me through it”

Now, whether you like Cas or not, there is no other possible way to interpret that other than Sam thinking of Cas as family, and as someone who helped him. Try as you might, it’s no longer subtext, it’s explicitly mentioned. Not only by Dean as it’s often said, but by Sam. It’s canon and even if you have a problem with Cas, it’s still a fact. I was not the biggest fan of Mary, but I would never claim they did not love her. Of course they did. Same for Cas.

Another quote, from the second episode, also shows he’s hurting.

Quote-“We just lost people loved.” People. Plural. He wasn’t just talking about Mary, he was also talking about Cas.

Yes, it’s perfectly fair to show and talk about Dean and Jack’s pain, but I feel Sam is really being pushed to the side. I wish he was talked about more at the moment because this-

isn’t someone who is okay. It’s someone trying to deal with loss and responsibility at the same time, trying to help someone he believes can be helped and who he sees himself in.

Sam Winchester is not okay either. He’s just dealing with it differently to Dean and that should be appreciated. I wish I saw more posts about him missing his family, not just Dean or Jack.

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So, Dean. In Tiki's dramatical fan fiction, you had no problem cuddlin' and kissin' Cas. Care to give us a dramatical reenactment? :)

Sam [typin’]: “So, Dean looked at Cas….”

Sam:  “An’ Cas looked back at Dean, who was ALREADY starin’….”

Sam: “….An’ there they stood…”


Sam: “…An’ all of a sudden, like a BOLT from th’ BLUE, there was….”

Dean: WHAT?”


Sam: Dean, are you READIN’ my DRAMATICAL FAN FICTION over my SHOULDER again???

Dean: No no no no no no no…. maybe?

Cas: What’s goin’ on?  Are they SMOOCHIN’ yet??