First day of college
  • I cried when I got home. Like sobbed. And for a really stupid reason.
  • I got out of class 10 minutes early. Went to take care of some paper work and my student id.
  • The id place sends me to the Fiscal office where I wait 15 minutes in the sun, I find out that I was in the wrong line (????) And wanted to send me to the back of the line which got longer.
  • I decided I would do it tomorrow- get my id,so I walked home.
  • I told my sister's girlfriend (tiffany)what happened, and she said I should have gone to the library to get it printed out or waited in line. That I was lazy for not getting it done today, that my dad would be angry with me.
  • I call my dad- not angry but proud, saying that I just have to do one step at a time.
  • I tell my mom, she tells Tiffany how mean the two of them (her and my sister) are and I start sobbing. Tiffany gets emotional and tells me to stop crying that she'll buy me donuts - cheeze cake- cake - what ever.
  • Yep... first day of college went pretty smooth...
Thank you in Advance

Hey guys!

My PC is currently Poopin out. 7 years old and has been pretty reliable. This PC has helped me improve in my art so much too! But now its showing signs that the drive is failing on me. I need to get a new one.

So here is the deal. Im currently a student. Visual Arts Major. I use my PC to practice drawing/art, as well gaming. Techy friend said it could go at any moment seeing how its a Drive issue. I think it may last me a couple months. But Im looking for ways to raise around 700-1000USD to buy a new PC specifically for Digital Art(Painting, Flash, etc), and Gaming.

Im thinking of a few things to earn money…

I was thinking broadcasting more frequently on Twitch.Tv for tips~ (Art, and gaming)

Im open for any kind of commissions. (including NSFW)

If you wanna see some of my art, go to my IG; Oddbutadorkable

If you like to make a straight forward donation, you can donate to me through my TwitchAlerts Page. I thank you so much, and appreciate it!

Also! If I made T-shirts, what kind of design do you think people would be interested in?