*How to Harass Women Who Don’t Want to Be Approached 

“Allowing her to take control of the interaction” is a don’t. That’s the scariest part. They’re teaching men that women having any control or freedom in that situation is a bad thing. And that’s disturbing.

I’ve had men snatch headphones off my head when I wouldn’t respond to them. I stopped wearing headphones a long time ago.


The inferno happened two days after Walker, a volunteer firefighter, turned the letter over to Fire Chief Joseph Sikora, who called the cops and the FBI. It begins with the N-word and goes on to say African Americans “are not allowed to be firefighters.”

Walker, 28, his wife, Amanda, and their two kids weren’t in their apartment when the blaze broke out.

“It’s sad that someone is so offended by my presence that they feel the need to burn my house down, if that indeed is what occurred,” ~ Walker

North Tonawanda is a 97 percent white city of 32,000 that has a large Polish-American community. A GoFundMe account set up to benefit Walker’s family had raised more than $90,000 by Thursday night.

Monday this man recieved a vulgar hate letter in his mailbox, stating essentially that black men are not welcome to be firefighters in NT and threatening him to resign before the end of the week “or else”. Today they torched his apartment and altogether 4 apartments suffered serious damage. Tell me racism isn’t a problem anymore. #Hate it!