Don’t let your sins weigh you down. Just how Allah created the Heavens without pillars and yet, they stay aloft, do you not think He will keep you from falling?

When the rest of the world sleeps, there is One who remains awake and waits for you to call on Him. So be the one who seeks Allah in the darkness of the night, sacrifising the comfort of your bed to speak to Him.

There are no words to describe the overwhelming peace felt at Tahajjud time. And only the one who wakes up in the last 3rd part of the night can truly feel the immense rahma that surrounds the one who calls out to Him.

When you experience qiyaam, the rest of your life transforms because the sins that once burdened you become light. The problems that couldn’t be solved become solved. And that closeness to the Creator, that was once unreachable, is felt.

So call out to Him.

He is waiting to answer your call.


I will probably get a lot of shit from this, but I felt to share and talk out about it.

Recently have I started to watch CSGO in between breaks and such. Even if I hate to play the game, do I think its interesting to watch (and using it as a sleeping pill, I get so damn tired when watching it).

So I got into watching a game between two female pro teams, cause they have their own bracket. While I thought they were very good and was fun to watch, was I less impressed by the comments.

I guess I should expect that, being CSGO, gamers and guys, but it still made me incredible sad to see. I decided to screen and show the top comment and following sub-comments to it. While some are against it, are most laughing and thinking its fun. Being me (LanokirX) couldn’t I just being quiet and I tried to comment on it.

The idea that ‘there is no problems for girls in gaming’, ‘they are just not as good as guys’ etc is sad and crazy. Its like saying gays have the same rights as straight. Which is simply bullshit covered in pixie dust.

For standing up against this kind of stupidity do I get called all possible kind of shit, obviously. Even when I present facts and sources unlike the rest do they dismiss it (cause wiki, and while wiki aint 100% reliable ofc, is it still good and I could link more), and thinking things are just okay.

- No, female gamers don’t have the same chance as guys. Reason why the pro stage is guys in literally all e-sports is that girls don’t get the same chance and support. That is a fact.
- Saying that girls aren’t interested in e-sports are stupid. While guys are the probably majority, for girls to not have female gamers to look up to actually do play in.
- More than 50% of all gamers are girls. And I dont care if people spit out “lol farmvile doesnt count!”. Games as games. 
- Ignoring and dismissing a problem, doesn’t mean its not there. Just cause you think its okay to live in your fairy-dusted world of Trump-fairies, does not mean we others need to accept it.
- And you have freedom of speech to say things like this, but we also have the same rights to say that you just talking shit. 

I could probably go on. I just think its very frustrating and sad to see such problem, and how they just dismiss it like nothing. Instead everything is just my fault, cause ‘your triggered/easily offended’. No, I’m not. I’ve been bullied, hated on, spat on, called so many horrible things, been threatened with beating and even told that I should commit suicide. My patience is huge, I can take a lot, and people that knows me, do know I have incredible patience. But even my patience have limits. You are supposed to be able to speak about serious issues without being called things. 

I do know many great girl gamers, as I do know guy gamers. There are awful gamers everywhere in any gender, sexuality and race, just as there is great ones in the same places.

But ignoring problems like this, will just hampering the growth of a community that should be for everyone, where all can have a good time and just being gamers.

Sorry for the rant. Just wanted to speak out a bit.

And here is the video in question;

PLEASE HELP. I need your opinion.

I am debating if I want to go back to having black hair or not. I had it for a while and loved it and then one day decided that I wanted something different (idk why now that I think back) but the thing is I went through hell when it came time to bleach it. Like I got really sick for about a week. Now all this time later I’ve got this brown > brown/gold > light blonde ombre thing going on because of it and it’s cute and all, but…

I miss having black hair. 

Do I go back to it and possibly bleach it again down the road if I decide I want to change it or do I leave it how it is and go with something else that won’t require such drastic measures later on?

What would you do in my position?  

  • Me:*sees a fanfic with a lot of comments,hits,kudos/favorites and followers/bookmarks*
  • Me:*screams internally*
  • Me:*finds out that it hasn't been updated since October 1670*
  • Me:Hoe don't do it, hoe don't do it.
  • Me:*reads it anyways*