To every person that has ever threatened Jimin or any other BTS member:

No one deserves this kind of hate and especially not someone as kind as Jimin. That boy is absolutely beautiful inside and out and he doesn’t need any of your pathetic pointless hatred in his life simply because he is an idol you don’t like you sickfucks so i hope you listen when i tell you to back the fuck off

I don’t care if it’s real (which btw if it is then darling some really bad shit is waiting for you and i hope you rot in hell cause how fucking dare you even think about killing Jimin or anyone for that matter) and i don’t care if it’s some kind of fucked up joke made to get attention, this kind of behavior can not be tolerated from anyone and we should not let this slide, the person posting those tweets should face the consequences

You are fucking pathetic and i can’t wait for the day it backlashes on you, because i’m telling you, it will.

Pop culture is so weird and has spiraled so out of control with its influence on our expectations about life, especially to younger generations that spent any formative years watching any kind of TV or movie.

I didn’t really think about it until Cracked did their podcast about weird romcom movie tropes, but as children, we’re knowledge and experience sponges, desperately learning what we need to learn to be a socially acceptable human being.
The problem is that there is no representation for normal or healthy life situations, that’s boring. Movies depict problems, they recycle tropes and follow similar stories. Your brain is like “This is how things must be, most of the experiences that I’ve seen overwhelmingly agree on this ridiculous trope.”

For example, romance movies. They’re written by men, as a form of fantasy or escapism from their everyday lives (leaving their tired marriages for whirlwind romances, or just whirlwind romances), and they write in things that they do, but no girl really wants, like harassing women or acting possessively towards them before they’re even dating.
Which leads to younger girls seeing these kinds of films everywhere, and thinking that this is how it’s supposed to be, it’s desirable.

And it applies to every other genre. Girls see science fiction/action/superhero movies and get the message that boys are scientists, explorers, heroes, main characters, and girls are sidekicks, eye candy, or the prize for the lead man at the end of the movie.

Anyway, Tldr; movies and TV are escapism and that leads to weird and harmful tropes becoming normal in people’s minds. It’s strange, but we hate our own shitty lives, we don’t want more exposure to everyone else’s.

okay so i guess this still needs clearing up. Its okay for a straight girl to ship gay ships. Its okay for a straight boy to ship femslash. The problem arises when yall oversexualise this. Sex isnt the only thing in a relationship. Don’t ship something because you think its “sexy” for two hot guys/girls to be making out. If you do that you are just like the guys jacking off to lesbian porn. Gay people Are not your toys for amusement. Ship respectfully, mkay?

Hey if you're new to tumblr I have some tips for you

•The site changes format ALL THE TIME WITH NO WARNING. BE READY.

•There’s a new meme every week and you’re just gonna have to get used to seeing it everywhere for a while.

•You are going to care more about social justice, feminism, different sexualities, and the safety of bees than you ever have in your life

•It doesn’t matter who you follow, PORN WILL FIND YOU

•If you get a message from a random person politely telling you to test out their game or visit their page at all, DELETE IT AND WALK AWAY.

•We all make fun of Superwholock fans’ inability to take a joke.

•No matter who you are or what you do, someone is going to find you or someone you know problematic (and I mean EVERYONE) don’t sweat it when it happens.

•Tumblr. LOVES. HALLOWEEN. Don’t question it.

Don’t let yourself be brainwashed

take a step back. look at your beliefs, are they really your beliefs? or are they the beliefs others have led you to think are right?

the tumblr community is notorious for this! if you don’t fit the perfect mold of social justice, you like the wrong artists or tv shows, or you have beliefs that may be “problematic,” it won’t take long for tumblr to train you to think that your own beliefs are wrong.

don’t get me wrong, a lot of things i have learned on this website, particularly about social justice, have made a huge and great impact on my life. however, this summer i took a step back and realized that there are things that i “believed” that i didn’t actually think were right. there were people who i disliked only because they weren’t quite on the “approved list of non-problematic people” who were perfectly good human beings!

think long and hard about your own beliefs. use information to educate yourself, but do not let it take over your own beliefs “just because.”


think for yourself and don’t let tumblr destroy your self-identity 

Lil Wayne: “Beautiful Black Woman, I bet that bitch look better red.”

Y'all: So? His shit still bangs…

Lil Wayne: “I like her long hair, thick, red bone!”

Y'all: It’s just his preference.

Lil Wayne: “I tried to have light skin daughter, too bad I fucked up and had all boys.”

Y'all: That’s his life.

Lil Wayne: “I don’t feel connected… America doesn’t care about Black lives? I’m a rich Black man living in America!”



The science is problematic

Physics: Keeps me on the ground

too many rules/equations

????Dark matter????Dark energy????

Astronomy: I want to know all the stars

Space???? Too big.

I cannot touch the sun

Geology: Nothing.

Rocks are perfect.

Just trust me on this one.

Chemistry: Too many chemicals I am not allowed to touch


Cool experiments are “too dangerous” and “could kill you”

Biology: Living things are problematic.

Like seriously.

Just look at humans.

Oceanography: So much we do not know

The ocean is deep

Things will eat you.


Also, fixing things make things worse