Your Faves Are Problematic: Gorillaz

-Feeds Kinder Eggs to cats
-Eats Massive Dick
-Needs Murdoc to tie his shoelaces
-His name is literally Stu Pot… stew pot…
-Dated Rachel Stevens
-Mum Jeans
-Sold the Geep!!!

-Turned green seemingly overnight
-Dressed as a nazi that one time
-Kidnapped Russel
-Kidnapped 2D
-*various Murdoc noises*
-He’s been wearing the same Cuban heels for about 16 years
-Hangs pictures of him cutting an onion up in his house

-Likes eels
-Sleeps in the middle of the road
-Seems to be tired all the time (same tho)
-Probably cares too much
-There’s not really anything wrong with him. I’m finding this one really tricky. He’s so lovely please take care of this boy.

-It says that for the new Humanz album, she pretty much Fed-Ex’d herself to the band again. Why? She didn’t need to do that. I mean, it’s cute because that’s how she initially arrived at the very beginning but like, the poor girl could’ve just got a plane. She finished Moby Dick though so that’s good. I hope she enjoyed it.

Since people are so fucking hard-headed......

ENGLISH MUSIC FROM KPOP IDOLS IS A PRIVILEGE NOT  A REQUIREMENT POINT. BLANK. PERIOD. I was scrolling through my dashboard and someone said something about the WDTA pt2 and how “Finally making international fans feel appreciated and apart of something.” I understand where you’re coming from completely they’re grateful for the music they’re not being greedy. It was the comments that were pissing me off “(inserts kpop group) doesn’t appreciate internationals because they never come out with english music…………

 First of all BTS has CONFIRMED they will not  be making a American debut so anybody getting hype can settle down right now. Second, my thing is SOOOOOO MANY American artists have fans all over the world and make #1s in their countries but YET THEY DONT MAKE MUSIC IN THEIR LANGUAGES. Stop acting like you’re the only fans who have to go through language barriers not only that y’all ignore the fact that it could be non-english speakers listening to kpop yet they don’t get music in their languages either. As an American I feel for Europe at first I was like “Stop all the fucking complaining” but looking at it now you can clearly see where the line is divided between fans who speak english and then non-english fans. I’m forever seeing English speaking fans complain about not being appreciated or feeling unwanted about not getting english music but when they do get covers, full blown interviews WHAT ABOUT EVERYONE ELSE!!!! Y’all stay silent about non-english speakers but act like the world is about to end if your ‘oppa’ doesnt fucking talk in english. 

Let me give you some examples….

Kim Namjoon self taught himself English and is able to interact with english fans. 

Ariana Grande learned some Japanese for her Japanese fans so she could interact with them.

Plenty of native speakers in english

Mark Tuan

Joshua hong



Here’s my favorite example my friend is from Germany she likes the singer Madison beer so she learned an entire language by watching Pretty little liars and not only was she able to understand Madison she got to personally skype her. (bustinghateonmb) on instagram

Why tf cant yall do that??????

“Korean is too hard”

“It’s easier to learn english”

Why do people expect idols to learn entire languages for them if they cant even attempt to do the same. Not only that why would KPOP IDOLS whose intentions were to sing and rap in KOREAN adapt to your standards just because you decided to listen to kpop when nobody forced you to.

Here’s my favorite part “(Insert ‘american’ artist/rapper) is trash1!!1!1 they don’t ever sing/rap about anything meaningful.” “I only listen to Kpop now” “Dont compare my 'oppas’ to American trash” First off about 70% of you don’t understand those meaningful lyrics until someone translates it. (For the dumbasses that forgot 'hip-hop’ in kpop got a lot of inspiration from Western rappers ) Second why do you want your favs to get Western attention even though you claim to hate Western music???? Because it benefits you….. I don’t listen non Kpop music as much as I used to but if one of my old favs drops an album Im going to listen. I just don’t understand why you want kpop to be recognized in America if you had the music industry so damn much. “Because it’ll help their careers!!” So are you saying they couldn’t be successful without it? Are you implying that everyone needs to Americanize things to stay relevant??? I just don’t understand, at this point its not about making their careers 'big’ because maybe America isn’t the most important thing in the world to them but it is to you because it’ll benefit you seeing them speak and sing in English. Goodbye
Hey if you're new to tumblr I have some tips for you

•The site changes format ALL THE TIME WITH NO WARNING. BE READY.

•There’s a new meme every week and you’re just gonna have to get used to seeing it everywhere for a while.

•You are going to care more about social justice, feminism, different sexualities, and the safety of bees than you ever have in your life

•It doesn’t matter who you follow, PORN WILL FIND YOU

•If you get a message from a random person politely telling you to test out their game or visit their page at all, DELETE IT AND WALK AWAY.

•We all make fun of Superwholock fans’ inability to take a joke.

•No matter who you are or what you do, someone is going to find you or someone you know problematic (and I mean EVERYONE) don’t sweat it when it happens.

•Tumblr. LOVES. HALLOWEEN. Don’t question it.

“I can’t be racist to white people, only prejudiced.”

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“I’m a proud misandrist.”

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“That’s cultural appropriation.”

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“Reverse racism doesn’t exist.”

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“You have white/male privilege.”

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“That’s problematic.”

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The science is problematic

Physics: Keeps me on the ground

too many rules/equations

????Dark matter????Dark energy????

Astronomy: I want to know all the stars

Space???? Too big.

I cannot touch the sun

Geology: Nothing.

Rocks are perfect.

Just trust me on this one.

Chemistry: Too many chemicals I am not allowed to touch


Cool experiments are “too dangerous” and “could kill you”

Biology: Living things are problematic.

Like seriously.

Just look at humans.

Oceanography: So much we do not know

The ocean is deep

Things will eat you.


Also, fixing things make things worse


Tumblr is such a negative place. Every damn time I get on this site, opinions on [some celebrity] have changed.
#bae one day and #awful the next.

EVERY SINGLE CELEBRITY IS PROBLEMATIC. No one is perfect. But when someone says or does something wrong, make a note of it and explain why it wasn’t okay then move the fuck on.

I’m really tired of feeling like I need to hate people.

I’m bored. Let’s make a list of people and things that the social justice side of Tumblr once worshipped and then quickly turned on for being “problematic” or “oppressive”:


Lin Manuel Miranda

Benedict Cumberbatch

cis gay men (especially if they’re white)

Taylor Swift

Lady Gaga

memeufacturing (though this one is understandable)

Joss Whedon

The official Denny’s Tumblr

J.K. Rowling

Pepe the Frog

John Green


It's really starting to tick me off

Y'all when your favs does something problematic, it’s problematic. It’s really frustrating when fans start erratically coming up with the excuse of “ignorance” to pardon their idols. Let me break this down, if your favs does something to offended a group of people, then the group of people’s emotion are valid. To every action their is an equal reaction. In the case of Mamamoo, they did blackface. Now they didn’t know that blackface was wrong, but there have been many groups before them whom have gotten in trouble for doing the same thing. Mamamoo did apologize and I appreciate the apology, but this is a problem within the kpop community that must stop. My race is not a costume. My race is not some character to portray. It’s who I am, and it really pisses me of when people write off my emotions saying that they aren’t unwarranted, and that I’m being overly dramatic. No I’m not. I have the right to be upset, and that should not be shamed nor silenced because it goes against what you believe. Your fav was wrong, your fav apologized, now stop trying to defend the actions that even they admit were wrong.

anonymous asked:

You are doing god's work here with all this 6p stuff, but you realise words have more than just one meaning, right? Just because some people use "crippling" and its variants as a slur against disabled people, the word has other meanings, such as "causing a severe and almost insuperable problem". For example when a country has crippling debts. Or when someone says their depression cripples them. There is nothing offensive about that, because words have more than just one meaning.

so let me tell you this story about a smartass kid.

this kid’s parents, much like most people’s parents, did not want their kid swearing.

this kid thought he’d figured out a loophole - he could call people an “ass,” because when he was called out on it, he would say he meant “donkey” instead of “butt.”

do you think his parents conceded defeat and let him start swearing?


his parents told him “If you meant ‘donkey,’ you should have said donkey. Don’t use a word that could be interpreted as something offensive when there’s another perfectly good word that means the same thing.”

the end.

okay so i guess this still needs clearing up. Its okay for a straight girl to ship gay ships. Its okay for a straight boy to ship femslash. The problem arises when yall oversexualise this. Sex isnt the only thing in a relationship. Don’t ship something because you think its “sexy” for two hot guys/girls to be making out. If you do that you are just like the guys jacking off to lesbian porn. Gay people Are not your toys for amusement. Ship respectfully, mkay?