if we sent cameras to the middle ages what would they do with them? would they take pics of christian miracles or something, that would seem important. without a means of replicatin them, though, they’d quickly turn into possessions of the elite.

explanation for 'liminal sting'

the way it’s supposed to move
is like, serene and slow
like a jellyfish
I’m telling someone to go up into the universe and leave me on the planet
and maybe find that the words I’ve written make more sense there than on earth
that’s where my mind goes
it turns its base head up to the stars
like a dullard dreamer-guy, on a higher plane yes

but also
I admit to my own dullness, call the mind base, and I am still shackled by gravity
to this planet
if I were the one going to the heavens asking someone to stay on earth, then an element of humility is lost
and it would be like
peace sucky earth
I’m going to chill in the universe
but instead i say
YOU go
and I’ll never know how I’ve influenced the stars
but at least if you’re there you’ll see how i have
and maybe ill earn some respect from YOU