Writing Tips Master Post!

Hey writers!

You might have missed some of the writing tips I’ve posted over the last year, so here they all are in one handy list :)

• Action and Fight Scenes

• Backstory

• Characterisation

• Dialogue

• Editing 

• Plotting

• Settings


• Tenses

• Theme

• Quick Tips

More tips coming soon!

Happy Writing!

Inktober #28: Burn

She should have been at the Temple. She should have been with Anakin. She should have helped. […] The younglings, had they known what to do? Surely, there had been some mercy for…

E.K. Johnston, Ahsoka

Ahsoka Tano and the burning of the Jedi Temple, Star Wars

Tryn'a give myself some half-assed writing tips to keep in mind while I start writing my fantasy novel. 🙄

I am such a description and explanation whore and I need to let it come more natural in stead of trying to explain the whole structure of the society in a single paragraph! 😂

guys, writing fantasy is haaard…. 😣but sooo fun!! 😜

What do you struggle most with when writing? 🙃

The fact that Jughead is only 16 and is handling pretty much everything going on in his life by himself is the reason I can’t sleep at night

WAAAAAY Too Many YA Novels and Movies
  • Sci-Fi: In the future, people are separated into different classes, with one class ruling above them all. Until one day, a White person (with a totally made up name, but you still drag "Lakiesha") saves them all. *please do not compare to when this happens to POC in real life*
  • Romance: Quirky White Girl must choose between Pale Blonde White Boy and Tan Brunette White Boy.
  • Mystery: Teenage Upper-Middle Class White girls must solve the murder of their White Party girl friend. (Who knew actions had consequences?!)
  • Fantasy: Meet Orphan McWhiteboy, a teenager with no real friends (or even any interests, demeanor, skills, or hobbies that would attract friends towards them). We'll say he's bullied (even though it's maybe one bully and everyone else is totally cool with him), and has a low self esteem (even though literally none of his actions suggest this). Then, one day, he discovers that he's SPECIAL. HE IS THE CHOSEN ONE!!!
  • Historical Fiction: Meet Brittany Brittish, a teen girl from England juggling Victorian lifestyle. Please ignore all the racism of this era, except those three lines in the story of her treating a PoC with *gasp* respect so we know that she's a good person. This PoC will not be in the sequel.