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How to name a stuffie

Method 1:
Pick a color you like
Pick a cute food you like
Method 2:
Find the names of foods in other languages
Ex: Peach translated to Japanese: Momo
Method 3:
Puns on celebrity names
Ex: Rabbit Downey Jr.
Method 4:
Sweet names
Ex: Charlotte, Abby, Jasmine, Belle/a, Mimi (names in other languages too: Rin, Yuki, etc.)
Method 5:
Two words thrown together
Ex: Bubblelace, Puffbow, Mooncloud

Ddlg school?

I kinda wanna make a “school” that will explain and help new little and caregivers. My daddy could explain what it means to be a caregiver and some tips and rules you could give to your little. I will be basically a guide for littles like how to cope with some punishment how to avoid them and more. I don’t know if I should it would be kinda a chat kinda thing but it’s just a thought. Hit me up if I should and you’d be apart of it

Please daddy
  • Me: daddy can I have this?
  • Daddy: no you're to little
  • Me: daddy can I use the big girl toilet?
  • Daddy: you're to little for that big thing
  • Me: daddy can I eat this?
  • Daddy: no that's bad for you
  • Me: daddy can we watch that?
  • Daddy: no that's a daddy show not for little girls
  • Me: daddy I can wear that right.
  • Daddy: no that's for big girls pumpkin you're to little
  • And these are only some of the little problems we face as littles😩🍼❗️

happily dancing with his lightstick and then…