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Clue references in Poe Party (42/?): When someone disappears and then reappears with at least one knife

Shout out to Joey Richter for doing his own knife sound effects

No matter what happens --

– we’ll always have subtext.

honestly, i think the thing Butch Hartman doesn’t understand when it comes to character writing is that you’re not supposed to just hand your characters the solutions to their problems on a silver platter, you’re supposed to have them work for it

that’s why the final season of Danny Phantom felt so bad, because the characters did almost nothing to earn what they got, they just acted like jerk and were rewarded for it

Little advice for my girls with colored hair...

Hello lovelies!

I get asked A LOT how I keep my purple for so long, and how it doesn’t completely fade after the first time I wash my hair.

So here’s what I personally do and what works for me:

1) I do not shampoo my hair I only use conditioner, shampoos tend to strip the color from my hair and I find them too harsh, my hair needs to be hydrated so a good conditioner it’s what it needs

2) I do not wash my hair often, once or twice a week and I know you might think this is gross but my hair is bleached aka very dry and it literally never gets greasy

3) I put purple dye (just put the color your hair is) in my conditioner so everytime I wash my hair the color will last a bit longer and I always leave the conditioner in for at least 5 mins

And this is pretty much it! I hope you found this helpful!


Post Stall by @bal-lantineSeveral years after the pirates’ defeat at Nassau, Max has a business proposition for Silver. The problem? It requires Flint and the Walrus.

“You might have told me yourself,” she says. “Now I understand why you were so reluctant to come in the first place. I take it whatever occurred between you and Captain Flint ended badly?”

Ended badly implies there was a point it had ever gone well.” John shakes his head and brandishes the bottle at her. “Look at me. Twelve hours back in Saint Lucia and already back at it.”

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Don’t be sorry, you live here now! XD

Bittersweet- Panic at the disco

All that hate is gonna burn you up
It keeps me warm at night
Warmer than anyone
I think how many drinks I’ve had
No more in either hand
I’m slurring on purpose
And it’s certainly worth it

I mostly like the first part because I get a lot of random hate anons and its hilarious.

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You know, with how much the comic over represents Silver I wonder why Blaze never got the same treatment. She's often said to be one of the Sonic game characters, so why does she only get like two arcs? One in the pre-reboot and one post-reboot. I get that due to her background and being Stuck on the Sol dimension, using her can be a bit difficult, but the comics never had that problem with Silver. So why doesn't Blaze get more?

Simple: She’s from another dimension. Much harder to give her excuses to show up, especially since she also has the Knuckles dilemma of having a specific role she has to attend to, and if she isn’t, there has to be a reason for it. Problem is, you can only do “I lost the sol emeralds” so many times before it gets repetitive.

The thing with Silver is that time travel is easier to work with in terms of excuses, and since he has no set role or place, he can do whatever

Methinks having Bunnie be from the Sol Dimension was an attempt at fixing this, so that there’d be more reasons to visit a different dimension without resorting to “THE SOL EMERALDS ARE GONE AGAIN”

Please don’t post my drawings on instagram

At least not without telling me/giving me credit. The least you could do is write my tumblr name in the description! People don’t seem to respect artists enough to actually acknowledge them and spread their work in a positive way. It makes me anxious to see my work uncredited like that and I ask you to please stop ;o; I know that fanart is a risky “business” and many handle it very poorly but I would think that people actually had respect for the artists who put time and effort into creating content for our community and enjoyment. I don’t only see my own work but my friends’ too! So I ask you to please give credit, make artists visible, or don’t post the drawings at all