problem silver


                                   You sound exactly like him.  Why is this a problem?


silverflint meme - 7 scenes

2/7 ⟶ “You know, the strange thing is, I… I should be with Billy. Until most recently, I’m quite certain I would have been. Unbothered by the idea of trading your life for the rest of the crew’s. And yet, for some reason, right now I am bothered by it. But I understand it. I understand the allure of ensuring that no one will ever think you the villain you fear you are. What a waste it seems to me, knowing it doesn’t have to be this way. Knowing the man who talked me into giving a shit about this crew… why, he could talk those people out there into anything. If he wanted to.”


So. The Silver Stallion, or as our Australian friends prefer to call it, The Silver Brumby.

There are just two problems with the title.

You see this horse? This is the silver stallion - except he’s not silver … and he’s played by a mare. 


- Kate


Here’s the aforementioned roleswap AU from that post I made a few hours ago…I planned for more designs, but these were all I had the energy for, unfortunately ;-;

Basically it’s a full-fledged roleswap AU stemming from a cute little joke drawing I did a month or two back with Shadow and Rouge in the Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog artstyle.

Sonic and Shadow’s proportions are all off, but these are basically what the design for them would look like.

honestly, i think the thing Butch Hartman doesn’t understand when it comes to character writing is that you’re not supposed to just hand your characters the solutions to their problems on a silver platter, you’re supposed to have them work for it

that’s why the final season of Danny Phantom felt so bad, because the characters did almost nothing to earn what they got, they just acted like jerk and were rewarded for it


Clue references in Poe Party (42/?): When someone disappears and then reappears with at least one knife

Shout out to Joey Richter for doing his own knife sound effects

an hour into artworks and chill and your tablet gives you this look


Bronies React: A Royal Problem (Season 7 Episode 10)

hello yes this is your reminder that flint willingly let silver rise to power. he supported him 100% when he became long john silver, the pirate king. in your typical bro friendship story this change of power would have become a problem between the characters but it never was a problem between silver and flint. in other words flint was head over heels in love with silver and he would have given him the world bye

Just been to a brilliant Doctor Who location.

Slytherin Things

  • Black cats
  • Trips to pet stores to “buy things for their cats” but really to look at pet supplies for other animals they wish they had but don’t have the funds for
  • Chipped nail polish because they can’t for the life of them remember where they put their favorite color when it’s time for a touch up
  • Bullet journals they gave up on after two months because they didn’t have the patience
  • Replying almost exclusively with sarcasm when spoken to
  • Not perfecting winged eyeliner but also not caring because they look good anyway
  • Late nights by the fire with their SO, cat, and a Law & Order marathon
  • Protecting their friends from Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw, and Gryffindor at all costs, even if it means being looked down upon by the other Slytherins
  • Showing up to class ten minutes late with coffee
  • Shopping trips to buy lipstick, nail polish, and chokers
  • Taking out anger and frustration on other people in video games rather than other people in real life