Am I the only one here who can’t see Sasuke be with anyone else, but Sakura?
I simply can not read fanfiction in which Sasuke’s lover is not Sakura.
A friend told me that I don’t see Sasuke with anyone else because I don’t like his character itself, but only the SasuSaku couple.
But I think that they are perfect together and I can’t imagine or think of Sasuke being with any other girl, but Sakura. Is it wrong?

Danny? Is that you?

Ok, so there’s this guy I know and he’s about to leave for the army, so he sometimes does weekend things to do with the army idek.

And at these army things he has a load of friends who have nicknamed him beaker.

Danny Alexander’s nickname is beaker.

So by my logic, this guy must somehow be related to Danny. They do kinda look alike…

So now every time I see him, I can’t help but think of Danny, and I think I might have a problem, it’s like he’s Danny’s long lost cousin😂