In contrast, all my husband and I had to do was sign a form. Our competence to choose the outcome of our embryo was never questioned. There were no mandatory lectures on gestation, no requirement that I be explicitly told that personhood begins at conception or that I view a picture of a day-five embryo. There was no compulsory waiting period for me to reconsider my decision. In fact, no state imposes these restrictions — so common for abortion patients — on patients with frozen embryos. With rare exceptions, the government doesn’t interfere with an IVF patient’s choices except to resolve disagreements between couples. The disparity between how the law treats abortion patients and IVF patients reveals an ugly truth about abortion restrictions: that they are often less about protecting life than about controlling women’s bodies. Both IVF and abortion involve the destruction of fertilized eggs that could potentially develop into people. But only abortion concerns women who have had sex that they don’t want to lead to childbirth. Abortion restrictions use unwanted pregnancy as a punishment for “irresponsible sex” and remind women of the consequences of being unchaste: If you didn’t want to endure a mandatory vaginal ultrasound , you shouldn’t have had sex in the first place .
What’s next with The Devil’s Harvest (aka Probirth+)?

Hi, this is the Probirth teams official Tumblr blog, which we’ve created to post various updates and the development progress for our mod.

We’ll let you know that the team has been hard at work ever since the official announcement reddit post. As for your criticism and feedback, we’re listening! Every art related complaint has been forwarded to our team of spriters. On top of that, due to the negative reception towards our mods name, we have decided to rebrand now, before it’s too late. The mod will now be called The Binding of Isaac: The Devil’s Harvest and you’ll find out how it ties in with the inner lore of the mod soon enough. To avoid making new social media accounts however, our team will remain called the Probirth team.

As we move forward, community criticism is going to be an integral part in the development of this mod, allowing us to shape the mod’s future the way the community wants it. The opening of our Tumblr blog allows YOU (yes, you!) to submit questions and have our community representatives answer any burning questions you may have for us! We see all our fans as equal and aim to hear whatever suggestions or complaints you have for the Probirth mod team because without you - we’re nothing!

For now, we’re just going to leave you with a screenshot of one of our new bosses for the Hive floor (since you thought we didn’t showcase enough!). Make sure to follow our blog expect to see some frequent updates regarding the progress on The Devil’s Harvest.

I just found a post on here that I found immaculately on-point to show how uneducated some antichoicers are.

I’m not reblogging it because I’m not in the mood to debate prolifers, but it basically said, “can’t afford a child? Adoption!” and went on with a few more examples and telling people to just put the kid up for adoption post-birth.

Don’t get me wrong. Adoption is a great choice for anyone. But seriously? “can’t afford it, adopt it?”? Where do you expect them to get the money for prenatal vitamins? or healthcare, since you wanna shut down Planned Parenthood.

That isn’t even pro-life, it’s pro-birth.