probending match

Open RP starter

Jinora quickly airbended her way across part of Air Temple Island, her cheeks rouged from the cold of having been out for a few hours already. The sixteen year old girl used her kept her footsteps as light as possible and close to the shadows as she approached the window to her room that she’d left propped open. Her curfew had been hours ago but she’d decided to sneak out with Kai, to go and watch a probending match in the city. While it was true that her father was more relaxed with the idea of probending since Korra was in the Fire Ferrets, but he would probably never let his children go on their own, let alone with a boy, in Jinora’s case, particularly Kai, who was well known for having been a thief in the past, and a reputation for being a bit of a rebel amongst the airbenders. Even though everyone knew he was a good kid, Jinora had a strong feeling her father wouldn’t approve of him in that sense. Jinora was just hoping that her parents hadn’t figured out that she’d left the house for a while, she knew how strict they could be. That or one of her siblings hadn’t figured out her absence. That could never be a good situation.

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