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How fast should technology & clothing trends advance in Legend of Genji?

Hello all!

Here’s a question - looking back on Avatar:the Last Airbender and Legend of Korra, it seems that technology advanced INCREDIBLY fast in both shows. (Aang’s time saw the invention of hot air balloons and blimps, Korra’s time saw the invention of airplanes and GIANT MECHANICAL FRICKIN’ ROBOTS). We also seemed to jump in time quite quickly when it comes to fashion, manufacturing, etc. (Minus the robots etc. I think this DOES reflect the rapid modernization of Asia from 1840 - 1920. Take for example the images of Seoul, Korea before and during Japanese occupation).

Originally I wanted Legend of Genji to be in a 60′s - 70′s era (I saw Korra as happening in the 1920s), but I wonder how far I can stretch it. I also think a lot of 1960s/70s clothing is ugly and I don’t want to draw it haha~ But also I was worried that it might be too similar to Korra if it has the same worldspace/technology really. I.E. I’m tempted to be VERY liberal with technological advancement. My thoughts:

1) advanced manufacturing akin to the 1970s / 80s that speeds up global trade / capitalism / global inequality

2) widespread color tv, new television shows, televised probending matches, and the start of tv pop culture except to the poorest communities (the reason Lao’s shop has a shitty black and white tv, why Genji’s family can’t afford a tv)

3) Rudimentary computers

Most companies could have these old massive computers, but I also think these kinds of 1972 computers will just start to circulate:

4) more boisterous cities, urbanization, lights light lights! (Genji’s city is old and poor, so it looks like the cities in Legend of Korra. Republic City will be more like this)

Fashion-wise, sneakers were widespread in America by 1917, and converse were around in the 60s. Sweatshirts have been popular since the 1930s, and hoodies became more popular in the 1970s. The 1960s also saw the popularization of jeans, t-shirts with brands/symbols/bands, more decorative buckles/buttons/belts/zippers, etc. But if I go with 60′s - 70s fashion… flare pants and disgusting patterns.

God it burns my eyes I can’t


I like women’s fashion in the 60′s & 70s, but I cannot subject my poor little Genji to those clothes. I’m thinking I’ll update the Legend of Korra fashions style to incorporate women’s 1960s/70s dresses and simple versions of modern fashion with Avatar touches (the “asian”-esque accoutrements)

So yeah, I’m probably going to be VERY liberal with technological advancement - fashion development.

What do you guys think?

If makorra would ever to be together again, in my headcanons of course, things would go more or less like this:
Years in the future (and a few partners later for both) they still see each other quite often even if they don’t get to talk. They have the same circle of friends basically and attend almost all the same social events the other go (like anniversaries or formal events or just gatherings), so it’s kinda of inevitable that they meet. Sometimes they’re assigned to work together and even if they don’t want to they have to agree with it. Usually they do agree; they still have that great sync when fighting together, where one balance the strengths and weaknesses of the other. Also, Korra still enjoys a lot to push Mako’s buttons just to drive him crazy or to see him blush like a dork. They bump into each other occasionally at Narooks because Korra basically lives there, she loves the food and it makes her fell closer to her homeland and she still can’t cook to save her life. Mako learned to appreciate the watertribe cuisine because of her. Sometimes they just say hi while leaving with their takeaway boxes, other times they would sit down at the counter or at a table and eat together if they have the chance. But just as good friends! Two friends just talking and joking and enjoying food together. Even when they went to watch that probending match at the arena, or to see the fireworks festival it was nothing like a date, at all.Their friends and relatives would comment on how close they are - “Just assume you two are together again!”, and the press would start to spread malicious rumors about them. But both would deny and laugh it off because this idea is so absurd, right? They could even sleep together and dismiss it on the following morning, because it meant nothing beyond quenching a physical need, even if it happened again and again and quite often lately. And he misses her when she is away more than he should and she catches herself thinking about him in the end of a long day, and about how he would love the Fire Nation if he ever had the chance to visit it. So she calls him late at night. Mako is awake of course, still reading case files report, and he is caught by surprise because she had never done it before. At first it’s super awkward, they don’t know exactly what to say so they talk about politics and the weather and how the Rabaroos won a tied match yesterday, then four more different subjects through the night. On the next morning Mako arrives late at the station and the Chief lectures him but even so he couldn’t stop smiling and he doesn’t know why. And this would go until one day they realize “fuck, I still love her” and “shit no, I’m falling for him again”. And he would think he’s insane because he’s so over her and she thinks it’s impossible because it’s been years she hasn’t considered him like this, as more than a friend. And they won’t tell each other because both are scared, because they know they don’t work, because they’re done with having their hearts broken. So they remain silent for as long as they can until they reach a breaking point, and in a heated moment they spill the beans about how they feel because it’s been eating them up for damn too long. So they try again, the relationship thing, but without sticking to labels and without telling anyone else. They don’t want their acquaintances or the press to spoil it. And for months it’s all a secret, something just theirs and when people found out they would answer “yeah were together for a while and super happy why took you so long to figure it out lol” and their friends would be really/not really surprised and happy for them but also simultaneously want to punch their faces.

I recently (finally) finished LEGEND OF KORRA, after nope'ing out of the fandom in the first season and I found that I really loved it, I have such emotional investment in Korra as a character and, naturally, that means fic! I gave some thought about what kind of fic I wanted to read (what I want most of all is good Korra character stuff, I love gen, and then some extra shipping stuff piled on the side, in my dream world) and eventually realized, as I talked about in this post, that Korra’s bisexuality means so much to me that I want to celebrate both her relationships, with Mako and Asami, that they’re both important parts of her character. So, I’m pretty much down for both pairings, I like them both, and my recs will reflect that. ♥

the next six months by swapcats, korra/asami, post-series, 4.3k
    Vacations in the Spirit World don’t last forever. The first six months of Korra and Asami’s relationship.
In Quiet by exmanhater, korra/asami & pema & tenzin & katara & meelo & ikki, 5.7k
    Days and nights at Air Temple Island, after the poison.
Sleep by clarias, korra/asami & tlok cast, 14.3k
    Korra deals with the aftermath of her fight with the Red Lotus, with a lot of help from her friends.
not there for the noise by amillionsmiles, mako/korra + kids, 2.6k
    Mako and Korra show up to support their daughter during her championship probending match, and, afterwards, celebrate with a night in town.
Restitution by BobLoblawLawBlog, korra & tonraq & tenzin & jinora & mako & bolin & asami + some mako/korra, 24.5k
    A series on Korra’s recovery process told from the perspectives of many different characters.

full details + recs under the cut!

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Can you draw Mako and his ideal lady (or man)? :) I feel like he would fall in love with a beautiful woman who is in a book club he joined lol and they both brood about the world together lovingly.

I always loved the idea of pairing Mako with a co-worker!
And since the time I shipped Wu/ko I am really fond of the idea of shipping Mako with a male. 

This kind of picture popped up in my mind.

Because there is so much work to do, Lin hired an assistant for Mako who does all the paper work. I imagine him as a really nice and open person (but a bit clumsy), he loves watching probending matches and is really excited about working at the police station. He and Mako have a lot in common but he is not as moody as Mako. He has a very balanced personality… for now. I really haven’t thought about him to much, because he is only one hour old :D 
But yeah, I really like the co-worker idea… :)

He looks  really tall here, because this was a fast sketch… he should be a tat smaller than Mako… >__<

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Do you think you or anyone else could post a voice recording of Asami's and Korra's lines from the nick games ? (my shitty computer can't play the game)

They are all from the show!

Lines Korra say:

“Let’s do this.” (1x02 - before attempting to go through the spinning gates)

“I don’t understand.” (1x01 - after Tenzin tells Korra he’s not staying for her airbending training.)

“This isn’t over.” (1x08 - full line is “This isn’t over, Tarrlok” after Tarrlok arrests Team Avatar)

“No hard feelings?” (1x02 - To Tenzin, in apology for the way they acted towards each other)

“Come on! We still have a chance!” (1x05 - Korra’s pep talk to downcast Bolin and Mako)

“That was amazing!” (Either 1x02 - To Bolin, after seeing the probending match OR 1x07 - To Asami, after winning the race at her estate)

Lines Asami say:

“Let’s do it!” (2x06 - To Mako, in carrying out the sting operation)

“We can make it work.” (2x06 - To Mako, in carrying out the sting operation)

“Whatever.” (1x011 - Asami to Mako in passive aggressive jealousy of Mako and Korra)

“Jump!” (1x10 - while jumping out of Asami’s car as it hits a mechatank.)

“What a comeback!” (1x05 - to Korra, praising her future gf’s probending hat trick)

“You think this will do?” (1x08 - to Team Avatar, showboating her car)

Post book 1 Makorra headcanons

maggie and I might have spent last night texting each other post book 1 makorra headcanons of their 6 month relationship and they were so flawless I needed to keep a record of them 

  • One morning early in their relationship Mako wakes up to Bolin singing and dancing in the kitchen of their apartment and it’s before probending practice and all Mako wants is to eat his oatmeal in peace and so he sits in the corner of the room grumpy while Bolin jams and then Korra knocks on the door and Bolin opens it to pull her in, and suddenly they’re both jamming and dancing and spinning and Korra looks at Mako and winks and smiles and he can’t help but smile and blush and Bolin pulls Korra into another spin and Korra’s laughter fills the room and Mako thinks that his life is perfect in that moment
  • Mako always initiated hand holding 
  • Korra always initiated make out sessions and she would always initiate them in the most open places and it would make Mako super uncomfortable “Korra can we not make out here Tenzin could walk by any moment” and then they’d start he wouldn’t care
  • After his first shift as a cop Korra runs up to him and jumps into his arms and kisses him
  • Korra invites herself to the police station after Mako got hurt on duty and got stuck on paperwork duty for a week and Lin gets pissed and she pulls Mako aside to tell him to “get the avatar out of my office” but he looks at Korra with a chair pulled up to his desk, her legs propped up on the table and playing with her new found airbending and she’s there because she’s worried about him and he can’t bring himself to tell her to leave and then he heads back to his desk and Lin watches how Korra pokes fun of him and hovers over the wound on his left abdomen and she just sighs and shuts the door to her office
  • Korra starts to take interest in Mako’s cases and starts reading his case files and they can spend hours talking about them
  • Korra sometimes brings him food when he’s on patrol
  • She tries to make him as uncomfortable as possible when he’s on duty and kisses him with when he’s handing out tickets and he turns into a blushing dorky mess when he’s trying to look serious and she just laughs
  • Mako sometimes has late nights at the station and Korra joins him and she sits on her chair by his desk and starts asking random questions about his job or a case but Mako can’t concentrate “Korra we’re going to be here all night if you don’t let me work” “Ok but what’s this thing" 
  • And soon she tires out and falls asleep in her chair and Mako takes off his jacket and lays it over her and shuts off all the lights except the one directed at his paperwork and Korra cuddles with the jacket unconsciously until Mako gently wakes her up when it’s time to go 
  • They swing their arms when walking in the park
  • He sometimes gives her piggy back rides and she falls asleep on his back after being exhausted from training
  • and one time she offered to give him a piggy back ride and he refuses but she picks him up anyway "KORRA PUT ME DOWN I KNOW YOU CAN PICK ME UP BUT PUT ME DOWN!” and she zooms all over the island and Meelo laughs and follows her around on an air scooter
  • On their one month anniversary Korra feels nervous cause she’s heard you have to do something for a one month but this is her first relationship and Jinora keeps bothering her about it and so Korra tries to go shopping and it turns into a disaster and the date turns into an awkward mess and she apologizes but then Mako just pulls her into a kiss and whispers “happy one month" 
  • First time Korra gets sick when they’re together Mako’s on mama mode and he uses all the remedies he knows from taking care of Bolin on her and one night Korra’s asleep in her bed and she wakes up to Mako reading beside her
  • 3 days later Mako gets sick and Korra just laughs at him and she lays in bed with him all day, and she calls Lin for him to tell her that Mako is sick and that he won’t be coming in on the Avatar’s orders. Mako can hear Lin yelling on the other side of the phone but Korra hangs up anyway and smiles. *LIN YELLING* *korra hangs up* "lin says feel better”
  • first time bolin walked in on korra and mako was when he walked into the gym for a probending match right after they got together and their flirting and korra brings her arms up around his neck and mako dips down to kiss her until bolin coughs and knocks over weights “we ARE HERE TO T R A I N????” And so Mako tries to tell Korra that they need to remain professional for probending matches and once they walk into the stadium they need to leave their feelings out the door and remain focused but during practice the sexual tension is so high bolin just throws his rocks in the air and walks out

  • after their first win as boyfriend and girlfriend Korra takes off his helmet in the middle of the ring and pulls him down for a kiss AND THE CROWD GOES WILD AND THEY BECOME THE TALK OF THE TOWN

  • mako pulls korra’s hair pins out of her hair when she shows up to his apartment all tired and he makes her some tea and gives her an old large t-shirt. And he’s like "you didn’t have to come over if you were this tired.“ as he runs his fingers through her hair and rests his hand on her cheek and she leans into it and looks up at him "i promised, though.”

  • First time Korra gets drunk she storms into his office and kisses him in front of his coworkers

  • They had late nights facing each other in bed and just not even kissing just looking at each other and talking for hours. And in those nights she learns all about his parents and she tells him about the compound and growing up there

things to consider:

  • did grandma yin take the family photo with her when they all left ba sing se, or did it burn up with the rest of the house??
  • grandma yin calling bolin by his dad’s name, and after a while they all just give up on trying to correct her
  • mako and bolin taking cousin tu to a probending match
  • grandma yin warming up to pabu, until pabu finally becomes her fire ferret lap cat. he’s still a rat thing
  • one day mako comes down with the flu and calls in sick to work, grandma yin shows up to make tea and soup and pile him with blankets and mako is BAFFLED…. WHY IS SHE TRYING TO TAKE CARE OF HIM? HE KNOWS HOW TO MAKE TEA, uM, HE RAISED HIMSEL - 
  • oh that’s right family haha

But okay imagine in the au:

– air benders did not go extinct unlike in atla & pre-season 3 lok but being the smallest of the bending race, their nomadic lifestyle stopped and their culture has been mixed with different nations (ex. Northern Airbenders nomads integrated into the northern water tribe)

– orphaned Karin & Naruto, Karin being street smart nonbender and Naruto the undiscovered avatar (atm they both he’s just some Airbender nomad’s bastard). Dreams of probending despite not having the ability at the moment to bend the required elements.

– Hinata the daughter of legendary hyuuga clan, a line of accomplished fire benders who brought the world to the new age with letting their knowledge of basic lightning bending being more public. Hinata being a fire bender with the inability to produce lightning bend but has the hidden talent of redirecting it. High interest of the now abandoned air nation culture & visit the now relic temples.

– Sakura, a water bender raised in a mostly earth bending village. Very rough style of bending water and very capable healer. Comes to the big city to learn more about the world but when she realize she doesn’t have enough hirable skills to make it, she turns to probending as a temporary members to a number teams to make end meet.

– Sasuke, a son of diplomat with too much time on his hands. Joins a number of probending teams but never last long, often leaving in aggorance or the teammates not putting up with his haughty attitude. But his aggressive style of fire bending shown he isn’t a member to miss out on.

– Karui, a water bender from the north and from upper class society of the northern water tribe, taking up residence with the Hyuugas while she stay in the city. She’s good friends with Hinata and lacks skills in healing… but makes up with almost magical abilities of ice bending and turning water into a weapon.

B^) you can get that hoodlum x heiress story with Naruto and Hinata. Hinata and Karui sneak out to down town, hoping to catch the latest probending match since it’s the main attraction to the city and Karui always wanted to see them in person. During the heat of the match, where the crowd was abuzz with excitement and cheering, Karin and Naruto were making their pick pocketing rounds.

They make a mistake of attempting to pick pocket Karui, she notices and chases after the two with Hinata (worriedly) on her tail. Maybe both are wearing disguises. Or at least Hinata so she wouldn’t be recognized. There’s a scuffle, Karui manages to catch Naruto while Karin sneaks away and pin him with her ice. Hinata finally catches up and insist Karui should let him go– “It’s not much, what he took, certainly nothing that’ll be missed!” – and she begrudgingly does. Hinata goes over to Naruto check on him and is taken back to witness him use his air bending abilities to dry himself off.

Cue her being flustered (in excitement) because she never seen an Airbender in person.

Cue Naruto being stunned with talking to the (very pretty) Hyuuga Heiress, in person, talking to him. Just his luck, this was the person he try to steal from.

Nights Like This

 asked you:  Mako being fluffy to Korra and maybe reaching for her hand, but then stopping, remembering they‘re broken up and idk. Haha. Have fun with it.

I suck at responding to prompts quickly.  Also, I still covered the prompt, but took this in a slightly different direction? Maybe?  I hope you still like it! Word Count: 1,362 ~~

He likes nights like this; he likes easy moments, surrounded by his make-shift family and warm laughs.  For a long time, he didn’t think he would get nights like this—not with what they had lost, not with where they had been—so he soaks in the mellow mood that envelops his dimly lit apartment, filling him with a contented lightness.

As the last strings of light weave into a blanket of black, Bolin’s snores come in grumbled, hiccupping-sounds from his sprawled position on the floor; Asami, curled tightly in the over-sized chair, breathes lightly, her delicate fingers hardly grasping the empty, thin-stemmed glass resting against her chest.  Even Pabu has drifted to sleep, wedged between the pillows that had been haphazardly dropped upon the floor.  He’s tired too, but as he watches the bleary-eyed gaze follow the slowly swirling remains of wine glide against the deep sides of her glass, sluggishly spinning its stem between her fingers, he does not want to end the night.  Clinging to remnants of consciousness and sobriety, barely keeping sleep at bay, he firmly settles into the cushioned corner of his sofa, stretches his legs to prop them on the coffee table, and loosely runs his hand through his hair.  It’s down to the two of them and—while he knows it’s a silly stubbornness—he will not be the first one to fall asleep.

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In Book 1 Mako didn’t warm up to Korra until AFTER she helped the Fire Ferrets win a probending match, NOT after she told him she’s the Avatar, because he was impressed by her own natural skill and determination - not her Avatar title, which is important because Korra needed to learn that she herself is valuable. And Mako tells Korra that he loves her whether she’s the Avatar or not, which is important because she thinks being the Avatar is the only thing that makes her valuable and worthy of love. And he also tells Korra she should make the decisions she thinks are right and she should trust herself, which is important because she’s torn between two mentor figures who are both trying to tell her what the Avatar should do. At the end of Book 2 Tenzin tells her basically the exact same things, but this time she’s ready to hear them. Wow. Almost like Mako is integral in voicing the things Korra needs to hear

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no but imagine, f!mako growing up on the streets, desperately trying to protect her younger brother, learning lightningbending from zolt, working for the triads..AHHHH why couldn't they have made mako a girl in canon

everything i ever wanted……. finally being brought to me in my inbox……..


korra helping mako with her hair before probending matches to get it soundly out of her way and beneath her helmet, fingers brushing against her neck, mako pretending it’s a nuisance that she needs help but really coming up with more excuses to have korra around–

maggie formerly makowl asked me last night “is lin different around her or is it more like…oh my god my daughter? my daughter it’s me oh my god” LET’S DISCUSS