Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold Probation hearings on March 25 1998
Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold Probation hearings on March 25 1998

Judge: Where do you go to school?

Eric: Columbine High School 

Judge: And what grade are you in?

Eric: I’m a junior 

Judge: What grades do you get?

Eric: As and Bs, your Honor.

Judge: What’s your curfew?

Eric: Uh, 10:00 on weekends and 6:00 on weekdays 

Judge (to Eric’s dad) : Good for you,dad !

Judge: Now,this is the first time you went out and engaged in this kind of activity,isn’t it? 

Eric: Yes sir.

Judge: Now ,why don’t I believe that? 


Judge: What kind of grades do you get?

Dylan: C minus or  C plus ,B minus average.

Judge: What grades are you capable of? 

Dylan: I’m probably capable of A ,B plus average.

anonymous asked:

Hi , I need advice on what I am going to do next. College for me has been a little confusing for me. I transfer to another college but it just so different from my previous college. It was hard to keep up in the first semester that I only managed to get a GPA of 1.42. Which is rare since I never fail a course before. What should my next step be in college? I'm scare if the college ask me to leave or I don't know.

It’s possible that you could be placed on academic probation, but it’s not the end of the world. Here’s an article about academic probation with some tips and advice.

I don’t know how many hours you were taking, but you might want to consider taking fewer hours next semester or until you get a better handle on the new environment.

While you’re doing that, you should also examine your studying practices. Obviously, you’re not studying in a way that works for you. That doesn’t necessarily mean you aren’t studying enough. You could literally be studying for hours, but if you’re not doing it in a way that you can retain the information, it doesn’t matter. Everyone is different, and everyone needs a different studying routine.

You should read through our studying blogs to see if another method would work better for you:

Don’t be too hard on yourself. 1.42 isn’t great, and you need to bring it up, but it happens. You’re at a new school, and the transition can be difficult. Just don’t give up. You can get back on track!

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