I dont like how this is turning out. You think its okay to ignore me and to have me wait for your text. just comes to show that you dont care. you can easily text me saying “Babe, im gonna be busy ill text you in a bit” or atleast reassure me on certain things. i given you a simple test and you failed at it. you think its okay to have me unhappy. im unhappy right now but you probably dont care. dont call me emotional when this is long over due. i bit my tongue many times with situations like this but i refuse to let this issue happen over and over again. In anything i do, in any fight we had, you never see my side of it. i always have to back down because im tired of repeating myself. what if i stopped texting you out of no where? what if i had you up worries hours on end? would you care then? probably. but you wont care if im just here. whats the reason for that? i cant change how you are and i have to accept who you are. i know who you are and i have accepted you and how you are BUT relationships are meant for TWO. not for ONE. thats the point of being in a relationship. to work together to keep each other happy and NO SELFISH ACTS .. but im guessing this is too much to ask for nowadays.

The problem isnt fucking that people want to oppress your free speech of not letting you put boobies on a robot and jack off to it, the problem is yall motherfuckers harassing people who say “hey, sexy robot toys is a little weird.”

Like cmon yall are buying posable bionicle buttholes how can we not say something about how fucking weird that is.