this is like super hard to explain but does anyone else feel like the last 3-5 years everyone has been like going THROUGh it like idk i dont remember much of the last 5 years and like with my depression aside i feel like a lot of people and celebs etc have been goign through it too and i feel like 2017 has been the year of being true to yourself and being authentic and idk i love it? i feel like everyone is blooming like rain after a dry spell in a desert for a few years and idk i just feel like everyones been through a hard time and its made them #whotheyare and like we’ve all come out stronger ?? everyones like sort of starting to realise what really matters in life which are memories etc not material possessions (i probably spelt that wrong)  like idk honestly just a few artists and songs that come to mind are moments by bliss n eso n glorious by macklemore n kesha n ladygaga n miley n omfg idk i could go on forever but … u know what im tryna say?????? im honestly blabbering on whats new


Right. I’m gonna talk about a slightly different franchise and topic for a moment now.

You can all have your Legolas and your Aragorn (they’re both great, ngl) but my personal favs are Merry and Pippin, and this scene kinda exemplifies why (at least in Merry’s case)

  • Let us appreciate Meriadoc “Merry” Brandybuck in this scene – he’s a hobbit, like he’s tiny, and he’s staring at an absolutely enormous talking tree ent (SEVERAL ENTS ACTUALLY) and shouting at it (them) angrily.
  • “This is not our war” “But you’re part of this world!” – Look at my smol hobbit husband, putting these ents in their place.

  • If you look at the context proceeding this scene, he and Pippin have been a) separated from their cousin/friends Frodo and Sam, b) separated from the Fellowship where they were pretty well-protected by an Elf, Men and a Dwarf (and a wizard) and c) abducted and mistreated by Uruk-hai/Orcs. Merry has been through enough – most hobbits would probably want to just go home and not continue on this adventure…but he wants to do the right thing, he wants to help his friends and family.
  • “You are young and brave, Master Merry” – I have literally been saying this for YEARS. Everyone talks about how brave Frodo and Sam are as hobbits, but hardly anyone says it about Merry?!?

  • (admittedly I was biased as I have a crush on Dom Monaghan oops)
  • Merry’s real sad look when Treebeard says he should go home is really heart-breaking – at this point he’s probably thinking “right, well, there’s not a lot I can do really – I’m only a hobbit” but at the same time he wants to do something. He’s so conflicted about what he could possibly do.

  • “It’s too big for us… What can we do in the end?” – again, they’ve got to be the shortest and stoutest race in Middle-Earth; they are not trained for battles or war but for farming and a quiet life. Hobbits enjoy food, drink and pipe-weed – they don’t learn to use swords or weapons.

  • I just really love Merry? He’s realistic about how war spreads and effects even the most unassuming of creatures – “the fires of Isengard will spread and burn the woods of Tuckborough and Buckland” (A/N: Tuckborough is where the Tooks are from and Buckland is where the Brandybucks reside, if I remember correctly). He KNOWS that the war will eventually come and destroy the quiet life of the Shire.
  • I probably spelt “Tuckborough” wrong but I’m too lazy to look it up.
  • Merry isn’t looking for glory at all – he just doesn’t want the Shire to burn and be contaminated by evil.
  • And I think that’s when Pippin – who, in the books, is underage – gets it too, that this war is more than about the “Big Folk”; the Shire and Hobbiton will be ruined too.

I just love Merry and I think he deserves more love!

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For fantasy type books, I'd recommend The Name of the Wind by Patrick Rothfuss (it's super long and there's currently two in the series but it's amazing) and The Glass Books of the Dream Eaters by Gordon Dalquist (I probably spelt his last name wrong. Also I have no idea how to describe it but the main females character development is awesome)

willa-earps said: ok so I may be a little late on the book recommendations front, but I’d definitely like to recommend Megan Whalen Turner’s Queen’s Thief series. Definitely my all-time favourite books, the first four just got fancy new re-releases and the fifth book comes out in May! Full of mythology, plot twists, and wonderful court intrigue, with the best world-building and character creation I’ve ever come across.            

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Id imagine theres a bit of a rivalry between the host and snepalstine (i probably spelt that wrong :v) over the good soft doctor who doesn't know how to feal about it all?

Just. Imagine that every time Dr. Shneep comes over to visit Egos inc (because it’s chaos and everyone’s hurt and where Jack has six egos, Mark has near 30) he flirts with him. The Host could be right there, getting his bandages changed, and Shneep would be flirting with Doctor Iplier, who’s oblivious as can be. And the Host knows exactly what he’s doing so he flirts too and. Dr. Iplier notices him flirting so he’s embarrassed and red-faced because the Host is usually such a private person and here he is making him blush in front of a guest. He definitely doesn’t know how to feel about it. 

Ten Favourite Female Characters

Rules: List ten of your favourite female characters from ten different fandoms and then tag ten people. I was tagged by the amazing @rhysand-vs-rowan and thanks so much for the tag girl, I was literally waiting on my laptop for someone to tag me hehehe!! 

(side note: whenever I copy and paste these posts I am such a little English grammar nerd and refuse to spell ‘favourite’ as ‘favorite’ because I think it’s a crime lel, don’t know if anyone else is super picky about spelling things in their own way hahahahah) 

  1. Feyre Archeron - ACOTAR
  2. Celaena Sadorthien - TOG
  3. Daenerys Targaryen - GOT (and yes I probably spelt her name wrong hahaha, I am such a fake fan)
  4. Olenna Tyrell - GOT (okay so imma have two from GOT because i aspire to be Olenna’s level of petty and vengeful) 
  5. Elizabeth Bennett - Pride and Prejudice 
  6. Michaela Pratt - HTGAWM
  7. Rachel Zane - Suits (Meghan Markle is legit my fave and now that she and Harry are pretty much going to get married i’m just so happy THEY ARE SO PERFECT) 
  8. America Singer - The Selection 
  9. Rosa Diaz - B99
  10. Hermione Granger - Harry Potter (i can’t believe i forgot about HP and nearly left her out!!)

I tag: @feysandsmut @readinglikewildfire @cassianandfenrysaremyboyos @feysandfeels @runesandfaes @micmac21 @fiery-feyre @thelordofthenorth @queen-of-lightning-and-fire @nestarchron and anyone else who wants to do this!! 

What if there's also time travel in Voltron?

Okay so I just thought of something. Now I know “time travel” seems like something I shouldn’t throw around easily. But honestly I thought of something, and I really feel this is where it’s leading too.

Disclaimer. I’m also a huge klance fan so someone make a fanfic of this idea please.

So we learned about rifts/wormholes/enomilies(probs spelt wrong) in Voltron, that can take you into different realities.

It’s rumoured Lance (my poor baby) is going to sacrifice himself. He better not, or I will kill him, but if Lance does, what if it’s Chris Pine Star Trek style where Jim’s father in one reality rams the enterprise into the evil dudes ship?
So, Lance (not with red of course) feels like he needs to cause major destruction, to give the rest of the team a chance to retreat. He takes a ship, galra or whatever, and rams it, with himself inside. BUT that wouldn’t do much would it.

Now, we learned about Quintecense (probably spelt wrong too) and how they come from rifts, probably to other realities as well.
What if Lance flies a ship full of transported Quintessence into Zarkons ship, causing a huge rift, destroying it from the inside?

Pretty neat.
But now where would “time travel” come into play?

When the characters travel through the wormhole or rift to the other reality, meeting Sven, Slav and those Alteans, they discovered a comet. This comet is the same material voltron is made out of. It’s also what Lotor made his new ship with.
In the video of the Altean guy explaining that they have the comet and are bringing it to Altea, it shows him screaming from an explosion.
Yes an explosion. Rifts or wormholes don’t open by themselves. I believe that the Altean ship was attacked, it reacted with the comet, and the comet created the rift.

That means, voltron and lotors ship, could also creates rifts, if they hit themselves with something powerful, or basically explode themselves from the inside.
In lotors case, they could also shoot the ion canon inward as well as outward, to cause some sort of reaction.

Now here comes klangst.
Lance sacrifices himself, creating a rift in Zarkons ship with the Quintessence.
Keith, distraught he also lost an important part of the team, denies trying to find a new paladin. Everyone else is upset but like Shiro, has to move on. But the red lion won’t open to anyone.

Keith, being connected with black, and to red still, is told that he has to get Lance. But how?

Lotor comes along attacking the castle. Keith goes out (cause he’s rash without his impulse control *cough* lance *cough*.) To buy the team some time to move. Before this, the team should have discovered Lotor being able to travel through rifts, otherwise he wouldn’t have caught up to them so fast.
But they can’t stop him without voltron.
At this point, Keith should be about to get hit with an ion beam, and realizes “holy shit, lotor is blowing himself up every time he travels!” Or you know, the lion could tell him to use his Bayard for something. “Go get Lance.”
Keith understands, tells the team to fly through a wormhole to escape, flies towards lotors ship, the ion cannon is blasted and the moment it just pokes the black Lion, the black Lion vanishes. (While Keith used his Bayard)

Lotor is confused. The team is confused.
Keith pops out a moment later, returns to the ship, with… LANCE??
Keith brings him out of the black Lion princess style. And everyone is confused.
Lance is in a comatose state, cause why wouldn’t he be as he was pulled between realities.

After they get Lance all settled. Keith explains, “The black Lion can travel through space and time. ”

Back in season two before Shiro vanished, he used the Bayard and managed to travel through Zarkon and his battle armour, to retrieve the Bayard. In a similar format, pushing that power further, Keith could do the same, but through space and time. Having some sort of reaction with the ion beam, that gave Keith the chance to travel back to the moment Lance was going to crash. Traveled through Zarkons and Lance’s ship, retrieving Lance.
Shiro had the Bayard in mind, Keith had Lance in mind. So that’s what they retrieved.
Lance was grabbed right before the ship of quintessence crashed and exploded.

A split second after, Keith was teleported back to his current time, back to the castle.
With Lance.

With this headcanon, or idea. Lance wouldn’t have existed for like.. a week. Cause that’s how rifts work.

So, they have Lance, the red lion paladin back, and everyone (Keith especially) couldn’t be happier, but he’s still in a coma.

When he finally wakes up. Klangst moment, Keith explaining how, the team needs him, he needs him. Lance is way more important then he believes. So important Keith risked a lot just to get him back. Etc.
Klance bonding moments. Keith telling Lance he should’ve been more open to Lance, and serious about the time he was worried.

I also want a part, where Lance is finally up and about, ready to fight with voltron again, and Keith flirts jokingly says.

“Top that Lance.” And Lance goes on to realizing his feelings a tad but also gets angry saying he’ll save Keith twice and in an even cooler and riskier way. Etc.

Ah it’d be epic and beautiful.


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okay what about - mika, ferid, yu, guren, shinya, crowley (probably spelt his name wrong), lacus welt, and anybody you wanna add too - meeting the reader of an opposite race (vampire/human) somewhere (mika meeting a human one, guren meeting a vampire one) and them kinda like love at first sight :^) thank you! and i love your one-shots. good luck with em

psst requests are open!

{thanks! i like how you added lacus lmao; these are going to be a little challenging since there are so many people}

m i k a; he couldn’t bare to watch as his enemy lifted their body up to lay against the door of an abandoned car. who knew someone even looked beautiful when they sputtered out blood? mika quickly rushed to them and their eyes widened a fraction at the closeness. maybe, just maybe, I could save them in time.

f e r i d; he’d watch as they struggled to get their weapon, crawling on their stomach. he easily kicked it a few feet away and crouched in front of them. even in your last dying breath you remain loyal to your own. i admire that. you’re coming with me.

y u u; never ever did think that he’d fall for a vampire. their eyes met and he felt like his knees were bucking beneath them. the vampire casually made their way toward him, but crowley appear out of nowhere and put a hand on their shoulder and they looked between the two males. we’ll meet again.

g u r e n; their blades would collide and smug looks would be exchanged. you know you’re pretty good. he said as they struggled against each other. i never thought that a human would compliment me. you’re actually kinda hot, too. now that really had caught him off guard and soon his body was kicked to the floor. their boot in the middle of his chest, yet his smirk never faltered. you’re kinda hot for a vampire. the grin on their face widened. oh, i’ll definitely make use of you.

s h i n y a; his gun would be aimed straight at their face and they’d close their eyes, a tear ran down their cheek. just end this pain already. he had never seen a vampire cry before, let alone one that looked absolutely stunning to doing it. he lowered his gun. but that would be a waste of a beautiful women.

c r o w l e y; you know you’re the possibly the cutest human i have ever seen. he whispered, lips brushing the side of their ear. they completely froze in place. they know that voice. said human dared to face the 190cm [Goddamn] vampire who was absolutely stunning. they couldn’t help but feel flustered. don’t worry you’ll be safe with me.

la c u s; his ruby eyes landed on their beautiful, oblivious, human figure. now was his chance. he bit his lip until blood dribbled down his lip and stealthily made his way behind you. boo. they drew their weapon, but he wasn’t looking bloodshed. he leaned in toward their face until their lips touched and his blood entered their mouth. the human was too shocked to realize what was happening and the liquid was accidentally consumed. an odd surge rushed through them. you’re mine now.

  • ray: hey wheres jim
  • robby n john: idfk man
  • ray: this calls for drastic measures
  • ray: there he is
Old Wounds

prompt; 2: “So what? You keep ghosting me and then come back around and expect me to fall for it?”

requested by: anon
pairing: Trent Barreta/Female OC
warnings: none
a/n: kinda a mix between fluff and angst, probably needs more angst, and so short it’s kinda gross lmao… hope you like it, anon :)
tags: @wrestlingismyfavourite @devittsbalor @fireangel1978 @laziestgirlintheworld @vipervenomisgoodforyou

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