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The Signs Dating a Taurus

Aries:  Go on adorable dates together but end up going completely off schedule, go shopping together, honestly share the best hugs ever

Taurus: Really really chill and cute, wouldn’t be surprised if they planted stuff together, talk to each other in movie quotes

Gemini: The couple that no one really expects but they work really well, probably do the crossword puzzles together, fights escalate easily

Cancer: Imagines their future homes together, have arts and crafts day for the fun of it but end up kissing instead, cooks food together at 3am

Leo: End up chatting till 5am, the type to go on hikes to watch the sunrise, always planning their next holiday, chill central

Virgo: Really productive couple that actually gets shit done together, always encourage each other and makes each other breakfast in bed

Libra: Will sit and listen to music together for hours, really Tumblr Aesthetic, probably post pictures of lyrics hinted at each other

Scorpio:  Most loyal relationship in the zodiac, attract each other like magnets. Very loving and durable relationship. Can make a killer power couple

Sagittarius: Road trip literally every holiday break, will talk about their beliefs for ages before scrapping everything and creating their own belief just for the two of them

Capricorn: They always do little things to let the other know they’re loved, Will watch netflix and eat food for days, stone cold together in public but incredibly cuddly at home.

Aquarius: Always laughing bout something or other, spend the summer making daisy chains and listening to music, watch horrors together and then have to walk each other to the bathroom

Pisces: ALWAYS SLEEPING, they like to take really cute pictures of each other on the sly and then post them on social media while they’re sleeping, play like kids together


Hey guys! OKAY SO:

This video took a REALLY long time because I lost motivation a couple times through and thought about giving up but I DIDN’T! This video is about the genocide route though so fair warning there’s violence.

And Now this video is something I started back when I was in high school and continued on till today, and it’s probably one of the best things I’ve ever made. 

I had to finish it without a drawing pad but luckily all the images were pre- drawn and I just had to compile them using flash and make them move in thier own way. 

I really hope you guys like it!


Just finished up House of Cards a couple days ago and absolutely loved the series. I’m planning on watching it again because honestly the first time around a whole bunch of political mumbo jumbo went over my head, but I feel like a second viewing will help and I’ll probably enjoy it more than the first. Despite that, I think it was one of the best series I’ve ever watched, coming in behind Breaking Bad. So naturally, I wanted to create something House of Cards related once I was done.

I don’t know what it was about it, but any time there was a scene of Frank and Claire sitting at the window smoking, the image stuck in my mind. It was just so powerful looking. I think mostly due to the fact that these two are such ruthless, powerful figures, and I saw their nightly smoke time together was a time of celebration. They almost always sat there with a smile on their face, enjoying each others’ company, basking in whatever cutthroat deal or trap they had set that day. From the first time I saw it, I knew that that image was what I wanted to use. And here it is. 


So I met this guy online… 3 years ago. We never actually met in person. We talked for a bit but nothing ever came of it.. We have both been in relationships and gone through some things since then. Out of the blue, a couple of weeks ago he hit me up, and we talked for hours. He’s in the Navy and is stationed around 40 minutes from me. Since we hit it off I felt really spontaneous and wanted to finally meet this Southern boy I’ve only had conversations through text and phone calls with, and it was probably one of the best decisions I’ve made. We sat and talked for hours and hours then he bought me dinner. He constantly reminds me how beautiful I am, and how he can’t fathom how other men have treated me.. He’s unlike any other man I’ve ever spoken to or dated, and I had no clue there was men out there that exist. It’s been so great ever since. I have never in my life felt this way and I feel crazy because we just met but I feel like I’ve known him for years. No matter where this goes it’s reassuring to know that chilvary is infact not dead, and we need to stop making generalizations of men because they aren’t all the same. He’s leaving on an underway soon, and I already can’t wait for him to be back. This might be hard but I’m so ready for what’s next❤️

Looking into someone else’s eyes and seeing the world is one of the best experiences you could ever come across. Smiling into a kiss and taking the other persons happiness will cause a firework stand to light up in your stomach, and you’ll love every second of it. Their scent will make you feel at home; so at home that you’ll probably get a whiff of their scent even when they’re not there. Their smile will cause you to smile too, even if you feel like utter shit. Their voice will act as a relief to your problems. Their arms will replace your anti-depressants, and suddenly it doesn’t matter if you forgot to take your medicine. Their laugh because contagious, and when you’re with them being sad is nearly impossible. You begin to crave their presence all the time. You find yourself constantly thinking about them; you see something and automatically think about how much they’d like or dislike it. When your reality becomes that of a cheesy love story, then you’re in love.
—  and it’ll hurt like hell when they leave, but you’ll be okay someday
We’re Not Friends


Friends - Ed Sheeran

I sniffled, wiping the tears on the corner of my eyes that were falling from the laughter. I looked at the window briefly, staring at the now dark skies. A couple of hours ago, the sun was just going down the hill and it was the beginning of an afternoon that started off as great, but turned out to be the worst in a long time. Now, those rays of sunshine were absolutely unseen.

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Guys. What if the jeep scene is just a vision and ldia is seeing it because she’s a banshee and she’s in the place of the person who he actually says it to….Malia. It would make more sense. And then them using that in the trailer would make sense too just to please the stdias. If this is true, then this is the best trolling Jeff has ever done and I will applaud him. It would make sense, Stiles is Malia’s anchor. Him telling her to remember i love you is probably his way of trying to keep her grounded while he’s gone. She’s also still wearing articles of his clothing(something broken up couples don’t do.). Honestly guys, I think that jeep scene with Ldia there(yes, I’m leaving the y out on purpose) is to throw everyone off and it turns out to be a vision. That she’s not the one he actually says that to. That he actually says it to malia. 

My Insanely Hot Stepbrother


It wasn’t long since I met Jinyoung as my new step-brother. My dad had married his mom only a month ago and I met him a couple days afterwards when he came back from boarding school. Apparently, he’s a year older than me and will start going to the same school I do next semester.

I remember my first impression of him and honestly, I thought he was hot. Hotter than the guys at my school and probably one of the best looking guys I’ve ever seen. Beautiful, brown eyes, full, pink lips, and judging by how he always comes out of the shower shirtless, he had a fucking nice body too. There were times I could barely even look away. You what he does when he noticed me staring? He fucking chuckles, winks at me, and goes to his room. He always teased me. It was fun for him.

To simplify our relationship, he’s a big tease and I try to avoid contact with him as much as possible. He’s my step-brother and I know there should be nothing between us but I just can’t help but have impure thoughts. Dreams and fantasies of having his hands all over me. Touching, kissing me in all the right places. It turns me on so bad that I’ve been maturbating like crazy, thinking about Jinyoung. Always making me feel so guilty and wrong.

This week our parents are we’re going to out of town to finally go on their honeymoon, which meant that me and Jinyoung would be alone in the same house. A boy and a girl. Man and women.

I think I might just die with the thought of it that way.


I turned away from the tv, that wasn’t even on, to see Jinyoung walking towards me taking a seat next to me on the couch. I tried to act as normal and calm as possible. However, I couldn’t control my eyes, they would dilate every time I see him and I could tell too.

“Yeah,” I answered.

“You know, ‘mommy and daddy,’” he said quoting those two words with his fingers, “are  gonna be out for a long while. Wanna do something?”

“Like what,” I asked nervously.

“Like you know,” he said leaning against the couch, “get to know each other better.”

Getting to know each, seems okay, nothing difficult.

“Yeah, sure ok,” I responded.

“Okay,” he said sitting up straight, “Let’s play 21 questions, I’ll start.”

He pretended to think before looking back at me to ask the first question, “when’s your birthday?”

You told him your birthday, “Um, what do you miss about about boarding school?”

“Hmmm, well my friends really, the rest of it sucked ass,” he said chuckling, “What’s your school like?”

“Well, it’s okay I guess, typical high school really. What kind of student are you, like were you popular?”

“A little above average you can say, had few admirers, but overall normal guy,” he nodded.

I seriously doubt that he’s “normal.” He looks anything but normal.

“So, you got a boyfriend?”

A boyfriend? Why would he care about that?

“No, it don’t,” I answered slowly.

He nodded at me as if this was an important piece of information.

“Do…you have a girlfriend,” I asked hesitantly.

He chuckled, “No, neither do I…What did you think about be when you first met me?”

That made stop for a bit, I could feel my heart pound through my chest. Gosh, this question makes me nervous. How am I supposed to answer a question like that?

“Uh..,” seriously?

“Uh, I thought you were…nice. I always wanted a big brother.” Nice.

“Just nice,” he asked dubiously, teasing me.

“Uh, it’s my turn,” I retorted, trying to change the subject. “Um. Do you like your new home?”

“Yeah, of course,” he answered, leaning against the couch and staring attentively at me, “I got a cool new step-dad now and…,” he stretched his hand towards me pushed a strand of hair behind my ear, “a beautiful new step-sister.”

He looked at me with endearing eyes as he held my cheek. I gulped down some of the salvia I had building up inside my mouth.


“Okay, now my turn. So answer me this honestly,” he drew closer to me, making my body slightly back away.

“Do have any sexual attraction toward me?”

Why does this question have to come up?!

I looked down shamefully, “…Yes, but–”

“Really? That’s good then,” he suddenly leaned over and unexpectedly smashes his lips against mine.

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Endless list of favorite charactersGarrison Abbey

“The best for me is to be with you.” His nose flares, restraining emotion. “I’m a better fucking person when I’m with you.” He rubs his face a couple times, and any doubt I’ve ever had about him just fucking disappears. I can see how much they emotionally care about one another. How much they probably have this whole fucking time.
Meryl Davis And Charlie White
Get to know the 2014 Olympic gold medal ice dancers.

Here’s a quick recap on why our 2014 Olympic ice dance gold medalists are so memorable, inspiring, admirable, and extraordinary.

1. Their perfect first tweets

One person following your Twitter, Charlie? How many do you have now—106.4K and counting? I think that gold medal just might’ve caused a spike in your follower count…

Charlie joined the world of Twitter a few months before Meryl did, but that doesn’t make her first tweet any less iconic. This is probably one of the best and most Meryl Davis things in the world, to be so wonderfully uncertain and selflessly kind.

2. Just a couple of kids… with a whole lot of talent

Is that not the cutest thing you’ve ever seen (besides maybe pictures of really cute puppies)? They’ve been partners for their entire careers, which goes all the way back to 1997.

3. Speaking of puppies, their love of puppies

Meryl, when will you get a puppy? When? I’m waiting. I’ve been waiting for a long, long time. I need you to get a puppy and tweet constant updates so I can follow along with the puppy’s life. Your puppy could be best friends with DJ and Finn!

Meryl + Charlie + puppies = happiness.

4. Charlie and Tanith’s wedding

I think we’re all here for this relationship. In case you need to be caught up, Tanith Belbin and Ben Agosto were an ice dance team who competed against Meryl and Charlie. Oh, and also, Tanith and Charlie were dating. But then they got engaged. And now they are married.

5. Their determination

Just for the record, no matter how easy they make it look, you don’t become an Olympic gold medalist overnight. You fall and you bruise and you get back up and try again…and again…and again. You keep trying until it’s perfect, and then you try some more.

6. Classroom Champions

Meryl and Charlie also make YouTube videos to connect with middle schoolers and teach them about things such as goal-setting, trust, honesty, perseverance and making healthy choices. I’m not a middle schooler, but I’m not ashamed to say that I’ve watched them all…probably several times.

To be fair, sometimes DJ makes guest appearances.

7. Their Crispix box

This is a weird point to make, but is there anyone who hasn’t dreamed of being on a cereal box? How cool is that? (I still have six of these from 2014. It’s totally fine.)

8. Charlie’s hair

Let’s not pretend you didn’t shed a tear when Charlie’s curls disappeared. It was a pretty emotional day for every figure skating fan out there. Even Meryl was shocked.

Charlie’s curls are a sweeping sensation. They blew around him as he skated and stole all of our hearts simultaneously. They’ve even secured their own place on the Internet with a Twitter account.

As you can tell, Charlie’s hair is kind of a big deal.

9. Their three, yes three, Olympic medals

In case you needed any more proof that hard work pays off, they have not one, not two, but three Olympic medals—one of each, gold, silver and bronze. From their silver in 2010 to their bronze from the team event in 2014, all the way to their gold, if you ever need motivation to work hard at what you love, this is it.

10. Their Olympic gold winning free dance

Two years later, this is still one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever seen. The first time I watched it live on my phone in a classroom senior year, I fell in love, and I watched this video every single day for months afterwards. Meryl and Charlie manage to weave magical stories with their skating, and at the end when they embrace and say, “I love you,” you can feel their relief and pride, and you feel almost as though you were there with them through all the hard work and hardships, and you’re proud of them too.

11. Their kindness

They are absolutely the most generous and humble human beings I’ve met to date.

Meryl and Charlie are compassionate, thoughtful and driven, and they’ve managed to inspire a whole new generation of figure skaters to follow their lead and never give up on their dreams. If you’ve never gotten to see them skate in person, it’s something you don’t want to miss out on. It’s hard to believe, but Charlie’s curls are even more wonderful in real life. I was lucky enough to meet them last year, and I can safely say that the moment Meryl Davis handed me a piece of her chocolate, was one of the sweetest I’ve experienced to date.

Do I Look Weird? - Mikey Way Imagine

AN: Hey I got my first anon request yay! Anyway, I promised you this smutty imagine within 24 hours so here it is!


You and Mikey are in high school. He’s your best friend and your boyfriend. With friendship and love, you’re like the perfect couple. But you needed this certain intimacy in your life. Yeah, you guys were young but you’ve been dating ever since you were freshmen and now you’re almost graduating and one of the few virgin couples of the school. It’s not like you wanted to do it so you could be like every couple at school, you both just felt like it was time. 

That probably explains his locked door and your lack of clothing. Mikey was wearing his glasses and boxers with a shy smile, while you were in your underwear. You blush, looking down, knowing this is the first time he has ever seen you without a shirt and pants. What was he thinking? Was he grossed out? Why was he looking at you that way? 
“Sorry if I don’t look like the other girls.” You mumble and sigh.
Mikey frowned and shook his head. He strokes your cheek with his thumb. “Y/N, you’re beautiful. You’re better than the other girls.” He smiles sweetly and kisses you once more before laying the both of you down on the bed. You wrap your arms around his neck and he leans in to kiss you passionately. You hum against his mouth, pushing his boxers off with your feet. You felt his member sticking out and twitching against you. He pulls away slightly and starts kissing your jaw and neck, making you moan. He sucks on your collarbone then kisses your shoulder as he swipes your bra strap away, your heartbeat racing by the second. He unclasps the hooks of your bra with ease, feeling a little proud of himself, considering it was his first time to even get a hold of a bra. He carefully removes it then slowly removes your panties. He sits up, letting himself look at you up and down. It kinda made you uncomfortable. “Do I look weird?” You ask.
Mikey chuckles lightly and leans over. “You’re gorgeous.” he whispers in your ear which made you blush even more.

He grabs a condom from the drawer beside you and slips it on. He slowly positions himself, waiting for you to tell him if he can go or if you wanted to stop. “Keep going, baby.” You barely whisper. He pushes inside you slowly which made you gasp. It hurt so much. You felt like something was burning down there. You whimpered hoping he didn’t notice but of course he did. He stopped for a moment then leaned down to kiss you as he pushed further to take your mind off it. He slipped his tongue in your mouth which made you moan and before you knew it, he was all the way inside you. He pulls away and buries his head between your neck and shoulder as he starts rocking his hips. 
“You’re so tight.” He groans, going a bit faster. It felt weird for you but good at the same time and Mikey felt exactly the same way.

After awhile, you both started moaning each other’s names and Mikey already had a rhythm going on. “Harder.” You moan a bit louder than expected. This surprised him a bit since he still thought he was hurting you in a way but he was happy to comply. He thrusts his hips harder, making you scream his name and moan louder.
“I-I’m not gonna last long.” Mikey grunts, holding your hips. You nod, telling him you’re not gonna last either.

You start clawing on Mikey’s back which made him just lose it. He came into the condom, not realizing he was screaming your name until he heard a buzzing noise and the hum of his voice ringing in his ears. You came right after him, your back arching. He breathed heavily against your neck and pulled out of you then disposed the condom. You were panting next to him as he covered the both of you with his sheets so you weren’t exposed as much. You snuggle up to him as he drapes his arm around you. 
“You’re amazing, Y/N.” he breathes and kisses your temple.
“You’re not so bad yourself.” You smirks. He chuckles lightly then looks at his clock.
“It’s getting late. I should take you home.” You nod and both get dressed. When you step out of his room, you see his parents and gasp. Mikey, however, stands there blushing. Mr. Way and Mrs. Way were grinning and smirking. If they were your parents, they’d be furious but Mikey’s parents were just cool like that.
“We heard you, you know.” Mr. Way wiggled his eyebrows.
“Yep, we did. My baby’s turning into a man!” Mrs. Way kissed Mikey’s cheek which made you giggle.
“Mom,” Mikey whined, blushing profusely. “Y/N has to go home.”
“Oh right, take care! Remember to use condoms when you plan on doing it again!” she giggled. You start blushing as well as Mikey pulled you out of his house.
“Your parents are something else.” You tell him as you enter his car.
He gets in and smiles at you. “So are you.” He kisses you softly, cupping your cheek. 
“I love you.” you smile at him.
“I love you more.” He smiles back.


LWD & SKOP challenge Day 11: Poppy & Sam’s day or Garrison & Willow’s day

“Take it,” she repeats, her opinion unchanging. Her neck elongates, like she’s holding her fucking breath. “I just want the best for you.”
“The best for me is to be with you.” His nose flares, restraining emotion. “I’m a better fucking person when I’m with you.” He rubs his face a couple times, and any doubt I’ve ever had about him just fucking disappears. I can see how much they emotionally care about one another. How much they probably have this whole fucking time.
“Don’t be afraid,” she whispers to him. “You can do anything on your own. I know you can.” Her glasses fog up and she takes them off.
His reddened eyes meet hers, and his brown hair brushes his lashes. He clasps her  hand, threading their fingers. And he says, “I love you.”
Tears squeeze out of her eyes.
“No matter where we are, you’re always going to be my girl.”
Four years is a long fucking time, but maybe it’ll work.
We all can empathize with first love.
Even Connor.

bangtan assassin!au: jungkook

“bloodthirsty little fucker,” the policeman remarks, surveying the way the bullet had entered through the man’s skull in a way that maximized the blood splatter. he looks out the window at the tall office building at least several hundred meters away and whistles. “damn good shot though.” he looks at his partner. “looks like a hit. probably can’t solve this one, not without getting ourselves in a shitload of trouble.”

jeon jungkook, the youngest hitman ever to reach elite kill numbers. although personally trained by kim seokjin as a skilled sniper, jungkook’s still a match for even the best hitmen around without a gun.

“good job,” seokjin purrs, running long fingers through jungkook’s hair as the smaller boy snuggles closer. it’s a side of jungkook that only seokjin gets to see, a softer, more vulnerable side that pouts to get what he wants and whines and sulks when he doesn’t.

at the praise, jungkook smiles, kitty-like in the way he craves seokjin’s approval. “when’s my next assignment?” he asks and seokjin doesn’t miss the way jungkook’s eyes flash with bloodlust. what a beauty he’s trained, seokjin thinks.

“soon enough, love,” seokjin says, pressing a small kiss to jungkook’s lips. jungkook licks at seokjin’s bottom lip, wanting entrance, and whines when seokjin denies him and pulls away. seokjin’s eyes flash in a different kind of lust. “soon enough.”

I couldn’t wait for my jpeg, so here’s my beautiful Cockles Op in all its glory!

I was one of the first few people in line for this one, we were behind a few people finishing up the J2 M2 “orgy” ops (so got to see all four of them messing around together in the room before Jared and Mark left, Jared kept tickling Mark and a couple fans as he does, and a handler was trying to discipline him but also couldn’t help but laugh either. They were all smiles and in great moods. While I was in line, Jensen made eye contact with me a few times as I was approaching closer (🙃) Once it was my turn, I said hey and he looks me in the eyes and smiles and says “Hey Sweetheart” in that signature Dean tone of voice which was probably one of the best things ever, and then he noticed my Dean jacket and he reached out and grabbed the collar and was feeling it and he said “Nice jacket!” in an impressed/excitable tone which made my entire life tbh, I was really hoping he’d notice it, and I went through a hell of a time to get that jacket (it’s 100% real leather) and I distressed it myself and everything, so having him acknowledge and compliment it was all I needed. I can die now. I then told him and Misha what I wanted, (usually I don’t go for the generic ops but in this case I had to make an exception) and they definitely didn’t disappoint. Misha grabbed me right away like he did last time and Jensen was more gentle lol. I thanked them and I think I left a piece of my soul in that room after I left.

I’d say Chicon 2016 was very successful. 👌🏼

Last month I was wrapping up a photoshoot in Panama when Stephanie Gilmore sent me a text inviting me to explore Cuba (probably the best text I’ve ever received). flights were changed, I spent a couple days in Panama City, visa/passport issues abound, and then I joined her and friends in Havana for one of the best trips of my life. the architecture, food, music, colors, lush countryside and crumbling Communist regime utterly captivated me… such an amazing place.

Last text exhange with someone who I thought was the sweetest person and one of the closest friends somebody could ever have. I have depression, anxiety and a probable bunch of undiagnosed shit along with an abusive family and I’d decided to stop bottling it up a couple months after we started talking. I guess she didn’t like that.
I screenshotted this to save it as a sort of memento of our ex-friendship, cause I realised it’d be the last I’d ever hear from her. I wasn’t completely right; after blocking me on all social media she created new accounts and came to me with her new “best friend” just to tell me to “man up” and to change, because if I kept whining all the time everyone would leave me like she did. I’m doing pretty well since but I can’t really do that venting stuff anymore. I don’t want more people to leave me.