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Wasnt there talk of a SPN spin-off at one time? I mean, I loved the WayWard daughters idea, seeing as SPN is seriously in need of some females, but I think God'n'Gabe would actually be the best idea EVER. Like seriously, can we make them consider this? Please?


there are a couple of key issues involved with making God’n’Gabe a reality such as

  • Kings of Con! if r2 was regular on a big network series, it would more than likely conflict with the intensive filming/editing/producing they’ll do with that (they’re already writing season 2!)
  • there would probably be some contract/union issues, as they’d probably keep the filming in canada. i wANT SWAIN TO BE IN IT
  • who would write it? i think the only person i would trust to write it for screen would be robbie thompson, who’s knee-deep in marvel

i think it’s really cool how passionate some of you are to put it in the running for a spin-off, but unfortunately it just doesn’t seem all the feasible as of right now :’)

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There is so much Rob in your blog, it looks like you’re… benedicted

Babysitter-Ashton Irwin

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Warning: obviously smut and language

Rating: R

Your phone buzzed next to you on your bedside table. Groaning, you rolled over in your bed and unplugged your phone. Your phone read 8:30am which made you whimper in exhaustion. Below the time was a text from your only babysitting client at the time, Ms. Irwin. You had only acquired the job because your mom had been childhood friends with her, but she was a kind woman nonetheless.

Ms. Irwin was probably the sweetest woman to have ever walked the earth, despite the hardships she had overcame such as her husband leaving her with three kids a couple years ago. But what puzzled you to no extent was the fact that such a kind woman could have the literal spawn on satan as her eldest child.

Ashton Irwin, also known as Hades by yourself and your best friend (Y/BFF/N), was probably the rude human being you have encountered. Despite his stunning looks and musical talent, he was probably the one person you admittedly hated. Although he was a kind child when the two of you where in lower school, right when he hit his teens he pushed you away and never explained his reasons for doing so.

Now, in high school, he never even spared you a glance. It wasn’t as if you were still mad at him, he had pushed you away so long ago but he only angered you when you were babysitting his two younger siblings, Lauren and Harry. It seemed funny how Ms. Irwin always had you babysit even though Ashton was right upstairs in his room playing on his drums, but you both knew he wasn’t capable of taking care of two young children. 

From: Ms. Irwin-8:30am

Hey (Y/n), I’m so sorry to be an inconvenience to you but I was wondering if you can possibly watch the kids starting from 11am today to 7pm tomorrow? Sorry my boss just told me I have to come for a conference this weekend.

You groaned and sat up, running your hand through your hair before responding.

To: Ms. Irwin-8:34am

I’d be happy to (: I’ll see you at 11.

Since you had already woken up you knew attempting to go back to sleep was going to be useless. Hesitantly, you placed your bare feet on the cold wooden floor and quickly scampered to the bathroom to brush your teeth and you went to your kitchen to eat something for breakfast.

Time seemed to fly by and before you knew it you were approaching the front door of the Irwin household with your small overnight bag by your side.

You knocked once and the door flew open seconds later. Instead of the bright and smiling face of Ms. Irwin, you were greeted by the irritated look on Ashton’s face. “Hey Ash,” you smiled, despite the uncomfortable look on his face.

He closed the door behind you, “Don’t call me that,” he mumbled before walking past you to climb up his stairs and probably sulk in his room.

“(Y/n)!” Lauren yelled before wrapping her arms around your legs, followed by Harry.

“Hey guys! Are you excited about this weekend?” you asked, ruffling Harry’s hair.

They nodded in unison and you detached yourself from them to find Ms. Irwin who was in the kitchen making them their lunch. “Hi Ms. Irwin, how are you?” you asked, leaning against the counter.

She jumped in surprise, “Oh hi dear! I’m great, how are you?”

“I’m okay,” you responded.

“Thank you so much for coming on short notice. I really appreciate it.”

You smiled, grabbing the plates from her that held the peanut butter and jelly sandwiches she had made for them. “Of course, anytime. And don’t you have a plane to catch?” I asked.

Her eyes widened, “You’re right!” she rushed to grab her bags, “Again, thank you and I hope Ashton isn’t too much of a bother. He probably won’t leave his room anyways. Text me if there’s an emergency!” she yelled before running out to her car.

You let out a long breath before turning back to the two kids standing behind me. “So, what do you two wanna do?”


“That movie was so good!” Lauren yelled from the backseat of your car. The three of you had just went to the theater to see Moana and the kids were ecstatic about it.

You nodded and smiled, “Yeah it was great! What do you guys say? Ice cream when we get home?” They all nodded in excitement at your offer and practically bounced in their chairs until you arrived home.

Once you parked your car in the driveway they ran out of the car towards the house and flung themselves on the couch, awaiting their ice cream. You smiled at their excitement and went into the kitchen and pulled out the chocolate ice cream. 

You groaned when you realized the bowls where just about five centimeters from your reach even while you were on your toes. Suddenly, a body was pressed flush against yours. “You’re too damn short,” a voice said gruffly from behind you. You turned your head slightly to see Ashton’s bare, broad chest.

Before you knew it he had pulled down three bowls and placed them in front of you. “Thank you,” you whispered for no apparent reason, just because of the close proximity. 

His body lingered behind you for only a couple of seconds before he disappeared. You felt your face heat up but you quickly dismissed any thoughts of Ashton before scooping ice cream into the bowls.

“Who wants ice cream?” you asked, walking into the living room but you stopped in your tracks when the two toddlers were passed out on the couch. A soft smile spread across your face at the two softly sleeping. You set the bowls on the coffee table and picked up Harry to bring him to his room. 

After tucking both of them in you started walking down the hall to get to the stairs but you stopped in your tracks when you heard All Time Low blasting loudly from Ashton’s room.

You approached his door and opened it slightly, “Ashton can you please turn down your music? The kids are sleep-oh my god what are you doing!” you screeched when you saw Ashton laying naked on his bed, slowing pumping his length.

His face morphed into his signature angry expression and he pulled on his boxers before slamming the door in your face. You stood in front of his door, shell shocked for minutes until you finally processed what had actually happened and you ran downstairs to grab your bag and you shut the door to the guestroom down stairs.

Trying to get what you saw out of your head, you pulled out the book you brought with you and started to read. As you flipped through the pages you couldn’t seem to focus on what the story was telling you but rather on how hot Ashton looked, panting and grabbing his thick length in his hand.

A hard knock on your door interrupted your thoughts and you stood up from your bed, expecting one of the kids to be asking for the ice cream you promised them earlier.

But instead of the faces of one of the kids, when you opened the door you were faced with Ashton, and he looked more pissed then ever.

“Hey Ashton, I’m really sorry, I should’ve knocked-” your sentence was cut short yet again when Ashton flipped the two of you around and pushed you up against the door. 

You gasped when you felt his hot lips press hard kisses down the base of your throat. “Do you know what I was thinking about when I was jerking off?” he asked as he brought his face up to yours.

“What?” you asked.

His breath fanned against your face in uneven pants. “You,” he said before pressing his lips against yours.

It took you less than a minute to respond and you started moving your lips in sync with his. “Fuck I need you so bad,” he mumbled against your lips. All you could do was whimper in desperation.

“Where did this come from?” you panted, tangling your hands in his sandy curls.

He groaned when you tugged at his hair, “Fuck, I’ve liked you since we were crib mates.” With that his pressed his lips feverishly to yours again. You moaned when he shoved his tongue in your mouth.

His fingers slowly crept from your hips to your butt. He squeezed it lightly and pulled your body closer to his hips. He ground his rock hard erection against your clothed heat. “Fuck,” he drawled out. “I want to taste you so bad princess,” he mumbled against your lips.

He didn’t give you time to respond before he swiftly picked you up and sat down on the bed. With you straddling him, you pushed his chest back so you were on top of him. You tugged at his shirt, indicating you wanted it removed and he soon lifted it over his head. As he removed his shirt, you pulled yours over your head as well and you reached to unclasp your bra.

As soon as you had no clothes remaining on your top half, Ashton flipped you over so he hovered over you. “What do you want baby girl?” he asked, latching himself to one of your breasts. His tongue flicked over the sensitive bud and he grazed his teeth over it causing you to tug at his hair. 

“Anything, Ash. Please, I’m so wet.” 

A whimper escaped his lips as he left a trail of kisses down in between the valley of your breasts and he stopped right at the band of your sweatpants. He looked up at you for approval you merely nodded in response to his silent question.

Quickly, he pulled down your pants and continued kissing up your thighs from your knees. He kept stopping right where you needed him most so eventually you sighed in frustration, “Ash, please don’t tease-oh motherfucking shit!” you yelled wen he licked a long strip up your clothed heat.

He pulled down your underwear and left a kiss on your clit. “I love it when you call me that,” he mumbled before completely diving in.

His lips wrapped around your clit, sucking harshly causing your back to arch. When he added two fingers you almost lost it, “A-Ash, I c-can’t hold on much longer,” you whimpered, pulling his head closer.

He hummed against you sending vibrations that sent you over the edge. You let out a long moan as the knot inside of you exploded and you chanted his name repeatedly.

When he finally came up for air you pulled towards you and attached your lips to his. A hint of you could be tasted on his tongue which only made you more excited.

You dropped one of your hands down and slid it beneath his boxers. Grabbing his length, you slowly pumped it and with your thumb, you spread his precum around his tip.

He shivered, “As hot as you are doing this, can you please save this for next time because I’m literally about to burst and I really want to be inside of you when I do so.”

You didn’t stop pumping him which caused him to growl and grab both of your hands in one of his and he held them above your head. “Fuck you’re such a bad girl,” he groaned, pulling down his boxers with his other hand.

Out of anticipation, you rubbed your thighs together to try and create friction but he placed a hand in between them and spread them so wide you already knew walking would be an issue in the morning.

You felt his pulsing tip at your entrance and your mouth opened wide when he pushed his length all the way in. “Oh my-holy shit Ash,” you moaned, struggling against his grip because you ached to touch him.

“You’re so tight, princess,” he let out shakily.

You begged him to move and when he finally brought his length out and snapped his hips back into yours you could’ve sworn you saw stars. “Ashton, you’re so thick-fuck!” you arched your chest into his when he hit your g-spot.

He finally released your hands from his and brought his hand down to rub your clit. Instantly you brought your nails to his back and slowly dragged them down his soft skin. “Faster,” you moaned and tugged his lips down to yours.

He obeyed your wish and started snapping his hips harder and faster against yours. When he hit you g-spot again you clenched around him and he let out a strangled moan. “Fuck princess, please do that again.”

You clenched around him and without warning, he shot his load into you, making you cum around him as well. “(Y/n)!” he chanted as his thrusts got sloppy as he milked out both of your orgasms. 

Once the two of you had come down from your highs he turned and slowly pulled out and leaned on his side to face you. “I meant what I said.”

“And what was that?” you asked with a raised eyebrow.

“That I actually have really like you since we were crib buddies,” he laughed lightly. “I just didn’t know how to talk to a girl I really like and I didn’t wanna fuck it up.”

You smiled and pressed your lips to his. “I like you too.”

A wide smile spread across his face as he pulled you closer so that your head was resting on his chest. He turned off the bedside table lamp next to him and he left a kiss on your forehead. “Goodnight princess.”

BTS: Suga~ #6 "You're too good for this world."

A/N: first time writing about Bts and haven’t even picked a bias yet lmao who is your guys’ bias?? 😀 btw thank you for requesting 

 There weren’t too many times in your life when thought “screw it, I give up on everything” and just gave up on life. You could probably count on one hand the days that someone might label ‘the worst day ever’. But today, you thought, today takes the cake. From you waking up finding you just started your period, to your coffee machine not working, to your boyfriend calling and canceling your afternoon plans. “I’m so so so sorry, y/n…I’m so busy here and they’ve got me in the studio for another couple hours, and-” You can here the sincerity and guilt in his voice, but you cut him off, not wanting your temper to get the best of you. 

“Yoongi, it’s fine. Really. We can just do it another time. I just…haven’t seen you in a couple days, that’s all.” You heard him sigh over the phone. You can almost picture the frown on his face. “I know. I miss you too. So much. Listen, if I can, I’ll pick you up from work and we can go wherever you like. Okay?” He asked, trying to persuade you. You knew, however, that was just his way of making sure you don’t get mad at him. You knew he was busy so it was very unlikely that he’d actually go through with the plans. You humored him, though; you didn’t want to make him upset, either. “Sure, that sounds great.” You turned to head back to your desk, finishing up some paper work. “I love you, y/n.” You sighed, not wanting to get emotional over a stupid day full of bad luck. 

“Yeah. Me too. I’ll see you later.” You hung up. A few hours had passed with no signs of the day getting any better- or worse, for that matter. Your mood had soon started to lighten up, though. Yoongi had texted you asking you to meet him at your guys’ favorite local coffee shop. You quickly got dressed and headed out the door, eager to see him after a few days of him constantly working. His smile was the first thing you saw as you entered. He walked over to you, engulfing you in a hug and kissing your cheek. “Y/n…” you melted in his embrace and forgot all about your day from hell. As you two chatted for what seemed like hours, you finally decided to head back home and spend some much needed time together. When you stepped out of the cafe, you saw a homeless man sitting not too far by. You instantly felt guilty for some reason. No one should have to be out here in this cold.

 "Hold on a sec.“ You told your boyfriend. You quickly stepped back inside and bought a large coffee with a couple of sandwiches and cookies. You walked out again, only to see Yoongi looking up at you, confused. You walked up to the man and handed him through drink and the food. "Here you go.” You couldn’t see him, but Yoongi was grinning from ear to ear, lightly shaking his head. The man thanked you over and over again for your kindness. As you two continued your walk home, Yoongi’s grip tightened around you. “I still can’t believe after your horrible day you choose to act out of kindness.” You blushed and gave him a quick peck. “You’re too good for this world. You know that?”

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Bright spot in a dark week...

Dear Coach,

Reporting in as requested. This was a two day affair, and I apologize for not getting the details to you sooner but free time worked against me yesterday. It was probably the best hookup I’ve ever had though so this is going to be long. Anyway, the first meeting went like this…

Day One

I had responded to a few craigslist ads when wife was away. Jase, responded Wednesday. He had just arrived at a nearby hotel after driving down from Atlanta and needed to relieve the stress and tension of the drive. I offered a rubdown and he said he was up for some mutual oral. Wife was working late with some dinner conference so I went over to meet Jason at his hotel after he sent me a couple pics…not my usual looking jock type at all..sort of hipster vibe with long hair and beard, but sounded real nice on our email chats. He’s even better looking than his pic suggested, beautiful green/blue eyes…a sexy smile, and has a lean, lightly hairy body.

We made a little small talk after he got off the phone with his sister. He was shirtless in a pair of cargo shorts when I arrived, so I was already getting turned on just watching him pace the room while talking. He apologized for having to take the call, then came right over to me when done and wrapped me up in a nice hug, leaned his forehead against mine and just sighed as I returned the hug. We started making out…slow, soft kisses while I rubbed his shoulders and back…the guy was practically melting in my arms and I sensed he really needed to feel loved for a moment, if you know what I mean. He pulls my shirt off over my head and starts rubbing my back too…felt so nice…don’t know how to explain it exactly, but we just connected…instantly…and it was very slow and sensual, the way he caressed me so slowly, kissed me so gently…and I found myself responding in kind. It was relaxing and stimulating at the same time.

I started rubbing his HARD six-inch dick  thru his shorts and he returned the favor.I unbuttoned and unzipped his shorts, but rather than just take them off him, I reached in. He had showered just before I arrived and was freeballing in his shorts…still a little damp too. The touching and kissing had him rock hard (me too) and his cock curved up into the palm of my hand, already leaking precum. I just rubbed the palm of my hand under it, down to his nuts, and cradled them, softly stroking my fingers under the hairy sac to his soft moans, then wrapped my fingers around his shaft and gave him a squeeze, tugging up to the head and using the milked pre as lube to stroke him a few times before pulling my hand out and holding it to his mouth to lick. He got into that, licked it clean and kissed me, then unbuttoned my shorts and dropped to his knees as he slid them off me.

He started worshipping my big cock…not just sucking it…licking, kissing, fondling, just holding it and looking at it before sucking it slowly some more. It wasn’t like he was trying to get me off, just trying to turn me on, which he did immensely. He shucked his shorts off as he stood up and we hugged, fully naked and continued the soft kisses and caressing one another for a while like that. He moved to the bed, on his back and I climbed on top of him, laying my body on his and getting wrapped up in more aggressive, but still smoldering kisses. You know how much I love making out, coach…damn, was it smoking hot!

I ran my hand down under his nuts again, and teased his ass with my finger, then scooted down between his legs, sucked his dick slowly like he had done to me, then his nuts, then pushed his legs back and went for his pucker. He loved being rimmed, and I loved that he was freshly showered and tasty and hairy and you know how I enjoy eating ass, coach. After a few minutes he sat up and grabbed some lube off the nightstand…lubed both our cocks and stroked them together. He opened a condom, normal size so it was a tight fit on my thick cock…looked like too much sausage in too little casing, but the tightness of it made my dick feel even harder. Sure wish it could have been raw, like you and I fuck, coach…but it was still hot!

He chuckled as he rolled it down the shaft…said it was the only size he had,  and stroked some more lube on it. He straddled his legs over my thighs as I knelt on the bed, and sort of guided me into him, working his ass onto my dick with relative ease, though his eyes closed and head fell back when the head popped in. I let my left leg slide off the bed so I had one foot on the floor and one kneeling on the bed…gave me great leverage…and pulled his ass onto my cock slowly. Like everything else, this was slow and gentle and felt amazing…him stroking my thighs…me gently fucking deeper until I was balls deep in him…not pulling out, just giving him little jabs of my cock while he rocked his ass on me. He had the most blissful look on his face.

I leaned forward to kiss him and my dick pressed deep…he just groaned and swallowed my tongue as I started actively fucking him now…long deep strokes that made him grunt when I bottomed out in his ass. I felt the condom break, and pulled out…the head of my cock poking through. He just grinned and and said, “fuck it” and rolled it down to the base of my cock, like a cock ring and guided me back into his ass. I almost came with that initial penetration, if felt so hot. I sat up and pistoned slowly in and out of his ass, watching my cock enter him…quite the visual, seeing my swole dick with that tight rubber cock ring penetrating his hairy ass!

He was stroking his cock now and breathing ragged as we picked up the pace and I told him I was getting close. “You want my load, bud?” I asked him. “Yessss…cum in me,” he says, and starts really writhing on my dick, grinding his ass against me and jerking his cock. I came so hard, grunting and fucking him deep…my big paws pressing his shoulders into the bed as I unloaded. Seconds later, he’s spurting cum all over us, my belly and his…gasping for air, clamping down on my dick as I continued to fuck him. I laid down on him, dick still in his ass, and we hugged for about five minutes, just enjoying the post fuck vibe.

He asked me if I wanted to shower, and I said sure…pushed myself up and let my still semihard dick slide slowly out of his ass. He reached down to stroke it, and laughed again as he peeled the “cockring” condom off me. We showered and kissed some more, but I was getting nervous about the time so was on my way shortly after. Soon after I got home, my wife texted that she was on her way, so I thanked my lucky stars that I had was able to beat her home.

I emailed Jase and we agreed to try to meet the next day, to which he replied:

Likewise. It was beautiful, sexy, and passionate. I really hope we can do it again:) have a good night, and I look forward to seeing you again soon.


Day Two

It started out very similar to day one and I had similar expectations…higher actually because I was so into him. He was running late after being at courthouse to settle dad’s estate. Long story, short…his alcoholic dad died broke and penniless so Jase had come down to clean up his apartment and close the accounts he had been pouring his own money into. Jase wasn’t sad about it, more resigned to what a fuck up his dad had been and relieved to get done with this chore he’d come down to do.But it gave me some perspective as to why he needed to be in the strong arms of another man.

My wife had worked from home and I ran errands in the morning, but she left at noon for a local charity thing and I jumped in the shower. Jason emailed me when he got back to hotel and I bolted…cursing the heavy traffic along the way! He was on the phone again when I arrived, with his sister again, and  apologized for keeping me waiting…very considerate guy.

We chatted a bit before he grasped my face in his hands and kissed me, and we were off…same as before, slow and gentle, almost romantic…undressing slowly, reaching into each other’s shorts. He had underwear on this time and was warm and a little sweaty…not freshly showered like the first time…and I loved the way he smelled…not offensive at all, just a little ripe, ya know? We were both precumming like crazy, fondling each other in our shorts til he dropped to his knees again and started worshipping my dick like before. Love the way his long hair felt in my hands…stroked his bearded cheeks while he sucked my cock, then reached down over him, rubbing his back and reaching into his shorts and into his sweaty asscrack…teased his pucker while he moaned on my dick…nice! He stood up and I dropped down, trading places so I could suck his cock for a while…tasty pre…sweet, easily suckable dick, and he enjoyed the attention…hands on my shoulders or head, caressing me while I serviced him. I choked the base of his dick with one hand and sucked a mouthful of his pre, then stood up and showed him my drooling tongue which he sucked into his mouth. Love that he enjoyed swapping precum with me…know how much you enjoy that too, coach…grin!

He sort of steered me onto the bed and sucked my cock some more, pushed my legs back a little to get at my balls and taint, and just grazed my hole. Sent fuckin shivers up my spine! I scooted back up onto the pillows and pulled him with me intending to make out some more like we had the previous day, and we did that for a while, but he stayed on top of me, and my legs just sort of instinctively went up and around him, so he was grinding his leaky cock against my pucker and it felt really good. I don’t know if this was his idea…I was still intending to roll him over on his belly and give him a great fuck, but his dick poking at my ass made me wonder if he had other plans.

Sure enough, he sits up on his knees…my thighs draped over his…and grabs the lube…slicks up both our cocks and rubs them together, then grabs a condom and rolls it down on HIS dick…smiling down at me. I’m thinking, oh shit, what have I gotten myself into.  I could sort of hear you whispering in my ear, coach…that wish for me to want to get fucked, so I went with the flow and told Jase to go easy on me cuz it was sort of virgin territory. I think that excited him to no end as he rubbed some lube over and into my pucker.

“Relax” I told myself…”don’t fight it,”  as he pressed his cock against me. My sphincter was clenched but it didn’t feel too bad…stung a little at first is all, but it’s a tight hole. He slid in relatively easily and I fought the tendency to resist, consciously relaxing my ass. It’s surprising how big an average size cock feels when it’s being stuffed in your ass. I don’t know how guys take my cuntbuster, let alone enjoy it! As he got a little deeper, my hole was clamping down on him, so I held his thighs to stop him, and handed him the lube to apply more. That did the trick and he slid back in easier and more comfortably for me… surprisingly comfortably to be honest. He asked me if I was ok, and I said yeah…asked him if he liked that tight ass, and he smiled and said “oh yesss!”

He fucked me slowly and it was starting to feel nice…so nice that I found myself moving my ass to get my thighs up higher on his…a better angle I guess because I could feel him hitting my p-spot. His eyes had closed for a sec as I repositioned and I knew it felt real good for him too. I pulled his head down for a kiss and we were both moaning as he gently fucked me. He sat up and just stared into my eyes…his fucking eyes are gorgeous…then smiled and looked at my belly which had a pool of precum. He bent down to lick it and kiss me again, then, still fucking me, he grabbed my cock and sucked the tip of it for some more pre and kissed me again, My cock had gone pretty limp, but fluffy and he stroked me and got me hard again…felt so good, that I started rocking my ass on his dick as he sat back on his haunches and just let me use his dick. I took over stroking my cock and told him to “fuck me!”

He was still being pretty gentle, and I was grinding more aggressively on his dick now…told him I was close and urged him to “fuck me harder” as I felt my balls churning. I think he was trying hard not to cum until I did, but he leaned over me as I shot and fucked deep as he could into me, then pulled out and leaned down to suck my cock and lap up the cum on my belly, all the while stroking his cock. A moment later, he’s blasting another big load onto my belly and chest. I scooped up some and tasted it, then fed him some of his load. He did the same to me and we licked each other’s hands before I pulled him down on top of me and we kissed and swapped cum from our tongues and lips…so fucking tasty!

We lay like that for a while, me rubbing his back. I told him I needed to shower and get going, again, not sure when my wife would be getting home. Showered alone this time and came out to find him lying on his back on the bed with his underwear on, belly still sticky with cum. I dressed while we chatted, then leaned over him on the bed to give him a kiss goodbye…told him how special that was for me and he said it was for him too. He’s driving back home today, so doubt I will ever see him again, but will have some very fond memories for sure. He’s a real gentle soul…a beautiful guy inside and out, and it was a pleasure to share of couple of special moments with him. He emailed me later:

That was so Awesome. Thank you for being a bright spot in a dark week :-)


Pairing: none

Characters: Jared Padalecki, bisexual!Reader, Jensen Ackles, Genevieve, Daneel, and a couple others

Word Count: 2368

Warnings: acting out a sex scene, pregnant!Genevieve, descriptions of fandom hate, sexual innuendo

Author’s Note: I’ve never written Jared or SPN cast before, so here’s me dipping my toes in the water. I’ve also seen a lot of actor/wife hate, so that inspired me to write this. Gen, Danneel, and the reader are friends in this story, so if you hate either of them, don’t read this.

Conventions were fun, probably one of the best things you’d ever agreed to do. Before you’d started acting, you’d been fond of traveling, and with the popularity of Supernatural, your convention travels extended out of the United States. You’d only been on the show for a year, but already you’d journeyed to Italy, London, and other parts of Canada you’d longed to see. Granted, you almost always ended them a little drunk, but you loved them just the same.

You’d always been open about your sexuality. Before joining the Supernatural Family, you’d publicly come out as bisexual on a talk show. When you’d successfully nailed the audition for Amanda “Mandy” Williams on Supernatural, the amount of welcome you’d received was staggering. Surprisingly, your courage to speak about your sexuality had inspired several fans to come forward about their own preferences.

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Since unrequited love is a major theme in this arc where do you draw the line from being a crush to being in love when it concerns a character?

Chapter 49: Caged Bird probably provides us with the best definition the manga is ever going to give us of what requited love is like, as opposed to an unrequited crush. This chapter also takes place after “The Lovers” arc which is also “The Gourmet” arc and features Nishiki and Kimi one of the few requited romantic couples to get together. 

Kaneki’s definition is from Jung, ‘Human relationships are chemical reactions. If you have a reaction, then you can never return to your previous state of being.”

In context he’s talking about Nishiki and Kimi. There was a point where Nishiki revealed he was a ghoul to Kimi, and their relationship changed, Nishiki began loving her for real as opposed to just something to amuse him. He also is talking about Touka and himself, something has changed in Touka from witnessing Nishiki and Kimi’s love, and she can’t go back to what she previously was, somebody who could have murdered Kimi to hide her own secret. 

From the description itself though, a chemical reaction is when both members participate. Noble gases won’t interact in a chemical reaction, they cannot form bonds with other atoms so simply directing love at one person, no matter how selfless it is won’t result in requited love. Too much selfnessness won’t allow the reaction to happen. 

Obviously two chemicals can’t be forced to interact either, so too much selfishness and you take away somebody’s agency to change. They go inert, so to speak. 

Therefore the real answer lies in a balance between selfishness and selflessness. You have to want somebody, while also wanting to do something for them. You have to want to both love and be loved. Requited loved is a two way relationship that will change the other party, and for a final note I’m going to reference another manga.

You yourself also have to be willing to be changed by them. That is the definition of Requited love which the manga itself is providing us with. 

The Signs Dating a Taurus

Aries:  Go on adorable dates together but end up going completely off schedule, go shopping together, honestly share the best hugs ever

Taurus: Really really chill and cute, wouldn’t be surprised if they planted stuff together, talk to each other in movie quotes

Gemini: The couple that no one really expects but they work really well, probably do the crossword puzzles together, fights escalate easily

Cancer: Imagines their future homes together, have arts and crafts day for the fun of it but end up kissing instead, cooks food together at 3am

Leo: End up chatting till 5am, the type to go on hikes to watch the sunrise, always planning their next holiday, chill central

Virgo: Really productive couple that actually gets shit done together, always encourage each other and makes each other breakfast in bed

Libra: Will sit and listen to music together for hours, really Tumblr Aesthetic, probably post pictures of lyrics hinted at each other

Scorpio:  Most loyal relationship in the zodiac, attract each other like magnets. Very loving and durable relationship. Can make a killer power couple

Sagittarius: Road trip literally every holiday break, will talk about their beliefs for ages before scrapping everything and creating their own belief just for the two of them

Capricorn: They always do little things to let the other know they’re loved, Will watch netflix and eat food for days, stone cold together in public but incredibly cuddly at home.

Aquarius: Always laughing bout something or other, spend the summer making daisy chains and listening to music, watch horrors together and then have to walk each other to the bathroom

Pisces: ALWAYS SLEEPING, they like to take really cute pictures of each other on the sly and then post them on social media while they’re sleeping, play like kids together

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Rules- answer 11, ask 11, and tag 11

Questions asked:

1. Favorite Disney villain? I literally have no clue, though I feel like there’s a really obvious one that I can’t remember atm. The Pharaoh in The Prince of Egypt has a great voice

2. If you could pick up one instrument and instantly become proficient, what instrument would it be? VIOLIN

3. Are you a soprano or alto? Soprano, though I can do alto too

4. What celebrities would you want to be best friends with? Hmmm, probably Colin Morgan and Jensen Ackles, they sound like the kindest people ever

5. Favorite flavor of Gatorade? …I don’t like Gatorade

6. What are some of your favorite couple tropes? Best friends to lovers, long periods of separation and mutual pining, political enemies at first, not falling in love at first sight, working together against their enemies (I suppose that’s kinda obvious but I’m thinking fantasy as in going on missions together or spying together or being on the same crew or fighting others together etc) and this wasn’t supposed to be so long

7. “Guilty pleasure” song? Idk, “Dog Days Are Over” or “Eye of the Tiger”. I’m the only one in my family who likes those songs.

8. Movie that you can quote word-for-word? LotR. Which one, you ask? ALL.

9. Chrome or Firefox? Chrome definitely

10. I’m sick of hearing about… certain celebrities. Ugh.

11. What is your opinion of fanfiction? There are some really good ones. And then there’s the rest. 

My questions:

  1. Favorite Star Wars movie?
  2. Long book series or stand-alones?
  3. Favorite tree?
  4. Fire or water?
  5. What song will you always sing along to?
  6. Book you couldn’t finish (for whatever reason)?
  7. Favorite type of shoe?
  8. Seashells or flowers?
  9. Do you own any fandom merch and if so what?
  10. Favorite word?
  11. Watercolor or oil paintings?

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I couldn’t wait for my jpeg, so here’s my beautiful Cockles Op in all its glory!

I was one of the first few people in line for this one, we were behind a few people finishing up the J2 M2 “orgy” ops (so got to see all four of them messing around together in the room before Jared and Mark left, Jared kept tickling Mark and a couple fans as he does, and a handler was trying to discipline him but also couldn’t help but laugh either. They were all smiles and in great moods. While I was in line, Jensen made eye contact with me a few times as I was approaching closer (🙃) Once it was my turn, I said hey and he looks me in the eyes and smiles and says “Hey Sweetheart” in that signature Dean tone of voice which was probably one of the best things ever, and then he noticed my Dean jacket and he reached out and grabbed the collar and was feeling it and he said “Nice jacket!” in an impressed/excitable tone which made my entire life tbh, I was really hoping he’d notice it, and I went through a hell of a time to get that jacket (it’s 100% real leather) and I distressed it myself and everything, so having him acknowledge and compliment it was all I needed. I can die now. I then told him and Misha what I wanted, (usually I don’t go for the generic ops but in this case I had to make an exception) and they definitely didn’t disappoint. Misha grabbed me right away like he did last time and Jensen was more gentle lol. I thanked them and I think I left a piece of my soul in that room after I left.

I’d say Chicon 2016 was very successful. 👌🏼


Endless list of favorite charactersGarrison Abbey

“The best for me is to be with you.” His nose flares, restraining emotion. “I’m a better fucking person when I’m with you.” He rubs his face a couple times, and any doubt I’ve ever had about him just fucking disappears. I can see how much they emotionally care about one another. How much they probably have this whole fucking time.


So I met this guy online… 3 years ago. We never actually met in person. We talked for a bit but nothing ever came of it.. We have both been in relationships and gone through some things since then. Out of the blue, a couple of weeks ago he hit me up, and we talked for hours. He’s in the Navy and is stationed around 40 minutes from me. Since we hit it off I felt really spontaneous and wanted to finally meet this Southern boy I’ve only had conversations through text and phone calls with, and it was probably one of the best decisions I’ve made. We sat and talked for hours and hours then he bought me dinner. He constantly reminds me how beautiful I am, and how he can’t fathom how other men have treated me.. He’s unlike any other man I’ve ever spoken to or dated, and I had no clue there was men out there that exist. It’s been so great ever since. I have never in my life felt this way and I feel crazy because we just met but I feel like I’ve known him for years. No matter where this goes it’s reassuring to know that chilvary is infact not dead, and we need to stop making generalizations of men because they aren’t all the same. He’s leaving on an underway soon, and I already can’t wait for him to be back. This might be hard but I’m so ready for what’s next❤️


Hey guys! OKAY SO:

This video took a REALLY long time because I lost motivation a couple times through and thought about giving up but I DIDN’T! This video is about the genocide route though so fair warning there’s violence.

And Now this video is something I started back when I was in high school and continued on till today, and it’s probably one of the best things I’ve ever made. 

I had to finish it without a drawing pad but luckily all the images were pre- drawn and I just had to compile them using flash and make them move in thier own way. 

I really hope you guys like it!


LWD & SKOP challenge Day 11: Poppy & Sam’s day or Garrison & Willow’s day

“Take it,” she repeats, her opinion unchanging. Her neck elongates, like she’s holding her fucking breath. “I just want the best for you.”
“The best for me is to be with you.” His nose flares, restraining emotion. “I’m a better fucking person when I’m with you.” He rubs his face a couple times, and any doubt I’ve ever had about him just fucking disappears. I can see how much they emotionally care about one another. How much they probably have this whole fucking time.
“Don’t be afraid,” she whispers to him. “You can do anything on your own. I know you can.” Her glasses fog up and she takes them off.
His reddened eyes meet hers, and his brown hair brushes his lashes. He clasps her  hand, threading their fingers. And he says, “I love you.”
Tears squeeze out of her eyes.
“No matter where we are, you’re always going to be my girl.”
Four years is a long fucking time, but maybe it’ll work.
We all can empathize with first love.
Even Connor.

telebasher  asked:

dear best friend (wink)

Dear [one of my] best friend[s] - specifically the one who sent this (that’s you!), 

First of all, you’re a goddamn nerd. Like, probably the biggest nerd I have ever met smh and like???? I’m love you?????/

I know we’ve only known each other for a couple of months now, but honestly I’m;;; really grateful you’re in my life right now. Honestly, even if I am a writer and I tend to express myself better in words, I’m kind of at a loss of words right now smh I don’t know how to properly express myself over how much I genuinely appreciate our friendship and honestly IT’S SO MUCH BETTER TELLING YOU ALL OF THIS STRAIGHT TO YOUR FACE AND GETTING YOU ALL FLUSTERED 

Also I know I’ve been a Giant Mess™ lately with dumb feelings, but I really appreciate how patient you are with me. I also really appreciate how much you listen to me???? and I just 

I’m also blessed that, in a lot of ways, you feel the same towards me and like;; I love the conversations that we have and all the times we play League and (as of late) Don’t Starve Together and HHHHHhhh

you’re also Very Talented and I always feel like a proud mother listening to all the great music you compose (also heck, thank you for appreciating my writing too)

again, I’m really bad with my words right now and I feel like if I keep going, I’m just gonna start going on and on about nonsense (that i’ll save for later), BUT BELOW I’ve included an Actual Picture of us together 

stay fantastic, you goddamn nerd 💜

Want to send me things I can write write letters about?

My Insanely Hot Stepbrother


It wasn’t long since I met Jinyoung as my new step-brother. My dad had married his mom only a month ago and I met him a couple days afterwards when he came back from boarding school. Apparently, he’s a year older than me and will start going to the same school I do next semester.

I remember my first impression of him and honestly, I thought he was hot. Hotter than the guys at my school and probably one of the best looking guys I’ve ever seen. Beautiful, brown eyes, full, pink lips, and judging by how he always comes out of the shower shirtless, he had a fucking nice body too. There were times I could barely even look away. You what he does when he noticed me staring? He fucking chuckles, winks at me, and goes to his room. He always teased me. It was fun for him.

To simplify our relationship, he’s a big tease and I try to avoid contact with him as much as possible. He’s my step-brother and I know there should be nothing between us but I just can’t help but have impure thoughts. Dreams and fantasies of having his hands all over me. Touching, kissing me in all the right places. It turns me on so bad that I’ve been maturbating like crazy, thinking about Jinyoung. Always making me feel so guilty and wrong.

This week our parents are we’re going to out of town to finally go on their honeymoon, which meant that me and Jinyoung would be alone in the same house. A boy and a girl. Man and women.

I think I might just die with the thought of it that way.


I turned away from the tv, that wasn’t even on, to see Jinyoung walking towards me taking a seat next to me on the couch. I tried to act as normal and calm as possible. However, I couldn’t control my eyes, they would dilate every time I see him and I could tell too.

“Yeah,” I answered.

“You know, ‘mommy and daddy,’” he said quoting those two words with his fingers, “are  gonna be out for a long while. Wanna do something?”

“Like what,” I asked nervously.

“Like you know,” he said leaning against the couch, “get to know each other better.”

Getting to know each, seems okay, nothing difficult.

“Yeah, sure ok,” I responded.

“Okay,” he said sitting up straight, “Let’s play 21 questions, I’ll start.”

He pretended to think before looking back at me to ask the first question, “when’s your birthday?”

You told him your birthday, “Um, what do you miss about about boarding school?”

“Hmmm, well my friends really, the rest of it sucked ass,” he said chuckling, “What’s your school like?”

“Well, it’s okay I guess, typical high school really. What kind of student are you, like were you popular?”

“A little above average you can say, had few admirers, but overall normal guy,” he nodded.

I seriously doubt that he’s “normal.” He looks anything but normal.

“So, you got a boyfriend?”

A boyfriend? Why would he care about that?

“No, it don’t,” I answered slowly.

He nodded at me as if this was an important piece of information.

“Do…you have a girlfriend,” I asked hesitantly.

He chuckled, “No, neither do I…What did you think about be when you first met me?”

That made stop for a bit, I could feel my heart pound through my chest. Gosh, this question makes me nervous. How am I supposed to answer a question like that?

“Uh..,” seriously?

“Uh, I thought you were…nice. I always wanted a big brother.” Nice.

“Just nice,” he asked dubiously, teasing me.

“Uh, it’s my turn,” I retorted, trying to change the subject. “Um. Do you like your new home?”

“Yeah, of course,” he answered, leaning against the couch and staring attentively at me, “I got a cool new step-dad now and…,” he stretched his hand towards me pushed a strand of hair behind my ear, “a beautiful new step-sister.”

He looked at me with endearing eyes as he held my cheek. I gulped down some of the salvia I had building up inside my mouth.


“Okay, now my turn. So answer me this honestly,” he drew closer to me, making my body slightly back away.

“Do have any sexual attraction toward me?”

Why does this question have to come up?!

I looked down shamefully, “…Yes, but–”

“Really? That’s good then,” he suddenly leaned over and unexpectedly smashes his lips against mine.

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Guys. What if the jeep scene is just a vision and ldia is seeing it because she’s a banshee and she’s in the place of the person who he actually says it to….Malia. It would make more sense. And then them using that in the trailer would make sense too just to please the stdias. If this is true, then this is the best trolling Jeff has ever done and I will applaud him. It would make sense, Stiles is Malia’s anchor. Him telling her to remember i love you is probably his way of trying to keep her grounded while he’s gone. She’s also still wearing articles of his clothing(something broken up couples don’t do.). Honestly guys, I think that jeep scene with Ldia there(yes, I’m leaving the y out on purpose) is to throw everyone off and it turns out to be a vision. That she’s not the one he actually says that to. That he actually says it to malia. 


-Admin GCV

You, Foggy, Karen and another couple of friends of yours were standing in the middle of the room, waiting for Matt to come home.
The lock finally clicked and he entered; he probably heard your heartbeats from afar but you couldn’t care much.

“Happy Birthday!” you all exclaimed and he rose his head and gave you one of the best surprised smiles you have ever seen. 

He threw his bag apart and run towards you. “Guys, you didn’t have to!”

“Don’t be silly!” Karen said laughing “Wait here, I’ll go and grab the presents. They’re hidden somewhere, even if… I guess it’s a bit useless…” she said embarrassed.

He chuckles and after he thanked all your friend one by one you hug him.

“I knew there was a surprise but I didn’t expect this!” he said stroking your hair and placing a kiss on your cheek.

“You knew?”

“I overheard you…”

“Oh, I should have knew that… Next time I’ll change State and maybe you won’t spoil you everything!” you laugh and kiss him “I love you. Happy Birthday.”

Clork Greefen

Hello my name is Clork Greefen and I am the smartiest, most funniest, most prettiest person ever to fall from the sky. I know yor probably thinking i fell from heaven but no, just from space. Me and a couple of other doucheybags. I am rich and pretty and blonde with sky blues eyes and excellent tits. They call me princes. One of the boys Baloney is not very nice. All of them are stoppid. A bitchy tweenager called Charlotte stabbed my best frend Wells in the neck with a nife. He’s dead now. So is she because she jumped off a cliff. Unlike when we came from space she died.

Anyways more stuff happened but it was boring and involved grown ups (who i hate because my mum sucks and killed my father and she’s also probably npt even my real muther because she doesn’t look like me and she has no heart but i have a heart so i think she’s an AI - but then again who wood be dumb enuff to write a stupid artifical intelligence plot????) but then we were like kidnapped by these weird vampires. They aren’t actually vampires but they suck blood from the people who have lived here.

The people who lived here arnt very nice. They lived here for a hundred years and we crash down, kill some people and villages, make noise, stomp about, and invade their lands but I still dont see why their so upset. Whatever they’re just mountain men food anyway. Yeah the people who kidnapped us live in a mountain and they seperated me from my fuckboi boyfriend Finn.

Luckily I escaped and I got slapped with mud by this super hot grounder lady and now i’m gay. She died though because i thin kshe was gay too so her blud is a magnet for bullets. Now her friend the commander wasnts to meet me and so I have to try to loook strong and intimidating. And smart. But I’m surrounded by iriots so it’s easy to be superiorly intelligent.

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