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@katzirasu: Viktor Nikiforov and Katsuki Yuri with C3? [original form | I am not taking any more requests for this meme]

First artwork for the year! Unexpectedly really got into this anime, these two make me so happy ;_;


#what kind of accidental slow burn endgame romance

yoi characters’ reactions to catching the bouquet at viktor and yuri’s wedding

Yurio: he’d probably say that it was “fucking disgusting,” but he’d def be blushing. viktor and yuri, his supportive dads ™  , would be tearing up bc that’s their son and they are proud of him

Otabek: *looks at yurio* *thumbs up*

Chris: he’d wink and slap his mystery bf’s ass suggestively (is he joking? is he not? the world may never know)

Minami: screaMING

Phichit: selfies galore. he probably keeps a picture of him and the bouquet in his room. 

Seung-Gil: he probably dodges the bouquet on purpose, but if he does catch it, he doesn’t think anything of it and just rolls his eyes.

Mila: *winks and blows a kiss at sara* 

Sara: she’s probably like “fuck” bc a. she thinks michele is gonna riot or something, and b. because damn, her gf is hot, and she’d def marry her

Michele: he’s probably got a pissy/blushy face, and he knows sara is gonna give him shit about this until the end of time

Emil: “mickey!! mickey!! this one’s for us!!” then he attacks michele with a hug and michele is just “???? why am i in love with this embarrassing dork??” but mickey keeps a straight haha face throughout it all. (all while sara and phichit are snapping photos of the entire scene) 

Guang-Hong: he’s an adorable, blushing, stuttering mess

Leo: *takes earbud out of ear* what  jk, he’s all giddy and smiley and blushy and can’t keep himself from smiling. he probably kisses guang-hong’s cheek and then they’re both just tomato red and it’s the cutest thing

Georgi: TEARS OF JOY BC THIS MEANS HE’LL FIND LOVE AGAIN but he could’ve been getting married to anya ;(

JJ: he’s already getting married to isabella, so he just kisses her right there and probably says some shit about how he’s gonna get married “JJ style”

Yakov: he’s just tearing up and smiling softly

Lilia: she’s clapping her hands, trying to keep her poker face, but she’s def smiling and everyone knows it

Makkachin: *makkachokes on the bouquet*

credits to @otabaeka for helping me with a couple of these, and for being my number one ♥ 

Craig Conspiracy

A couple of years ago, I made a joke post about a paranormal mystery story I wanted to write. It featured a demon named Craig, based on my evil 7th grade science teacher. I thought “Craig” was a hilariously underwhelming name for a hilariously underwhelming demon.

I was not alone.

I swear, it seems like every time somebody gives a demon a funny name, it’s fucking “Craig”, or the demon is talking to “Craig”.

Is this because “Craig” is a nonthreatening name, and using it in supernatural contexts is humorously jarring? 

…..Or is it because Craig is a real demon whose sole purpose is to inspire ridiculous stories about himself? For… nefarious, diabolical purposes? Probably. 


Ok so, I saw this theory basically saying that Marty, Greg’s former manager, is actually his cousin, comparing Marty and Andy Demayo, Greg’s cousin (can’t find the link at the moment, will update as soon as I find it).

Note similar hairstyle, wrinkles. It was said that the Crewniverse probably did it on purpose so we notice.

SO. I noticed an error: this one theory said that that would make Steven a distant family member of Sour Cream and Onion. But Onion’s dad isn’t Marty, as he’s Yellowtail’s son. Onion is Sour Cream’s half brother.

But that would mean that Greg is Sour Cream’s uncle. And he knows that. So I remember than in Greg, The Babysitter, he does call himself “uncle Greg”. The thing goes kinda like this:

Greg: “So, how about it, Sour Cream? You ready to spend the day with your rad uncle Greg?”

Baby Sour Cream: “Meh”

Greg: “You really are Vidalia’s son, aren’t you?”

I always thought that was because they were pretty close at that time, like Vidalia and Ametheyst confirmed in Onion Friend. But when you think about it, it does make sense that they are blood-related. That could be interesting, not only Steven suddenly finding out about new human family that he never knew about, but now Sour Cream is his cousin too! Imagine Buck and Kiki finding out!



At the end of Greg, The Babysitter, he says that he doesn’t actually know how’s Sour Cream nowdays. That could be because he stopped hanging with Vidalia (until lately, that them and Barb are hanging again, as confirmed in Last One Out of Beach City). Greg hasn’t seen Sour Cream since he was little and it is clear that he doesn’t recognize him now. That may be the reason he never told Steven about him.

clearing out my wip folder ready for the new year; heres a whole buncha stuff that i didnt get the time/have the motivation to finish. ive been fiddling around a lot with my art style so everythings kinda… a mess lmao.. but i mean, good stuff for starting a new art blog, right? set the bar low B^)

Do you know why we ship Oumami ?

Yes, it’s because they’re cute, because of the official art, because of the chemistry they seem to have, but there’s something else…

Their design

Their color palette are complementary

So, I don’t know if this is made on purpose, probably, but this is genius. I’m not a color expert, but I do know that the human eye likes when two colors are complementary when put together.

Think about the two main colors of Christmas : Green and Red. Two complementary colors, but they look so good together that we made them the symbolic colors of Christmas.

We don’t seem to realize it, but when two characters seems to show a color binary in their palette, we’re drawn to ship them, because they look good together to our eyes.

Think about your otp’s, do you have one where one character has light hair and the other dark hair ? That’s it, that’s color binary.

Chara can look like they hate it…but I’ll bet they have pretty good tune X3 whereas Flowey is probably off-key on purpose

Merry Christmas y'all! or whatever holiday you celebrate ^^

Friendly reminder that they've been planning on Alex being gay since last season

Berlanti said about the gay character before we knew who it was, “I think it’s important people know we want to include a character who happens to be gay in the show. We had a character who we discussed that as a possibility last year internally, and it didn’t materialize. We didn’t get to the story … So this year, when we were planning this season, we said to the network and studio that it was a priority for us. And everyone was cool with it.”

So all those little hints about “coming out” last year and Alex’s not so subtle disinterest in men were probably done on purpose because this has been in the works for a long time and I couldn’t be happier. And I’m so glad they waited until they had the time to do the story right because it’s far surpassing my expectations.


I don’t know if it’s just me (i may be wrong) but Yuri’s Grandpa car looked old and worn in contrast with the other cars around. And then you read his info in the official page…

The details in the car animation were probably on purpose. His family probably went through hard time economically speaking. This is why he is so focused on winning; he holds a big pressure. He may be harsh at times, but he’s a really caring person who just needs support. 
I mean, look at him: 

He obviously cares so much for his grandpa! I love him so much.
(Also…sorry for my terrible english)


he’ll never live this down. 

(based on that one b99 scene)

me: i should draw


me: ….holy shit what if m,y cat.

me: i mean.

me: i should probably watch this for educational purposes just in case like