Successfully Complimenting an INTJ (FT. Shindig Girl)
  • SG:Have you ever heard of lucid dreaming?
  • INTJ:Of course. I've read all about it. Supposedly, there are even ways to lucid dream on command.
  • SG:Really? How does that work.
  • INTJ:I didn't read the whole process. But it involves putting yourself into sleep paralysis. Basically, you lay completely still for a long time. You go into sleep paralysis every night; it just so happens that your mind either falls asleep before the body, or at the same time. However, if your mind remains awake the entire time, your body will fall asleep, putting you into paralysis.
  • INTJ:Of course, your brain will send involuntary messages to the rest of your body once it has been still for a certain amount of time to confirm if you are mentally awake. These come in the form of itches. If you do not respond, your body will consider you asleep, and go into paralysis.
  • INTJ:From there, I've read that that's the way you begin dreaming. However, if you open your eyes, you will begin to project your dreamscape onto reality.
  • INTJ:It's pretty interesting.
  • SG:...
  • SG:Wow. That's amazing.
  • SG:I've learned more from you in the last five minutes than I've learned from my psychology teacher over the course of two semesters.
  • INTJ:Hm, well, uh, thank you.

theres something i found very interesting. so about 3 years ago i was at an anime convention and i was stopped at a door by a boy who had the most stunned look on his face and i was like omg bro, but then he said i was the most beautiful person hes ever seen. (at the time i loved that compliment). and i have horrible memory problems and i just find it very interesting that im still able to remember that moment so clearly for 3 years.

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You are trash but like the best kind of trash, so like ereri trash, so I would probably put you in the recycling bin even though I know you're really trash That's probably the best compliment I can give what is wrong with me whatever I just love your blog

ok you’re really cute. -throws endless supply of love at you- 

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ALLYYY! I had such a top day! Made myself some vegan pancakes, got 9/10 for my uni work, found a frozen slice of raw vegan nana cream pie in the freezer, hung out with my boyfie, ATE AN AMAZING HARD-TO-BELIEVE-ITS-HEALTHY-AND-VEGAN MUD CAKE, and made a huge pot of yellow curry for the fam bam which they loved! Idk why I'm telling you all of this, but I guess it's cos great days like today remind me of you & the positive energy you give out to the world. :) have a rad night you beautiful soul xx

The fact that happy days remind you of me is probably the biggest and best compliment anyone has ever received.

Thank you so much, kind anon. You’ve brought me so much joy too! <3 x

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Hi! Sometimes I pull up your blog just to listen to the playlist because your taste in music is fantastic (:

Thank you, I’m really glad you like it! My music taste is a big part of who I am lol, so this is probably one of the best compliments I’ve ever been given. :) Except I just realized that one of the songs that is supposed to be Celine Dion is actually some rap song I’ve never heard before? I need to fix that omg. 

Also, I don’t actually dance like that. I dance like this:

I am remembering when we were in a photo shoot for one of the bands and the photographer said to me
“you have such an incredibly kind face”
and it was probably one of the best compliments I have ever received

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My sister and I watched Firefly and Parks & Rec tonight, and we decided that you look like if Summer Glau and Aubrey Plaza had a baby, basically. Good work on your face!

You are both a large amount of crazy. But this is probably the best compliment in the world. 😘

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This makes me happy because its like the Hulk except you stay gloriously good looking as you crush the anons with your sharp wit!

“gloriously good looking” oh my god dakota i am laughing so hard right now that is perf!  that is probably the best compliment i have ever received in my life you are the best soul mate ever!

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Idk if this is rude or not but you completely pass wtf ur so gorgeous

Some people would probably consider it rude, but in my situation I honestly just take it as a compliment. For future reference though, its probably not the best of ideas to compliment trans people based on whether or not they pass or not. I understand what you wanted to say though, so thank you (:

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You also have a gift for making the angstiest fluff in the world. Like, I don’t quite know how to class it. It seems for all intents and purposes to be fluff, but fluff shouldn’t hurt so bad. You are gifted in many terrible ways.

This is, oddly, probably the best compliment I’ve ever gotten in my life.

But yeah, I really don’t write much in the way of true ANGST (APIAS and Doubt I guess) but I do get a lot of people shrieking about their feels at me.

Someone once told me I smell like “home” and I think she didn’t realize that this was probably the best compliment ever. I mean for most people their “home” is a place where they feel safe and secure. And yes I wrote “home” because for some people “home” isn’t the house they’re living in.
Whatever. This was a year ago and I still smile when I think about this. This made me really happy and idk I just wanted to share this.