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And just to let you know, if you ever wrote a mystery/murder/anything novel I would be the first to buy it! Amazing writing skills (your theories are veeery well written and reader-friendly), an eye for detail, and a detective's ability of connecting dots! Greetings from Greece in 2:30 pm, not sure if pm or am, well nightime. I guess I shouldn't have had that third cup of coffee hahaha

Whaaaaat wow! That’s probably the best compliment I’ve ever gotten hahaha thank you so so much :’)

I would’ve typed this in Greek if I were on my phone - I can speak (and write) fluent Greek.
That’s so cool to have followers on the other side of the word - greetings from Australia!

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Y'know, I kinda see you as a younger Robbie, not as Basil tho, ironically, idk thought you might want to know

this is probably the best compliment i could ever get thank u anon