Is this mountain lion in a zoo, or your backyard? You’d respond differently to it depending on how your brain processes the context in which you’re encountering it.

What’s Really Going on in PTSD Brains? U-M Experts Suggest New Theory

In a Perspective article published this week in Neuron, a pair of University of Michigan Medical School professors – who have studied PTSD from many angles for many years – put forth the theory that people with PTSD appear to suffer from disrupted context processing. That’s a core brain function that allows people and animals to recognize that a particular stimulus may require different responses depending on the context in which it is encountered. It’s what allows us to call upon the “right” emotional or physical response to the current encounter.

A simple example, they write, is recognizing that a mountain lion seen in the zoo does not require a fear or “flight” response, while the same lion unexpectedly encountered in the backyard probably does.

For someone with PTSD, a stimulus associated with the trauma they previously experienced – such as a loud noise or a particular smell – triggers a fear response even when the context is very safe. That’s why they react even if the noise came from the front door being slammed, or the smell comes from dinner being accidentally burned on the stove.    

“We hope to put some order to all the information that’s been gathered about PTSD from studies of human patients, and of animal models of the condition,” says Israel Liberzon, MD, a professor of psychiatry at U-M and a researcher at the VA Ann Arbor Healthcare System who also treats veterans with PTSD. “We hope to create a testable hypothesis, which isn’t as common in mental health research as it should be. If this hypothesis proves true, maybe we can unravel some of the underlying pathophysiological processes, and offer better treatments.”

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Funding: This work was funded in part by the Department of Defense (W81XWH-13-1-0377) and the National Institute of Mental Health (MH075999 and MH093486).

Raise your voice in support of expanding federal funding for life-saving medical research by joining the AAMC’s advocacy community.

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you know the Poll you did? Aiai is in the lead followed by Rikyako and Anchan, right? I was thinking about it and I came to the conclusion that is because Anchan and Rikyako have a big reaction each time, and its fun to see it, while Aiai always plays along and even laugh about it, so, I guess, they don't feel bad about making fun of her, because she's cool with it, I don't know, I'm probably overthinking it

Σ░(꒪◊꒪ )))) Oh right, the poll results! 

Who do you think gets bullied the most (by other members) in Aqours?

In first place, we have Aiai, with 75 (out of 217) votes!

In second place, Rikyako with 53 votes!

In third place, Anchan with 37 votes!

The three of them received over 75% of the total votes _(:3 」∠)_

Special mention to Suwawa, who got an impressive score of

I agree with your assessment of the results! I don’t think you’re overthinking it at all but I’m personally prone to overthinking so I’m probably not a good judge ( ‾▿‾ )ゞRikyako definitely overreacts, while Anchan is fun to tease because she’s easily embarrassed. And Aiai is usually chill about people making fun of her, though according to Aikyan and Shukashuu she’s just fun to imitate in the first place lol (because she feels like a mascot :3c)

If you’re one of my patrons on patreon then perhaps you’ve already seen this spread (and if you’ve had a chance to use it, feel free to chime in!), but for everyone else:

See, I’ve been thinking about fallow times and I’m not really sure where I stand on them. I’ve been thinking about being pulled down into the water to sit in silence and healing. The scary, dark kind of healing that we sometimes don’t allow ourselves. They combined in probably the most expected way – a spread!

This is my Plunging the Depths spread, which can be compared to my Slump Spread, but serves a slightly different purpose. The slump spread helps you out of the slump – this spread helps you figure out what to do while you’re down there.

Card One is here to help you understand while you’re feeling this disconnect in the first place. Not the cause, exactly, but the lesson you need to be learning right now. 

Card Two tells you how to accomplish what card one puts forth. 

These two cards help form a picture of your stay in the depths. If you are in a fallow time, and you need to just sit and wait for it to pass, you should see that reflected here. If you are in a dry spell right now because you should be changing your focus to other interests, you should see that here.

Card Three is how you’ll know when you’re ready to move forward again. This may be an action you’ll accomplish or a feeling you’ll have when you’ve reached the end of this process.

Card Four is what you’ll bring back up from the depths with you. This is how you’ll change, what you’ll know or see when you break the surface. It may even be a new gift or treasure you find down below that you can bring with you!

To the Anon that requested the mermaid Xiumin: I REALLY WANT TO WRITE THAT ONE. It will definitely take me a little bit (the AU ones usually do, especially if they’re supernatural) so it’s not going to be on the list but I am going to write that one. It might just take a little while, haha. So, if you see this, can you let me know if that’s okay with you? :)

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what’s going to happend to stiles jeep while he’s gone, where’s it going to be probably in lydias drive way??? she doesn’t even use her car to drive anymore she probably uses the jeep or just sits in and think about him

Oh mannnnnnnn oh mannnnn. Yeah they can’t just leave it at the school the whole time, right? And the sheriff wouldn’t want it because he wouldn’t know where the hell it came from.

Looooord. That would destroy me.

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You know, I really love how Jack shows concern and tries to comfort the others, especially in your comics (like in that last Boneheads comic with Brook getting hit with the ball). Everytime he does that, it always makes me happy for some reason. It's just so sweet. And, if it's not too much, could I get a hug from him? Maybe a few encouraging words too? Things have been emotionally stressful lately, and I just think it'd be nice to get that. I'm sorry if this sounds silly or too much...

While I’m not in a position to be drawing Jack or the other boneheads at the moment, I hope you don’t mind if I give some encouraging words of my own.

You’re going to be okay. Things probably seem really tough for you right now (I’m actually going through some emotional turmoil myself), maybe life has even been feeling unfair. But, it’s going to be okay. Whatever it might be you’re going through, you’ll get through it. Give yourself as much time as you need to work things out, make sure to take care of yourself, and don’t be afraid to reach out and talk about how you feel. You’re not alone, and if you feel like you can’t deal with this by yourself, you don’t have to. You’re never alone. 

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Shanks, Marco, Ace, and Sabo with a Marine so hcs?

Let’s see now, I know other blogs often say that Sabo and Ace wouldn’t go for a marine s/o and I agree! Unless that marine really, really fits their personality + views then in canon, it probably won’t happen at all - BUT HEY! THIS IS AN IMAGINES/HEADCANONS BLOG YOU’VE COME TO THE RIGHT PLACE

I’ll do my best :D

Having a Marine S/O HCs:


  • Having a Yonko as a partner is like hilarious and terrifying at the same time can you imagine
  • While he doesn’t have to fear anything since he’s an emperor, Shanks knows that he can’t go seeing them too much without drawing suspicion (I mean it would spell trouble for them since they’re a marine) but that doesn’t stop him from dropping by time to time
  • The other marines shat their pants the first time they see the Red Force pulling up beside their ship
  • It escalated into a battle
  • So Shanks now has to carefully use his Haki to knock them all into unconsciousness before he gets to spend time with his partner. Because of that they are now admired by everyone for being that Marine who can drive off a Yonko. Otherwise, they’d meet up in a bar or on an island somewhere unnoticed
  • Raids the Marine Liquor Pantry all the time like Shanks stop draining all the alcohol good lord
  • He’s soooo proud whenever they moved up another rank that he brags about it non-stop
  • “Shanks that’s the eighth fucking time you’ve said today”
  • Finds them hot when they wear their Marine Coat 
  • Totally tracked their ship all the way to an island they’re on and proceeds to throw them a huge celebration. All of the recruits are too tired at this point and hey, if the Yonko wants to party what can we do?


  • If you think the marines are terrified at Shanks can you imagine their faces when they see Whitebeard’s First Division Captain?
  • Marco can visit them much more regularly since he can fly. Most of the time he visits at night so he won’t draw too much attention.
  • I’d say his partner would be really strong since their squad will be stationed in the New World and closer to Marco. Also is a decent person because no way in hell Marco (or any of the other guys) would choose them otherwise
  • He enjoys fighting with them. It’s like a serious spar but without them going for fatal injuries. Both of them keeps a scoreboard.
  • I don’t think the Moby Dick will appear to their marine ship anytime soon since it’ll scare the rest of the officers into having heart attacks (poor guys)
  • If anything, Marco would bring them to meet Whitebeard and the rest of his sibling. Though he’ll ask and make sure they’re ready because IT’S WHITEBEARD. His s/o would be fucking terrified on the inside (I mean I would)
  • Poor s/o will be sweating profusely under Whitebeard’s stare, even as Marco place a hand on their shoulder for support until they snapped at Portgas D. Ace for even thinking of them betraying Marco because how dare you. Look, I know he’s a pirate and I’m a marine and we have people we care about on the opposite sides but don’t you ever accuse me of something like that ever again
  • Then it’s like they passed a test while Whitebeard sits back with approval in his eyes. The tension disappears. Marco is smiling proudly as he introduces them to his siblings and Pops. The rest of the Whitebeard pirates gradually warms up to the kind Marine who somehow caught their eldest brother’s heart, haha


  • Remember how Ace infiltrated the Marines G-2 base? Yeah, that’s how he visits his partner.
  • “Ace, you really should stop doing th- wait, is that Lieutenant Jerry’s uniform???
  • Goddammit Ace
  • Once they found him in the supplies closet after he fell asleep trapped in there
  • Also finds them hot in their uniform like wow
  • Will probably drag them into trouble whenever they’re on the same island together. Imagine this weird duo bickering as they get away from the bar where Ace ate and ran
  • Now he brags about Luffy and his partner at the same time to the rest of the Whitebeard pirates. Get him into the topic and he’ll talk non-stop about them
  • “Hey hey Marco guess what! Luffy got a new bounty again! And my partner is a Captain now aren’t they great!!!”
  • Please help Marco
  • He really enjoys sparring with them! Once in awhile he launches an attack on their marine squad if they run into each other. Then they bicker with each other while trading blows
  • Once his partner decides they’re ready to meet his siblings and Whitebeard, Ace goes “Great!” and just kidnapped them in broad daylight. To the Moby Dick. No warning beforehand.
  • Goddammit Ace
  • His S/O suffered a lot of heart attacks that day


  • Just like Ace, Sabo will visit his partner by infiltrating their division as a marine as well
  • “Sabo, my men are questioning their sanity because they think they saw the No. 2 of the Revolution Army himself. Please give them a break.
  • Okay his partner has to be aware of the corruption of the World Government and understand that Sabo is in the Revolution Army before they started dating/got married. So while they do their job as a marine, they will close one eye to his actions since he’s trying to right the world
  • Sabo knows that both of them are on the opposite sides and understands their conflict in regards to their jobs. He tries his best to not make their life difficult or for his missions to compromise them as a marine.
  • BUT you know what, I’d say that the both of them are in the Revolutionary Army, with them as a spy in the marines and providing Sabo with intel
  • Revolutionary Spy Couple
  • They’ll probably try to warn him if trouble is heading his way during a mission (Like if a Vice-Admiral will be at the same location as he does)
  • And Sabo worries that their cover will be blown. He calls them from time to time using a secured number or planned a place to meet up secretly. Koala knows them pretty well because Sabo will be talking to her about them all the time
  • During that short period where they meet up he’ll cherish it so much, and will spend the most of that time with them just to catch up on events. He’d always give them a goodbye kiss and it never fails to make him long for their next rendezvous
  • He’ll wait for the day when they finally finished their mission and come back to the HQ, but until then, Sabo will hope that they stay safe. After all, being a revolutionary is a dangerous job 
  • Lowkey appreciates them whenever they wear their uniform and coat but you ain’t fooling anybody Sabo

There you go! Sabo’s one was really hard and I hope I don’t disappoint haha

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So... I've been thinking for a while now that, even though I was born female and am comfortable with my anatomy most of the time, I might not always be completely a girl? Like some days I wish that I could just magic my body to be something unidentifiable or switch to another sex or switch to both... Like... I know that I could probably do all of those things with my appearance with the right clothing, but idk I just have been a bit reflective lately about my identity... Does that make sense?

Makes sense to me! Definitely worth looking into!

10 Things In Their Bag

Was tagged by @razildor - will do my new son Rory since I am on his wave length right now. :p

1. Bandages and Elfroot- he gets hurt pretty often and doesn’t trust mages to only heal him due to his past

2. Space for his collectables - he likes to pick up random items when traveling…if it’s shiny, it is probably in his bag.

3. Snacks and water - the essentials for survival, and he usually forgets to keep himself hydrates and to eat so seeing them while he rummages helps keep him personally alive.

4. His father’s amulet (a new idea I’m working with) - it is the only thing he brought with him from his past.

5. Coin purse - Rory never had money so he likes money and collecting it is just buckets of fun.

6. An extra shirt - his shirts get ripped pretty often from battle and when he is extremely tired he has a habit of shedding clothing and loosing it along the way.

7. Titus

8. Seven was a joke

7. Wood carving Titus made him - his good luck charm

8. Documents that he is indeed employed by the Inquisition - due to slave past, he wants to keep papers with him in case someone questions him

9. Notebook - for obvious stuff like writing and horrific doodles.

10. Throwing knives because why not - he sure as hell beats the crap out of Blackwall skill wise

Thanks for the tag! I dunno if these people have been tagged before but yeah! @otherwolves @kurogoesinthedas @enaykin @just-dread-wolfing @junie-junette

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LMAO poor KW! He probably had to be like a dad telling his daughter to calm down while she's spewing these half baked ideas. If we only knew then what we know now! LOL I would've left with KW. I'm sure he has MANY more stories like that to tell and can't wait for him to spill. He's the one that came up with the phone call in 3x01 too right? I seriously want to know Kevin's earnest opinion about s4-7, he has to let it out. I also find it funny that he left b4 DE got together.

Yep, he was the one who came up with the 3x01 phone call; he’s the one who came up with the 2x01 Jeremy neck snap; he’s the one who came up with killing Anna, basically every good moment in this show was KW’s idea and I’m never going to get over how JP said she wasn’t going to kill anyone in season 3 and KW had to call her and go, Julie you have to kill someone so she chose Alaric. And guess what, he’s back.

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I was bored and trying to figure out the pun names from your thing from media class that you mentioned a while back and I think I got all of them but Polly Cartwright (all I can think with that is that Polly is from "police" but there's probably more?) Anyway, Deanne Tackton is tacked on (at) the end if you switch the first and last name, Luke King is looking, and Victor Timothy's initial syllables are vict-tim. Did I get them right?

Ayy hey there friend I’m super psyched that anyone paid attention to that!! :’D

Let’s see here, Polly Cartwright = Polly C = police so nothing more to that one, you got it! The pun I made for Deanne Tackton was much simpler, just Dea Tackton = detecting, but I like yours a lot more?? kudos for putting that together dude you’re reverse-engineering my puns to be better than intended how dare

Luke King = looking and Victor Timothy = victim are both also correct! Well done bud you are the True Pun

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Alternate Universe: Everything is the same except The Clash are beatniks and not punks (where this came from, I couldn't tell you)

Thank you!! Well they probably would’ve enjoyed being on the road a lot more, pun intended…and they wouldn’t have shit all over Mick’s long hair lol. Woody would’ve fit right in and probably read Kerouac nonstop while they all tripped acid & come up with all his little Strummerisms (“you’ve got to wear shoes with pointed toes so you know which way you’re going”) Paul would’ve painted psychedelic imagery all over the bus and he’d have loved San Francisco and all the art museums! He would’ve hated the clothing, though. And Topper would probably have been a lot less aggressive and because he’s so small Paul would’ve always stuck flowers in his hair, but Battersea would always go on tour with them and they wouldn’t have all bought into the hypermasculinity aspect of punk so they’d all have stayed friends on the last few tours. But then again, their music probably would’ve sucked haha, so it’s better as is

(Feel free to fact check/correct me though, since most of what I know about Beatniks comes from a documentary I saw, and it’s all 60s-focused)

I can’t believe I hadn’t gotten around to posting this. I bought this adorable button a couple of weeks ago, and I knew I had to share it. Because it’s Mimikyu. And we all love Mimikyu right? It’s probably the closest I’m going to get to Mimikyu merchandise for a while, and the art is great, so money well spent!

I believe the artist is @chrisvales, but I could be wrong. There were two artists listed, so feel free to correct me if I got the wrong one. But I wanted to properly credit the artist for this great purchase.

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10, 16, 33, 59

Yay! Hi you!

10:do you sleep on your back, side, or stomach?

Belly sleeper. Al. ways. I can fall asleep on my side sometimes, but I’m a belly sleeper by preference. It was such a BITCH while I was pregnant, and a friend said that I’d probably never be a belly sleeper again, but man the *instant* I was able to flop over on my front again I was right back there.

16:what’s your favorite pasta dish?

Plain. Plain with butter and garlic and cheese. I’m not a sauce girl when it comes to pasta. I might make an exception for a really exceptional carbonara, because it’s mostly a cheese and bacon delivery system, but usually it’s just plain pasta. Maybe throw some sliced kielbasa on for funsies.

33:what’s your fave pastry?

I… why do you hurt me like this? Cheese danishes. I will knock you out and crawl over your unconscious body for a really good cheese danish. 

59:what’s your favorite myth?

“Don’t be silly, you’re not sleeping on the couch. We can both share the bed like reasonable adults.”  Because it’s a total myth. No they can’t. And I loooooooove it. But if we’re talking classical myths… probably one of those weird Norse ones like when Freya was so pissy about being asked to marry someone she didn’t care for that her veins swelled up and broke her necklace. Because dude, I’ve been that mad.

// Oh the things I think about while up at 1am :

Ray: Don’t you yell at Slimer!”

Peter: I’m not yelling…I’m trying to emphasize why I’m right…

Ray: Leave the ghost baby alone….

Peter: What did you call the spud?

Ray: Ghost baby…

This has probably happened before….but ehh….back to the drawing board

McCree drinks from the pot and nothing will convince me otherwise. Also he’s a grouch in the morning and can’t function unless he downs the entire pot. BLACK. LIKE A MAN

But not that he likes it black but because he literally c a n n o t in the morning.

@senpai-mccree For your morning coffee talks

Whew! Finally finished this little animation I’ve been working on of Sans vs Chara! :) I pretty much have no experience in animating things…. So this was really hard…. And it’s really sketchy, but I hope you enjoy it anyway!


*I didn’t know english dogs bark, so I asked a friend how russian dogs sound
*now toby dogfox barks russian
*It’s not wrong, it’s just my headcanon!

*(also everyone send me dogpuns for the next chapter pls)

first (of the fancomic) <-> next


*This is a fancomic of @tratserenoyreve webcomic THE THOUGHT. You should probably check it out since this comic continues from page 40 of theirs!. And also Trat is awesome.  

*(Undertale and sprites belong to Toby Fox!
Also thanks to @eagleofmars for advice he!)