We had to do something that Friday night [when “The Five Doctors” aired]. I was devastated. I thought I was going to pass out.
—  David Tennant (“The Five Doctors” Commentary)
Day 2: Two Favorite MVs/Two Favorite Songs (part 1)

Nothing’s Over

Oh my god. Here we go. Day 2.

The reason why I chose Nothing’s Over is mainly because of how imperfectly perfect it is. I’ll elaborate.

Everyone knows the basic storyline: There’s a guy jamming out to his favorite song when suddenly, someone out of view throws a ring at him, which hits his head and manages to fall onto the spinning record. Cue the sadness that overwhelms our poor main character. He’s moping around, because this was probably the person of his dreams! You saw how happy he was, you saw his excited smile, the way he was bopping along to the music as if everything was right in the world…. until his dreams were crushed. As the music video goes on, there’s always some other person with our main character, trying to comfort him. 

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