The Mini-Rant About YA

Please note, all my comments have to do with a specific set of YA, mostly composed of female authors. I haven’t read male authors John Green or Cory Doctorow, so I have no idea if the YA they write is good or not.

Just sayin’.

Also, I’ve set my timer for 15 minutes. Publishing whatever I write in that time.

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i think that everybody is wonderful, every single detail of every person is wonderful. even if they’re a serial killer, a thief, or even mitt romney, there is just different things about every person that is so fantastic, it makes everything else about them fantastic too.
every person that i sincerely despise is completely wonderful, why?  they all have  millions of details about them that you don’t know, they all have secrets, lies they’ve told, people they love, something they believe in, stuff that they wish would happen, ect. and that is the wonderful. 
i would love to learn every detail about every person and just think about those details and how amazing it is that every person is a person with thoughts and feelings and wow.

So I have a theory…I’m sure we can all agree that the two most powerful Timelord inventions were The Moment and the TARDIS. As we learned in “The Parting of Ways,” TARDISes contain the time vortex. Now it was said that The Moment developed a conscious because it was so powerful, but we don’t really have all that much information on how it was so strong, all we know is that it was basically a huge bomb. So what if the power behind The Moment was in fact the Time Vortex? It would make sense for the Timelords to have used the same energy for two of their greatest devices. And, what if the conscious was created when Rose looked into the vortex, becoming the Bad Wolf? That would mean that the embodiment of the conscious the war Doctor communicated with was, in one way or another, the BAD WOLF!

Fed up of constantly worrying about my weight, I just want one day where I’m content and happy with the way my body looks. It’s takes me ages to mentally prepare myself to leave the house before college or when I’m meeting up with people and it usually ends up with me crying before leaving the door because I am so self-conscious and despise every inch of my body. None of my friends seem to understand either, I mention how I’m feeling and the usual reply is “Just deal with it, it can’t be that bad” also got told that it seems like I put it on for attention. Yes, because that’s the kind of thing I would put on, constantly being nervous to walk into a crowd of college students because I think that they’re looking at me and judging me and seeing me how I see myself. Yeah, great love that feeling.

I just do not get this cyber bullying shit. I know that if I was getting cyber bullied I would delete whatever I was getting bullied on. It just seems so simple to me. I don’t understand how people can take their own life just because someone who you’ve never met, who you probably never will meet, who is sitting behind a computer screen is telling you things that aren’t even true. I’m not saying these people who have deserved what they’ve gotten, I feel deeply for them and their family and friends. It just seems silly to me that people get so upset over things that are said to them by someone who is a pussy and can’t say is to their face, resulting in them being much lower than the person they are bullying in the first place.

hm just to clarify: latin america is NOT happy as a petty vengeance for the tour. we’re just supposing that’s the reason why they cancelled the tour. it’s a damn good reason to cancel a tour and chris not making public appearances and what made we mad when they first postponed/cancelled the tour was that we didn’t know why.
again: we’re as sorry and sad as any of you an our hearts, prays and good thoughts are certainly with the martin family

Everyone is full of shit. We try to convince each other as well as ourselves that we aren't selfish human beings. We say things to convince the other to believe that their best interest is above our own. But really, it's not them who we want to believe such things, it's ourselves. Despite what we say or do, society has molded everyone into being selfish. At the end of the day, you think of yourself and what's best for you.

so like does anyone wanna do this with me:

muse a is a gym enthusiast who goes to the gym daily and is known by everyone. they like to take care of them-self and loves their body. muse b is a new girl to the town and her first day at the gym means that other guys are hoarding around her, and getting in her way and asking her if she needs help because she’s a girl. and muse a saves muse b from the annoying guys, because the noise is annoying them and they want to work-out in peace. but muse b asks if muse a will help them workout because muse b isn’t sure what things to use for the specific workout they want.

could m/f or f/f yo.

  • What she says:I'm fine.
  • What she means:The ending of Teen Beach movie 2 just doesn't add up. If Leila did end up re writing her movie so she would be the leading star and have the movie itself named after her then why hasn't the present been that changed. How is the present movie making business doing? I mean after all, at that time in history, it was so surprising at the idea of a woman having that big of a role. The movie industry would be greatly different. She had that affect unless her movie didn't make it that popular. But why wouldn't it? It's movie filmed during the 50s and 60s with a female leading role. It had to had an affect in Hollywood.
madamepika replied to your post:it’s kind of funny to see the pokeani fandom’s…

It’s been a while since pokeani had any real competition. There is a part of me that wondered if at any stage pokeani had the power to be the next Doraemon or Mickey Mouse.

Yeah, pokeani’s certainly a strong anime, but its ratings have progressively decreased as the anime series has continued, which means it has slowly worn off, so now would be the time for another series to succeed it and youkai watch has in the ratings. I don’t know about the pokemon anime’s popularity in the US or other western countries, but I do know for a fact that it’s not popular at all in Ireland. Now, I don’t know how well youkai watch will do over here, particularly due to some of its humour, such as toilet humour, that tends to be cut out of dubs… 

Still, I think it has potential in other areas. A lot of its youkai and their themes are very universal, little mannerisms about people that have universal responses. 


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I love surrealism, I can’t stand dadaism, and I…

I like finding meaning in bizarre things regardless of authorial intent. I mean, I understand the differences between the two movements, but I gain similar amusement from both, if that makes sense.

Makes perfect sense :)

And I can objectively understand why people like Dadaism, especially for the humour of it. But for me, Dadaism (especially Dadaist art) is … itchy? tickly? It;s like those tags they put on the inside of underwear waistbands that do nothing but irritate me.

And my love of surrealism comes from the same place as my corpsey goodness tag and my love of Weird Fiction. A deliciously comfortable sense of otherness.