And while we’re on the subject of baggage, I hate that entire concept. Please never be with anyone who sees your trauma, mental state, trust, or otherwise previous pains as an inconvenience to them. That’s all baggage really means. An inconvenience. You are an inconvenience to no one and your feelings are valid. Don’t let them be played off as baggage.

probably seriously unpopular opinion under the cut, but like, i’ve been in a rant kinda mood lately and it’s starting to spill out.  whatever.  JUST AN OPINION. NOT A FUCKING ATTACK ON PEOPLE THO.

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does anyone else get rly annoyed when the phandom relate anything dan and phil do to phan like ‘omg theyre looking at eachother phan is real how gay are they bc who looks at eachother when they’re talking to someone am i right????!!!!’ or something ridiculous like that like will u shut up and give them some bloody space already


For the record, this is super creepy to me. Also, she told Dexter to “just say it”, why doesn’t she go “hey Dexter, I have a crush on you?”

I feel like this is a version of the “friendzone” bullshit. She’s acting sweet and like his friend in the hopes that he’ll become aware that she’s interested in him without her having to do anything herself. It’s Not Healthy– not because Dexter is doing anything wrong by asking her for advice and then being interested in Raven, but because Cupid doesn’t want to risk rejection and getting over her crush by actively putting herself out there.

It’s established that she knows Dexter has a crush on Raven. She either needs to woman up and get over him, or woman up and tell him she likes him so he can either accept or reject her interest. If, after that he’s still obliviously asking her for advice, that would make him a jerk. But as it is, he has no way of knowing and Cupid’s being creepy and immature.

Some Thoughts on Iemitsu

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I feel the need to point out that Iemitsu is not, in any way, a scumbag. Yeah, he’s kind of a dick, but it’s not him just being a jerk pointlessly. He’s not just being an asshole to be an asshole.

I know Amano makes us forget that this is a manga about the mafia (well, her own messed up, caricature of the mafia, at least), but Iemitsu is one of those pieces that has always been a reminder of that. Sure, he shows up and is comically funny sometimes and a drunkard, but besides that, we’ve learned that he’s pretty hardcore. It’s what I like about him — Iemitsu is one of the few things in this manga that actually recalls some actual seriousness with this whole mafia business. 

He’s not going to pamper and hold his son’s hand through everything. Obviously, if that’s the way he was, he wouldn’t have been absent for so much of the kid’s life. No. Everything Iemitsu does, he does because he wants his son to survive. He knows that the way Tsuna is now, with how forgiving and naive he is, will get him killed in a world like Iemitsu lives in (and you know, he probably feels quite a lot of guilt for Tsuna getting dragged into this whole mess anyways; it’s not like he had a kid and thought YAY, I’M GONNA RAISE A FUTURE MAFIA BOSS. No, I don’t think that’s the case at all, especially considering Tsuna wasn’t even the first in line for being the Vongola boss anyways). 

For Iemitsu, I think, it’s more of a ‘I’d rather he hate me and live’ than for Tsuna to love and respect him and end up dying because he wasn’t cut out for the world that it’s Iemitsu’s own fault for dragging him into (even if he can’t help whose blood he has). It’s not exactly ideal parenting, obviously, but if he was a scumbag, he’d have broken Tsuna’s watch when he had a chance the first time. If he was a scumbag, he’d have just let Colonello fire without warning, not given Tsuna a minute to make his choice. 

It’s tough love, but I think that’s exactly what Tsuna needs. And sure, Tsuna’s angry right now, and doesn’t understand any of what’s going on, but I’m pretty sure in the end, he’ll get it. And he’ll come out a much better person because of it, too. 

i’m not a supporter of gay marriage but I think if we’re going to be honest, the sanctity of marriage has taken a backseat for a long time in this country long before this decision. the prominence of divorce and the glorification of adultery and fornication are just as damaging to the sanctity of marriage and the family. people love reading or watching fiction about adulterous love affairs, trysts, bizarre love triangles, etc. People fantasize about these things and it has been a trend in our culture for many years now. Don’t act like the problem with how this culture values marriage is something new, the problem started in your first marriage before your last two divorces when you were sitting at home reading your trashy romance novel instead of spending quality time with your spouse and kids. This really isn’t anything new, the gov. just put its stamp on what we’ve already done to our own culture years ago. I don’t know why everyone is so shocked because I’m not. just sayin’

you know what tbh

i think its okay to ship and role play irl celebrities n stuff like that

but like

just make sure u keep that shit to yourself

don’t tweet them weird shit, don’t dm them a link to ur fan fiction, don’t be rude and tell them about ur ship if you ever meet them. KEEP THAT SHIT TO YOURSELF and remember that they’re actual people AND BE FUCKING RESPECTFUL

I don’t normally replace my original mental image of a book character with an actor who played them, but Paterson Joseph IS the Marquis de Carabas now. In my head, anyway. The Marquis as played by him in the original TV series is just plainbetter than the Marquis I imagined when I read the book.  

Some people think this guy should be the next Doctor. I agree with them. 

(I’ve also adopted the headcanon that Hammersmith and Destruction of the Endless are one and the same.This too makes the book better and I regret nothing)

guys i don’t think you realize but you literally have to make your own m&g picture, or else they’re all gonna just smile/take a casual picture. you have to ask them to be funny, or do a certain pose. like, people forget that celebrities are human, sometimes. they have bad days, and they’re not always in the best moods. they’re expected to be so happy and jolly and overly nice to their fans all the time, and when they aren’t, they’re “rude” or they “hate their fans.” like, after 30 meet and greet pictures, anyone is bound to start looking somewhat uninterested and bored. it’s the harsh truth, but not every individual fan is special. stop being so self absorbed and realize that there are hundreds of other fans waiting for their pictures, too, all expecting the same perfect meet and greet picture that you are. that sounds really bitchy, but it’s the truth. that’s why you have to MAKE yourself special. ask for a certain pose, ask them to smile, ask them to be funny! don’t just expect them to look ecstatic in your picture, because there were probably 15-50 people before you expecting the same thing, and i can only imagine how exhausting that would get.

quackquackimaduckfuckyeah asked: What are down sides to being a Gryffindor?


Alright, serious time. I think Gryffindor gets a lot more shit than it should, from all the Houses. 

Everyone always says you shouldn’t bully Hufflepuffs or call them useless, but that’s exactly my point– when exactly do Hufflepuffs get bullied? Everyone defends them, and yes, I know that there are exceptions to this, and I’m not saying Hufflepuffs don’t have to deal with a lot. But I’m also saying that people’s first reaction to when Hufflepuff bullying is mentioned is to bash the other Houses.

And with Gryffindor… well, there are posts going around tumblr that say things like “Reblog if you’re a XXX”, and then there are links to the posts for the other Houses as well. If you actually look at the number of notes on each of them, you’ll notice the other Houses are usually well into the 30,000-40,000 range. Whereas the most I have ever seen on a Gryffindor post was 16,000. People say that Gryffindors make up too much of the Harry Potter fandom, but I really have to disagree.

Not only that, but a lot of people actually shame Gryffindors. Like those posts, where everything says “Not all Hufflepuffs are useless/Not all Slytherins are evil”, or whatever, Gryffindors is literally always “Not all Gryffindors are brave”, with a picture of Peter Pettigrew. Newsflash, he is NOT THE POSTER BOY OF OUR HOUSE!!! It’s canonically stated that the Sorting Hat sorts you based on what traits you VALUE, not the ones you POSSESS. And it explains a lot about certain characters– why Lockhart was a Ravenclaw, why Zacharias Smith was a Hufflepuff, why Goyle was a Slytherin (because I sincerely doubt it was his wit that got him there). So please, please stop making Pettigrew our House representative. I could direct you to many better examples– Harry Potter, for instance!

Speaking of Harry, a lot of people also call Gryffindors fake. They claim that we’re not actually brave or daring or we don’t have nerve or we don’t care about justice, but that we actually only claim to be Gryffindors because Harry and Co. are in Gryffindor. Well, have I got a surprise for you– some people actually do identify as Gryffindors. Me, for example! (Shocking, I know.)

I dunno, I don’t normally do serious rants like this…. but I needed to get it off my chest, y'know? Thanks for giving me the opportunity to vent :)