probably why i moved to london

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[text] Baby Lion misses auntie Millie and uncle Kitkit. I wish I could go back to London and see you lot, but I feel like it'd be the biggest jackass move and I'd rather him not hate me more than he probably does.

[text] I wish you could be here. It’s Sophie’s 21st tomorrow and it just doesn’t feel right that you won’t be here. I get why you want to keep away for a bit, but I also think it’s unfair that you can’t come home. It’s your city too, you know? And we miss you. If you’re still in the US next week, you can count on having a bonkers girls night with me. I’m doing Mardi Gras with Danneel but I’ll come see you if you’re still in LA 😚

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Share ten facts about yourself, then send this to your ten favorite followers (❁´◡`❁)*✲゚*

1. I wear glasses most of the time, but currently they are seriously scratched, so yay for not being able to see very well

2. My favorite book series is The Raven Cycle by Maggie Stiefvater

3. If I could move to London, I absolutely would in a heartbeat

4. I want to make short films so badly.

5. I have a family of cacti, each with their own names, yet highly appreciate when people buy me fake plants….I’m not so good at remembering to water the cacti…

6. Animation is so fascinating to me, which is probably why I prefer animated tv shows.

7. I’ve probably said this one before but if I could wear just sweaters and overalls for the rest of my life I 100% would.

8. I have really bad anxiety, so whenever it really affects me, I tend to watch Game Grumps or Steven Universe to feel a bit better.

9. I actually really love musicals! If I could act in one of them, a dream role would be Millie from Thoroughly Modern Millie or to be Veronica from Heathers. It’s very unlikely, but I can still dream :)

10. My favorite game franchise is either Legend of Zelda or Nancy Drew Games (both entirely different I realize, but I love them a lot).

Thank you so much for tagging me, you are wonderful!

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Is your main source of income YouTube ? Is it enough to sustain you ? Because you travel alot and London is an expensive place (Totally ok if you don't want to answer May be a but too invasive a question sorry ) Love your personality and your voice btw💜 you seem like a beautiful human being

The money you earn on YouTube as a cover artist is piss poor, because publishers claim all your covers and the ads you see make money for the artist/songwriters of the song. If I weren’t doing covers, with the views I get each month I could probably live happily and stress free off YouTube adsense but that just isn’t the case for me, but I know that i’m 21, all my friends around me who have just come out of uni are in exactly the same position. In London, soooo many people live month to month, it’s a tough city to live in. The entire reason why I was able to move to London was thanks to the maintenance loan that you get given by the government if you go to uni, and in my second year I worked a couple different jobs, stopped wasting money on going out and saved saved saved because I knew I wanted to drop out(which meant no more loan). The flat i’m currently in is a two bed flat with a lounge, which we turned into my bedroom so we sacrifice having a communal space for paying less rent. 

As well as all that, every month I write down how much money i’ve spent on things like food, clothes, petrol etc. etc. Seeing how much money i’m spending is a pretty good way of curbing any excessive spending habits you might have. I hardly ever buy clothes or things I don’t really need because I know when it comes to totalling up my money at the end of the month i’ll feel so guilty for spending money that I would have preferred to save and spend on things like trips away for the weekend. 

On that note, regarding travelling, it’s not too hard to have a cheap trip if you really want to and if you plan it properly. I put money away every single month specifically for travelling, because I know it’s such a worthy experience, and I would prefer to spend £200 on a trip to somewhere in Europe than on a bunch of clothes. Stay in a hostel, book flights with ryanair, book flights super super last minute or very far in advance, go in low season, stay in an airbnb where you stay in a room rather than renting out the entire place, buy your currency well in advance or when the exchange rate is good. There’s so many little things you can do to get the cost down. I don’t know where you are from, but travelling within Europe really isn’t too expensive compared with travel within America. I can go to Dusseldorf in Germany and back with Easyjet for £60! As well as that, as a YouTuber I am very fortunate that companies will host events and fly me out to attend, for example vidcon last year paid for my flights there, so I decided rather than going to LA just for vidcon, I would get a flight back 2 weeks later. That meant that all I had to cover was the cost of staying out in LA. My trip last year to Berlin with my friend(not for the songwriting camp in December) was done on such a budget, I think in total we spent £150 each on travel there and staying in a hostel. 

I’m not going to talk openly about my own income, you never know whose going to take it out of context and use it. If you were off anon or in person I would be happy to chat. My points above are just to show that living in London/travelling is manageable if you know how to be smart with money and are willing to sacrifice on some things to gain in other areas :) 

Thats it im moving to Finland and it has absolutely nothing to do w getting out of the country that contains my manager 

ok thats exactly why but at least im taking executive actions here, eh?

I really do wanna travel on my own though, I wonder if i will be able to do it one day w out completely feeling overwhelmed and ugly, I really think im on the right path to taking on such an excursion. Im going to go to Italy and the Netherlands and London and Spain and I will probably come home so fat and broke but perhaps not as obsessed w my manager and ill have some kind of a new outlook on life and ill be able to meet my husband and settle down and pop out a few babes and everything will fall right into place

but actually ill probably be like 40 years old by the time this all happens and my uterus will be dusty and hostile and unable to produce viable eggs to make my own children so ill have to hire a surrogate and get a sperm donor and how much u wanna bet that the sperm donor will be my manager and then ill have his baby but like w out ever getting a piece of that 

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❝ for which f are you drinking? fuck, forget, or fun? ❞

“probably the last two unless you want to have sex with me right now,” he muttered - more like slurred because his head was beginning to spin. jeonghan was about to take another shot only to pause before the glass touched his lips. “you know what? hold that thought. i’ll have to think about that one thoroughly. as thoroughly as i can think right now, anyway.”

he downed the last shot, and carelessly put the glass back on the table. he just moved into a flat in london, and wondered why he thought it would be a good idea to invite over chanyeol - or as their friends liked to call him, chonyal - of all people. “then again, our lives are already fucked. who knew graduating could do that to you?”


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I mean, I love Italy so much. You know Gino D,Campo? He's amazing and I love him, he's always talking about Italy which makes me want to go there. I also love the accent!

Mmh I’ve actually never heard of him haha But I searched him up and saw that he’s a chef who moved to London when I was only 2yo so that’s probably why I don’t know him haha 
Italy is a wonderful place, really! I mean, I’m probably being biased but there is not a place or city here in Italy that it’s not worth to see I don’t know if this sentence is grammatically correct or if it even make sense but I literally just woke up haha 
As for the accent, I don’t know, I think I have a terrible accent when I try to speak English or any other language… I don’t like it :/ 
Anyway, if you want to come I’ll gladly welcome you lol I mean I’m probably not as good as Gino D’Acampo in terms of cooking, but I’m pretty confident when it comes to some particular dishes haha still sorry for the bad English in this answer but my brain is still sleeping so I’m going to drink at least 3 coffees and start studying :(