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Strands- ch 2

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Hope you guys like the update! Ch 3 should be a bit more fun in terms of actual sherlolly goodness, so just hang in there. ;)

“Just the bride and groom please,” the photographer specified, prompting Sherlock to step aside and stop adjusting Mary’s hair where the veil was attached.

Molly smiled from where she stood on the sidelines as she observed the very slight lift in his own lips. He would definitely claim to find all of this tradition to be tedious and silly, but she also knew that he loved John and his new wife Mary. Their happiness was probably more important to him than his own. It was one of those things that wasn’t obvious to everyone, but she found incredibly endearing.

“Busy week eh?” Molly asked cheerfully as she approached and walked along with him toward the reception hall.

“Very, yes,” he agreed, offering a brief smile.

“I’m sure you’ve had your hands full with the um, wedding and everything. I didn’t mean to be calling so much. It was fine, I just went to a friend,” she said with a nervous giggle.

Sherlock’s gaze shot to her more directly.

“My friend Tom is a barber, but he’s pretty good with any hair,” she explained, unconsciously touching the simple updo to be sure the bow was still in place. “Helped me decide on a style for today.”

“Hm,” he hummed in response, eyes flitting over her head judgmentally. “I’m sure he did.”

“So,” Molly added, clearing her throat and hoping her blush would die down quickly, “I’m sure you’ve got quite a speech planned.”

“Mm, yes, that’ll be coming up far too soon.”

“Well, I mean, if you want to bounce any ideas off someone or practice some of your-”

“Thank you, Molly, won’t be necessary,” he answered quickly, giving her arm a brief touch. “Got to be off, I think the bridal party are taking a few more pictures inside before we sit.”

“O-ok right, no problem,” Molly acknowledged with a smile, though he was already hurrying ahead to get inside.

Molly hesitated for a moment, trying to do her best to seem as if she was not staring after him when she was able to catch some of the conversation of the two bridesmaids behind her.

“Yours looks brilliant as well,” one of them drawled. “God, that man’s hands are magic!”

“You can say that again,” the other laughed. “I was so disappointed when he finished my hair. Could have sat there happily for hours!”

“And he’s single,” the first one replied.

“Well that’s good for you then, isn’t it? You know what they say, Janine- maid of honor and the best man,” she teased.

“Certainly worth a try,” Janine agreed, her smile audible. “He seems like a tough one, but who knows?”

Molly walked further to one side, allowing the chatting women to pass her and continue on. She sighed to herself as she watched them and their perfectly styled shining tresses saunter happily into the reception hall. She fully prepared herself to see Sherlock Holmes walking out later that night with Janine, and she tried to remind herself that she certainly couldn’t blame him.

As she took her seat not far from the head table, Molly thought how it seemed a lifetime ago, that Inspector Greg Lestrade had stood in her morgue and related the strangest story to her. He told her how he’d been called to a high end salon because of a break in, but was surprised upon arriving to find that one of the stylists, the one and only Sherlock Holmes, had already figured out who the culprit was. And it turned out he was right!

At the time Molly had been impressed, but it wasn’t till Greg confessed that he had continued going regularly to get his hair cut there because Sherlock had proven to be invaluable when it came to confounding crimes. In fact, the stylist enjoyed hearing about the crimes Lestrade was solving so very much, that he refused to charge him. Lestrade insisted on leaving a tip, but it seemed that for Sherlock Holmes it was hardly the money that mattered.

Lestrade’s continued tales prompted Molly to finally make her own appointment. And heaven help, it only took one simple haircut…one haircut to know that she never wanted to go elsewhere.

Did he tend to be tactless, and even rude, at times? Certainly. But Molly was nothing short of thrilled by his wit and brilliance. He was a wonderfully unique man in many ways, and that made up for the occasions when she considered giving him a firm smack upside the head. As did the fact that she could see very clearly that he was not the wholly the arrogant git he played so well. He was far more.

And she had to admit that she’d fallen completely in love with him.

“Hey, nicely done,” Greg told Sherlock with a firm handshake.

“The evening is over now and I believe that’s the real success,” Sherlock replied. “The bride and groom are off and all went remarkably smoothly. That is, aside from the fact that the photographer had to be arrested for attempted robbery in the coat room.”

“Right, yeah,” Greg agreed, coloring a bit at the mention of the crime which he had to be told to deal with. “Good catch on that one. Glad I was there to call for backup and having him carted away. Oh and hey, you got through that speech pretty well too, even without Molly helping!”

Sherlock frowned. “Molly?”

“Well yeah, she figured you’d need a bit of help since speeches and weddings and things ‘aren’t your area’. Really wanted to give you a hand, but I guess your schedule was pretty tight this past week.” He clapped Sherlock on the shoulder. “Nice job pulling it off on your own.”

Greg said something after that about grabbing a late drink with the maid of honor and he bid Sherlock goodnight. But he wasn’t paying too much attention to the inspector by then. At that point Sherlock was trying to process this unexpected information. He’d known that Molly had been trying to get a hold of him repeatedly leading up to the wedding, but he’d assumed it had been about her and her needs. He hadn’t realized…it had all been about him. Somehow, she’d known that this whole thing was going to be difficult for him and had tried to reach out to help.

Sherlock released a deep exhale, shutting his eyes and sliding fingers through his hair. He felt like a colossal idiot and an unfeeling git. He’d unwittingly shoved Molly and her good intentions aside once again. And all for what? All to ensure that these carefully constructed walls around him stayed intact and immovable. He couldn’t help be afraid for their stability when it came to her. Molly Hooper had a way of digging in deep; under the foundations to where there were weak spots, which he would then need to painstakingly reinforce once again. And sometimes it made him wonder…

Should he simply let go and let it all crumble to the ground?

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1. what is your most popular fic by kudos? comments? bookmarks? are they all the same?

kudos Proof Canon AU fake marriage where Bellamy and Clarke must marry to secure an alliance. This one has a lot to do with Clarke helping Bellamy recover from his trauma and learn to believe that he deserves love and happiness. Not slow burn. They get busy right away. And it causes problems.

comments Got You A series of interlinked story prompts set in canon AU after season 3. No second apocalypse. It’s mainly about how Bellamy is helping Clarke recover from her trauma and stop being afraid to love. Slow burn. A bit of angst in there that I think is why the comments are tops. Everyone freaked out. It was awesome.

bookmarks: The Air Is Fine Up Here This is an Ark AU set 5 years after the show, but in a world where The Ark’s air system is fine. It’s the political environment that is destructive. Second children are not illegal they are just shunned. Clarke is a doctor with an illegal clinic in Factory, and she meets Bellamy because he is doing gladiator fights to earn money to support Octavia. It’s pretty plot heavy. It was nominated for a best Ark AU on bellarke fanfiction awards a couple years back, so it was my most popular for a long time, but the others have caught up.

2. do you have a favorite of your fics? if not, do you have one you’re most proud of? why?

Coming Home, which is a modern AU with a divorced Clarke and professor Bellamy, where she comes back to her college town and discovers who she is again surrounded by her friends. So it’s got some themes of the show. I wanted to think about what kind of “apocalypse” would be that devastating in the real world. So I made it this kind of divorce/abuse thing. But it’s not about the divorce, it’s all about the recovery. So it’s not personal at all. (okay it is. although it’s still entirely fictional, not a memoir in the slightest.) I’m also really proud of the bit of humor in this. 

3. what fandom/ship (if you write for more than one) is your favorite to write for?

The 100 Bellarke

4. do you have any fics that got more popularity/attention than you expected? if so what were they?

Contracting and Expanding, this weird little child birth fic that I wrote because I was frustrated that women and girls don’t seem to understand what childbirth is really like. Like it’s this kind of open secret, and it’s so romanticized sometimes. I added a second chapter to wrap it up over a year later. I’ve never really understood why it is one of my most popular one shots. 

5. where do you get your ideas/inspiration from? do you have a fic that you feel is particularly unique in that area?

I have a WAY different path to fanfiction than most of you. It wasn’t a thing when I was a kid. There was no internet. I started writing fantasy and science fiction when i was 15, but it was all original because I didn’t know of this concept. And there was certainly no community for it. Nowadays I think writers build their chops with fanfiction, explore, experiment. When I got to fanfiction, I’d already been through that stage and was taking my writing SO SERIOUSLY. Fanfiction let me get the fun back, and lowered the artificially high stakes that I had created in my head. Writing is so psychological and the writing process is basically a writer fighting the demons in their head in order to get words on a page. Fanfiction was like a big FU to my demons, because I was going to enjoy writing again.

Most of my writing inspiration comes out of my history, my reading, my curiosity, my questions. Me. I’ve been such a Fantasy/Scifi geek for so long though, that a lot of it is based on that. Fanfiction, though, allowed me to write general fiction, without the pretension of literary fiction, which going to school for English/Creative Writing had conned me into thinking was the only deserving writing (screw you academia.) Ha. I actually wrote about Clarke as a professor and Bellamy as a student in Academic. Be aware, I was not an academic. I got out of college and started waiting tables so I could be a writer/artist. Ha. Like in The Arkadias/Just Having Fun Clarke/Bellamy povs for the same story. Okay. So my inspiration either comes out my real life or out of my scifi/fantasy reading. Or wish fulfillment and my love of fake marriage tropes ala The Carriage House.

6. do you have a favorite character to write POV for?

honestly it alternates between Bellamy and Clarke. I suppose I might have more from Clarke’s pov. I’ve never checked.

7. what’s your favorite sidepairing to include?

Raven and Wells maybe. I don’t do too many side pairings. I’m more into the platonic friendships.

8. do you have a fic you feel is underrated in comparison to your other fics? or you just wish more people would read?

Maybe Moonshine. Because I turned it into an original novel that I’m still working on and I really like it, but I can’t blame anyone because I left it unfinished it when I decided to adapt it. But it’s like a preview of my novel.

9. what’s something you would go back and change in one of your fics?

I think I did go back and change an Echo ex Bellamy girlfriend to Gina. 

Oh wait. I would have made everyone older in The Valley, part 1. It started out as a soulmate HS witches AU, but I tried to explain the sharing skin marks and it got pretty dark and very sexual. It’s the most sexual of all my fics, and I think it’s a little icky that she’s only 18. I like the concept but the HS thing was a mistake. Just like I don’t think I should try for writing smut, I also don’t think I should try for YA fic. I’m just not a YA writer. Or maybe it was the wrong story to try on. I had to drop that story. It went down a path that was more complicated than anticipated.

10. what is your favorite sort of comment to receive on a fic?

It’s kind of cool when people take quotes from the work and talk about what they meant or how they affected them.

11. what are your favorite genres of fic to write? (e.g. modern au, hurt/comfort, fluff, angst, etc.)

oh, sometimes I feel the need for Modern AU fluff ( a lot actually) but my favorite is probably Science Fiction, like not post apocalyptic, but space.

12. what are your favorite tropes to write?

Hands down, fake marriage/dating. Canon AU. Modern AU. Space AU. I’ve got a fake marriage for all. I’ve got a MULTI FIC fake marriage for all. And I’m not sorry.

13. do you write fics similar to what you enjoy reading or completely different? both?

The science fiction and the canon au is similar to what I used to enjoy reading IRL. But I’m in a phase of reading very gentle fiction. Fluff and easy reading. Comfort reading, so what I mainly read in my fanfiction is modern AU fluff fics.

14. what’s your writing process like?

My fic writing is a lot less planned out that my original novel writing. Probably because I already have the characters straight in my head and if I’m doing canon, I have the world too. 

So what happens is I get an idea that excites me. It starts spinning around in my head and I want to see what would happen if I put Clarke and Bellamy in that world. Sometimes I have an idea about where it ends up. Sometimes I don’t have any idea (except for Bellamy and Clarke always get together, but i may not know how.)

Then I go with the inspiration and write furiously for however long. When I’m posting a chapter every day or three? That’s this phase. Then I hit a snag. I’ve run out of inspiration or doubts have infiltrated my story or I don’t know where the plot goes next or life has gotten messy and ruined my focus, or maybe the story just got complicated and I need to work out the snag. My pace slows down. I start taking on other projects, writing or otherwise. I figure out the snag and work my way back into the story (or occasionally) I decide that story is either too complicated and drop it, or I decide that I’ve actually finished the story and need to wrap it up. 

15. multi-chapter, oneshot, or drabble?

Multi-chap. At heart, I’m a novelist and I have a hard time not thinking about how the tropes got to be the way they were in the story, so I build a world around them and create things to make them more logical or deal with cause and effect. And I also have a hard time leaving short stories the way they are, without continuing with what comes next. Sometimes when I read one shots or drabbles, I really don’t understand how the fic writers can simply not write what comes next. How do you keep yourself from continuing? My urge is to keep exploring the characters, story and world. I have finished multichaps that I could keep going with, but I have moved on to other stories.

16. if someone was only going to read one of your fics, which would you want them to read?

That’s a hard one. I think each one has something different to offer and I like them all. I put so much effort into the multichaps so I’m going to stick with one of those and pick the one I’m writing right now. Into Eden. It’s a space colonist AU and is turning out to be my longest fic ever and I think I’d count it as a novel. It will have a beginning, middle and an end, and there’s quite a bit of world building and conflict. It’s a fake marriage/mail order bride where Bellamy is the bride. If I can take a trope and put my personal spin on it so it’s a unique story, that’s what I’ll do. And that’s what I am trying to do here.

i’m really bad at tagging and this is why i don’t often do these things. it gives me anxiety so I’m only tagging a couple and if i missed you and you want to do it, please pretend that I tagged you because I actually want to hear EVERYONE do this. I think this stuff is interesting and it’s always good to think about your writing and your process. @mareebrittenford @marauders-groupie @the-ships-to-rule-them-all 

for ease, the questions are copied blank, after the jump. (good idea kat)

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Something Else - Part 1

Pairing: Paul/George, mentions of Ringo/George, Ringo/Paul, John/Paul, John/Brian, Paul/Brian

Rating: PG- 13 (rating will probably change)

Set in: 1964

Summary: Paul and George try something else and it unleashes all kinds of emotions.

Disclaimer: I do not own The Beatles and this is fiction. I do not make money from this.

Author’s note: I was writing this one day when I had a bit of a writer’s block and decided to write this as a way of getting past it and a way to practise different ships. It worked, and I liked where this was going so I kept it. It will be a short series of only a few (probably three or four) parts. I don’t know where it’s going yet, so I’m just as curious as you are. I’m just writing what comes up in my head. After this is done, I will start posting the stipper starrison fic alongside the other multi-chapter fic. I will post this regularly.

The first time Paul had ever thought of  George in a more than friendly fashion, happened during a gig. It had been as embarrassing as it could have been. He was sharing a mic with George as John sang the lead, but that hadn’t been anything special. But it had been… sort of. George had been standing so close, with a large radiant smile on his face, his brown eyes twinkling with excitement as the crowd went wild, screaming their names and fainting, the idea of finally seeing their idols on stage in real life being too much for them to handle. They had been standing so close Paul had felt the lad’s breath on his face, and the heat radiating off his body. Their faces had been only inches away as they sang into the mic, Paul would only have to lean in a little, or do as much as fall and they’d be touching. Their lips would be. 

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One Author - One Rec

Klaroline Positivity Week


So, one of the things I’ve decided to do for Klaroline Positivity Week is spreading some appreciation towards all the amazing Klaroline writers we have in our fandom. The problem is (it ISN’T really a problem, quite the opposite actually) that we have so so MANY talented people around, naming all of them and their works would take me around 84 years.

So know that you are all amazing and I’m truly sorry if I’ve forgotten about someone. I probably love pretty much everything you write but here, I’ll just fangirl over one piece of your work, whether it was a multi-chap story, a drabble or a few-parter.

Let’s begin!

*no particular order

**this is in no way a full representation of our fandom’s writers and I have this horrible feeling that I’ve forgotten someone important. Please feel free to add to that list to keep the love going :)

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