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I had a dream last night that there was an alternate version of 5/4 and it was 2D and Murdoc singing it, and in the music video that went with it they were sharing a mic and they looked so passionate about it but I couldn’t take it seriously because Murdoc was just shouting “SHE TURNED MY DAD ON.”

First of all, sorry if I’ve submitted here before, as I honestly don’t remember (haha very funny brain).

So I’ve got nearly all of the inattentive symptoms and four or five hyperactive/impulsive and because most of them occur every day, I have reason to believe I have ADHD. My mom has noticed that something is obviously going on, and has actually said, “Do you have ADHD or something?” And I want to say yes!!!! I probably do!!!!

But whenever I mention difficulties I’m having (I legit cannot feed myself full meals half of the time), she’ll just call it bullshit and wave it off. I even wrote a detailed letter about it to my parents but I haven’t given it to them yet. I think. Oops.

My dad has pretty much stayed out of this and been pretty chill, but when I’m having obvious difficulty completing a task or I’m late out the door for the millionth time, he snaps and tells me to just do it, wake up early, clean the kitchen floor, just get it done. He can’t see that that’s the problem. And because I once described him as tough but fair, which he usually is, he’ll hold that against me when I’m upset at him, asking if I hate him or something. I don’t, but I can’t say I’m upset at him without sounding like I do.

Basically, my parents think I just need to get off my ass and put in the work. They probably won’t believe I have ADHD because when my brain cooperates, I can breeze through classwork like nothing else. I’m in advanced classes, and since I skipped a grade all of my classes are ahead anyways. But when it won’t, they think I’m lazy because of the high standards I’ve inadvertently set for myself.

Outside of school there are issues, too, and I don’t know how to get them to see that. The letter I wrote may never make it out of the envelope because I’m so anxious about giving it to them, and this is after looking through your advice in the parent tag (that’s you guys, right?). So this is pretty much a cry for help. Thank you for answering.

I want to encourage you to give the letter to your parents. And then hold firm. Tell them that you want to be assessed for ADHD/learning disabilities and that you are really struggling. Tell them that you are doing your best and don’t know what to do differently to make it better, and you want to know if it’s this and then access the kind of help that will actually help.

And then come back here and tell us you did it, and we will all tell you how proud we are of you, because that’s what we do here.


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I feel bad for Zarah because I feel like she may feel useless because she isn't really close to any of them except Alli. And then poor Will doing his best but it nothing is working. Why can't these poor smol beans be happy? Why can't the gods help them and be like "here let's deliver this baby for you and you won't be stressed or feel a thing." And ahh it seemed happy for a moment then sad again.

I believe it’s called the eye of the hurricane.
But yes, Zarah probably does feel pretty useless, besides comforting Alli.

Never mind all these beautiful historical dramas I want a modern day sit com about the Romantic poets like

  • Byron, Shelley, and Keats are roommates.
  • Byron is constantly a dick and Keats is constantly like “fight me” and Shelley is constantly exasperated. 
  • “I swear to God, George, if you even think about fighting him-”
    “Well he asked me to.” 
    “He’s also five feet tall.” 
  • Felicia Hemans lives across the hall from them and everyone thinks she’s really sweet because she bakes a lot and dresses conservatively but she is constantly lowkey throwing shade at everyone. 
  • Byron hates her because she’s better than him at everything. 
  • Mary Wollstonecraft also lives in their building and owns a lot of t-shirts with feminist slogans on. 
  • Every time she bumps into Shelley in the hallway he asks whether her daughter is coming to visit any time soon. He is much less subtle about it than he thinks he is. 
  • Byron frequently gets into flame wars with people on the internet. 
  • “George it’s 3am why are you still awake?” 
    Someone was talking shit about Pope.”
    “Not again.” 
  • At this point, Keats and Shelley have a script they can run through every time they open the door to a crying person asking why Byron never called them back. 
  • A running joke in which there is a loud noise every time someone says Shelley’s middle name correctly. 
  • Another running joke in which Byron and his sister constantly get mistaken for a couple. 

Stop with “he couldn’t leave no he is not leaving becos we are one” no if artists are not happy w the company, they motherfucking leave, nobody is going to stay just to fulfill a stupid selfish wish of an OT12 after all of this. That is the reality people have to accept. Sit down and let it sink in your skin, we support EXO not only as a group but also as 12 individuals with differences. An individual should have free rights to stay or leave. People need to respect whichever decision was made by Kris and stop filling up the issue with stupid comments.