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As much fun as people have talking about Danny getting the crap beaten out of him and hiding bruises and injuries, I’m not certain ghosts CAN be traditionally injured? At least in the context I’ve built up for Ghost Physics… Like, Danny is essentially injuring himself whenever he rips his face in half to dodge something, or when he forms a spectral tail. If you can atomize and reform your body with no consequence, then physical damage is almost meaningless.

Ghosts are very defined by self perception, so most can be convinced into thinking they’re physically injured and experience pain from it, but the only surefire way to hurt one is by targeting their ectosignature nervous system. Energy attacks seem to be most effective, maybe because the energy can travel through a ghost’s 4D connection to the GZ and stun their nervous system? Disrupting the 4D connection would also work well as a non-physical attack, or on the same note “hijacking” a ghost’s body by overriding the signal from their ectosignature and telling the mass to do something else (probably how the Fenton Thermos works)

Danny definitely gets bruises and injuries in human form, mostly from bullying, I’d imagine… I’m not sure if they’d heal at an accelerated rate on their own, but turning into Phantom or atomizing and reforming his human body could heal them instantly as well, so… Danny is terrifyingly unkillable? The most damage he’s gonna sustain from ghost battles is sleep deprivation and uhhhhhh probably PTSD

Shawn Jackson and Hasse Bernfield, better known as Whit and Slug.  These two are Nana’s adopted grandsons, and certified little shits– ESPECIALLY Whit.  Both of them have spent most of their lives on the planet too.

Whit came to the planet with their (rich) family to live in one of the colony.  They got their nickname because of the old Whitworth rifle they carried around: it’s a family heirloom and they would always brag that they would inherit it and use it one day.  They’re kind of annoying, 110% sass, and a joker.  It was them who told Nana all that dumb shit that she totally believes.

Slug’s parents died in a mining accident and he became a bit of an outcast in the community.  He wouldn’t let anyone near him and ended up bullying kids out of food and money.  When he tried to steal from Whit, an outcast in their own right, they became fast friends.  He got his name from his weapon of choice: the shotgun.

Also Whit is totally pining for Slug.

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It's taken me about 5400 years but I just realized that corruption was probably supposed to do something else to gems, it just didn't work because Pink wasn't there with the rest of the Diamonds when they sang the 'corruption song.'

Tfw you realize it was probably meant to shatter every gem, but it wasn’t strong enough without Pink, so it just … corrupted them all …..

Hey you, this is important

I’m sorry for interrupting your scrolling, but this is really important! 

 1. Please, drink some water and stay hydrated. 

 2. If you haven’t already eaten something, grab some fruit or something relatively healthy along with that glass o’ H20 

 3. If it’s really late/you haven’t slept, the tag you’re in will still be there after a nap. Sleep is important and I don’t need you missing out on it! 

 4. Open a window or go outside for a little bit. The fresh air could help clear your mind. 

 5. Try not to be on tumblr too much, there’s a whole world out there and there’s probably something else you could be doing.

 6. WORK ON AN ASSIGNMENT OR STUDY IF YOU’VE BEEN PROCRASTINATING! By putting it off until the last minute, you’re just going to get more stressed about it. 

 7. Take care of yourselves. That’s my #1 goal.

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I was wondering if you could come up with some prompts relating to polyamorous relationships please? :>

There are many kinds of polyamorous relationships and I wrote these with a triad where every character is in a relationship with the other two in mind, but some of them would probably work for different relationship structures as well. If you’d prefer something else, please let me know :)

  1. Characters negotiate the terms of the relationship.
  2. Character A feels jealous about Character B and Character C spending a lot of time together.
  3. Character A and Character B share a hobby and want Character C to get involved.
  4. Character A and B prepare a surprise for Character C.
  5. Characters organize a trip but one of them has to stay behind.
  6. Or Character A and Character B want to go on a trip just the two of them.
  7. Or one of the characters has to leave town for a while.
  8. One of the characters has to explain the relationship to someone else.
  9. Character A needs to get used to the fact that Character B and Character C each like different things.
  10. One of the characters want to bring another person into the relationship.
  11. One of the characters want out of the relationship.
  12. Character A gets an invitation for themselves and a +1. What will they do regarding their partners?
  13. Characters move in together and negotiate house chores.
  14. Characters discuss how to best celebrate holidays, because each has a different set of traditions.
  15. Someone accuses Character A of cheating on Character B, because they see A with Character C.
11 cool things you can do when sending requests to RPH blogs
  1. Read people’s WIDs. Seriously, people, it’s 2017. How have so many of us still not figured this out? On most RPH blogs, the WID is one of the most prominent links on the home page. Click it.
  2. Google it first. A good number of the questions I get are ones that I’m able to answer simply by throwing the question into my Google search bar. There are some nifty cheats here on how to get the results you want. It’ll be a time-saver for both you and the helper.
  3. Make sure you’re not asking a repeat question. Some blogs get a heck of a lot of asks, and sometimes they see the same ones popping up again and again. Check the blog’s tags, or use the /search/ function, to see if this helper has already answered the question or filled the request you want to send.
  4. Be specific. You want a guide on how to play a doctor? That’s nice, but there are tons of different types of doctors out there. You want an older version of a faceclaim? Well, I don’t know if you want someone five years older, or seventy years. Tell us in your ask.
  5. Don’t send duplicate requests for large tasks. You want a shoutout, an FC suggestion, someone to give you their opinion on your RP? Go nuts, crowdsource it around the block and back again, ask every helper on the site. But if you want a gif hunt, a guide, or a theme makeover? Send it to one person and one person only.
  6. Be polite. Look, I’m not one of those people who think that you have to say please and thank you or it is automatically rude. But at least use a tone that you’d use when talking to a human, not a machine. “Could you make a gif hunt of so-and-so when you find the time?” is fine; “Gif hunt of so-and-so.” is a slap in the face.
  7. Don’t use pet names. This varies from person to person, and some are fine with some pet names but not others. Personally, I’m fine being called ‘cupcake’ and ‘champ’, but every time someone calls me ‘honey’, ‘sweetie’, or, God forbid, ‘babe’, I wanna puke. Play it safe and just avoid the pet names.
  8. Be careful about your fan myopia. Not everyone watches the same TV shows, plays the same video games, and reads the same books as you. If you want a request for a particular fictional character, tell them which work the character is from, and accept the fact that some requests (like label help or bio writing) simply can’t be filled well by people who aren’t familiar with the work.
  9. Don’t use subjective descriptors. You want a faceclaim who’s “hot” or “cute”? Would you like a theme that’s “cool”? Maybe a character PSD that’s “fun”? Yeah, I’m not gonna be able to be much help. Those things are all 100% a matter of opinion, and the helper probably has different tastes than you. Give me something else to work with.
  10. Like or reblog the filled request. Come on, it is the absolute least you can do to show you appreciate the work. And, if you sent the request on anon and are too shy to like or reblog, lest they see the username and make the connection? Maybe pop back on anon and shoot them a thank you.
  11. Be patient. Helpers are people too. And people have things that occupy time in their lives - jobs, school, family, relationships, friends, health issues, other hobbies, pets to care for, books to read, shows to watch, meals to cook, events to attend, naps to take. Asking for a request to be filled quickly or demanding to know why something is taking so long is going to do nothing but get on a helper’s nerves.
they would understand - joji (nsfw)

    Prompt: Hi, could you maybe do one where the reader ties up george and teases him?!?

This is hella nsfw, so if you’re under 18, please don’t read this one

    You’ve been silently watching Joji all day, because you really don’t want to get in the way of his filming, especially as he seems so focused. He’d already been downstairs by the time you’d gotten up, and hadn’t left the area he’d set up in the living room of your place since then. It had crossed your mind he should probably eat something, but when Joji is in work mode, everything else around him just seems to melt away until he is satisfied with what he’s created. You can hear him getting frustrated, cursing loudly every time the way he says a line doesn’t come out how he’d wanted it to. It had been escalating throughout the day, and it was now nearly eleven at night. It now seemed every other line came out wrong. He was obviously exhausted, pushing himself too hard again. You knew that you were going to have to intervene before he got any more frustrated with himself, because it was easy to tell he was nearing the point where he’d grab the box of cigarettes he kept in his desk and throw them against a wall, so overcome with stress that he wouldn’t even have the presence of mind to smoke one.

    You had had the day off, and hadn’t gone out, opting instead to work on homework while waiting for George to finish up. Your hair is up messily and you’re comfortably lounging on the bed you share in one of the baby pink t-shirts George loves so much. You’d never even bothered to put pants on when you got up as it was pointless. You hear another bang from downstairs and hear Joji yell out again out of frustration. That was the final straw. He needed to calm down before he accidentally broke something. You slip out of your shared bedroom and down the stairs. He is standing in front of the living room wall, dressed in his Frank glasses and button down shirt. His face is red and sweaty and his hair is starting to slip out of place enough that he began to look a bit more like himself than Frank. He begins to start his rant again, but stumbles on another phrase. He plops down to the floor angrily, letting out another string of curse words.

    “Joji?” You call out quietly, as you walk down the steps. He looks up at you quickly and stands back up, forcing a smile.

    “Oh, hey y/n, I was just filming a rant video for the FilthyFrank channel. I’ll be done pretty soon, and then we can go and get something for dinner,” he says, trying to brush off his outburst as just part of the skit.

    “Joji, it’s eleven at night. You’ve been working on this all day, you need to take a break. Go eat something and come to bed. You can finish in the morning”

    “I have to finish this, I’m almost done,” Joji protests. He looks exhausted, he even droops a little where he stands. He sits down on his desk chair, still facing you. That’s when something catches your eye. George isn’t very neat, especially with his props, so you aren’t too surprised to see a pair of metal handcuffs just peeking out from under a pile of costumes, props, and notes. You reach out to grab them, being subtle as to not alert him as to what you are doing. He is still talking about his project, how it needed to be finished tonight, and how he’d be done soon. You move to stand behind him, taking his left wrist in your hand. “Y/N? What are you doing?” He asks suddenly when he hears the click of one of the cuffs. He reaches back with his other hand to try and grab for whatever made the noise, and you take the opportunity to lock the other cuff in place. He uses his free legs to spin his chair around to look at me.

    “Y/N, I need to finish this and I need these handcuffs for a cameo in one of Ian’s Content Cop episodes…I” Joji suddenly stops talking when he realizes how close you are to him. He’d been so focused on his work, he was only now just realizing how you were dressed and how close your lips had come to his. His expression changes suddenly from one of frustration and confusion to one of curiosity. You lean forward and lightly brushed your lips against his, and he responds even more eagerly than you had expected he would. You feel him jerk, trying to move a hand to your waist to pull you closer, and he pulls away when he realizes he can’t.

    “Okay, you have my attention now, you can uncuff me,” Joji says expectantly. You smirk and shake your head.

    “No Joji, you need to relax. Just stay right there and I’ll take care of you,” you say softly. You watch as his Adam’s apple moves slowly down his throat and lean forward to take off his Frank glasses. “Hmm, closer” you muse, running a hand through his hair to style it back to the messier state he keeps it in. “Now all I need to do is get that shirt off of you and you’ll look like my Joji again.”  He leans forward, suddenly very eager to comply. You slowly begin to undo the buttons on his shirt. You can feel his breathing pick up as his chest moves under your fingers. He shifts his hips a little and you can feel him rapidly hardening against your leg. As soon as the last button is undone you push his blue button down down his shoulders as far as it will go and run your fingers lightly across the hair on his lower stomach.

    Joji lets in a sharp breath, twitching just a little. “You can play with my tummy hair later,” he says, nearly whining. You continue to stroke his stomach just over his waistband, leaning over to kiss down his chest just to where his skin meets the button of his jeans.

    “A little foreplay never hurt anyone George,” you tease him. He bucks his hips again. His face has gone from an angry frustration to understanding to a more sexual frustration in just a matter of minutes and you would be lying if you said you didn’t enjoy it.

    “Well it’s hurting me right now,” he says, teeth gritted. “I feel like these fucking jeans are strangling my dick.” You reach down to rub over the bulge in his jeans. He lets his head fall back and tries to at least get a little leverage to push up into your hand. You take the button in-between your finger and thumb and pop it open before slowly undoing his zipper and sliding his jeans down his hips. You can tell that it must have hurt by how quickly the bulge in his boxer briefs springs up.

    “Feel better George?” He nods quickly, forcing his eyes back open so he can look down at you. You reach your hand down the front of his boxer briefs and brush your fingers over the base of his cock. He grunts softly, squirming again to try and get closer. His arms are still pinned behind him but he still has enough leeway to lean over you and spread his legs a little wider. He is starting at you intently; all his attention is completely on you and it feels good. “Is there something you wanted?” you tease.

    “Suck my dick…fuck please,” he says, his voice is rough and deep in the way it only is when he is really turned on. You smile coyly and pull his length out of his boxer briefs, kissing his tip lightly and swirling your tongue around the head of his cock before suddenly stopping. You think you hear his back crack as he almost bends himself in half trying to see why you had stopped.

    “Promise me you’ll take tomorrow off, you’ve been working too hard.” Hesitation flashes in his eyes for just a moment before they darken again. He chuckles deeply in that way that always manages to make you shiver.  

    “I’m not stupid,” he says coyly. “I’ll take a sick day.” You kiss him deeply, enjoying the burn of his stubble against your mouth before you pull back and drop to your knees. “You better call in tomorrow too, because there is no way in hell I’m not going to get you back for this.” You wink at him and kiss the inside of his thighs until he’s nearly pleading for you to go on. You love making George Miller, Mr. Cool himself, lose it every opportunity you could. You take him in slowly, making him beg for every single inch until his cock is fully engulfed in your mouth and he seems to be completely out of his mind. His hips twitch helplessly and he has no way to pull you closer to him. You pull back to kiss his tip once again, and you can taste his precum strongly on your tongue as it drips from your lips down your chin. “D-Don’t stop fuck please,” he gasps. You pull him forward just a little so you can lick at the spot under his balls that drives him wild and he spasms violently. His pleas are slowly morphing into unintelligible moans and you watch him as you go down on him again.

    He is flushed from the chest up and his hair is covering his eyes as he has no way to push it back again. You can tell his knuckles are white from his hands balling up into fists under the shackle of the cuffs and his legs are shaking with the effort of holding himself back. You pull back just long enough to murmur a soft “just let go George,” before he spills all over your face, unable to even manage a warning after being on edge for so long. You wipe your face with his shirt and lean up to kiss him until he seems to have come down enough to be intelligible again.

    “I’m calm now,” he says in between soft kisses. “You can uncuff me now, I’ll leave the video where it is. I’m too tired to finish anyway.” You smirk as you find the key and lock him. He stands up and shakes his arms out before pulling you into a tight hug. “I guess the fans can wait one more day.”

    “I know they can Joji. They would understand.”


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(honestly, it’s like 2am and i apologize for this terrible excuse for a birthday present I promise ill draw something better later

Fanficton - Freckles

In which Thrawn asks Eli a lot of questions about why humans look like they look.
Also – totally influenced by the freckly af drawings of Eli Vanto, courtesy of the ever amazing talented @captainmazzic


Eli Vanto couldn’t focus. He’d been trying to finish up his assignments – the workload at the Royal Imperial Academy was a lot more than what he’d been used to. And yet he couldn’t focus. As subtly as he could, he glanced out the corner of his eye… Yup. Once again, his roommate was staring at him.

Eli didn’t even need to ask if Thrawn had finished with his assignments. Of course, he had. And he was probably working on something else, just as mentally demanding as any of his regular assignments, and would probably be just as successful with them.

“Cadet Vanto,” Thrawn said, causing Eli to sigh. Here it comes.

“Yeah?” he said, turning to face the Chiss.

“I wonder if I could ask you a question?” Thrawn asked.

Eli scowled, purposefully placing his datapad on his desk as obviously as he could. Why he bothered, he had no idea. Thrawn wouldn’t have a clue that he needed to do his assignments unless he spelled it out. And even that wasn’t entirely certain.

“You already asked me one,” Eli said, smiling a little, because the momentary puzzled look which crossed his roommate’s face was worth it.

“Then another one,” Thrawn corrected himself.

“Yeah, okay, shoot,” Eli said. As insufferably annoying as his roommate could be, Eli could never stay angry with Thrawn. There was something endearing about his endless curiosity.

“Why are you the only human on this planet with spots?” Thrawn asked simply, absolutely lacking any kind of tact. Or the situational awareness to realize that such a question might need tact.

Eli’s face slowly melt into a cold glower.

“They’re called freckles,” he stated distantly, turning back to his datapad. “Not spots.”

“Freckles,” Thrawn repeated, trying out the word, then taking note of Eli’s behavior. “Is this a difficult subject to talk about?”

Eli sighed, and turned back around. He couldn’t blame Thrawn for being… well, Thrawn.

“Just… don’t call them spots,” he said. “That makes me feel like I’m some kind of animal.”

“Does your culture hold some kind of negative view on freckles?” Thrawn asked.

“What?” Eli was surprised. “No… it’s just… people… kind of find them funny. They make jokes about it.”

“I see,” Thrawn said. “Was I not supposed to have noticed?”

“No, not exactly,” Eli groaned. “I mean, everyone notices. It’s just another thing for them to laugh at. Wild Space accent. Spots.”

“Freckles,” Thrawn corrected innocently.

Eli couldn’t hold back a laugh.

“Right,” he said. “Freckles.”

“I find them intriguing,” Thrawn said.

“Oh,” Eli said stupidly.

Thank goodness he’d said that when they were alone.

All the times he’d told Thrawn what was polite or impolite in the galactical society… how many times they’d gotten in trouble when the alien had opened his stupid mouth to loudly make a casual remark that was definitely not polite… at least sometimes Thrawn had the wherewithal to say things about him in private. Eli couldn’t even imagine how embarrassed he’d be if Thrawn had mentioned his fascination with Eli’s freckles when they were around the other cadets.

“Was that not appropriate?” Thrawn asked suddenly. Eli winced. Sometimes

Thrawn was utterly clueless about what triggered discomfort… other times he noticed right away.

“I don’t know why you find me so interesting,” Eli said.

Thrawn frowned for a moment, then asked, “Should I stop?”

“I’ve told you before, you can ask me anything you want,” Eli said, then his face reddened in embarrassment over his reaction. “Sorry, I didn’t mean to snap at you like that.”

“But you’ve given me something else to ask,” Thrawn said. Eli felt his face get redder. What had he done now?

“Why do humans possess an ability to display their feelings of discomfort?” Thrawn asked.

“W-what?” Eli stumbled. That made absolutely no sense to him.

“Your face is warm,” Thrawn observed. “There is an increased blood flow to your cheeks, causing them to change color. This is a response to you apologizing. Why do humans make their discomfort visible? What purpose does this serve?”

Eli’s jaw dropped a little, and then laughed nervously. And then winced, because he could feel his face get hotter. Being the subject of such direct attention was perhaps something he’d never get over.

“I don’t know,” Eli said, really trying to figure out a good answer. “I guess… because humans are social creatures… and that when one is embarrassed, it’s supposed to cue the others to make that one feel better?”

Eli had no idea if what he said was right scientifically – he’d never felt a need to study anything about his own species. At least his answer made humanity sound nicer than it usually was. The real answer tended to be that when one human noticed anyone one feeling embarrassed, the proper response was to draw other human’s attention to their distress and make it worse.

Eli scowled at his internal thought. Humans really were weird.

“And how does a human properly provide comfort to one suffering from embarrassment?” Thrawn asked.

Eli’s heart skipped a beat, getting an odd thrill from realizing he was in a position where he could have his roommate do almost anything he wanted. Would it be wrong to suggest the Chiss finish his assignments? Go get him something from the mess hall?

Before he could even suggest it, Eli felt a stab of guilt. That was wrong – manipulating someone so clueless… even if Thrawn was responsible for so much hardship in his life, Eli just couldn’t find the heart to even the score.

Eli shrugged, “We do different things. It depends on how bad the offense is. But really, you don’t have to do anything. It’s not like you did something to be intentionally hurtful. You’re just… being yourself.”

“And does my being myself cause you discomfort?” Thrawn asked.

Eli just smiled. The answer he wanted to say was “more than you could imagine,” but he knew the Chiss would only take that the wrong way.

“You just throw me off guard is all,” Eli said. “Now, I’ve really got to finish my assignments.”

He turned back to his datapad before Thrawn could answer. But he was only half committed to his assignments. Half of his mind was waiting… in anticipation.

“Cadet Vanto,” Thrawn said only a few minutes later.

Eli smiled again, putting down his datapad.

This time he would find a way to get his roommate to finish his assignments.

Last month, the fashion designer Tory Burch launched an ad campaign called “Embrace Ambition.” It features black-and-white photos of celebrities wearing various slogan-brandishing T-shirts: Mindy Kaling wears “BOLD,” Kate Bosworth wears “STRONG,” Burch herself wears “AMBITIOUS.” This last T-shirt can be purchased on the Tory Burch Web site for sixty-eight dollars. For the thriftier shopper, there are thirty-dollar bracelets, which come on a placard saying “#EMBRACEAMBITION” and “JOIN THE MOVEMENT.” Proceeds from this merchandise are directed toward the Tory Burch Foundation, which helps support women entrepreneurs. (It administers a small fellows program and connects women to business education and affordable loans.) A New York Times piece about the “Embrace Ambition” campaign calls it a “public service announcement” aiming to reclaim what has become a dirty word.

Burch aims to be apolitical: she told the Times that she wants her campaign to be something that “unites, rather than divides” the country and pointedly noted that she has “lots of Republican friends.” Which is partly why the campaign feels so beside the point. Women’s ambition is still structurally hampered, as it always has been in this country, by failures of policy—the absence of paid family leave and decent worker protections, for instance. (To this effect, the Tory Burch Foundation did publish an interview with Lilly Ledbetter on Equal Pay Day.) But in much of American popular culture women’s ambition is now encouraged at a fever pitch. Ads frequently show images of frighteningly ambitious women: a recent Equinox campaign showed a model sitting in a restaurant, wearing expensive formalwear and breastfeeding twins. It is standard practice for mainstream women’s publications to celebrate any woman who has achieved any degree of wealth or prominence, regardless of what that success might be or mean. On the Tory Burch Foundation’s Instagram account, you’ll find dozens of celebrities promoting #EmbraceAmbition as if it were a clean-water initiative. Ambition, for women, has been marketed as a mandate, and the model of ambition that’s most commonly marketed tends to resemble Ivanka Trump—the superficially appealing woman who can pay to have it all.

A new anthology of essays about women and ambition, “Double Bind,” edited by the fiction and memoir writer Robin Romm, tries to embrace the concept in a more substantive way. In her introduction, Romm, who is in her early forties, writes about her sense, as a young woman, that “striving and achieving had to be approached delicately or you risked the negative judgment of others.” She felt a pull between the hardness of her ambition and the softness of her socialization, and calls this “the double bind of the gender, success paired eternally with scrutiny and retreat.”

Romm notes that many contributors to “Double Bind”—a group that includes Molly Ringwald, Ayana Mathis, Roxane Gay, Francine Prose, and Lan Samantha Chang—found this project difficult. Ambition “felt connected to deeply private impulses and actions that made them too vulnerable,” Romm writes. It seems, too, that, as an abstract idea, ambition is just fiendishly complicated to write about. It is at once deeply idiosyncratic and indicative of larger cultural forces; in many of the essays, the writers seem to be inwardly thrashing against the idea that they could generate meaningful insights on the subject. Work at what matters to you, the essays say. Prepare for thrills and compromises, particularly involving children. Consider my doubts about my own achievements. Strive for an ending of rueful hope.

Reading one crackling, cheerless narrative after another, I started to feel that there was another—and possibly trickier—conflict at work. Ambition will always be complicated for women, and not just because of external impediments: it is an imperfect drive, enacted in imperfect circumstances, that inevitably leads to imperfect things. The more compelling essays in “Double Bind” address this head on. Elizabeth Corey, a political-science professor at Baylor, cautions against the extreme focus on success and productivity that one sees applied to both work and motherhood. “We simply cannot approach marriage and family in the spirit of achievement at all,” she writes. The novelist Claire Vaye Watkins writes about a trip back to her home town, Pahrump, Nevada, where being on “free lunch means you’re a scrounge, but reduced lunch means you’re regular.” Only two kinds of people make it out of there, she explains: “kids gunning for something and kids running away.” When Watkins meets a promising young student, she wants to both help her and caution her. Watkins was a runner, and she’s melancholically aware of the dislocations that her ambition has caused.

In a spirited, cutting essay called “Snarling Girl,” the novelist Elisa Albert reorients the entire premise of “Double Bind.” “Maybe my great ambition, such as it is, is to refrain from engagement with systems that purport to tell me what I’m worth compared to anyone else,” she writes. She adds, “What I would like to say is Lean In my hairy Jewish ass.” Albert spells out the foolishness of trying to generalize about ambition: the desire to be a first-generation college student isn’t easily comparable to the desire to shatter a glass ceiling or own a luxury car or write a work of genius. “Our contexts are not the same, our struggles are not the same, and so our rebellions and complacencies and conformities and compromises cannot be compared.” To Albert, ambition is a quality that arises organically from both vanity and a genuine wish to do good work; it’s also something she regards as alien and horrific. “So you got what you wanted and now you want something else,” she writes. “You probably worked really hard; I salute you… . But if you have ever spent any time around seriously ambitious people, you know that they are very often some of the unhappiest crazies alive, forever rooting around for more, having a hard time breathing and eating and sleeping, forever trying to cover some hysterical imagined nakedness.” Albert’s essay is easily the most ambitious in the collection.

There’s an infantilizing undertone that is often present in the discussions of women’s ambition happening right now. On the Web site for the Tory Burch Foundation, you’ll find an ambition pledge (“I will: Embrace ambition. Proudly articulate my ambition. Not hide it”) and an “Ambition Guidebook,” which encourages you to “gather your favorite pen, pencil, colored pencils or markers.” Within that guidebook, there’s a box for writing down ten things you love about yourself, and another box in which you can “draw or write your dreams.”

Another prominent symbol of female ambition put forward this year is a statue of an elementary-school student: the bronze “Fearless Girl” staring down the famous bull on Wall Street. The statue was conceived by an advertising agency for an investment firm whose twenty-eight-person leadership team contains five women; according to the sculptor, Kristen Visbal, the statue “reminds us today’s working woman is here to stay.” It’s dismaying, and revealing, that this message is most easily conveyed through a figure of a girl—her skirt and ponytail blown back in the breeze, cheerfully unaware of the strained, exhausted, overdetermined future that awaits her.

easyish bread, as bread goes

this is a really simple recipe (it looks really long but im just chattery and also bread is subjective), it does involve some kneading but I find that stimmy in the same way as playing with slime so ymmv depending on your specific type of spoonieness. it also doesn’t have any perishable ingredients so like score, and it makes a really delicious soft-inside-crunchy-outside bread

1 packet / 2 ¼ teaspoons dry yeast
1 cup warmish water
2 tablespoons oil
1 teaspoon salt
½ tablespoon sugar
2 ¼ cups all-purpose flour
fillings (grated cheese, precooked mushrooms or meat or something, whatever floats your boat) (optional)

Mix everything but the flour up in a bowl, and let sit 10 minutes (it should foam up a little bit). 
Add the flour and stir until mostly combined, then turn onto a clean smooth floured surface (I usually like to use a counter/table, it gets into the texture of a cutting board, but if you’re really worried about hygiene you can probably work something else out) and knead until it springs up into a soft ball when you set it down, about 5-10 minutes depending on how fast you are. (this level of done-ness is hard to describe, it also happens when you can stretch the dough out so thin that you can see light through it before it gets holes in. you develop a Feel for what it feels like after you make it a few times)
Cover it and leave it someplace warmish for an hour, squish it down gently to release gasses, and then leave it another 15 minutes (you can just call it 1:15 if you’re like me and don’t want to get up in the middle to squish it, but it makes shaping a little harder) (it also won’t hurt the bread any to sit longer than this as long as it’s not more than a few hours, then you start getting into food safety issues. but if you wanna leave it two or three hours and take a nap that’ll be fine)

Stretch your dough out into a big rectangle on your floured surface (about 10x12 inches works well for me, but it’s pretty much “the biggest rectangle you can stretch it into before it starts getting holes”). If you’re using filling, spread it evenly across the rectangle except right along the long edges and about 3 inches on one of the short ends. Roll up from the other short end (this makes the bread make a roundish loaf instead of a flat one), then tuck the ends of the roll under so it makes a loaf shape. Score the top very lightly with a sharp knife.
Set it on a baking sheet and cover. Preheat the oven to 375F, while the bread sits for about 20 minutes.
Bake another 20-25 minutes or until it sounds hollow when you tap on the end/side. 

Let cool a little bit to make slicing easier, or just rip into it if that’s your jam. you do you.
you can also make breadsticks or dinner rolls on the same recipe, just make it that shape instead of loafshape. the possibilities are endless.

                 OKAY ,   HERE’S  THE  DEALIO :  i’m  going  to  be  out  of  town  from  this  WEDNESDAY  ( 6/21 )    until   SUNDAY  ( 6/25 )    ——   i’m  trying  to  build  up  a  fairly  active  queue  to  run  for  that  time .       so  please  like  this  if  you’d  like  a  short  starter posted  for  you  sometime  later  this week. .


i need one of these gigantic dragon trees on my team right now

Clenches fist cause ilu archosaurman

Season 8 Spec Script

I’ve decided to apply to NBC’s Writers on the Verge. You have to write a spec to apply, but the best thing is, I can write about The Walking Dead.

I already know what I’m going to do, mostly, and I know I’m behind on fan fic and what not…there’s just a lot of writing stuff going on, including the following for the month of May:

- work on two screenplays (and complete one)
- write a business book
- write this TWD spec
- work on an original spec

And probably something else I can’t recall just yet. 

Anyway, just wanted y’all to know I haven’t abandoned anything on this Tumblr, just a lot of RL stuff going on.

In the meantime, here’s a pic of me and my amazing boyfriend who I adore ^_^

Ok I was TRYING to draw the football player/band geek josuyasu au but then I couldnt stop thinking and I wanted to draw okuyasu in josuke’e letterman jacket

Are you on the asexual spectrum? Do you like Dan and Phil? Do you want to meet fellow ace phandom members? Then this is the place for you! 


Must be following me (I’m not making a separate blog for this until probably after members are picked)

What you need to know:

We will have a group chat on probably kik or Skype, but if something else works for everyone better, we can discuss that once we are established. 

I will select 10-15 members for this (so it doesn’t get too crowded or anything like that) and all you need to do to apply is reblog this post by June 24 at 11:59 pm CST

(I apologize for the quality of my header, I’m not that great at making things.)

If you have any questions, suggestions, or concerns, you can message me or send me an ask!