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I’ll tell you exactly what you’re gonna do. You’re gonna start listening to us.
The world is a better place because of what we did, Elliot,
and you’re gonna realize that one way or another.
Now, here’s what I need you to do now.
You’re going to walk to the subway.
You’re going to get on your train.
You’re going to get off at your stop.
You’re going to go home.
You’re gonna sit at your computer,
watch and enjoy the beautiful carnage that we’ve all created together.”


female awesome meme 1/5 bossy queens:

fiona goode (american horror story: coven) “What are we talking about? College boys? Taken in the prime of their lives. Such a tragedy. Almost makes you wanna cry, doesn’t it? But then, the world’s not gonna miss a bunch of as*holes in Ed Hardy T-shirts.”

meep morp.

My 5k followers’ gift is finally done and I’m so glad.  It was a lot of work but I’m so grateful and ya’ll are worth it!

I’m also kinda shook that I’m so close to even hitting 5k!  It’s nuts!  But thanks you guys! ♥

A Rainy Night


I’ll be Rudy Too. Spelt T, double-O, because I am. - 3x01.
So how come you’re on community service, what’ve you done? I was with my boyfriend and we got stopped by the police. He put the drugs he was carrying in my bag. I saw him do it, but I didn’t have time to do anything.

anonymous asked:

I have a story on the back burner right now and id like to work on it more, but I also have another story that I've been working on for months and probably won't finish for a few years. Should I stop working on one and finish the other or juggle them both till I finish? Do you have a better idea?

I’ll let you know that from experience? Both kind of suck.

If you only work on one story from start to finish: You’ll get a lot done, and you’ll learn to dedicate yourself to one work. The downside is, if you hit a wall, you feel like there’s nothing you can do because you only have that one. Another upside is that you can become very attached to and cherish your story! Also, the sense of accomplishment is sweeter when complete because you can finally work on something else.

If you work on multiple stories concurrently: The process tends to slow down for both, and more than likely, you’ll be far more dedicated to one over the other. You may even start to think it’s a good idea to add in more works. You also feel like you have more freedom! If you get stuck on one, you can move onto the other!

You’ll have to choose what’s right for you. I personally tend to dedicate myself to one large project (such as a novel) and work on short stories, fanfics, and works of lesser importance to work on when I need a change of pace or I become stuck in my main work. (The downside to this is that I can have long streaks of other works that distract me and keep me from working on my main work)


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