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A Rainy Night


I’ll be Rudy Too. Spelt T, double-O, because I am. - 3x01.
So how come you’re on community service, what’ve you done? I was with my boyfriend and we got stopped by the police. He put the drugs he was carrying in my bag. I saw him do it, but I didn’t have time to do anything.

Alright, so, thanks to some motivation and pushing from @reddidh I’ve sat down and outlined my plans for something sinful. 😶 I’ve never contributed to the sining before and I’m a little anxious.
I will work on it in between dying when I have then energy too. So I can’t promise it will be finished soon.
Plus I have zero confidence so I can’t promise I won’t chicken out or beat myself up until I give up. But I’m trying this 😶

“Say cheese!”

Regina stared at the framed pictured while frowning, morning light casting away the shadows on her office desk, already full with upcoming new plans she needed to sign. From the frozen in time smiles to the halted movements the image stared back at Regina just as stubbornly as her gaze kept focusing on a particular blonde whose green eyes seemed distant, darkened, as she responded to Grumpy’s command.

The former queen sighed while caressing the frame once again. The wooden, carved surface grazing her thumb’s pad as she put the picture down, her eyes quickly falling not on the papers that covered the desk but in one much more smaller, blue ink dotting its surface in the squibbing handwriting of none other but Emma Swan. The top left part of the small piece of paper sported the baby blue logo of Storybrooke’s department but the bottom of it was jagged, as if someone had taken the paper out of a bigger one. Probably of one of the many forms the sheriff was supposed to send periodically to the mayor’s office.

What was written on it, however, wasn’t part of those dreadful forms loathed by everyone who had ever set foot on the station as part of the force but something entirely different. Something that, a part of Regina whispered on the back of her mind, had once been her most wanted desire; a goodbye note.

Written in obvious hurry by how at some points of it the words became almost unreadable, Regina could see how in others the pen had almost broken the surface of the paper. Dirty white magic still coated the lines between the words and as Regina stared at it, her eyes seeing without reading anymore, she felt the bite of it responding to her own power just as it had done a good hour ago when she had first entered on her office only to realize that someone had already opened the door of it only to leave two things; a sheriff’s badge and the letter.

She hadn’t needed to read the note to understand what had happened, Emma’s badge had made her suck on her breath as she went to grab it, her hand hovering over it for a second too long before she had finally opted for the letter. The badge was still where she had first seen it, on the edge of her desk, its surface glowing beneath the sunrays, winking at Regina as she stared at it, bottom lip trapped between her teeth.

I’m sorry to leave like this. -said the note. No preamble- I guess you were right after all. It was only a matter of time. Uh? Tell Henry I’m sorry.

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Hummm.....I like this Jessica Borrasca investigator ...Blue do you think we can make this into a fanfic with the help of @haleybendt? The pet business yandere is my favorite

What do you say, @haleybendt?  You down?  ;)

I’m desperate for some Z&X fics, but since there aren’t any new ones I’m sadly going through ao3 seeing if there’s anything fun to reread, and I was reading the tags on one (“friends to lovers? More like strangers to acquaintances”) and it makes me laugh a bit (then I remembered that’s my fic)

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The animation Pixle I mean, so sorry for the confusion 😓

hey, no worries at all! just wanna make sure i answer the right question, heh. <3

as for inspiration for pixel animation… well, i picked up drawing again last year, though it wasn’t pixel art or anything. sometime last fall i really got an itch to try something in pixels, an attempt to do some fanart in a ‘style’ that matched one part of what i loved so much about undertale. it was… well, it was okay, certainly not the greatest, so i put it aside. X) and then in late January i came to the realization that i just… really wanted to get better at it. there’s so much potential and so many stylistic interpretations and cool ways to work with the medium. it’s a challenge, too, because with pixels it’s not as easy to ‘hide’ any blemishes, since… well, pixel art is obvious. you’re pretty much hit in the head with the sharp blocks that build it, so if you’re off, it’s noticeable. so in the end it’s a cool challenge, i love the medium, and i really do hope to get better to it - i’d love to make a game, honestly.

as for individual pieces with pixel animation… depends on the moment! i’ve been trying to just let myself dive in anytime i get the smallest inkling of an idea, and sometimes i let what i already have figured out carry it the motion, and others (ideally more often than not) i try and push myself to try out something new or develop some skill/etc in what i’m working on… even in the recent ‘Red’s just gonna flirt and tease you all’ ones i’ve been doing. :)


tara knowles appreciation week: one location → tara’s office

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I could never imagine that all the Tokyo ghoul chapters were made in like a week and they're still such good quality! like I draw one picture and I probably won't finish another one for like another month

Yeah, this is why I have great respect for mangaka, particularly Ishida because of all the details he includes :)