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I’ll be Rudy Too. Spelt T, double-O, because I am. - 3x01.
So how come you’re on community service, what’ve you done? I was with my boyfriend and we got stopped by the police. He put the drugs he was carrying in my bag. I saw him do it, but I didn’t have time to do anything.

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!!!!!!! your nhl!bitty fic sounds so good omg you said you need people to make you write it what do we need to do to make it happen

Hahaa idk? I’ve mentioned it before but I’m Not A Writer. I have so many ideas! I just don’t enjoy writing that much? I can talk about my ideas for DAYS it’s just the “Bitty sits in his driver’s seat, absentmindedly picking at a hangnail as he waits for Lardo. She’s promised to meet him outside her apartment at 11 but he’s not hopeful they’ll leave before quarter after.” that’s just? boring? I need a hype man lol.

For real though, I think the only thing that would get me to write it would be accountability to someone else and as much as a value everyone I talk to on here, I’m not close enough to anyone in the fandom to feel comfortable approaching someone and being like “hey, read my fic?” And I wouldn’t want to post it without at least a good chunk of it written so I can’t rely on talking to readers. Hence why it’s been a wip for a few months and isn’t past the planning stage.