probably will try again

can u believe they really thought they could make a live action Ghost In The Shell? like no matter how cool the effects are in this movie…it will always look better animated LOL

finally hauled ass to draw bnha for the first time!! which happened to be on lil beansprout’s special day by sheer coincidence! happy birthday midoriya ♡

shonen heroes and how they deal with the enemies

naruto : even thought you’r evil and you killed millions. i’m not gonna kill you.instade i prepared a whole speech to make you good

luffy : even thought you made my friend’s life a living hell and you probably  will try to hurt us again . i won’t kill you

natsu : even thought you totally deserve to be dead. i won’t kill you . you’ll probably become a good person anyway

gintoki :








Reasons to Love Zhang Yixing

He has the most beautiful voice

He gives the most inspirational and amazing speeches

He’s the most kindhearted person on this planet

But he can be quite the tease, too

He looks fantabulous in sunglasses 

He’s super friendly and lovable

He can play the piano

and the guitar

He actually reads the fan-letters that are given to him during his free time

But he doesn’t just read the fan-letters, no, he writes back to the fans as well

He can compose, write, arrange, and produce his own songs (and has done so with over 100 songs, 99 of which he lost cuz of a USB incident :( )

Which eventually led to the release of his very amazing solo album, “Lose Control”

He’s also a very wonderful

and loving son 

And he was the most adorable little kid

But now that he’s a little older, he’s even more adorable with kids

Seriously he’s great with kids

He also loves his members so much and never forgets to mention them

He’s also extremely charitable

And considerate towards his fans

And super thoughtful and respectful of everyone

He’s record-breakingly incredible even when the odds are against him

And his laugh is the most precious sound a person’s ears can be blessed with

He’s also very amusing and silly

And has the most interesting reactions

Apparently he also can’t control his face

Which makes him great variety show material

But it also brings out his strange butt-grabbing tendencies

And his questionable need to play the role of a t-rex

And his even more concerning infatuation with killers (and the need to play the role of one)

But overall he’s an amazing actor

He can also be slightly forgetful at times

But he never forgets to thank his fans

He always expresses how grateful he is

And all of that plus more is what makes Zhang Yixing the wonderful, amazing, incredible, loyal and precious person that he is

(picture/gif credits to their respective owners)

it’s october and suddenly you’re in love again and you’re driving around town at 2am as you and the leaves are both falling. you almost crash the car because you’re too busy focusing on him laughing in your passenger seat but he’s too busy to notice because he’s watching your face light up from watching his. every time you kiss it’s a new adventure and soon you want to explore every peak and valley of his body with your fingertips. for once you get drunk off his smile rather than the vodka that used to inhibit your senses and it’s a high like no other. all you want to do now is intertwine your bodies and souls until not one inch of you is discernible from him. one day he stops smiling as brightly and never seems to return your texts anymore and you feel yourself coming down from your euphoric high into your depression again. all of a sudden it’s “get out, don’t come back, she’ll be here soon and i don’t love you anymore” and you wish you had crashed the car that night because that would be easier than walking away with the emptiness in your chest.
—  i’m still crashing and you don’t seem to care

I’m going to start uploading Vifs (that’s what I’m calling “video gifs.”)

Sometimes I’ll have an HD/HQ video to work with and I go to make gifs of my favourite scenes and I can’t get them in a quality that I am happy with or Tumblr blurs them out a bit when I upload them.

There are moments that really need as close to the 1080p size as I can get (like this gem) so I think I'mma try out doing these now and again. (Probably will do this for the kisses too. :P)

Tumblr automatically repeats the videos anyway, so it’ll be like a gif but better quality, than I would be able to get with the limit factored in and frames removed (at least, that is the hope.)