probably will regret making this post

Pidge: *was shown in her flashbacks to be comfortable in a dress, was upset upon cutting her hair, and never complained and still doesn’t complain about looking/dressing girly*

Fandom:  Pidge is a total tomboy who pulls out a crucifix and holy water if so much as she sense something Feminine™ in close proximity of her presence.

There’s a difference between an event being intentionally designed to create or perpetuate a stunt (see: all things babygate) and an event being USED after the fact to do that. 

I don’t think we can say with any kind of certainty that this arrest means A, C or C about babygate or Elounor or even the “Just Hold On” video release. 

I just want us to be cognizant of the fact this will be USED by outlets and maybe even his team to spin some bullshit, but that doesn’t mean it was a set up to do that. 

That’s how I feel at 8:52 AM EST on Saturday, 4 March 2017 with the information I have at my disposal, which, admittedly, is not a lot. And I reserve the right to change that opinion if and when sufficient evidence moves me. 

But let’s not go off the rails with “what if” scenarios about babygate and long-term closets, etc. until we have more information.

Thank you.

A short Story In which space dad is confused

Pidge groaned as she walked the hallway away from the fighting. “SHIRO” she yelled as she knocked on his door. “They’re at it again.” She said exasperatedly pointing down the hall.  

Shiro nodded, “Alright, I’m on it”  he walked towards the common room where Lance and Keith were fighting. “Guys, whats going on? Pidge just came to complain, AGAIN, about your fighting.”

“It’s not my fault he NEVER LISTENS” Lance shouted turning to Keith.

“Oh, Like you’re the perfect little angel Lance, You’re the ONE that…”

“THAT’S ENOUGH” Shiro shouted at the two. The turned and stared at Shiro completely shocked, “I’ve had it with you two!” He put his hands on his hips and his voice got louder as he went on, “You’re going to need to learn to get along!’ He stood glaring at the two as they turned from the black paladin to each other.  Keith and lance finally turned towards each other and grinned Keith grabbed Lance’s hips and he looked up to grin at Shiro. Looking back at lance he dipped the blue paladin and with a wink he kissed him. They kissed like one of the first times, deep and needy, like they didn’t know what would happen next. Finally Lance tapped Keith’s shoulder, and Lance looked toward Shiro, “Oh by the way, we’ve been dating the past few months and we didn’t tell you”. Lance kinda shrugged but he was still dipped and it just looked weird. Shiro’s face betrayed him, the absolute look of what the fuck was so apparent Keith almost dropped Lance when he started laughing. Finally standing back up Lance joined Keith in laughter. Shiro turned and walked out of the room back down the hall and stoped at Pidge’s door, “They kissed” He whispered in a small voice.

“Hunk owes me ten bucks” Pidge stated. Shiro just nodded and then went to his room to digest what just happened.

The next morning at breakfast Lance and Keith came in together. Hunk sighed and nodded at Pidge and mumbled something about money.

“We’ve kept fighting A. to make sure you guys didn’t know, and B…” Keith started

“B. Because Keith is a dick who steals my pillows at night.” Lance interjected looking pleased with himself.

“B, because we don’t agree on everything.” Keith said shooting look a glance.

      The End.

@sabertoothwalrus Has an amazing comic that this is based upon. I loved her comic so much, and this probably didn’t do it justice

So, I was watching Star Vs. The Forces Evil episode Into The Wand and something caught my attention. Lil’ Chauncey, Moon’s war pig-goat pet thing, was in Star’s memories. She remembers him.

 She knows Chauncey died in battle but no specifics on which battle or when. Then we get to The Grandma Room and we see Moon’s tapestry and her poem which I sum it up as: Toffee dun goofed. Toffee is clearly terrified and there have been lots of theories as to why this happened. Most of which tend to be shippy or something else.

But look at Moon’s face. Look at that rage, that pure open hatred. What did he do? What could warrant such open hostility from someone we’ve seen as being so cool and reserved? Then is hit me: Star was alive when this event went down. Because Chauncey died in battle, shown here in this tapestry and Moon is clearly an adult and Star remembers Chauncey. Then I remembered how the royal guards used to babysit Star. Why? Where were the nannies? The caretakers? The royal nurses? They taught her how to fight, how to use a sword and weapons, how to kill an enemy with her bare hands before she ever hit puberty. Why would Queen Butterfly, Mrs. Prim and Proper, allow her only daughter to be cared for and basically raised by guards

Because she felt it was necessary to better protect her young daughter. I’m willing to bet this is Moon unleashing some serious mama bear rage against someone who threatened her very young child. Star was old enough to remember Lil’Chauncey, but perhaps not the attempt on her life or whatever it was Toffee was planning on doing to the royal family. Maybe it was a betrayal on his part since there are so many hints and theories revolving around the two.

(Just as a side note, I am very aware of the Moon/Toffee ship and while I do think it is kind of out there, I also kind of like it too. Unless it ends up being like the Luke/Leia thing like one new major theory proposes. In which case, NOPE.)

I also thought it was strange that Moon and River decided to send their daughter to Earth to better control her powers….without any other supervision except for Glossyrick who they and we all know probably isn’t the best person to be keeping a rein in on Star. It probably had something to do with keeping her from setting the whole kingdom ablaze in glitter and flaming rainbows, but I also feel there was something else to it. While there are no mentions of Toffee after Storm The Castle, Moon is clearly afraid. 

I don’t know if we’re doing the right thing River.

Also, for all of Moon’s faults, she loves her daughter more than anything. Star’s safety is paramount to Moon and even the cleaving of her family’s ancestral wand is no where near as important to her as Star’s safety. 

Oh, I’m always mad. But I’m happy that your safe.

I love this theory because it explains so much: why Moon acts distant but at the same time is a constant presence in her daughter’s life. Moon maybe trying to do what she can to protect her only child while also living up to the very high and difficult position of being a Queen of an entire…planet? Like, she’s trying her best to be a good parent and Queen even if she doesn’t go about it in a way that Star can respond to.

Also, don’t tell me we aren’t going to learn something new on Monday about Moon. Look at this image I found for Page Turner’s preview. She just looks so tired and so sad. This is a woman whose seen some shit, done some things she’s regretted and probably has a lot of dangerous enemies.

All to protect her only child. At least, that’s my theory until canon will most likely disprove it.

EDIT: OK, so…I am both awed by and grateful for all the likes and re-blogs this post has gotten so BIG THANKS TO EVERYONE! XD

           Also, after watching the last few episodes of the season I feel like this sort of at least helps support my theory. There is no proof – yet – I hope – but give what we’ve seen it makes me happy. Moon clearly is worried about Star. She wants her training to progress farther and quicker, there is urgency in her voice and it’s clear that she’s scared. Also, all the magic in the universe is disappearing? Makes me wonder just WHAT that wand even is, or at least what makes it so special if Ludo having half of it means it has negative effects on a universal scale.

           Also? Toffee’s picture comes up on the screen with the corn and everything? Like, Moon, pay the frick attention!        

           Another thing is that while Glossyrick claims to be doing his job to train Star to be a good Queen I still don’t feel…like he’s a good teacher. He plays the vague-advice thing way too much but then he kind of just lets Star do whatever she wants to anyway so…I don’t know if this is the most effective way to train Star since she is still just a young kid and has a hard-enough time paying attention. I don’t know if there is something to it but I don’t like how cavalier he is about things. The final few episodes’ kind of bugged me. Like, dude, this is her child’s future were talking about. She has every right to stick her nose in thank you very much.

           But Moon’s fears and the lesson she learns in this episode tug at the heart strings. This woman has to accept that her young daughter is growing up fast, into a universe that is facing some serious peril and Star will undoubtedly have to fight soon enough. Moon is afraid, the fear is palpable and she wants to make certain that nothing can go wrong. She probably does have some suspicions of what’s causing it but she can’t be certain. Also, Eclipsa? Heck yeah is she going to be important given how frequently she’s been name dropped.

           Things are getting serious in the universe of the show, Moon is afraid and she’s know that Star is going to end up in the middle of it. For a woman who already has so many huge responsibilities on her shoulders and yet she probably feels powerless to protect her only child.

           Gah! The feels!



The Magicians + text posts (3/?)

Moon: Aries

-Strong emotions often leave these natives with a desire to act on their feelings impulsively

-Willful,Independent souls

-Act on feelings rather than reason so you probably do a lot of stupid shit that you end up regretting later on😭😭(but who doesn’t lmao🤷🏾‍♂️🤷🏾‍♂️)

-Quick to anger but calm down just as fast

-Can have a tendency towards emotionally dominating others

-Fiery emotions

-Your impulsive nature makes it easier to make quick decisions

-The mother can either be seen as independent, active, and strong, or maybe even selfish,aggressive, and snappy

-Pretty active in your home environment ( my little brother and my dad both have Aries moons and they’re always doing something around the house)

Mr Thesassygandalf got me a present *-*

BTS: dating suga would include

A/N: bc it’s this gummy bear’s birthday 😻😻 

 ▪ having a laid-back, chill, cuddly relationship

 ▪ which you’re totally fine with, bc you know how he feels despite him looking cold and withdrawn in public 

 ▪ both of you being complete sloths sometimes, esp him 

 ▪ absolutely refuses to wake up and get out of bed unless you give him his usual 10 kisses every morning 

▪ will pout and frown when you don’t, claiming that he didn’t want them anyway 

▪ will turn into putty when he sees you in his clothes. Even if it’s just a hat, he’ll probably stare at you nonstop and you’ll be like does he wanna kill me or kiss me idk 

▪ him (trying to) teach you to play the piano 

▪ if you don’t get certain notes, he’ll just smile and say you’ll get it someday and that he won’t stop teaching you

 ▪ actually a pretty cool teacher, never gets frustrated and always rewards you with kisses when you get the melody right

 ▪ won’t show his jealous side often

 ▪ but when he does, hooo boy 

▪ first something would have to really tick him off for him to get aggressive or just overprotective in general 

 ▪ like he’ll see someone eyeing you at a restaurant or a party, and he’ll just grab you and kiss you really hard while grabbing your hair

 ▪ ofc not before looking intensely into the eyes of the person staring at you 

▪ it’s better not to argue with him, trust me 

 ▪ as I’ve said in another post, he probably will say some things that he can’t take back and will always regret it 

 ▪ but ofc he’ll try his best to make it up to you and reassure you it will never happen again 

 ▪ cuddles with him are the best bc you know neither of you are gonna be moving for the next 4 hours, until kookie shoves you both off the couch to watch a drama probably 

 ▪ sometimes he talks in his sleep and it’s the cutest thing ever…like he’s always moaning your name and ughhh you just wanna know what he’s dreaming about 

▪ not to get too nsfw here but like-

 ▪ sex with him is probably out of this world and he’ll make sure you forget your own name by the end of it 


 ▪ will probably shove jin aside whenever he’s trying to feed you something he made 

▪ “Sorry, hyung, it was an accident" 

▪ loves kissing your forehead and both your cheeks before going and placing a kiss on your lips, just to tease you

 ▪ neck kisses are dangerous. It’s almost like he’s daring your to moan his name while others are near 

 ▪ leaves hickies in *ahem* a lot of your private areas and will trace his fingers over them to admire his work

 ▪ you doing the same bc he loves the feeling of your lips all over him

 ▪ ugh just please treasure this boy and never let him go 🎀

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hey!! I have a friend who pointed out u posted some stuff abt 'futa's a little bit back and the concept itself is kinda transphobic?? like the common definition has it as a "deception" and its p transmisgonystic aaa and i figured u probably didnt know so!! I thought I'd tell you aaa

I honestly did not know this, and now I’m filled with regret and shame.

I’m not well-experienced in the trans community, but I try to make it as clear as possible that I am fully accepting of everyone of any race, gender, or sexuality. Even when I played an entire game dedicated to this topic (”A Normal Lost Phone”) I unintentionally screwed up a lot. I thank you for bringing this to my attention, though! This is how I need to learn and make sure I’m not making anyone feel unwanted, disgusted, or discriminated against in any fashion. I’d like to extend my most sincerest of apologies. Truly.

I can assure that I’m going to take this and learn from it, and try my best to improve in the future. I’m sure there are already plenty of people who are quite upset at me for this and/or have sworn to never watch my videos again. To any of them, I can only say: you’re right. I screwed up, and I don’t deserve your viewership. 

Something I’ve pondered a lot in writing Ghostbusters fics over the last year is how much did Holtzmann know about Erin’s history before they got back together again. The more I think about her expressions during the scene where Erin talks about her ghost experience as a kid, the more I’ve come to this interpretation.

At the beginning, Holtz is listening politely when Patty asks Erin if she’s seen something, very nonchalant.

When Erin says she has seen a ghost, Holtz just says, “Really?”, not particularly surprised, and turns to gauge Patty’s reaction.

My suspicion is Abby has told her something about all this over the years. Heck, in one of the deleted scenes, Holtz comments to Erin that she read the book. So she knows Erin was haunted before and that it was the impetus for why she and Abby started studying the paranormal.

But then, as Erin goes on with her story…

That “Whaaat?” is kind of comedic, but it’s said quietly with genuine surprise on her face. I think learning that the hauntings went on for a year is new information for Holtz.

By the end of the story, the nonchalant almost-cockiness is completely gone. That’s the face of someone who had no idea it was this bad. I’m betting she’d only heard the story from Abby’s point of view (and a hurt and angry Abby at that), so while I’m betting she knew Erin had seen a ghost, she didn’t know it had been a recurrent thing, let alone that it tortured Erin enough she wound up in therapy for years.

That’s the face of someone realizing Erin went through a serious trauma and that Holtz had been thinking of it lightheartedly (probably even joking about it with Abby over the years while she still hated Erin), and now regrets all of it.

So what does Holtz do when faced with dark, tragic emotions and a heavy atmosphere if she can’t fix everything?

Make a joke to lighten the mood (but not at Erin’s expense) and get her to smile again.

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And it works.

(most screencaps from

Listen. I don’t watch Shadowhunters.

(I saw the first season, because I had friends who wanted to watch it for the Malec, but we haven’t continued for the second season.) 

But judging from what I see people saying on my dash, the Malec ship gets nowhere close to as much screen time and story as all the straight ships. In other words, it’s just like any other gay ship in any other show out there.

Only reason I’m making this post, is because people have been telling me to watch this show, this season. Saying it’s amazing, and that it deeply cares for the gay ship. That it doesn’t get pushed into the background. And to those people I just wanna say: y’all still deserve better. This is not the best people can do. This is not the show to save us all.

So please stop convincing me, or anyone else, otherwise.

ok we all know how íþróttaálfurinn is an elf, yes? well let me just tell you this, icelandic elves are not like what u see in movies. like no. 1 rule about icelandic elves is don’t fuck with them or they will either make u go insane or steal ur babies. they might do it anyway even if u do nothing. also don’t mess with the rocks or the hills where they live or ur cursed for life. if an elf tells u to do something u better do it bc u’ll get a reward and everything will be good but if u don’t…. hoo boy u gonna regret it

Please take a moment to read this.

(sucky grammar. Please bear with me I’m tired)
Problematic ships. Quite possibly the most addictive thing to some people. To others it is the bane to their existence and they spend every waking moment trying to stop the ships and shame on people who ship them.

I understand where you are coming from people who have been abused. I have to. (Here comes some heavy crap that I probably shouldn’t be telling total strangers but fight me.)

From the time I was little my mom abused drugs. I know the smell of Meth by heart. My mom also smoked. I never knew my biological father, and I still dont. She got into an abusive relationship with a man when I was very young. He and his family kept us isolated in a different state cut off from friends and family. One time my mom was holding me and he put her in a headlock and started punching her so she had to drop me on the stairs to protect me. He slammed her head into a window and I have a scar from the glass shards. I won’t go into details for the sake of time but it was BAD. I don’t remember how young I was when she met him but when we left I was four.

Then about a year later she met another man who was addicted to meth. I would also go to my grandma’s house. One time she left me with “a trusted family friend.”
He was the man that molested me. After a while my moms boyfriend moved us to Hawaii. I was happy for a while I had come to call him dad. I loved him. Then the screaming started. Fighting and anger swarmed into our house. I saw him throw a lamp across the room. He would get so mad. I would be so scared but he was my dad and I didn’t want to belive he did those things. We fled Hawaii back home. I was five when we met him and (I think) ten or eleven when we left.

(Time skip to a year later)
Mom was homeless so I was staying with my biological grandma. She smoked and drank heavily along with her roommate. I would go to school and get teased. I got called names like “smoker girl” and people would ask stuff like “hey got any spare cigarettes​ I need a smoke”. At home my grandma’s roommate was almost always drunk. It was the worst on Friday's​ and the weekend. He would call me his little “girlfriend” in front of his girlfriend. And he took advantage of me too. It was nowhere near as severe as the man before but that doesn’t make it right.

My mom found herself a new man. He was a drug addict as well. He was by far the most abusive. He nearly fractured her rib and broke through a car window trying to get her. He slammed our black lab puppy by the throat against the wall because he pooped in the car. Ironically he helped me and my mom find Jesus by having us go to church. He is in prison now for six years. He has a new baby on the way with some other woman(Lord help her). My mom was adopted by a pastor and his wife. They are my beloved grandparents and I wouldn’t trade them for anyone.

Make no mistake though. I still love my biological grandma even after all she has done. I am trying to repair the broken relationship with my mom. I don’t hate the men that molested me but I don’t know if I can forgive them(I hate saying that because everyone deserves forgiveness but… It’s really hard.) I’m not sorry and I don’t regret my past because it made me stronger. My past helped to shape who I am today. It makes me sad that other people have experienced things similar to what I have.

I know for a fact if I didn’t have loving friends then I probably​ would have committed suicide. I’m glad I didn’t because this world has a whole lot of bad and a little good and I hope that I can be a little good too. I love everyone. You probably won’t believe me but everything in this post is the truth. I don’t care about race, sexuality, religion, ship preference, or kink reference. I care about who you are on the inside.

However the reason I made this long and emotional post is because I have seen ship hate. Lots of it. It makes me so sad because we are all people and we are all on this planet together. Shaming people for what they ship is mean and abusive. I’m sorry I have to say this(i shouldn’t have to people should know already) but you are not “saving” anyone you are causing them pain.

First of all LGBTQ Ships.

Shaming people for this is wrong. I am a pansexual Christian woman. I love these ships I have THOUSANDS of them. Telling people not to ship these is just stupid Because:

1. They will anyway
2. Who are you to know what is right and wrong? Who gave you the power to judge others actions? Take care of yourself please.
If you believe it’s not right because you believe in God. I believe that God loves all of his children no matter what and shoving your religion in their face is dumb because then they will start to hate God. Let them be.

Ships with pedophilia

First of all people let’s get something straight. Pedophilia is the act of an adult loving a child BEFORE puberty. Therefore Ereri/Riren/ Eren x Levi from Attack on Titan. Is NOT pedophilia.

Like I said before I was molested twice and I still ship some of these ships. Don’t get me wrong I would NEVER condone this in real life. However this is not real life this is fiction. Using the argument that “if you say it’s ok in fiction then it’s ok in real life.” Is not valid for example:
1. If you used this argument then in real life it is perfectly ok to watch your girlfriend/boyfriend sleep. Without their consent. (Twilight Edward x Bella)
2. It is perfectly ok to date your adopted sibling because they “aren’t blood” (Attack on Titan Mikasa x Eren )
3. It is perfectly ok to date someone even though you are using them for your own benefit. (Deathnote Miss x Light)

There are so many more. The thing is is people don’t ship these ships to “fill some primal pedophilic need” they ship it for their personalities. I for one ship Sebaciel (Sebastian x Ciel Black Butler) because I like how they seem to have a mutual care and respect toward one another. People don’t ship it specifically because of their age. I bet if they were the exact same age (like Sebastian was a 12 year old demon) people would STILL ship it. That’s what ships are all about. The belief that character a and character b would make a great relationship.

Kink shaming people.

This in my point of view is the dumbest hate of all. Shaming someone for what they like sexually is quite honestly stupidity. What does it matter to you? Are you sleeping with them? Are they asking you to do these things? No. It would be like me calling you a moron for liking chocolate ice cream or pineapple​ pizza or ranch Doritos. There is just no point to hating.

Incest ships.

Ok for me I can’t ship parents and their children. I just can’t but I don’t hate it. I’m totally cool if you ship MinaNaru(Naruto) it just isn’t really my thing. The fanart is ok. Anyway shaming people for shipping twincest and incest is pointless because moth of them won’t give a dam. Besides we already discussed the “if you say it’s ok in fiction then it’s ok in real life” thing so moving on.

Polyamorous ships

Shaming people who ship poly characters because it’s “cheating”. Unless you know for a fact that one or more members of the relationship weren’t aware or did not agree to be in the relationship then it is not cheating. Polyamorous relationships are all of the people the poly person is dating are aware that they are in fact seeing other people and agreeing to it. Anything else is, in fact, cheating.


I for one am not a fan of beastiality but I don’t hate the people who like it because they have the right to like what they want.

The point of this post is that in my opinion putting down others for what they ship is wrong. The world is not black and white. It is filled with shade after shade of grey. So please stop the hate. Can’t we all just be ok with each other. A lot of people won’t care about this post but maybe just maybe if I can reach one person. That would make it worth it.
(If you are responding to this please be nice. I hate arguing.)

In Private - Jughead Jones

Anonymous said:

Juggie Jones? 77 70 89 86 48 58 also oh my god i LOVE your writing so frickin much. Sorry to be a pain I know you’re probably pretty busy with these but please? Either way I hope you have a wonderful day because you deserve it

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#48 “That’s hot”.

#58 “Get that cute ass over here and cuddle with me”.

#86 “No shirts are allowed”.

#89 “I had a dream about you…”

#70 “Do you know what you do to me?”

#77 “You’ll regret that lip biting”

I wasn’t sure to post this or not but…enjoy my cringe-worthy writing!

(hardcore making out???)

You learned very fast that Jughead Jones did not do PDA. At school or at Pop’s, he was as affectionate as a stone. It wasn’t that he wasn’t affectionate; in private, it was a different story. He could barely keep his hands off of you. Every moment in public he could’ve spent holding you, he would always make up for it later.

This came very apparent when he came over one evening.You both were in the same Chemistry class and had a test to study for. You both agreed to meet up at your house that afternoon because your family wasn’t going to be home. You both walked home, chatting over the study material. Your hands would graze against the others, but Jughead wouldn’t go any further. You didn’t want to push him, not really, but you needed affection sometimes. The subject had brought about little arguments between you before; all ended with both of your being sorry. For the rest of the trek home you thought about bringing it up again, but thought better of it when you arrived at your house.

“Okay, my parents said they’d call at some point but other than that we’re free,” you said as you unlocked the door. You saw Jughead smile out of the corner of your eye and felt a small rush. You knew that smile all too well; his mischievous smile. The moment you walked through the door and set your bags down, Jughead was all over you. His lips broke his smile to start kissing you. Your back was pressed up against the wall as his lips tracked from yours down to your jaw. You didn’t want the feeling to end, but you also wanted an ‘A’ on this test.

“Jug, we gotta study,” he pulled away from your face, panting slightly. His hair fell into his face because his beanie had slid back on his head in the moment. His eyes scanned your face, as if knowing you didn’t want this to stop. The hand that was placed against the wall near your waist moved upwards, running his nimble fingers through his dark locks.“That’s hot,” you whispered, pressing your lips to his again. He smiled into the kiss, reveling in the closeness. You pulled away slowly, biting your lip at the sight of his dilated pupils and red lips.

“You’ll regret that lip biting,” he whispered and you grinned. Your fingers tangled with his as you pushed off the wall and lead him into the living room. He sat on the couch as you grabbed your textbook and notes from class. You sat down next to him and turned the pages in the book to get to the study review.

“Ready to learn about ionic and covalent compounds Juggy?” You asked, trying to get your mind away from the burning sensation his lips left on yours. You looked up and saw that his green eyes were already watching you, like a hawk.

“I had a dream about you…” Jughead said suddenly, breaking you from your thoughts. You turned to look at him with a raised eyebrow. Now was not the time for this.

“Jug, it’s not-”

“We were at Pop’s, kissing in our booth,” he started, trailing his fingers in your hair. “Then when I pulled away you were gone.” He watched the way your hair tangled in between his fingers as he spoke. “I looked and looked, but I couldn’t find you. I lost you.”

Your heart stopped for a moment when you saw the longing look in his eyes. You couldn’t stop your hand as it reached up to his face, stroking his cheek.

“You will never loose me Jughead. Not ever.”He leaned into the touch, his eyes closing slowly.

“Do you know what you do to me?” His voice was barely above a whisper when he spoke. His breath tickled your palm and you smiled at the feeling. The dream must’ve really shaken him, which explains all of the affection. You needed to be sure.

“You’re being very lovey today Jones, what’s going on with you?” Your tone was concerned and Jughead smiled against your hand. He opened his eyes, meeting your gaze with a grin. He leaned over, pressing his lips to yours. You hands grabbed for his jaw and suddenly you felt the couch cushions against your back. Study session and thoughts forgotten, you let yourself melt under his touches.

“I love you, that’s what’s going on with me.” Jughead mumbled against your lips, moving his eyes to your jaw. He trailed kisses all over your face, causing you to giggle.

“I love you too,” you whispered back and a huge smile fell upon his features. He went back to pressing kisses on your skin and you sighed in content. You finger played with the hem of his shirt, tugging it when he moved back to your lips. “No shirts allowed,” you mumbled while your hands moved beneath his shirt. Backing away a little, Jughead pulled off his flannel and shirt. You trailed your hands down his chest and he smiled.

“Does that rule not apply to you?” You smiled, moving your lips to his again. You were about to remove your shirt when you were interrupted by the phone ringing. Jughead audibly groaned, “do you have too?” You nodded and Jughead rolled off of you. You got up and rushed to the kitchen, answering the phone.

“Yeah hey mom, I’m fine.” You walked towards the living room again and mouthed to Jughead that it was your mom on the line. “Jughead is over, we’re,” you glanced at your boyfriend again, “studying.” You turned around a walked back into the kitchen. “Yeah alright, see ya in a bit. Bye.” You put the phone back and walked back towards the living room.

     “Get that cute ass over here and cuddle with me,” you smiled when you saw Jughead, shirt on, laying on the couch. You walked over a laid down next to him, resting half your weight on him so you didn’t fall off   the couch.

    “We still need to study, Jug,” you whispered and Jughead glanced down at you.

       “I can’t just cuddle you until you forget about the test?” You smiled at him, pressing your lips to the side of his neck.

“For a few minutes,” you answered and he smiled widely, pressing a sweet kiss to your forehead. So what he wasn’t affectionate in town or at school; he loved you more than you could ever know.

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could you do a boyfriend!jin? I hope it's okay, thank you<33

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  • who the heck looks that good eating im mad 
  • dealing with his constant dad jokes OMG 
  • dating jin means you’re the third parent of bts
  • starring in his  eat jin videos!!! 
  • feeding each other aw lol 
  • imagine him giving you a piggyback ride????? im weak 
  • him being kinda wary of holding hands at first 
  • “my hands aren’t pretty though” 
  • “yes they are, now hold my hand you big doofus” 
  • you get to wake up???? and see his beautiful bare face???? first thing???? im jealous 
  • no matter what condition your skin is in it gets better after you two start dating because he shares his tricks 
  • your cooking also gets better duh 
  • LISTEN cuddling but like he lays on his stomach shirtless and you lay on his back and kiss his shoulders
  • yes. 
  • “are you coming to the music shows?” 
  • “all of them” 
  • fucking in the kitchen ;))))) 
  • “food isn’t the only thing i’m going to eat in here” 
  • i need a bible 
  • attending fancy events with him 
  • like bts is there to perform but you’re there to present awards so you both look all snazzy and hot 
  • OK SO LIKE y;all wanna rearrange the area and ur kinda struggling (maybe idk ur body build but ya) and he’s standing there moving something big with one hand
  • ya don’t forget he works out 
  • him singing to you so you’ll fall asleep faster 
  • or just to calm you down if you’re hyper and he’s tired
  • if he’s feelin like poop you cook his favorite food and he’s like “babe…… i love you so much what the fuck” 
  • he’s already happy u cooked for him but then he tastes it and he’s like “BABE” 
  • makes that noise u know the ONE 
  • and he’s not completely cured but he’s so happy you cooked for him because that means you really paid attention when he was teaching you and it makes him emotional 
  • later that night you two have a talk about why he felt crappy 
  • and it probably brings you closer if that makes any sense what-so-ever 
  • going out with him and joon & one of you takes a #kimdaily pic of joonie 
  • and then in return he takes a cute ass lame ass pic of y’all kissing and posts it on twitter 
  • “look at these nerds aren’t they cute” 
  • going to eat afterward and u offer to pay
  • when u get the check u regret it bc fuuck…… jin eats so much and joon eats a lot too 
  • ok but imagine this 
  • if u have smaller shoulders than jin and wear his shirt its like falling off and stuff and jin sees and hes like “fuck come here” 
  • but if u have wider shoulders then the shirt fits better and he’s still like “fuck come here” because HE LOVES u
  • and you’re wearing his shirt n you look super hot and he’s like o lordy im a lucky dood
  • cusses but then tells you to watch your mouth when you cuss lol what a buttface 
  • GOSH yall would be so cute bts would adore you both