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So! I just got a full-time job! I’ll finally have enough income for… nothing! Because my student loans are so high that i’ll have maybe $8 after all is said and done!

Ok, it’s not that bleak. BUT this new job DOES require me to make a huge move, and I’ll have to work an extra 10-15 hours to make ends meet. Which means some changes are going to happen, much as we don’t want them to.

What all this means for the next 3-4 Weeks

I’m going to have to pack all my stuff and cart it across state to the new apartment i have to find really quickly. I will be ridiculously busy during this time, so I need to know what y’all want to do in the meantime:

A) Go on full hiatus after next week (the 19th-23rd’s comics are done and queued). This means no more updates til I’m settled and mostly functional.

B) Semi-hiatus, where I take the next week’s 3 comics and re-queue them for 1 page a week. You’ll still get some content, and it’ll hopefully last until I’m fully settled and have time to draw more pages. I’ll also probably put a call out for guest artists.

Please respond by replying to this post or going to my ask/submit boxes! this is really informal, but I wanna know what y’all would be most comfortable with. Now then….

What all this means AFTER I get settled

This comic isn’t going anywhere. I love it too much, and it has brought so much stability, joy, and hilarity to my life over the last year of doing it. I love all of you who read it and interact with it and it’s really joyous to me to see y’all wanting more.

But the reality of it is, despite being a full-time job with benefits, I will still need to work 50-55 hours total to live the best I can. Currently, I’m working 20-24 hours a week, so this is going to double what I’m doing. This means I won’t have as much time or energy to draw, though I’m gonna do my best.

But the comic will probably have to drop to 2 pages a week. Not just 2 updates a week, because those at least were 4 pages a week total. 2 pages per week, Tuesday and Thursday.

I will try to do as much as possible, and honestly I’d much rather be doing comics, but unless I suddenly get $560 going on my Patreon or people start commissioning me for that much a month, I simply cannot do my current output rate.

It really pains me to do this, but I have to in order to live.

Nothing is set in stone yet except that the next month is going to be a frenzy for me, and so there will be a considerable slowdown on pages. But this comic will still continue regardless of circumstances.

I hope you’ll stick through the whirlwind coming and see what else I’ve got planned for this story!

Love you guys


Quick update

The submissions are randomized and anonymous now, I’ll start uploading them soon, but I still accept submissions!

There will be chapters every day. (Last time I posted all of it at once!). Probably there will be 15 chapters altogether :) so roughly two weeks of AU challenge 🎉

And during that time, I still accept new submissions! (They will be queued after the ones I already randomized ;)) So if someone still feels inspired, go ahead and submit AU fanart/edit/fanfic to desussquad(at) for inclusion 😊

If there are any questions, feel free to contact me @abigailht or via ask @desussquad


Friday Rundown 4-14-17

On the Docket for the Weekend

  • This weekend is Easter, of course. This weekend I’ll be staying at my sister’s house, which means shaaaaake up! I’ll probably think of a few special posts over the weekend. I know it’s the holidays, but seriously there’s only so much family I can handle at one time so I’m definitely still going to be on social. Just saying! I might just not be able to stalk my Tumblr buds as closely. 
  • No fear, there will be some food shopping and meal prep activity to share with you guys. It will be for the weekend only, with a special “how do lactose intolerant people survive at a house that may as well be a dairy farm” angle. Then, when I return for the week I’ll be able to give an example of what meal prep looks like around here when coming home from a trip. 

The Successes

  • Walking was killer. It was pretty nice this week, a bit cloudy at times–but nice! I exceeded my step goals most days but was able to keep my nutrition appropriate for those activity levels for once, so I didn’t overdo it and exhaust myself.
  • The gym was good, too! I didn’t write many logs this week because I felt it would be redundant to say “did cardio, here’s approximately the same Fitbit log.” I really wanted to get some major movement this week leading into a road trip. Sitting for four hours with maybe only one potty break seems so impossible. I really do constantly move some days. I’m going to be crawling out of my skin. Maybe I should bring dumbbells and do and bicep curls in the car. Am I really going to be that person?
  • NSV. My workout pants are now too large. Particularly, the compression pants. I have tons of other active wear that fit, but I need these for running so I’ll have to go down a size ASAP. I looked at my Old Navy yesterday but they didn’t have any high-waist ones on the sale rack. It’s kind of convoluted, but I need this very exact cut and material to run because of my loose skin. Mid-Rise doesn’t give the support I need. So, I’ll have to look again sometime soon and just suck it up–literally–for a few runs. It’s not super terrible because most of my skin is in my limbs, but it will affect my performance until I get them replaced.

The Not as Successful 

  • Caffeine. I’ve already talked about this one a lot this week, and ultimately it’s not a dire situation. I’m typically not someone who “needs” it to wake up. I still don’t, but I definitely do enjoy it. At least I know I can easily abstain for a while when migraines are flaring up. When I “came off” it two months ago I only had one withdrawal headache, though it was legit the worst migraine I’d had all year. 
  • I am so beyond bloated. You know, that might say something more about exactly how loose the workout pants really are, because I’ve also been dealing with an uncomfortable amount of bloating this week. It’s just–fun female times. It’s making it a pain in the ass to exercise as efficiently, but damn it I’m doing it!

Little Rambles

Ugh, just more porn blog drama. A lot of us know the drill. They reblog your photos and leave those “join me on cam” messages with flapping dicks everywhere. Every time a post of mine starts showing up on the tags I use; dozens and dozens of them start interacting with my account. Every single morning, I block every account with pornography on it and file a report if my face has been reblogged to it. Some days it makes me not want to post pictures of myself, and I’ll never share photos of my nephew because of this bullshit. I complain about this a lot, but I wish Tumblr developers would make it faster to get this kind of crap taken down.

It takes 2-3 days to get each request fully addressed. It’s genuinely the only thing that annoys me about this website. I’ve never had anywhere near the magnitude of these problems on any other social media website as I do on Tumblr, and I use Soundcloud for shit’s sake! I’ll keep going through this charade even if I become the “crazy lady” in the Tumblr support queue. I don’t care. I just what’s left of my privacy respected.

I do find at least a little humor in it now. I mean, after awhile you see so many dicks against your will that it turns from ‘Oh, God. Why?” into, “WTF? That looks like a gourd!”

This is Thursday-through-Thursday because I was a sneaky twat and queued this post last night. A-ha! By the time this goes live my sorry ass is probably sitting in the car. In other news, what the Hell happened to Sunday!? 

The blog

So I know I’ve been super active recently.  I had ten days off work, which has allowed me to post a lot.

However, sadly, I go back to work today.  I’m working seven days in a row (some of them I will have no time to post in between shifts because I finish at 10pm and start the next morning at 8am).  After these seven days in a row I am going on holiday for a week to Turkey (where pretty much all my posts will be queued, and I can probably answer a few asks here and there).  And when I come back from Turkey I’m working loads again until 1st October when I go part-time but I will be studying a lot because I’m starting uni.

I just wanted you all to know that I probably won’t be as active, but I will try my best to post as much as I can!

So youve probably noticed that Ive been missing a day or two lately. I wish I could say its because im busy with school and work but, I only have 1 class and work like 4 days a week. Its more that I set up the queu at night when im done with everything. And im just lazy so I do only tomorows posts and after working 7 or 8 hours I just want to relax and go to sleep. This isnt much of an excuse but atleast im sticking to that promise I made to myself to never drop below 3 posts a day. I promise to get this more consistent.