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Good Luck, Jensen

Summary: Jensen gets jealous which leads to a fight with the reader. She leaves wanting space but Jensen tracks her down.

Pairing: Jensen x Reader

Word Count: 2,685

Requested by: @marvelfreak019

Jensen can’t wait to stroll through the front door and see your beautiful face. He’s only been gone for about five hours but he misses you already. You’re the best part of his day.

He heads inside after a few rounds of golf with Jared and hears you laughing, the sound always makes him smile. Then he hears a man’s voice too and it makes him stop in his tracks. Jensen listens closely and he immediately recognizes the obnoxious voice.

Patrick. Your annoying coworker that Jensen doesn’t like.

Scratch that. Your annoying coworker that Jensen fucking hates.

Jensen always has a strong urge to punch Patrick when he’s around. Especially when he catches the dumb ass checking you out, which happens too often.

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Reminder - obs&bh chapter 2 will be posted tomorrow (Sunday) in the afternoon (GMT). I’ll make another update post tonight when I have a better idea of the timeframe and will probably be able to narrow the post schedule down to the hour. 

I can’t wait to hear what you all think of the chapter when it’s up! 

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What do children think about Chara? What do they think about monsters? Also, where is "Across the line"?

I think they’d all be stuck in a sort of “Is this even real?” I dunno. They all probably think Chara is a bit weird. But a lot of kids are weird.

As for any real updates today…

Dusty and I messed up and lost too much time so we didn’t get to make a comic update.


Across the Line will update tomorrow!

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Sorry to bother you but any news on the new chapter??

YES, sorry for the late update. Je suis vraiment désolé. 😱

I’ve actually been horribly sick since Sunday (high fever, cough, migraines, nose shit and everything) and I haven’t had much time/motivation to do anything besides school work.

I’m hoping to have the next chapter ready for tomorrow, but I’ll keep you guys updated. 

Maybe you’ll get a teaser later today? (I can at least tell you the general consensus was ‘wall sex’, so…. 😏)


These are some of the screenshots from the Chinese localization made by @ameliaandfriends (please visit their blog and support Amelia and Friends too, it’s a beaultiful RPG Maker game! :0)

I am so happy to see Virgo in another language, I can’t wait to see more! Since I’ve been too busy I wasn’t able to contact everyone about the translations, so I’ll probably create a discord server for that to make things easier and more organized (my tumblr box is literal hell now, I can’t find anything… t_t)

I hope you guys had a good friday and have a nice weekend! :3 I’ll bring a trailer for the new party member tomorrow or sunday, so please look forward to that!

love at first sight (bws)

Brad requested separate imagine from anon:  “ So you know how Conor Maynard made a song off with the boys? How about Y/N is Conor’s sister and she comes with him and Brad falls for her and Y/N is also a YouTuber and if you are making this a series (you can make a separate imagine for this) Brad and Y/N make a couple YouTube video. thanks :))”

p.s I am not making this a series…i mean..until i change my mind.
if you haven’t seen the video yet, watch it 

“You’re inviting your friends here again?! It’s been the fourth time this week, Conor. And I’m sick of changing my clothes inside the bathroom.” 

You rolled your eyes at your brother, Conor Maynard. Yes, you’re his sister, but you also make youtube videos, so it isn’t really a shock as much. “At least I have friends that knows where I live so we can hang out.” He says snapping back. I brushed him off and continued setting up my tripod and the camera together. “Yeah, okay, whatever. Just try to be quiet while I make this video.”

I heard him laugh a bit so I looked back at him with a confused face. 

“The Vamps.”


The Vamps are coming over. We’re making a youtube video.” You were so shocked. You knew Conor toured with them last time and hung out, but you really haven’t met them in person. You didn’t know what to do, or what to feel. “So…you guys are probably gonna sing, huh?” He just nodded while smirking, crossing his arms. You puffed out your breath, “Fine, well I mean, it’s Sunday and Im gonna post this on wednesday, guess I’ll give it to you then.” Conor smiled, “Thanks, sister, even though I hate you sometimes. Anyways, I’m posting my video tomorrow, so yeah. Thanks alot.” You smiled back at him, hinting a little ‘sorry’ in your eyes. He chuckled and ruffled your head like a puppy. 


When you finally finished putting back your oh-so-hard-to-make set-up, you flopped down on your bed and sighed. Just the thought of The Vamps are just besides the room next to you made you so curious about wanting to see them. They arrived just five minutes ago and, surely, they haven’t started to record yet. So you decided to try and meet them for the first time without making in awkward. Like You always do.

So the plan was you’re going to pretend to ask Conor whether he used your blow dryer or not and then you pretend that you didn’t notice that the boys were there so then you’re now going to greet them. Great.



Brad’s POV:

“It’s been a long time, boys.” Conor greeted us while the four of us entered the house once again. “Thanks for the invite!” Connor replied as we greeted him back. He led us up the stairs onto his room where we’re about to film a little sing-off that he always does on his channel.

“D’you guys want anything before we start?” He asks. I raised my eyebrows, “Shiiiit are we already starting? Usually when we film together we’ll always joke around for about twenty minutes!” I jokingly said as the other boys laughed. Conor chuckled, “Well maybe I asked the question too early.” We all agreed to just have some bottles of water and he climbed back down the stairs to get some and left all four of us here.

“This place has changed since we last came here!” Tristan exclaimed. “That couch was supposed to be on this side.”

“And why the hell is this flower vase doing here?” James joined as they continued to spot the changes since then. I was looking around the room until we all heard footsteps coming towards the door. “Conor’s back.”

The door swung open, and it was far from what we guessed.

Is this Y/N? Conor’s sister?


“Conor did you see my—oh god, I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to disturb you guys, uh—I gotta go.” She stuttered nervously. Aw, baby.

Before she could grab the doorknob in this awkward situation (well, for her), I had the sudden urge to grab her arm back and turned her around to face us, to face me. “No, it’s okay, I’m Brad.” I held out my hand for her to shake. She looked down at her feet nervously and looked up back at me with her innocent eyes. “Shit.” I murmured under my breath for only me to hear. She grabbed my hand softly and shook it. I’ve sworn I heard James whistled faintly. “I’m Connor, double ‘n’, nice to meet you.” Connor soon said, pointing at himself while Y/N laughed a bit. “Aaaaand—“ I continued, not wanting to any of the boys to take this away from me. She’s so beautiful.

“—that’s James, and Tristan.” They waved at her and she shyly waved back. I’m already falling, what is this.

“Okay people, here’s your water bottles.” Conor finally walked in with two bottles on each hand and Connor hurriedly helped him. “Oh, sissy, you’re here.” He looked at Y/N with a little smirk on his face while Y/N narrowed his eyes at him. Ohh…I get it now. You chuckled. “So you finally met them, huh?” He continued to joke around her which made Y/N more furious. He slapped his arm, “Just…just start with your video.” Aww, baby, you don’t need to be angry.



While we were already in the middle of the video, I can’t help but to glance at y/n every five seconds. The way her face is so preoccupied when one of us are singing, the way her facial expressions change when we hit a certain note, the way her fingers dance slightly to the beat of the song, and the way she parts her lips slightly to sing a long quietly, everything.

“But she caught me on the counter. Saw me bangin’ on the sofa!” I sang and immediately caught her reaction; her eyebrows raised while smirking slightly (2:14). She saw me looking at her at that moment and blushed. I smiled widely, proud of myself. I couldn’t stop smiling while singing at the same time since then.


“That went amazing!” Conor said while still laughing about the ending. “I’m in love with the coco!” Tristan screamed once again while all of us laughed once more; including y/n. I walked over to her while they’re busy fixing up the set. “So I think you enjoyed that.” I winked at her while drinking my water from earlier. She giggled slightly. Oh I’m already obsessed. “I did…” she quietly said. I got the hint that she was too shy talking about this while the other boys were in this room so I grabbed her arm, out of the room and into, which I believe, is her room.

“Hey! Where are you taking my sister?” Conor said while laughing, “Just a minute!”

I closed the door and looked back at her, still has a smile on her face. “Why did it take so long for us to meet?” I whispered, taking a fallen strand of hair and tucking in behind her ears and resting my palm on her cheeks. “I-I don’t know.”

“You know what, Y/N?”

“Yes, Brad?” First time she says my name, god.

“I have never really believed at love at first sight…until now.” She grabbed both of my hands which made me look straight into her green orbs which you can easily get lost in. “And do you know what, Brad?” she slowly says, and I smirked. We both know that I knew what she’s about to say.

“Me either.”

Trust Fund

Word Count: 3868
Tags: @yourtropegirl Tony Stark tags: @shewhorunswithfandoms, @flirtswithdanger, @anyakinamidala @dirajunara @anotherotter @little-study-bug @rampant-salamander @goodnightwife
Author’s Note: This is for @yourtropegirl‘s 1000 follower celebration - I took College AU with Tony Stark. 

“Are you sure you won’t come out?” Tabby, your roommate, was doing her best puppy dog eyes at you, trying to convince you to join her at what she claimed was going to be the party of the semester at the Delta Kappa Nu frat.

“Huge exam Monday. I’m gonna hit the lab and make sure I’m on track. I can party later,” you shrugged.

“I somehow doubt there’s a lot of partying in the Engineering set. All you ever seem to do is study,” Tabby snorted.

“Engineering taught Delta Kappa Nu how to party,” you countered, rolling your eyes. “But there’s a time and place, and midterms week is a stupid time to plan for a huge party. Maybe the week after midterms.”

“Long story short, you aren’t coming out,” Tabby sighed.

“True story,” you nodded, collecting your books and heading to the lab.

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Baby Makes Four

(A/N) Accidental baby acquisition is one of my absolute favorite tropes EVER so I had to write it for today’s prompt! XD
There are no warnings here, just pure teeth-rotting fluff.
Also, this takes place in the same universe as Of BMWs and Cadillacs, in case you were wondering c:
I hope you guys enjoy!!

P.S. I will be writing something for day 8, but I probably won’t be able to get it up tomorrow so it’ll be there for you guys on Sunday :’)
Until then, happy pynch week! It’s been so much writing for it this year~

Admittedly, Ronan has been thinking about this for a while now.

The idea had wriggled into his head a few years ago, when he’d been coming to terms with the fact that Opal would be going off to college soon. It was like the situation with Adam all over again, except Ronan felt especially ill-equipped to handle it a second time. Four years of undergrad and two years for a master’s degree away from an integral member of Ronan’s family was enough to last a lifetime – Ronan had no idea what to do about the fact that he’d have to do it again.

It was almost harder with Opal, really. She’d been around as long as Ronan could remember, assisting him in his dreamscape and protecting him from his nightmares. While he was guiltily a little excited about having the entire Barns alone with Adam, he found the idea of Opal being gone for so long unbearable.

But he didn’t want to be in the way of her dreams either, so he knew he would have to let her go.

So then he started wondering what could possibly fill the void of Opal’s absence.

And then he started wondering what it would be like to raise a child for real.

Opal is his daughter, they’d signed the papers to make it official a while back, but she had come out of his head mostly functional and already fiercely independent. Once they’d taught her to stop gnawing on sticks and how to walk in boots to hide her hoofs, she pretty much didn’t need them anymore. She was more like another adult living in their house than anything. (Ronan had even taken an amusing snapshot (amusing to him) of Opal and Adam both hunched over their respective homework at the dining room table, sticking their tongues out in concentration in comically similar fashions.) She just needed to be calmed down from horrific nightmares as often as Ronan did and sometimes a harsh reminder not to eat the wrapper on her granola bars. It had been easy, once Opal had adjusted to the waking world.

And all of it just made Ronan wonder what it would be like to start from scratch.

For a long time, Ronan hadn’t thought he wanted kids. But hell, he’d thought he’d be alone for the rest of his life, and look where he is now. He’d just been worried that he’d never be able to control his dreams, that eventually people would come after him and attack him and destroy his family, just like his had been destroyed so many years ago.

But nobody came. Ronan and Adam have lived off the grid as far as the magic business goes for years, and no one has bothered them since the Gray Man had contacted them a couple of years back to say that he was successfully diverting attention away from Henrietta.  

So now Ronan feels safe to ponder the idea of children. He’d loved growing up in a big family, with his two brothers to tumble around with, and he likes the idea of having a big family again. He also kind of wants to prove that he can be a good dad, or at least a better dad than Niall had ever been. He’s finally old enough to acknowledge that his dad had been a shit dad, though he still holds his intense love for him, and he wants to make it up to the next generation. He doesn’t want anyone feeling neglected and insufficient just because they weren’t a dreamer, like Declan must have felt. He doesn’t want anyone to sit around and wonder if their dad will ever come back home, and then have to find out one day that he won’t ever be coming home again.

And, for a more screwed up reason, Ronan kind of finds the idea of Adam as a dad stupidly attractive.

But it’s Adam himself that makes Ronan hesitate about bringing it up. It’s no secret that Adam’s worst fear is that one day he’ll wake up and find that he’s turned into his father. It’s why he still hasn’t touched a drop of alcohol besides the occasional glass of wine Ronan forces on him when he’s especially tired and stressed. It’s why Adam still flinches sometimes when he touches Opal, like he’s afraid he’ll somehow accidentally hurt her.

Ronan doesn’t want to make him feel pressured to overcome that fear just because he so badly wants another child. He and Adam decide things together, with no one’s opinion meaning more than the other’s. He figures that the safest option for now is to just leave things be. Their life is good right now – there’s no need to add a sudden change.

Which is great, until it suddenly escalates out of his control.

The way it starts is rather ironic, as they do have sex right before. Adam had gotten home late and angry because someone on his team had made critical mistakes in their math and he’d had to stay late at the office to correct them. He has deep bags under his eyes, his usually perfect tie is crooked, and he’s in a horrible mood.

Ronan has learned that the best approach to dealing with an angry Adam is to say nothing at all. Probing at him only makes him explode in his face. So he just wordlessly slides a cup of black coffee over to him when he sits down at the kitchen table with an irritated sigh. Adam downs the whole thing, wordlessly demands another, and then launches into an hour long rant about how shitty everyone at his work is.

“And don’t even get me started on that fucktard Scott; he always does everything wrong and yet somehow still gets away with—why are you looking at me like that?” Adam’s eyes are suddenly piercing into Ronan, who realizes he’d been unsuccessful at hiding his amused smirk behind his cup.

He quickly wipes the smirk away, leaning back against the counter. “No reason.” And then, against better judgement, “You’re just hot when you’re mad.”

“Of all the—!” Adam looks about ready to detonate, but after a second his shoulders loosen and he rolls his eyes. Ronan would be richer than he already is if he had a dollar for every time Adam has rolled his eyes at him. “You’re impossible.”

Ronan grins wolfishly. “At least I’m better than fucking Scott.”

It’s the right thing to say. Adam grins before standing up, abandoning his half-finished coffee and walking over to Ronan. He stops when their chests touch, wrapping his arms around Ronan’s neck and leaning in for a sweet kiss. Ronan hums, settling his hands on Adam’s hips as he kisses him back.

He’s survived this round.

“How was your day?” Adam asks between kisses.

Ronan shrugs, moving down to kiss Adam’s jaw. “Fine. Just farm stuff. Set up at the farmer’s market. Sold some shit. Nothing eventful.” He raises his eyebrows suggestively at Adam. “Yet.”

Adam snorts, but he also tends to be in the mood for sex when he’s had a bad day at work so he leads Ronan up to the bedroom anyway.

Once they’re done, spent and happy once more, Adam gets up to let the dogs into the room before trotting back to the bed and opening his book. He always reads before bed, so Ronan, as always, tucks his arm around his waist and rolls onto his stomach, getting comfortable for an attempt at easy sleep. He goes to bed earlier now than he did as a teen since he has to get up early for farming work.

Just as he’s sinking into his pillow and Adam’s warmth, however, their three hounds climb onto the bed and immediately flop onto his back.

“Fucking…! Your dog-children are suffocating me!” Ronan groans under the weight. Misty, their Australian Shepherd, licks at the back of his neck, making him shiver violently. He tries half-heartedly to roll her off of him, but Ray the golden retriever and Chip the husky have dutifully pinned down Ronan’s legs.

Adam snorts and doesn’t even look up from his book as he reaches out to scratch Misty’s ears. “They’re your dog-children, too.”

“So when a gay man and a bi man love each other very much…”

Adam chokes out a laugh and shoves a pillow into Ronan’s face. “Apparently they make three dog-children. But the real question is: who gives birth to them?”

Ronan laughs so hard his sides hurt. God Adam is the most amazing human being he has ever met in his entire life. Pushing the dogs off of him, the action easy now with his sudden surge of motivation, Ronan scrambles over to tackle Adam down onto the mattress. Adam lets out a surprised yelp, his book tumbling onto the floor as Ronan nuzzles into his neck. “Hey! You made me lose my page!”

“Oh please, you have the whole damn thing memorized anyway.” Ronan rolls his eyes and leans back to press a soft kiss to Adam’s lips. He lets himself smile a little, lost in the shining amusement in Adam’s blue eyes. “I love you.”

Adam reaches up to stroke his cheek. “I love you too. Even if you did give birth to three dog-children.”

“Hey, who’s to say it wasn’t you?” Ronan growls, but he’s laughing again as he rolls over to lie next to Adam. He watches his husband, mesmerized by the way his dimples show when he laughs.

Adam smirks and shoves his cold feet in between Ronan’s legs. “Because I think I would remember something like that.”

“They say some women don’t remember the pain of childbirth,” Ronan says as he wraps his arm around Adam’s waist and pulls him in tighter.

Adam raises a playful eyebrow. “Yes, but they don’t say that some men don’t remember the pain of dog-childbirth.”

“God I fucking hate you!” Ronan laughs, but he’s happy and warm and still hopelessly in love. He falls asleep staring at Adam’s smile and rubbing lazy circles into his hip.

As usual, he falls into a dream. With all of the thoughts and discussions of children and birthing lately, Ronan is only mildly surprised when he walks around a tree in Cabeswater and stumbles across a crib. His breath still leaves him though, and for a long time he just stands there, staring at it. He knows he shouldn’t go over to it, that if he does he won’t be able to stop himself from doing something irreversible.

And yet he finds himself walking over anyway, like something is drawing him forward. There’s a soft crying now, and Ronan can see the gentle flailing of tiny limbs over the lip of the crib. He catches a glimpse of one of the baby’s limbs before it falls back down again.

A pale, freckled arm.

Ronan curses his overactive brain for doing this to himself, but by now he’s already standing next to the crib. He tries not to look in, he really does, but the freckled arm had attracted his attention and now he can’t not look in at it.

Just one peek. That’s all.

It’s a mistake.

Ronan doesn’t even remember grabbing the baby, but when he wakes from the dream there is loud, shrilling crying in his ear and a hand violently shaking his shoulder. “Ronan, Ronan! Ronan, wake up!”

Ronan is awake, but he can’t do anything to prove it. He can’t move a finger, his body paralyzed from bringing the little bundle in his arms out of his dream. He wishes he could move, though, because he can roll his eyes around and see that Adam is panicking and that the bundle in his arms is actually what he thinks it is and that he has royally fucked everything up.

When he can finally move again, he rolls over with a groan, clutching the bundle tighter in his arms. Adam can most definitely see what he’s brought out now, and his eyes are as wide as saucers as he stares at Ronan like he has three heads. “Ronan, that’s—!”

Ronan closes his eyes and heaves a big sigh. “A fucking baby. Yeah.”


Adam is mad.

“I can’t believe you didn’t consult me about this!” he fumes, though the effect is immediately canceled out by the little baby boy cocked on his hip. Ronan is melting.

“It’s not like I brought him back on purpose!” he whispers back, not wanting to alarm the baby as he steps forward to ease a bottle of milk to his lips. The baby drinks eagerly, to Ronan’s relief. “I was going to talk to you about it! I’ve just been thinking about it a lot lately, and when I stumbled across him in my dream…”

He trails off, still uncomfortable with stating his feelings outright. About how he’d fallen in love with the baby on first sight. About how he’d seen Adam’s blue eyes and his own curly hair on that little baby and couldn’t just not pick him up.

Adam scoffs and rolls his eyes, but his expression is softer now, more understanding. “I know you didn’t bring him back on purpose, but I would’ve still liked to be part of the process. You should’ve told me when you first started thinking about it.”

Ronan looks away. He should’ve, but he’d thought Adam wouldn’t want to. Adam has trouble seeing how good he is with Opal, no matter how much Ronan tries to show him, no matter how well Opal has turned out because of him. Adam obviously loves Opal, and Opal obviously loves him, but it’s apparently not enough to fully dissipate Adam’s fears. Ronan hadn’t brought it up with him because he hadn’t wanted to get into a fight over it.

The idea seems stupid now.

“I…I didn’t think you’d want to…” he admits, rubbing a hand over his head. It’s still a habit, even though he actually has hair now to get caught in his fingers.

“You’re an idiot,” Adam says bluntly, and Ronan flinches. For a moment, he feels angry. Why does he always get in trouble for trying to do the right thing? It’s like he’s just one big fuck-up no matter what his intentions are.

But then Adam walks closer to him, shifting the baby into Ronan’s arms. Ronan hugs him tightly, so he won’t fall. He’s staring so intensely at the little boy, awestruck, that Adam has to place his hands on Ronan’s cheeks to force him to look at him. It’s the first time in over twelve years that Ronan has to be made to look at Adam, and the idea amuses him slightly.

“The truth is, I’ve…been looking into adoption,” Adam says quietly, running his thumb down Ronan’s jaw.

Ronan just stares at him. “Adam, I love you, but we have three dogs already – you seriously want to get another one…?”

No you idiot,” Adam snaps, but a smile is twitching at the corners of his lips. Ronan grins back. “Human adoption. I’ve been thinking about getting a baby too, Ronan.”

For a moment, the words don’t even process. Ronan just blinks at Adam in shock, convinced he hasn’t heard right. “Wh-what? But I thought—?”

Adam suddenly seems embarrassed as he stares down at the baby, a small smile gracing his lips as the boy reaches for him. Adam hands him a finger in return, and when the baby grasps at it with a cry of delight Ronan nearly explodes from the cuteness overload. “Look, I know I’ve been…hesitant for a long time about this, and God I’m still terrified, but…You’ve always wanted kids. You love Opal, but she was never going to be enough for you. So I thought…I thought we could give it a try… And before you say anything, I want this too. I want…I want to try having a family with you, Ronan.”

Ronan is gaping for a completely different reason now. He never realized how…known he is. He always seems to forget that Adam can see right through him, that he doesn’t even have to learn to be comfortable with stating his feelings out loud because often Adam just knows. Ronan can do the same for Adam, but now he’s starting to realize why Adam was always so freaked out about it.

It’s scary being so transparent, even to the man he’s been together with for ten years.

Adam is looking at him again, and he looks so terrified that Ronan wants to wrap his arms tightly around him and never let go. “You’ll stop me if I ever try to hurt them, won’t you?”

“God, Adam,” Ronan murmurs, shifting the baby to one arm so he can cup Adam’s cheek with his palm. “Listen to me – you will never be like that piece of shit, alright? I’ve seen you Adam, we’ve lived together for ten years; I’ve seen how good you are with Opal. Who was the one who sat up with her and helped her with her homework? Who was the one who made her a makeshift sling and called the ambulance while I did nothing but freak the fuck out when she broke her elbow? Who was the one who toured colleges with her, made sure she had all of her shots, made her wear her safety gear when we went spelunking, combed and braided her hair all this time?”

“Me,” Adam says quietly, but it comes out cracked. He leans into Ronan’s palm and reaches up to cover it with his own; Ronan can feel his hand shaking. “But just in case—”

“You would never hurt them,” Ronan says firmly, leaving no room for misunderstandings.

But Adam is still shaking his head, looking very much like he’s trying not to cry. “You don’t know that—”

“I do know that,” Ronan interrupts. “And you wanna know why? Because I’ve been staring at your dumb ass for twelve years and you have never hurt anyone. Because you love Opal so damn much that you flew all the way to Seattle just to help her move into her dorm. And you hate flying.”

Adam laughs a little before that beautiful small smile comes back onto his lips. A stray tear runs down his cheek, and Ronan swipes it away with his thumb. “I can’t believe you’ve been staring at my ass for twelve years.”

Ronan scowls before playfully swatting at Adam’s head. “Be flattered you shit.”

“Thank you, Ronan,” he murmurs quietly, suddenly serious.

Ronan hugs him tightly with his free arm, and doesn’t even comment on the tears he can feel soaking into his tank. “You’re going to be the best damn dad anyone has ever seen.”


“Daddy, I wanna lick the bowl!” Ken Niall Lynch-Parrish, barely 5, says, holding up his chubby arms towards Adam. Adam is more the baker of the family, Ronan prefers cooking dinner-type foods, and he stands at the counter mixing a cake. It’s Ken’s birthday, and all of their friends and family are coming over that night to celebrate. Even Opal is flying home from Seattle, though her quickly approaching finals means she can’t stay for more than two days.

But it’ll be alright. Ronan is just happy to have all his kids in the same place again.

“It’s bad for you, Ken,” Adam chides, but when the toddler’s face falls he rolls his eyes fondly and stoops down to pick Ken up in his arms, holding him so that he can reach the bowl on the counter. “Only because it’s your birthday.”

Ken squeals with delight as he reaches for the bowl, grasping the spoon and licking from it eagerly. Ronan, seated at the table, can’t stop grinning. It’s been five years of raising their boys, and he will never get tired of watching Adam be a dad. It’s his absolute favorite thing.

“Papa?” A small hand suddenly tugs at Ronan’s pant leg, and he looks down to find their dream boy, Jerome Noah Lynch-Parrish, also 5, staring up at him. His fist is clenched tightly, as if holding something in his hand.

“What’s up, squirt?” Ronan asks, pulling the boy into his lap.

Jerome looks down shyly before opening his fist and offering the object to Ronan. “Papa, I think it turned out right this time…”

Inside the toddler’s palm is a toy car, one that suspiciously looks like Adam’s Cadillac. When Ronan spins the front wheel, a familiar song begins to play: “Squash one, squash two—

Ronan quickly stops the wheel, muting the tune. He glances sharply up at Adam, but his husband is too busy helping Ken clean off the rest of the bowl that it looks like he hadn’t heard anything. For once, Ronan thanks the fact that Adam is half-deaf.

Grinning, Ronan places a messy kiss on Jerome’s temple. “It’s perfect. Why don’t you go give it to your Daddy?”

“Okay!” The toddler grins before carefully climbing down from Ronan’s lap and running to Adam.

Jerome is unique in the fact that he is both a dreamer and a dream. Ronan hasn’t noticed anything other than that that differentiates him from non-dream babies, like his brother Ken who they had adopted from Japan, which had been a relief for both him and Adam. While they would’ve loved him either way, it’s just easier on Ronan not having to dream up all of his pairs of shoes and such like he has to do for Opal. He also hopes that someday he’ll be able to work with Jerome to improve Cabeswater and find a more permanent solution for dreams that no longer have their dreamer.

It’s of even more importance now that they find the answer.

But that’s a long ways away. For now, Ronan is content to sport a shit-eating grin as he watches Jerome tug on Adam’s pant leg. “Daddy, I dreamt this for you!”

“Oh?” Adam has to set Ken down to accept the car from Jerome, and Ken crowds next to his brother to also get a look at what he’d presented Adam.

“No fair Jerome, where’s my dream present? It’s my birthday!” Ken whines.

Jerome, a surprisingly gentle-natured child considering he’d come out of Ronan’s head, smiles and says, “I already dreamed your present! Papa just won’t let me give it to you until Aunty Blue, Uncle Dick, Uncle Henry, Uncle Declan, and Uncle Matthew are here.”

Ken sulks, but the answer seems to satisfy him. Ronan counts it a mental win that his son had called Gansey ‘Dick’ instead of ‘Gansey’, but he doesn’t bask in the glory of it for long. Right now he has more important things to witness.

Adam smiles as he inspects the tiny model of his own car, obviously touched. It makes Ronan feel a bit bad for what he’s about to do to him. “Thank you, Jerome! It looks just like our Cadillac.”

“Spin the wheel!” Jerome chirps, a huge grin on his face. Ronan has to bite his lip to prevent himself from barking out a loud laugh.

“Alright…” Adam, obviously having no suspicions whatsoever, spins the wheel.

Squash one, squash two—

Adam stalls the wheel on his palm immediately before whirling to face Ronan, comically furious. “Of all of the beautiful and innovative things you could be teaching our son how to make, why did you decide to teach him how to make this?! This song died ten years ago!!”

“That song is a fucking classic!” Ronan barks, leaning back in his chair and roaring with laughter. Adam looks ready to strike back with a scathing retort to that, but their son interrupts him.

“You don’t like it, Daddy?” Jerome asks, the poor boy sounding absolutely crushed.

Adam falters. “No, Jerome, it’s great! Thank you. You’re getting so much better at controlling your dreaming.” Ronan snickers at the fact that he got Adam to admit the Murder Squash Song was great, and Adam points at him in a scarily accurate imitation of Gansey. “This isn’t over, Lynch.”

“That’s Lynch-Parrish to you!” Ronan says cheekily, and just laughs as Adam throws a dish towel at him.

Later, when the rest of their crazy family is all together and watching Ken open his presents, Ronan is suddenly struck with how amazing this all is. That he, Ronan Lynch-Parrish, is lucky enough to have stumbled upon such an incredibly strange and incredibly amazing group of people who make him feel loved and accepted every day. It’s a long cry away from where he was as a teenager, and honestly it’s a goddamn miracle.

He even has a soft smile on his face as he watches Ken unwrap the little stuffed animal that Jerome had dreamed for him, one that lights up like a night light in all sorts of fantastical colors. Ken absolutely loves it, and he’s grinning from ear to ear as he tackles his brother in a hug.

As if reading Ronan’s thoughts, Adam squeezes his knee and leans over to whisper in his ear, his breath warm on his skin, “Can you believe this is our family? Our family??”

Ronan breaks his gaze from their sons for a moment to grin fondly at Adam. He cups his cheek gently before leaning in to leave a quick peck on his lips. “Not at all, no. It’s like a goddamn dream.”

Adam grins at him, happy and awake and finally filled out in his form, and kisses Ronan back. “Well, if it is, then I never want to wake up.”

Meet the Family (Tom x Black Reader)

Originally posted by petesparkes

Summary: Here’s Tom and his girlfriend (black reader) meeting her family and meeting his family for the first time in their relationship.

Author’s Note: I love tom x black reader so this was fun to write. I hope you guys enjoy. Feel free to give your opinion (like, dislike, whatever). Also feel free to give suggestions. 

Requested: “What about black reader x tom meeting the families? Like hc on how it would be like to his family and how it would be like for tom to meet her family?”


Wordcount: 3639

Warnings: Fluff, swearing, sexual suggestiveness 

Taglist: @tbholland @stephie-senpai @cersei-lannister @i-love-superhero @chinalois @behxndthemask

Meeting your family:

  • Your mother had been egging you on for months about wanting to meet your boyfriend, Tom.
  • You managed to get away with a lot of excuses
    • “Mom, he’s very busy with filming, auditioning, and press tours. I don’t think he has time to take off and come meet you.”
    • “I’m sorry Mom, he has an award show to attend…yes I’m going, who else would he take?”
    • “Tom just needed to go be with his family, he’s been homesick.”
  • She pestered for months and months about meeting him because you were the baby of your family and she felt like it was time to as she so nicely put it: “shake him down about his intentions.”
  • There would be one morning where you were cuddling with a sleeping Tom. He would have just got in from a flight and was now planning to spend the next two weeks solely with you.
  • You’d get a phone call which you would think about ignoring but once you saw her picture pop up with her contact you knew not to leave her hanging.
    • “Hey mom, can this wait? Tom is sleeping.”
    • “Well make sure he doesn’t sleep through dinner, we’re expecting him this evening.”
    • “I’m sorry what?”
    • “Well, he’s finally off from work which you keep saying he’s busy from. Now he finally has a chance to meet us.”
    • “This is so last minute mom, can’t this wait until tomorrow?”
    • “You know we throw family dinners on Sunday, so no this can’t wait. Besides you’re not doing anything, I know you’re not going to church because you’re probably too busy getting saucy with–.”
    • “Mom-m-m. We’ll be there alright?”
    • “5 pm sharp, I know how you are sweetie and I’m sure Mr. Hollywood thinks he’s some kind of prince but-”
    • She had some kind of nerve, you could never think of an occurrence where your mother wasn’t on CP time. “Yes mother, we’ll be there promptly wearing our best attire. Is that satisfying?”
    • “Y/N, I don’t know who you think you’re mocking. I just want to meet the boy who is with my baby girl.”
    • “I know mama, it’s fine you’ll love him like I do. We’ll see you later.”
    • “Love you sweetpea.”
    • “Love you too mom.”
  • You stared at your boyfriends sleeping figure, knowing he was exhausted.
  • The little shit was a workaholic and while you appreciated the work ethic you also needed him to chill out.
  • You allowed him to sleep for about another hour before giving tiny pecks on his neck.
  • Soft groans escape his lips and he sleepily opens his eyes to look at you. A smile graces his lips and his raspy voice says “morning angel.”
  • You give him a proper kiss before drawing circles on his chest. 
    • “I have something for us to do today.”
    • “Mmm.”
    • “I think it’s something we could have done for a while.”
    • “Mmmhmm.”
    • “I want you to meet my family.”
    • “O-oh, okay.”
    • “Are you sure that’s fine?”
    • “I mean we have been dating a while so I guess they might be curious. Whatever makes you happy princess.”
  • Tom was a loveable guy so, on one hand, you knew he’d impress, but on the other hand, you knew how rough your family could be so you kept that in the back of your mind.
  • You subtly suggested that Tom should wear something casual as to be more down to earth, and suggested he try to fix his curls but not make them look too gelled at the same time.
  • He was surprised when you wore a long sweater with leggings knowing you’d normally opt to wear them with no pants and thigh high boots (which turned him on)
    • “Change of style princess?”
    • “No, I just don’t need to get any shit from my dad about what I wear.”
  • The two of you would head over to your parent’s place carrying a bottle of wine (because since your mother called you so last minute there was no time to prepare).
  • You’d let yourself in through the front door and Tom would take in all the surroundings.
  • This was the place you’d always been raised in and he remembered you saying something about how it used to be your great grandparents but then you renovated it.
  • His eyes brightened when he saw pictures of you in your younger years.
    • “Babe, you never told me you were a cheerleader.”
    • You smiled looking at the photo of high school you in your red and black uniform with freshly pressed hair. “For a while yeah.”
    • He’d lean into your ear and murmur “must be why you’re so flexible in bed.”
  • You would hear voices coming from the kitchen, so you lead Tom in that direction.
  • The two of you were thrust into the sounds of laughter and aroma of a homecooked meal.
    • “Everyone meet my boyfriend Tom.”
    • “Nice to meet all of you.”
    • “Finally,” Your father would mumble under his breath earning a small tap on the arm from your mother.
  • Your mom would rush up and hug you and then hug Tom.
  • He would be slightly taken aback by the grip, but he’s a hugger so it felt welcome. 
  • Your mom would be welcoming.
    • “We’re so happy to have you here. Finally, you’ll get a home cooked meal after being busy for such a long time.”
    • “Actually Y/N cooked for me last night.”
    • Everyone would turn to you with shocked faces and you’d give them the stink eye in return. 
    • “Wow, the princess actually lifted a finger,” Your older brother joked.
    • “I thought you liked cooking?” Tom asked confused.
    • “She’s spoiled barely lifted a finger a day in her life, she must like you though,” Your older sister commented shifting your niece in her lap.
    • “Just because I’m the favorite doesn’t mean you need to be jealous,” You said.
    • Your brother threw an empty plastic cup at your head which you dodged. 
    • “Hey, behave we have a guest,” Your mom piped up. “Y/N since you’re such the chef come help with this.”
    • “But I just got my nails done,” You pouted looking at your shiny pink chrome nails. 
    • She gave you a look.
    • “What do you need me to do?”
  • While you assisted with dinner Tom took a seat at the table in the kitchen.
  • Your 4-year-old nephew keeps staring at him from behind your sisters’ legs.
  • Tom offers a soft small, figuring the child probably knows who he is.
    • “Hey, little dude what’s up,” He says putting on his American accent.
    • Your nephew perks up and strays away from his mother legs slightly over to Tom. “Are you Spi-daw man?”
    • Tom holds a finger to his lips. “I gotta keep my identity secret to protect your aunt.”
    • Your nephew would nod quickly, not wanting his beloved auntie to fall into evil clutches. You gave him the best presents and let him do things behind his mommy’s back and now you were dating Spiderman. He couldn’t wait to brag at daycare about how his Aunt was even cooler. 
  • Your sister would closely watch the interaction and softly smile. She wasn’t sure how to feel about Tom before this, considering he seemed so different from what she presumed was your type. 
    • “Looks like your fans follow you everywhere,” She said, smiling at how her son was now nuzzled up to Tom’s legs.
    • Tom laughs and switches back to his normal voice “Yeah, I guess so. It’s always the best meeting kids they still believe in the magic.”
  • Tom would lift your nephew to sit in his lap and give him his phone to play games.
  • “So how did you two meet?” Your brother asked. 
  • “Y/N and I met at a party…”
    • Yeah, “party” was the nice way to describe it. It was at a nightclub in Vegas.
    • He had been filming in L.A. and his friends (i.e. the rest of the Trinity) managed to convince him that they should take a helicopter down to Vegas.
    • You had just graduated college and needed to cut loose before going to get an actual job.
    • You bumped into each other and one thing led to another, and you woke up in his hotel room with your red panties dangling on his head and you cuffed to the headboard.
    • But for the sake of your father not killing you both, it was just a party.
  • “Really Y/N at a party?” Your dad asked.
  • You shot your siblings and boyfriend a look that they better zip it. Your mother just softly laughed. 
  • “I’m breaking out of my shell daddy,” You said. You were a daddy’s girl, used to getting your way since you were the baby of the family. He didn’t need to know what you did in your free time. You blocked him from all your social media and bribed your siblings not to spill about your more free side. Your mother didn’t care as long as you remained safe with your habits.
  • Tom would mingle for a little with your siblings before your father placed a hand on his shoulder.
  • “Tommy boy, let’s have a chat,” Your father more demanded than requested.
  • Tom sat down your nephew and followed after you father to his office. 
  • Your dad was a prominent defense lawyer (hence why you were able to be so spoiled).
  • The walls were a nice dark wood. Everything was organized with files tucked away in neat folders and bookshelves showing classic novels.
  • Tom was a little uneasy considering just how different Y/N’s dad was from his own father.
  • Family pictures were all around the room and Tom smiled at one he recognized as you with no front teeth smiling at some school play with your hair in tiny braids (littered with beads of course).
  • Your father picked up on his stare and smiled at the picture.
    • “Y/N is my princess,” His father said. Tom resisted the urge to say ditto
    • “Well I only have the best intentions with her,” Your boyfriend said.
    • “Uh huh. Let me ask you, do you think it’s right to leave my daughter here while go off working?”
    • “We both have careers we care about. The distance makes us appreciate each other more.”
    • “What if you wanted to settle down then what? I don’t want my daughter wasting time with people she couldn’t see having a future with and I don’t see how you two could even consider marrying with the way you live now.”
    • “Sir, I know our lifestyles aren’t the most conventional but we care about each other and our careers. Y/N isn’t the type to just sit around and travel with me. She enjoys it on the brief trips but she’s way too ambitious. This relationship is an equal partnership.”
    • Your father would look Tom up and down. “I’ll keep my eye on you, but I better not hear about you cheating on my princess with some actress I will find any dirt you have hidden behind your money through my connections and will expose them. Is that clear?”
    • Tom slowly nodded and your father took a more eased stance, pointing to the door signaling he could go now.
  • Tom returned to the kitchen a bit shaken up as you came over and left a soft kiss on his cheek, leaving a bit of a lipgloss stain.
    • “How’d it go?”
    • “Oh great, super great he loves me I’m sure.”
  • You would slightly cringe, knowing your father could be a bit rough. You took Tom’s hand and led him upstairs to your old room so you could talk.
  • You close the door behind you as you both take a seat on your old bed. 
    • “Was it that rough?”
    • “He pretty much threatened to expose all my secrets if I ever cheated on you also he doesn’t think we’re a good relationship because we’re never in the same area.”
    • “Oh baby he’s just protective, he doesn’t know any better. He’ll soften up on you I swear.”
    • Tom would gently grab your chin and pull you into a kiss.
    • The kiss went on for a while longer until he gently pushed you down onto your bed.
    • “Tom, stop my parents are here also I’m not going to sweat out my wig.”
    • That would earn a soft whine from him but he’d oblige knowing you didn’t like to mess with your hair.
  • Heading back downstairs, the dinner would finally be ready.
  • Your mother allowed Tom to grab his first food since he was the guest.
  • He wasn’t the most knowledgeable on soul food so you’d just load his plate with all your faves. 
  • As you fill your own plate, your sister decided to take her moment to talk to you.
    • “He’s pretty cool. Also, your kids would be beautiful.”
    • “We’re not at that point in the relationship now. It’s more about passion and enjoying each other.”
    • “But you’re not saying you wouldn’t have kids with him.”
    • “I would certainly not mind having kids with him…”
    • “Do you already have names picked out?”
    • “I can neither confirm nor deny.”
    • “My baby sister is falling for someone.”
  • Everyone would head over to the dining room table, with Tom holding your hand underneath the table. 
    • “So I heard your new movie has a sex scene in it,” Your brother says bluntly.
    • “Yep, it does.”
    • “Must be awkward for you baby sis, seeing him with someone else.”
    • “I always get Y/N’s opinion on something and she said she supports my art.”
  • Your family would stare at you and you’d groan again.
    • “I’m not jealous anymore gosh, I was a kid then now I’m a grown woman who is secure with herself.”
    • “I’m sorry what happened?” Tom asked confused again.
    • “The only time the princess has gotten in trouble was when she slashed her exes tires for cheating on her junior year at school,” Your sister explained.
    • “I could see that,” Tom laughed, seeing how worked up you could be sometimes. 
  • The rest of the dinner would involve them telling Tom stories:
    • When you got lost in the mall for 5 minutes at age 7 and had a complete meltdown.
    • How you and your sister would hide in the backyard in an attempt to avoid getting your hair braided.
    • In preschool, you went through a phase of wanting to wear a tutu everywhere.
    • Senior year of high school you managed to ‘misplace your car’ aka you left it unlocked and someone stole it but didn’t get very far thanks to the fact you often run on E (a fact that Tom just had to point out is still true, thanks, babe)
  • Dinner came to a close and you began saying your goodbyes.
    • Your mother packed you both plates for the road.
  • Everyone hugging the both of you, with your nephew especially sad to see Spiderman go.
  • When it came to saying goodbye to your father, he and Tom shook hands.
    • “Thomas, I look forward to speaking with you again. Remember what I said.”
  • With that, you were out the door and on the way back home.
    • “You survived.”
    • “I’m Spiderman babe I can survive anything.”
    • “You sure are.”
    • “I think it’s your turn now to meet my parent’s sweetness.”

Meeting his family:

  • Unlike Tom, you were extremely nervous to meet his family.
  • He was naturally charming and while you were likable you didn’t know how to behave around his family.
  • Tom kept assuring you that they were laid back and you’d love them but there was a nagging voice in the back of your mind thinking this would go horribly wrong and by the end of this trip you’d be single. 
  • The whole plane ride you didn’t sleep a wink, trying to practice your best manners.
  • Now you were sitting in the car staring anxiously out the window as your cab took you towards Tom’s house.
    • “Baby relax, they’ll love you just how I love you.”
    • “Tom I’m the first black girl you’ve ever dated, at least you had someone come before you so they wouldn’t be shocked you were white. They’re probably going to hate me and think I’m ugly and think I’m going to ruin their grandchildren or something.”
    • He’d raise an eyebrow at you. “Are you done with your crazy fears?”
    • “I guess.”
    • “Sweetheart, they’ll love you just how I do. They don’t care if you’re black, if they did then I wouldn’t grace them with your beautiful presence, princess. Now, are you done freaking out?”
    • “I’ll try not to.”
    • “Love you, angel.”
    • “Love you too Tommy.”
  • As Tom jingled his keys in the lock to his parent’s place another wave of nerves ran over you, but you pushed him down for Tom’s sake.
  • You looked at your outfit again, it was simple jeans and a black turtleneck. You wore a wavy chestnut brown lace front wig, trying to appear softer maybe more approachable.
  • The door opened, and Tom was knocked down by a body of fur which you recognized from pictures as Tessa.
    • “Hey there pretty girl, did you miss me?” Tom chuckled tickling his beloved dogs head. 
  • Tessa yipped and continuously licked your boyfriend’s face.
  • Tom smiled before pointing Tessa towards your direction.
    • “Tess meet Y/N,”
  • The dog would then jump on you giving you loving kisses. 
  • Your laughs would echo through the house making the family recognize you were here.
  • “Tom!” Nikki would say excitedly coming in to greet him.
  • The two hugged tightly, considering the fact he was rarely ever home.
  • You managed to slip away from Tessa’s kisses and stand up to meet Nikki.
  • “You’re the one he’s always talking about. Tom, she’s even more beautiful in person,” Nikki winked at you making you laugh.
  • You felt the nerves start to naturally go away. They were nice, just like Tom said. 
  • “You two are just in time for breakfast, I just called everyone down,” Nikki informed leading you to the kitchen.
  • Tom had purposely planned the flights so you’d arrive in the morning meaning he could get his favorite meal, a full English breakfast (which you’re attempting to learn how to make).
  • “It looks great,” You said making a plate alongside your greedy boyfriend who was packing on the food as if he was starving. 
  • The two of you took your seats while the rest of the family trickled in.
  • The twins arrived at the same time with Harry showing Sam something on his phone. 
  • “Guys, this is Y/N,” Tom introduced as he stuffed his face.
  • Your smile made the twins’ hearts melt. “Nice to finally meet Tom’s brothers. He talks about you all the time.”
  • Somehow you had managed to miss meeting them every time you’d visit Tom on set, they’d always be away right before you arrived.
  • “Way better looking than you,” Harry commented, laughing as Tom looked rather unattractive stuffing his face.
  • “You know I’m the looks for this family,” Tom said. “Reason why I’m front of the camera, and you’re behind it. Isn’t that right mate?”
  • Nikki would roll her eyes at her boys but was used to their banter by now.
  • Dom would come in and give his eldest a hug before turning to you and also give you a hug.
    • “It’s nice to meet you Mr. Holland.”
    • “You can call me Dom.”
  • The last person to join was Paddy who had been practicing football in the backyard 
    • Tom made it very clear that you need to call it football, not soccer.
  • The youngest Holland politely introduced himself to you and then went to hug his big brother.
  • The conversation would be relaxed, mostly catching up with what Tom’s had going on until the topic shifted to you.
    • “So Y/N are you aware my brother is an absolute div? Just warning you so you could escape this relationship asap,” Harry joked. 
    • “I think I’m pretty content with Tom,” You smile, placing a hand on your thigh.
    • “How did Tom get so lucky?” Nikki smiled. 
    • “I ask myself that every day,” Tom said.
  • After breakfast you and Tom would retire to his old room, to get rid of jetlag.
  • You changed into a pair of his Calvin Klein boxers and a long t-shirt.
  • You removed your wig revealing your tight cornrows, which you felt Tom playfully tug on.
    • “Baby, cut it out,” You said putting up your wig. 
    • “Please angel,” He said, wrapping his arms around your waist. 
    • “Not in your parents home.”
    • “Yes, in my parents home.”
  • The door opened to reveal Nikki. You squeaked and self-consciously put hands over you braided hair, afraid she would judge you for wearing extra hair.
  • “Sorry I should have knocked, I just made cookies and wanted to give you some while they were fresh.”
  • You couldn’t help but smile and drop your hands to reveal your head.
  • “Thanks, Nikki, and thank you for being so welcoming.”
  • Tom smiled watching his mom and his girl interact, he knew the two of you would get along. 
  • Almost like you were a Holland already.

TITLE Corina


AUTHOR: lokilover9

Original Imagine: Imagine you’re an Asgardian Woman married to a nobleman. After a few years into your marriage, he begins to ignore you sexually. Each time you are both invited to Royal gatherings, he gets a bit drunk and acts like an ass so you avoid him. You’ve also noticed how incredibly gorgeous Loki is and often had to snap yourself out of staring at him.


Upon reaching the palace, Loki had Eir look at her hand and while it was being cleaned up and bandaged, he went to see Frigga. After explaining what happened, he asked if Corina could spend an hour with her while he ventured to the cottage to retrieve her things.

“Of course she can. Will she be alright?”

“I’m sure, but as she was struck in the head, I’d rather she wasn’t alone. She seems fine, but Eir said to keep an eye on her.”

Keep reading

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Sunday, October 15th at 2:00 PM Pacific Time.

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So! Starting Sunday October 15th, I will be officially on hiatus! 

HOWEVER! While on our way down, on occasion, we will be streaming on my Instagram! And to make it better, I’m going to do my best to stream while we’re at the parks as modern Jack and Crutchie! <3 So be on the look out for those. ( Again, my username over on Insta is - jackscrutchie )

Anyway, I’ll miss you all while I’m gone! I look forward to bringing you much more angst and sappy cute shit when I return! <33 

All my love
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SMTM6 Ep.2 Highlights/Comments

The producer be sneaking around trying to hide which contestant they’re watching like they slick or something. LOL

Sleepy!!!!!!! Sleepy, DinDin, and Yongguk need to come on together. This show would be SOOOO much fun with all 3.

Sleepy scared the SHIT out of me right there. Junoflo and Sleepy better stop scaring me.

Tiger JK asked him if he’s here….bitch Duh! LOL Tiger

Don’t understand the point of the Doubl K cliffhanger when we already know there’s no chance he’s NOT passing after all of this screen time.

Double K has me lowkey crushing after that audition

Double K has 2 chains (no pun intended). That means you gotta eliminate him twice to get him off the show lol

I’m already mentally preparing myself for the round 2 because I already know what happens to [redacted until later]

Maniac! LET’S GO!

Those reactions are fake. Nobody was mad dogging each other. Don’t get fooled by the editing.

LOL they clowning the couches

They act like no one else on this show is friends with the producers other than Penomeco. LOL Dok2 and Tiger JK all have people signed to their label on this show  and ALL the producers have VARIOUS friends

So they aren’t even gonna acknowledge that Junoflo’s signed to Tiger JK’s label after all that with Penomeco? LOL. I guess there’s no reason to keep pointing out connections anyway since they’d have to do it for like 75% of the competitors

OK Black Nine I see you…

Sangwook is a cutie. I don’t know if it’s my residual Khundi Panda love is wearing off (cause they damn near twins lol). He’s sweet I wanna bake him cookies.

They shouldn’t fail him. I don’t think they should have failed him.

But this better set the bar because it seems like they are failing ANYONE who forgets lyrics. So they better do it for EVERYBODY or y’all gonna hear my mouth lol


Failing because the rap is old (in style)? Girl BYE!

Somebody needs to fail Dok2′s braids

To quote One “Pass, Pass motherfucker”

Ignito is a Death Metal rapper lol

And then Kebee is a Christian Rock rapper

1KYNE!!!! Saw him in the waiting room

Come on Kebee…recover bro PLEASE….eliminated

The schoolgirl rapper be SOOOO upset when people get eliminated like that. I feel you girl! Message me!

That instrumental Ignito used is hard as fuck 

I was about to go off on ALL 8 of them lol

Wonjae is good but he’s not gonna make it far. He has no performance and he can really only do that one style more than likely. His style just inst gonna work for this show.

I LOVE this girl. She’s got so much charisma. What’s he name! The one that’s got a short cheetah type hair style

I’m not the biggest fan of ASOL tbh. But I wish her the best.

Truedy’s a good rapper she just need to get her shit together. Stop with the fake Black shit. I can’t support her until she get’s it together. (I wrote this before I saw the rap) 

Zico is right though…she got worse. I’ll be watching out for her though. I don’t WANT to keep with the typical “I HaTE truedy blah blah blah” shit. I want her to change and do better. I don’t WANT her to keep appropriating my culture. I want her to change and get good at rap so their can be one more female rapper to root on. But if not….then fuck her. But I’m definitely not gonna keep bringing her up just to talk shit about someone. I’d rather spend my time on someone I like

Who’s that guy with the ripped jeans and the weird noises? He’s interesting but that hair….good lord.

I wasn’t really interested in KillahGramz last season but he’s improved now I’m interested a little bit. Let’s see what’s up with him, he did good.

That blonde guy from the US was giving me Kangnam vibes…lol

LET’s go Maniac!!!!!!

The only person on this show who can say “nigga” without getting in trouble….80% of the rappers on this show are shook.

My little homie right here! Woochan!

Dok2 PLEASE…you could NEVER. Woochan I’m sorry *insert the rest of that New York from Flavor of Love picture here*

2005? Good Lord…way to make me feel old Woochan

Stop saying he reminds you of Dok2…he’s BETTER thatn he was at that age. In a few years he’s gonna be better than Dok2 period. He’s not that far off.

Digili not Digiri I need to remember that.

This is SOOOO awkward….

He should have been eliminated Tiger….Like this is annoying as fuck considering [redacted] gets eliminated. Like at least give the younger guys a chance instead if you’re gonna give free passes.

There’s MANY people who shouldn’t have gotten eliminated of Digili. I think someone brought up Wonjae and that’s true.

Wait…what? They are mad cause they chose Nucksal’s beat? Like get over it. If he’s good, he’s good.

Nucksal’s the one who shoudn’t have used it. Especially since everyone already knows this verse from him. He’s my favorite k-rapper right now but it was weak as hell to pick “jakdu” or “Cut Cut Cut” as most of the international fans call it. But whatever.

Like that guy who looks like hippie Tiger JK what’s his name. He looks like a cool guy. He came on and performed earlier (we didn’t see it he was shown before the ripped pants guy send me both of their names if you know them please, as well as the cheetah hair style girl)

I’m so upset No:el got eliminated but not Digili. You can HEAR that No:el is better (wonjae too of course) and would have passed if not for the lyrical mistake. I hear Digili does better in ep.3 so I’m no gonna go to far in on him. But it does bother me that I get to watch No:el cry when worse people than him passed.

Young B.  I’d HATE to face him in a diss battle he just seems like he’d intimidate you before he even starts rapping. He’s SOOOO good and I love it. His vibe on and off stage is so different like I can’t even put it into proper words right now. Slay, just slay Young B.

The irony of Tiger JK giving this “responsibility” speech to Young B after…nevermind

At least Young B isn’t dressed like a damn fool this episode. Cause that episode 1 outfit….

Shut up…y’all eliminated him because he forgot the fuck out of his lyrics. It wasn’t anything else. He was perfect besides the choke. It wasn’t the beat, it wasn’t that he couldn’t make you listen, it was that he choked. Just say that

But anyway, that’s all foks. See you for the next episode. Nahae said she gonna try to do episode 3 REALLY quick. She said she’ll work all day tomorrow on it. So if it does get dropped tomorrow then I’ll probably watch Monday or Tuesday since I’ll be busy Sunday.

a heart that’s real, a heart that’s true (part two) ~ Peter Parker

*title inspired by This Girl - Cookin’ on 3 Burners

AHH here it is!! Final part! It’s the longest one too, nearly 3k words

I wanted to thank everyone who stuck around for this imagine, it’s always such a nice and warm feeling when people take the time to read my work :) Means a lot!

After this, I have no other imagine or drabble in mind, so please feel free to send it a request, because I wanna keep improving my writing skills - I’d like to try writing in 2nd person, in Peter’s point of view, so many different things, but there aren’t many prompts I can find.

I’m not too sure about the second half of this imagine?? Whenever I read it, it feels really rushed, and I’m sincerely hoping that it’s just me after reading through my own work so much. Hope y’all still enjoy it though!

pairing: peter parker x (female) reader

type: imagine

word count: 2,946

parts: prologue, part one, part two

warnings: minor swearing (i think), cheesy ending, angst -> fluffiness

author’s note: song that was playing during the dance was Everything is Burning by Ivan & Alyosha, if anyone wants to listen to it. I’d say it suits this whole chapter, not just the slow dance part.

summary: Her efforts may end in heartbreak, but not all heartbreak ends with sadness.

(Y/N) hasn’t moved since she left Peter’s apartment. Apart from going to the bathroom and grabbing snacks, she’s spent most of her time holed up in her room burrowed in a mountain of blankets and pillows.

Between the endless crying and the unbearable ache in her chest, pressing down on her some nights to the point where she has to take gulping breaths of air in order to feel like she’s back on Earth again, she’s lost sight of what it’s like to live normally.

(Y/N) feels like she’s lost a best friend. Peter, knowing him, probably feels so left-behind and confused, but most of all guilty, and that’s the second thing that tears her up inside. She made him feel this way. She’s convinced him that it was all his fault, and she wants nothing more than to take his pain away and punish herself for what she’s done.

But (Y/N)’s fucked up. Oh God, she fucked up so bad.

He’s probably blaming himself for causing her all this pain, but she’s not the victim in this situation.

(Y/N) should’ve just kept her mouth shut, should’ve pretended to be happy for him and continued to smile when he mentioned his new date.

These days, nothing ever goes according to plan.

It’s Sunday, and tomorrow, despite her best efforts of convincing her mom not to go, she still has school.

“Why don’t you take a shower?” (Y/N)’s mom suggests softly, sitting at the edge of the girl’s bed and combing through her hair gently. “It’ll make you feel better.”

So (Y/N) gets up, washes her tears away, dresses herself in some comfortable clothes, and tells her mom goodbye when she leaves to go grocery shopping.

The tight weight wrapping around her ribcage like a snake coiling around its prey doesn’t disappear.

Just when she feels that snake tighten its grip and she’s about to be dragged down farther into the oceanic waters that fill her lungs, the doorbell rings.

That grip on her lungs loosen, and she turns her head towards the door.

Her mind immediately starts racing with the many possibilities of who it could be, and she can think of a few great ideas, and some pretty dreadful ones.

The door swings open only for (Y/N) to be greeted by the sight of Ned, bouncing on the tip of his toes nervously.

Not who she expected, but she’ll take this over meeting Peter any day.


(Y/N) stands in the frame, gob-smacked. “Um, hi.”

He sighs, muttering stuff under his breath as if internally arguing with himself, then locks eyes with her and says, “’Kay, I’m just gonna get straight to the point – Peter sent me here.”

(Y/N)’s body immediately freezes up at the mention of Peter’s name. She had a feeling Ned wasn’t just here for a friendly visit.

“Did he now?” Her tone is cold, detached. Ned grimaces at the emotion – or, lack thereof – in it.

“Yeah, he asked me to pass on this message,” he opens his mouth to start reciting whatever the hell Peter told him, but (Y/N) cuts him off.

“Ned, there’s no need to tell me what he said, I can already kind of guess what he wants to say to me,” she wearily states.

Ned’s eyebrows raise in surprise. “Really? Well then why won’t you go after him?”


“What?” He tsks to backtrack and shakes his head. “Really, I think you’ve misunderstood this whole thing. Just give him another chance, alright?”

“He had so many years. I already gave him his chances!” she hisses, pools of tears beginning to gather around her eyes. (Y/N) really doesn’t want to start a shouting match, not with her sporting a headache, not with Ned, of all people. But it seems she can’t always get what she wants these days. “He doesn’t want me the way I want him,” (Y/N) whispers in anguish, packing quite a punch with just a few words. The exhaustion is evident in her entire being. Her voice, her stance, in the lines of her face. “Ned, please, just leave me alone.”

The boy gives her a pleading look, obviously not keen on going any time soon. Ned spares a glance down the hallway before looking back at (Y/N), as if checking something, but steps away from the door nonetheless. “Fine. But, please, just promise me one thing.” The sheer desperation in his voice takes (Y/N) by surprise. “Talk to him before you completely shut yourself out of his life.”

When Ned turns, nothing but set determination is written on his face. “You did the right thing giving him all those chances. I promise, it wasn’t a waste.”

And just like that, he’s gone. His figure disappears down the hallway in no time, and (Y/N) is left standing there, more confused than ever.

It’s been a couple days after Ned stopped by and (Y/N) is doing just fine, thank you very much. She goes to school, she does her homework, she still makes time to talk to her other friends. So what if she only gets an average of four hours of sleep at night? Or if she forgets to eat half the time? It doesn’t matter because the rest of the world doesn’t have to know, and it probably wouldn’t care if it did because that’s not the way the world works, (Y/N)’s aware of this.

She’s figured out how to navigate around the school – hell, around Queens – so she can’t run into Peter. Sometimes she thinks she sees the shadow of the wall-crawler in alleys and on buildings, accompanying her home after late nights in the library. Maybe she’ll catch a glimpse of him in the hallways at school, head following her movements as she winds through the crowd of students. There’s no way to confirm if it’s all just a figment of her imagination. She doesn’t stick around long enough to check.

Pretty soon, Homecoming rolls around Friday night and she feels particularly sick to her stomach that day. She completely understands why, but (Y/N) has a history of being in denial, so she plays it off as coming down with the flu to her mother, and shortly after, (Y/N)’s alone in the apartment again.

She’s in the kitchen grabbing a drink when she hears a familiar thump from down the hallway.

No. She knows that sound. She’s heard it ever since Peter got into the habit of coming to her place when he’s been injured.

She stampedes to her bedroom and she’s craning her neck to look inside when she sees him. Peter, wearing what looks like his old Spiderman suit, standing next to her ajar window.

(Y/N)’s breath catches and she just about stubs her toe on the doorframe when she enters her room.

“Peter, what the hell are you doing here?” The water in her lungs is back again now that Peter’s in front of her ever since their fight. She’s not ready for this, she doesn’t want to confront him when her life is such a mess right now.

It’s then that she spots the cuts adorning his old suit. Her eyes drift to the spot of blood he’s sporting on his right shoulder.

“What happened to you?”

“Help me, please,” he begs, and she can’t seem to look away from his pleading eyes. (Y/N) already knows she has a hard time saying no to him, and seeing him look like a kicked puppy is making it especially hard for her to refuse him.

She stares hard at the floor, mentally cursing whatever God above has forced her into this situation before grudgingly running to get the medical kit she’s made for Peter whenever he gets hurt. As much as she doesn’t want to see him right now, she doesn’t need Peter bleeding out in her room.

“Aunt May’s gonna freak when she sees you,” (Y/N) mutters quietly once she enters her bedroom again with a wet cloth and fresh clothes in her hand. Peter’s taken off his sweatshirt and planted himself on the bed, refusing to look at her. He takes the clothes and dresses himself wordlessly while (Y/N) waits.

She ignores the brief stab of pain in her heart when he doesn’t meet her eyes, but nonetheless settles down next to him and takes the cloth to clean his scrapes and cuts.

She’s working on bandaging the wounds when his voice cuts through the air.

“I’m sorry.”

She scoffs. “What are you apologizing for?”

“For not telling you how I really felt when you told me you loved me.”

It’s as if all the blood drained out of her face, the wave of anxiety and dread that washes over her and closes her airways. She forgets how to breathe in that moment.

“Peter, we are not doing this right now.”

“No, just listen for once! You didn’t listen to Ned when I asked him to tell you, so now you gotta listen to me,” he says hurriedly.

“I don’t have to do anything for you!” she snaps, and Peter’s face falls when he realizes what he’s just said.

“No, I didn’t mean it that way! I swear, I – “ Peter stops to wipe his filthy hands over his face in exasperation. “Please let me explain, and if you don’t have anything to say after, I’ll leave you alone. I promise, alright?”

(Y/N) pauses her bandaging to meet his fixed look. There’s honesty, truth, and something else she can’t quite place in his gaze, but nonetheless she finishes treating the last cut and mentally prepares herself for whatever Peter’s planning.

“Okay, then. Talk.”

He takes a deep breath and starts. “I’m sorry that I spent so much time distracting myself with Liz when you were always there for me. I didn’t realize that focusing my attention on her would’ve made you jealous, but I thought you knew that…”

He takes another breath when his voice wavers.

“…that I’d always be there for you and you’d be there for me. And you were, but I somehow convinced myself that you didn’t need me as much as I needed you. I was so wrong about that.

“(Y/N),” he reaches out a shaking hand to hold onto hers. She thinks she might pass out. “You’re beautiful and smart, and you’re going to accomplish so much. You’re there when I need you, and I’m sorry that I’ve been so blind, because I hate to see you hurting. That’s all I could think about this past week, how much I hurt you by keeping my mouth shut and never telling you how I actually feel about you.”

His gaze holds so much uncertainty, but he powers through one last time.

“I love you too, as more than a friend. I wanna hold hands with you, take you out on dates, Spiderman-kiss you – “ (Y/N) weakly smiles at that – “and I couldn’t imagine myself doing those things with Liz. I’m sorry I made you believe that.”

The room seems to be holding its breath with them, everything paused as they just look at each other, before he says something that manages to flip her entire world upside-down.

“I’m so in love with you.”

Those last words were so quiet; she almost didn’t catch them. But they were spoken in a way that sounded so sacred, like they were meant for her ears only, that (Y/N) can’t help but believe them.

There’s a ringing in her ears from the rush that races through her body. All these years she’s spent pining over Peter, loving him from afar, this whole time her feelings were reciprocated.

She launches herself into his arms, wrapping her own around his shoulders and holding him close, checking to see if this is reality.

She wants to cry when Peter immediately wraps his arms around her waist, pulling them closer together.

“I’m sorry I pushed you away,” she starts tearfully, every emotion she’s kept pent up inside of her rising to the surface.

“No, no, it’s fine, it’s not your fault. I kind of deserved it.” When Peter speaks, his voice is shaky and quiet but so full of care that (Y/N)’s shaking her head in fervent disagreement, because he’s wrong, he’s so wrong about that.

“No, you didn’t. You didn’t deserve that,” she heaves, sniffling and burrowing herself more into his arms.

Peter chuckles the slightest bit. “’Kay, well, maybe I didn’t deserve you ignoring me for a whole week and yelling at my other best friend when I tried confessing to you – “

“Hey! If you wanted to confess so badly, you should’ve approached me yourself!” (Y/N) protests in playful anger, but deep down, she still feels guilty for treating Peter so badly.

“I’m sorry,” she adds quietly. Peter’s fingers comb through her hair, lulling her into ease.

“Don’t feel bad about it anymore, okay? It worked out in the end,” he says lovingly, then pauses his movements to ask timidly, “it is all worked out now, right?”

“Yeah,” she laughs wetly, tilting her head up to give him a small peck on the lips, one that he melts into and reciprocates immediately.

“It feels good kissing you,” he whispers giddily, and (Y/N) can hear the relief in his voice. She can also confirm that it feels so good to have that pressure on her lungs release when he touches her this way.

“You wanna dance with me?” Peter asks out-of-the-blue, and if (Y/N) didn’t know any better, she’d think she was dreaming.

“Dance? Here?” (Y/N) looks around her drab bedroom as if to prove a point. Peter’s euphoric smile doesn’t fall as he nods excitedly.

“Yeah, here.”


“I never got to dance at Homecoming, and neither did you,” he explains, and just then she remembers that tonight was Homecoming night, and Peter should be with Liz, and he should be donning a different kind of suit than the one he had before, and –

Peter must see all the questions racing through her head, because he goes to explain further. “Some stuff came up. You know that bird dude I told you about, the one who was selling weird alien weapons in the black market?”

She nods.

“Yeah. That was Liz’s dad.”

(Y/N) promptly chokes on her own spit while Peter watches on, amused but unwilling to help her in her demise, the little shit.

“What, so you – you attacked him?”

Peter begins to launch into a whole story about how he – Liz’s dad, bird dude, whoever he was – figured out Peter was Spiderman on the way to the dance and threatened to kill everyone he loved if he didn’t stop interfering with his business, so he ditched the dance to stop him from doing any more damage, so on and so forth.

And this whole time, (Y/N) can just glue her feet to floor and gape at this stupid, endearing, and self-sacrificing boy who always does so much for the world but never expects anything back and it’s all she can do not to strangle him as she tackles him for a big hug when he’s done talking.

“You’re such an idiot!” she scolds, but there’s no bite to her bark as she brushes his locks back to look into his eyes. “I cannot believe Ned went along with this, just wait ‘til I get a hold of him – “

Peter watches her as she rants about how “you could’ve been killed!” and many things alike, and she only stops to take in his expression when she sees that same dopey smile he’s always dedicated towards Liz, except this time, it’s aimed at her, and she almost forgets about her rage concerning his operations tonight.

“Do you still wanna dance with me?” Peter interrupts, and she has half a mind to shoot him a pointed look when she realizes he wasn’t listening in the first place, but whatever. There’s no room for her to harbor anymore negativity after the hellish week they’ve both had.

(Y/N) sighs. “Sure.” A gentle smile decorates her lips.

When she sets up a slow song, Peter reaches out for her and wraps his arms around her waist, pulling her close. They sway, albeit awkwardly, but eventually they find a rhythm and (Y/N) takes to leaning her head on his chest.

(Y/N) never realized that the cautionary pedestal she placed herself on had Peter on it, too. And when she fell into the abyss, it was all he could do to jump in after her.

“Thank you,” (Y/N) whispers into Peter’s neck, and his grip on her tightens just a little bit.

“For what?” he asks. They’ve stopped dancing at this point. She lifts her head off of his chest and looks him in the eye, pouring fondness into her gaze as much as possible. She wants to say more to him, but she can’t do that just yet.

In her head, (Y/N) pictures a boy. An awkward, good-hearted, wholesome boy wearing a red and blue suit, reaching out for her at the bottom of the abyss. He swings and climbs, up, up, up, never letting go of her during the escape.

“For saving me.” He flashes a confused smile, but nonetheless reaches up to cup her cheek and peck a kiss on her nose.

“I have no idea what you’re talking about.” Peter tilts his head in confusion and (Y/N) chuckles, but doesn’t explain further.

He will know eventually.

Peter Parker was a dashing hero even without his suit, that much she’s already figured, but there was another thing she’s realized by now.

Peter Parker was also in love with (Y/N) (Y/L/N).

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Late Night Calls

Something just for you guys. Its honestly just a cute night call with a bit of fluff. So yeah enjoy my late night writing!

Pairing: Shukita


It was late at night and Akira was still awake from his bed. The thought of school tomorrow really kept him on edge, and he couldn’t comprehend what on earth he was going to do tomorrow.

Since it was technically Sunday today, Akira thought through on what he could do later on. He could go shopping, maybe buy a new book, get some upgrades, watch a movie, probably beat that damn burger challenge, all of the things he would do to make sure him and his team were set for their next palace. Whenever that was…

Akira sighs. Being a leader is tough work. He could just text Ryuji or Ann to get some things for them so he can enjoy making some hot coffee. Or maybe getting a decent sleep? Ah heck, he’ll just roll with it, like always.

Suddenly, his phone vibrates in his pocket.

Morgana perks his head up at Akira, his hazy eyes blinking from sleep, 'Oh who could that be now?!’ says Morgana.

Ignoring Morgana’s complaint, he clicks his phone and sees the bright screen with Yuskue’s name on it. He’s calling me?

‘Ugh. Why is Yuskue calling you at this hour?’ asks Morgana, a strain of annoyance evident in his voice.

Not wanting to show his smile, Akira turns his body away from Morgana and shrugs, ‘Hm,’ says Akira, ‘Maybe he can’t sleep?’

‘Well… whatever it is, can you tell him that I’m trying to get my beauty sleep? A cat’s gotta sleep too, you know.’

Rolling his eyes, he presses his screen and brings the device to his ear, he smiles, ‘Mushy mushy?’

He hears a soft chuckle on the other end, his stomach doing weird twists again, 'When will you stop with that remising welcoming, Kurusu-kun?’ Yusuke.

Hearing his voice sends multiple shivers through Akira’s body, his voice reminding him how metallic and soft it was. Something he could listen to for ages. And since him and Yusuke have only been seeing each othen, its still rare to hear his voice so deep like this.

Akira laughs, ‘Uh until it isnt funny anymore, I guess? And what is so wrong with my warm welcoming?’

He could hear Yusuke pouting at the thought, 'Hm, well… nothing I suppose. I thought I had awoken you up from your slumber. Because well, it is almost 2 in the morning. So if I’m disturbing you or anything, please don’t feel the need to stay up for me. Sorry I do apologi-

'What? Oh no no, you’re not disturbing me at all.’ In the corner of his eye, he can see Morgana’s head slowly rising from his bed sheets. He’s so going to get him after this. 'What’s wrong? Everything alright?’ asks Akira, grabbing his pillow to protect himself from Morgana’s creeping claws.

He could hear yusuke sighing, 'Oh yes! Everything is fine, thank you. I just… wanted to hear your voice. That’s all.’  

If Akira wasnt already wide awake, he would have sworn he was just hearing things. But since he already knew what he was feeling for Yusuke, and the fact that he just wanted to hear his voice, made Akira’s chest tighten with nerves.
'R-really?’ asks akira, his voice lower than he expected.

'I-is that weird?’ says Yusuke. He sounds so small when he’s questioning himself.

Morgana was now right behind Akira, and knowing him, he’s most likely going to strike after this phone call. But Akira ignores that thought and grins to himself, ’….No. No not at all. Its uh, its… I think its nice to know someone likes hearing my voice, Yusuke. Quite a romantic gesturer, wouldn’t you say?’

Smirking to himself, he hears Morgana sighing in annoyance, pushing Akira’s back for being a total idiot. 'You’re such a tease.’ whispers Morgana. Wait can he hear them right now? Oh who’s he kidding? The cat practically always reads his damn messages anyways.

Akira waits for Yusuke’s reply, already regretting his choice of words as he hears Yusuke swallow. 'Well… I. Perhaps that might be the case. You’re voice is a symbolic melody that I cannot stop listening to.’ whispers Yusuke, his quiet voice sends a soothing wave through Akira’s mind. He almost lets out a small groan, but holds back as he covers his smile again.

‘Spoken like a true artist.’ says Akira, his blush creeping more prominently then before.

A deep chuckle, along with a sigh from Yusuke rang through, and Akira could tell he was also feeling the same way, ‘Am I now? Hah ha, well, I cant always describe my favourite masterpieces, unless he’s willing to…’ Yusuke pauses. And for a while to.

What is he going to ask? I’m starting to get sleepy.

Akira’s eye lids were starting to fall, and he could hear his and Yusuke’s slow breathing in the hollow room. ‘He’s willing to, what?’

Yusuke takes a couple more breathes, before clearing his throat and saying, ‘…If the most intriguing, knowledgeable, alluring, nasty crime boy student of Shujin High, and charming leader of the Phantom Thieves become my model for my next exhibit?’ 

He didn’t realise he started laughing half way through Yusuke’s request. It didn’t even sound like a request, more like a proposal even! And here Akira thought he would end up with someone else, someone unlike Yusuke. A passionate artist, who’s vision of the world sparks through other peoples eyes by his smooth brush strokes and wild colours. Somebody who over came his fear for his sensei, somebody who he thought was once a good man. And now his own true self. His fox. His everything.

And now that his thoughts were full of Yusuke, he couldn’t imagine a life without him.

‘I thought you’d never ask.’


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