probably will do more because look at his face

Chapter Four: Confession Time? Here’s What I Got

Lafayette x Reader

Chapter One | Chapter Two | Chapter Three | Chapter Four | Chapter Five 

Note: Do you guys still hate me because of the last chapter? Because if you don’t you probably will now. Does the cute gif of Daveed make up for the sadness of the chapter?

Disclaimer: I don’t speak french more than the basics so all my French comes from google translate. I apologize if it’s dreadful.

Word Count: 2100

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“You have to tell him” Eliza hisses at Y/N as she tapes up another box. Y/N throws her a look as Lafayette comes bouncing into the room, a grin on his face.

A week earlier Lafayette had asked Y/N to move in with him and Hercules. At first she had honestly considered declining, simply to avoid the possibility of Lafayette finding her pills before she has a chance to tell him like Eliza had, but after considering it she decided to go for it.

“Is there much left to pack in here?” Lafayette asks, crossing the room to press a kiss to your forehead before picking another box.

“Just enough for two more boxes” she tells him glaring at Eliza, praying that she doesn’t say anything to Lafayette just like she has every time Lafayette and Eliza have been in the same room over the past two weeks

“I’ll take this one down to the car” he says, picking up the box Eliza had tapped up and leaving the room again, the smile never leaving his face.

Y/N sighs, leaning back against the wall. “I know I have to tell him Liza. I know I do but I just… don’t know how. Please just don’t say anything? I’ll tell him soon when I find the right moment”

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I received many messages about that klance time travel au comic I made (thanks! but wow, what happened??) and I decided to answer them in one long post (so you won’t get mad at me because of all those posts that would appear on your dashboard otherwise).

- I knooooow! I think about this au a lot, maybe that’s why I feel like I’ve read more. I hope I’ll find other fics soon.

- Thank you!! I have no idea how will he look like in the future so I just drew him the same as he’s now but older (what do you think about his stubble?? It’s not really his style since he cares a lot about his face buuuuut this’s Lance from the future. He probably doesn’t care as much anymore….?). P.S. I think I’m going to draw a second part.

- Exactly! Lance’s so happy to see young Keith again. And I can picture Keith’s sleepless night “Why did he smile at me? Why did he call me babe? Why?! Does it mean the future me allows it? Or was he just teasing me, as always???????”

- Yeah, and I’d LOVE to read more of that. But in the meantime I think I’ll try to draw it myself ^^

- Yep, I recommended two fics in my previous post~

- You really think that?? I’m so happy, thank you! I was laughing while drawing his older face. I couldn’t help but think “would he like his stubble? I think not. Lance better not see his future self”. And the answer to the other question: yep, I do.

- Thank you!!! As you can see, I do have plans to draw more. I’m so glad this comic got such a response!

- Hahaha, of course it works in two ways! Lance wouldn’t be so eager to tease older Keith, I suppose~ We should worry about the state of his heart.

- Thank you, it means a lot! ;-; I think future Keith would be like a perfect combination of pretty and manly, lol. What about his mullet though…? Would he keep it? I’m almost 100% sure Lance would not allow him to cut his hair (we all know he secretly likes his mullet)

- I’ve read like two or three fics, that’s all :< (maybe I saw the third one in my dreams, sounds possible). I don’t know where are the others, but I need them too!!

most people are saying whitley is a piece of shit especially since he was smiling while watching weiss freak out at everyone and then jerkoff glaring at her but what if he was really impressed? 

like the moment she starts yelling at orange lady whitley doesn’t smile, he has his hand over his mouth like a gasp and is staring at his father to see his reaction 

because seriously what is he gonna do? he’s daddy’s little boy and he’s probably become that way by never disagreeing with him. he doesn’t stand up for himself or his feelings, but weiss does.

and when jackass is glaring at weiss to stop, whitley doesn’t really have a smug smile on his face, but more of a reserved proud looking face - looking STRAIGHT at weiss. 

tl;dr i don’t think whitley is as bad as everyone thinks, i just think he has to be sneaky and hold back as to not get on his father’s bad side. look how jagoff treats the people he dislikes - you don’t wanna get on this guys bad side and whitley knows this. maybe it’s cowardice but i think that’s easily said then done when you’re in an abusive household. his mom’s most likely an alcoholic or a recluse, winter is never home and weiss was gone for a year. kid’s on his own.


The series is as follows :

Mama Scully’s Party …. MorningUnderwearsMapsNachosFoul BallPromisesStayPhone CallsFlannel InterruptionAwakeningFriendly CompromisesScrabbleApart …  A Long WeekLightningMissing YouInterimStuffWaitingGoingHandsUnsteadyFearFastSlowRegardlessInto the DarkLightSurfboardsCurbsShowersBordersCanyonsSoakedIce CreamNever HappenedDeep SouthAlmostBlue-Suede ShoesUnwelcomeRemarkableStarsDoorbellsM&MsKneesHome


Good to his word, he drove her home, stopping in front of her apartment but leaving the car running, indicating he wouldn’t be coming in for hot chocolate or drunken Scrabble. Giving him a sideways glance as well as she could, given her aching face, “headed home then?”

“I probably should. Let you get some real sleep before work tomorrow. We’ve been home for four days now, so I have a feeling there’s a case brewing somewhere with our name on it because the last thing we should be allowed to do is sleep in our own beds for more than a few days.”

She saw it though, the look in his eye. The one silently screaming to ask him upstairs to hang out because after his faux pas from earlier, he needed her to tell him she wasn’t mad. It made her happy inside that he cared enough to feel bad for doing something that he had every right to do so and she planned on telling him that …

Once they got up to her place.



“Want to come up for awhile? Have some hot chocolate?”

He couldn’t hide his look of relief as he nodded, “not too long though, I need my beauty sleep.”

Once upstairs, Scully headed to the bathroom, emerging a moment later with a bottle of pills, shaking several in her hand as she walked by him into the kitchen. Noticing his concern, “headache.”

“Should you be taking those on top of the other pills they gave you?”

“I didn’t take the prescribed ones. I shouldn’t drive while on them and besides, I don’t really like the spinning feeling when I’m alone.”

“But you like the spinning feeling when you’re with me?”

Giving him a smile as she tightened the lid on the Ibuprofen, “don’t flatter yourself. I just didn’t want to die on the road on the way to a happy Sunday dinner … would have made the dessert course too depressing.”

Mulder laughed at this, wondering if he should kiss her again, “yeah, who wants a cupcake after that news.”

Wiggling her finger towards the microwave, “would you start warming up some water, please? I really need to go lay down for a minute.”

Water forgotten, he stopped her by the elbow, “are you sure you don’t just want to go to bed? I’m fine without the hot chocolate, honest. I don’t want to keep you up.”

The look in his eye, the utter and stripped down concern for her made her breath catch, then she broke contact, shifting her gaze from him to the microwave just over his left shoulder, “I’d like something to drink and I mostly just want to lay down because forcing myself to sit up hurts too much … too many muscles to stay upright.”

Holding on another second, he moved his head to once again meet her look, “don’t stay up on my account.”

“I like your account, Mulder. I enjoy late evening hot beverages with you and I would like to just sit with you a spell, okay? Promise.”

“Sit with you a spell? You like my account? Are you coming on to me, Agent Scully?”

Grasping the boldness that flitted through her mind, she moved forward against his chest, reaching up just enough to hook her index fingers in his front pockets, back too sore to hug him in the moment. Immediately, he did the same to her, fingers settled just inside pockets, not wanting to hurt her anymore that she already did.

His chest was hard under her cheek but soft to her skin, his flannel shirt old and comfortable, worn and wonderful. The warmth seeping into her made her want to melt on the spot, use him as a full body pillow to rest her weary bones.

They were never going to get their hot chocolate at this point.

She didn’t care.

Stepping backwards, she felt drunk with exhaustion and swaying slightly, took Mulder’s hand from her pocket and wove her fingers through his, “come with me, please.”

“Where to?”

Not bothering to shut off any lights that weren’t on her direct path, “I changed my mind. I need to sleep.”

Very nearly stopping their trek to her bedroom, he mumbled and pointed over his shoulder instead, “then I should go. Let you get some rest.”

Scully shook her head, halfway to dreamland and planning on keeping him beside her the whole time, slurring her words, “stay tonight.”

Feather, meet Mulder. Mulder, meet feather. Prepare to be knocked down.

“Stay with you?”

In the bedroom, she stopped by the mattress, “please.”

Needing no further invitation, he helped her up, got her shoes off, tucked her legs under the already thrown back comforter, pulled the sheets over her shoulders. With a kiss to her cheek, “I’ll be out on the couch.”

“No. Stay. With me.”

How could he ever say ‘no’ to those blinking, heavy-lidded, dark blue wonders of nature, with their ability to make him forget himself and the world around him, “okay.” Heading to the other side of the bed, he toed his own shoes off, pulled the flannel over his head, tossed it on the chair then climbed in beside her, careful not to jostle the mattress too much.

In her twilight state, she decided he was far away and she lightly grasped at his arm, “closer.”

Complying, he moved until he was nearly against her, to which she sighed happily, then scooted her head onto his bicep, forgoing her pillow, slinging her arm across his chest in silence.

Another contented sound emerged from her throat and Mulder, a small smile playing on his lips, dropped a kiss to the top of her head, “you said stay.”

Gathering a handful of his t-shirt, “and you stayed.”


Gif is mine

Could you do an imagine where you’re a good of Chunks and he’s helping you get ready for your first date with Bull. And you know it’s the right choice because of the look on Bulls face when he comes to take you on the date! 

Requested by dinozzoandgibbsaddict~

When the door knocked, you didn’t immediately open it. You didn’t want to seem overeager for the date, even if you were. You knew Bull was probably a lot more calm than you were.

But as you finally opened the door, it was a bit surprising to see Bull’s eyes go wide. His gaze flickered down to your body, mouth opening just slightly. “You look…amazing.” He managed before giving a smile. But you could tell the smile was a bit forced. Bull might have been an expert on reading people, but you could see the extra colour in his cheeks.

“Chunk kinda helped me out.” You replied, glancing down to your outfit before looking back up to Bull. “I guess you like it?”

Reading all these random facts about Eric and Dylan makes me think I have more in common with Eric,definitely. Especially his anger problems.And weirdest thing is people looking at my face thinking I’m a calm person never having a clue about what I become when angry. For example,that accident Dylan had with some girl who clipped his car and Eric jumped pissed out of the car ready to start some trouble ,lol that’s TOTALLY me and what I would do..probably because I always used to put up with so much shit in high school that at some point i got fuckin enough of it and was ready to verbally (and even physically) fight anyone who pissed me off. Talking about physical fights..I once broke the nose of a guy after I punched him hard for insulting my mother. Yeah..that time when I almost got charged but got away with it because my dad knew the guy and it was all settled. lol I try to control my anger issues. But my ‘’inner Eric’’ is still within ready to shoot you (in my mind) haha ;) 

Friend of Steve

@buckybarnesthewintersoldier | Continued from X 

Fuck. Fuck, fuck, fuck.

Okay, so Steve had recognized the Winter Soldier as his old pal, Bucky Barnes, but Stark didn’t know that, so…this was a mess of supposition, maybe. Stark was supposed to be a goddamn genius, so he could have figured out something was up and put two and two together to make eight because he seemed to know what Bucky Barnes looked like.

Of all the crappy luck….

“It’s best if I keep to myself, which I’ll go back to doing as soon as we get out of here. Thanks anyway.”

For fuck’s sake. He should probably leave the country. Yep, that’s what he’d do–head back to Europe.

Tony actually sat up, inching closer so he could see the man’s face more clearly in the light of his reactor. “But why? I mean. We could help. We’re beating up on HYDRA anyway, because reasons, and Steve is way into that by the way, so why shouldn’t you at least be on the other side of us from them? I mean, we’re probably going to piss them off either way, why not have backup while we’re doing it?”


My current project…learning to make Tumblr Dashboard themes so I can look at his pretty face while scrolling through pages full of his pretty face…because no, there isn’t ever going to be TOO MUCH of his pretty face lol 


If I get all the details fixed the way I want it, I’ll share it! Maybe make some other designs too…=o) Have a happy day!

aligxrous  asked:

10, 15, 5, 12 (joels name *fingerguns*)

meme || accepting !! || @aligxrous

10. Do they eat breakfast? What’s a typical breakfast look like for them?

Oh yay, more food questions. For some reason, these are fun to answer, probably ‘cause Joel loves to stuff his face. He’s a full-on breakfast kinda guy – eggs, bacon, sausage, pancakes, toast, right down to a glass of orange juice to wash it all down with. He can’t cook, but he LOVES ordering food from the breakfast place a few miles down the road. I have a headcanon that every Sunday, he invites Tommy over to have breakfast with them, because he knows for a fact that Tommy ain’t eating right.

He also has a weakness for McGriddles, u didn’t hear it from me.

15. Give the rundown on their bill paying technique.

Joel is what I like to call selectively tech-savy, and electronic bill paying is one thing he’s got all figured out. He hates to let bills be overdue, so he has them scheduled to deposit automatically, days before they are even due, because he always pays on a day that ends with ‘0′ or ‘5′. He’s also one of those people who rounds up to the nearest dollar when he pays too, so he’s always got credit in his account yes I have wasted time thinking about this before.

5. Do they prefer movies or TV shows? Why?

Definitely TV shows, because he doesn’t like having to sit still for long enough to watch a movie. Unless it’s a Disney movie about a father and daughter don’t judge him.

12. Book organization technique.

THERE IS NONE. When he buys books, he kind of just leaves them sitting on random surfaces throughout the house, not that he doesn’t read them. He just reads them all at the same time. He’s halfway through eight books at any one time, not because he’s a particularly huge fan of reading in general, but just because he never finishes them.

Most of them have stains from coffee cups.


God Jade Mask is… a mess.

This guy wears a fuckin rainbow poncho and that just horrible horrible mask. I’ll be honest, I’ve been holding off on reviews because I just Do Not know what to say about this fucker past “Looks bad Todd.”

Not only is that poncho probably one of the most hideous pieces of clothing I’ve ever laid eyes on, but lets take a look at his face for a second.

His name is Jade Mask but not a THING about this mask comes off as Jade to me. I mean obviously it’s base is green but it’s not… a nice green, and more importantly it’s got all this weird shit all over it.

It looks like what would happen if you stuck a bunch of chewed up bubble gum to a dude’s face, let it all get rock hard, and then pulled it off as if it was the base for a face mold, but then just… kept it that way.

What a fuckin disaster of a monster.

You did a bad job.

Request: Side Effects

Request: Hi! Just wondering if you could do a Sam x reader, where the reader’s having bad headaches and he’s worried bc of his old visions but it turns out to be the effects of pregnancy?

Word Count: 1,057

It feels like aaages since I wrote something with Sam. Probably because it is (not counting the letter last week) Anyhow, thank you, and lots of love<3

He recognises the look on your face as soon as you walk in the door – not only because he’s seen it on you so often recently, but because he’s made that face more times than he cares to think about. He knows it well: the intense, lightning-like pain spreading its fingers through your brain and rendering you speechless.

Sam is by your side in a moment, his arms around your waist, holding you tight to him until the pain passes. In its wake it leaves a throbbing ache, which every so often threatens another crescendo – but never quite makes it that far.

It’s a pain he knows well not because he’s particularly susceptible to migraines, but because of the visions that plagued him so badly all those years ago. Even before the visions began, the pain started as a precursor, an omen, and he’s terrified that the same is happening to you.

“Y/N?” He only speaks when he feels your shoulders relax – in his worry, he hadn’t even noticed that you’d buried your head in his chest, “Are you alright?”

You nod minutely, but it takes another few seconds before you can rouse yourself enough to pull away from him. Your face is bloodless and you’re a little shaky, but that’s nothing new at the moment. In fact, it’s been a while since he’s seen you completely yourself.

He leads you over to the motel bed – the one that doesn’t creak the second someone so much as looks at it – and sits you down. After a few moments, there’s a glass of water pressed into your hand and you drink it down quickly, muffling your thanks by wiping droplets of water away from your mouth. He smiles briefly, then crouches down in front of you.

“Y/N, something isn’t right.” He says, as if it isn’t completely obvious, “This is happening too often. I’ve seen it before. I’ve been there before.”

“I know.”

His eyes widen slightly – he hadn’t wanted to bring it up with you. Dean knows about it, of course, and about his suspicions that there’s something out to mess with your head. But he hadn’t mentioned it to you yet.

“You… know?”

“I know there’s something not right,” You confirm, “But I don’t know what. Everything’s off, Sam, not just my head.”

“What do you mean?”

“Well… not to be too TMI about it, but…” You pause, running your fingers through your hair anxiously, “I feel sick most of the time, I haven’t had a period in a couple of months, I’m bloated to hell, I cry at everything, and I either eat too much or not at all.” You list, and as you do, something clicks in your head. The same idea seems to hit Sam at the same time and he looks up at you with wide eyes.

“You don’t think-“

“I don’t know.” You say honestly, gingerly pressing a hand to your lower abdomen… it can’t be, right? Maybe there’d been once or twice where you’d been a little… hasty, perhaps even careless, but you thought you were in the clear.

You stand slowly, stepping away from him, “I think I need to go buy a test.”


“That’s it. Three minutes.” Sam says, tearing his eyes away from the watch on his wrist and up to you. The small piece of plastic is still gripped in your hand; you’re holding it so tightly that you’re not sure that you could let go if you wanted to.

“Sam,” You say, suddenly feeling small and helpless. A monster in your head would be easier to deal with than this – you know how to kill a monster; end its reign of terror, but this… this is so much bigger than that, “I can’t do it.”

He hesitates before reaching forward and pulling you into him, despite the very real threat that you’re going to vomit all over him, “Listen to me,” He says softly, punctuating his words by pressing a kiss to your forehead, “Whatever happens, whatever this says, you don’t have to panic. We have each other, and as long as we do, we’ll be fine. You hear me?”

You pause, but eventually nod, closing your eyes for a long moment before stepping back from him. You hold the test in between you and slowly, painstakingly, open up your fist.

Two thin pink lines. Thin, but dark and definitely, definitely, completely undeniably there.

You stare at the test for a long moment, trying to make sure that your mind isn’t tricking you, but when you look up at Sam his face is full of the shock and awe and worry that your stomach is full of.

“Sam?” Your voice is little more than a whisper, but his eyes remain on the test. You can feel your eyes filling with tears already and you look away, unable to look either him or the test and longer, “Can you just say something?”

There’s a long moment of silence and if it weren’t for his soft, shallow breaths whispering against your cheek you’d think that he’d left you completely – however, when he finally does get himself together long enough to actually say something, it’s not what you expected.

“I love you.”


“I love you. Look at this,” He says, picking up the test and thrusting it at your face, “Look. This is proof that we’ve managed to do something incredible – and you’re the evidence, Y/N.”

“Sam, I’m pretty sure we didn’t mean to do it.”

“Who cares?” He shakes his head, smiling broadly, “Don’t you see how incredible this is? I mean… I don’t expect it to be easy. But nothing ever is. And just this once, can’t we have something just for us? We don’t do something to save the world or to save each other, but to do something normal and amazing for ourselves.”

“We’re not normal.”

“I know,” He smiles, leaning down and kissing your forehead affectionately, “But that doesn’t mean that we can’t do normal things sometimes.”

You can’t help it. His excitement is infectious and before you know it, there’s a smile on your own face, too, and when he wraps his arms around your waist and kisses you passionately, you don’t resist – in fact, quite the opposite. After all… it’s not like you can do any harm now, right?

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I am in love with your art style! It makes me really happy for some reason. :P Also, can you make more Scarlet x Ultron Phantom of the Opera AU, with Vision as Raoul? It's my aesthetic.

I can sure try!

(Um…a few quick notes: I guess his mask blends in really well or something and just looks like part of his regular face? Because I figure his actual face is like when he was getting burned at the end of the movie. Annnd I guess Vision and Ultron just don’t have powers other than flying or they probably would’ve killed each other in an instant, haha. I wanna do more with this idea because I like it and this is just kinda them in the costumes!)

Also, I propose an Office AU where Ultron is Robert California.

theagentmcguffin  asked:

Jeez yeah, the emphasis on exploration and 'pretty good banging' with no real talk of the narrative is frighting enough. The original aliens STILL look more alien and even then they're messing them up. Have you seen the facial animations on the male turian from that IGN Nexus trailer? His face was doing things that should never be possible.

OH GOD this was so awful but to be fair the same thing is happening to human faces

I’m at the point where even if it was a legitimately good game I probably couldn’t stomach playing it because this shit creeps me out

Happy super late birthday to Silis who wished for one of these characters but got them all and also her dog Jimi because Zarya is looking after him and the others just tagged along. Jimi the dog will probably destroy them all in the end, he’s very energetic?

I know literally nothing about the game so.

But I do have a headcanon about Junkrat swimming with a shark fin on his back but people are actually more scared when he lifts his face from the water.

Interesting question! Here’s how I think it would all go down…

Jimin: Jimin would be rather surprised and startled by your sudden act of boldness. When you pull away, a shy smile will start to tug on his lips as he wonders what came over you. When you admit that it was because his lips looked delicious, he would probably flush a bright red while grinning contentedly. 

Originally posted by sughyun

Suga: Now Suga would probably be really amused by your antics. He would smirk and brush your hair away from your face, noticing that you were “not as innocent as he thought”. When you mumble about his lips being delicious, he would just smirk more, agreeing with you while thinking about how adorable you can be.

Originally posted by pangguk

Taehyung: I feel like Taehyung wouldn’t even let you explain, the moment you start to pull away he would just wrap his arms around you and pull you closer. If you do manage to tell him it’s because his lips looked delicious, he would probably say something corny like “then why not eat some more?” and pull you in for another giant kiss.

Originally posted by taehyyungs

- admin cheroo

As an art history minor, I’ve seen a bit of art depicting the Nativity, the birth of Jesus, etc. And I know that what I saw in my classes barely scratches the surface of this subject. I notice, however, that they’re all calm, tranquil scenes.

I’d love to see a work that’s a bit more accurate: Mary in labor, probably on her feet standing or squatting trying to push out Jesus (and since he came with a magical golden Frisbee behind his head as was so common in paintings of the early Christian/Byzantine and Renaissance, that HAD to hurt), her face in a rictus of pain as she screams obscenities at Joseph, who is looking exasperated because he’s the stepdad in all of this and had nothing to do with it because God threw down his Holy Semen and defied all laws of sexual reproduction.

Something a bit like that instead of the placid, soothing scenes we all have seen countless times.

To truly love Purple Guy

You must do one thing.

ACCEPT HE’S A MURDERER, accept he’s a terrible person, that he killed SIX CHILDREN, maybe even more. That he lacks any morality and doesn’t care about human life. That he’s lied, coerced, misused, harassed, and probably done COUNTLESS terrible things that lead up to his COMPLETELY JUSTIFIED AND 100% DESERVED DEATH.

If you can accept all of that, IF YOU CAN LOOK AT ALL THOSE THINGS AND ACCEPT THEM WITHOUT TRYING TO APOLOGIZE FOR PURPLE GUY, (because lets face it, what he has done is BEYOND APOLOGY) then you truly do love Purple Guy.

You’re also in desperate need of some help because you love a piece of absolute fucking trash. (just like me)