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the editing changes halfway through ‘the lomax family’ and once i get round to editing these 111 screenshots (yikes) the writing style will change - nothing drastic i just want to try something a little more…story driven?? something with a lot more background and to give it a little bit more life iDK!!


Heavily inspired (or completely ripped off?) by an apartment I saw on @apartmenttherapy. This is a wip but probably will never come out of the wip department. I had intended to do a bathroom and work-space but you know me… or maybe you don’t, hi my name is Blue and I never finish things.

I started off with a totally different space (I wanted to do something more like an industrial loft) and then had to do some recolors and fell down the Pinterest rabbit-hole looking for some fabric inspo which had me stumble across this gem of a space… yeah this is all unnecessary rambling, I’m in that kind of mood right now.

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I am so sick of setlist bitching. I am so sick of setlist bitching. I. Am so sick. Of setLIST BITCHING

– spoken as someone who should probably stop visiting the boards and following certain accounts on twitter, but HONESTLY I’m seeing, like twelve posts about HERES HOW TO MAKE THE SETLIST BETTER;  how about sit DOWN? “21 SONGS? HOW LAZY????”


You know who it wasnt tired for? This sad little Australian who had never heard it played live and had been waiting all her life to hear it played live. You best believe I cried my ass off. And god, don’t even get me started on my reaction to Fade to Black. DON’T EVEN GO THERE.

But enough about Metallica, because you know who is happy with U2’s setlists? The thousands upon thousands of fans who have likely never seen them live or have but it might have been years ago, or it might have even been recent but still they’re going into these concerts thinking God when I hear them play One I’m going to cry, I know I am–because that song means the world to them–or God if they play SBS it will be chilling… I’ve been waiting ALL MY LIFE TO HEAR SBS LIVE IMAGINE FINALLY HEARING IT IN PERSON     PLAYED BY FUCKING U2 …that’s what they might be thinking. Maybe not that aggressivelike, but you know …

These concerts aren’t just for you, they who complain on forums after seeing your bands perform live oh so many times. They are for all of the audience. SO SIT DOWN, have a nice cup of chill your shit, and stop making countless threads about HERE’S WHAT U2 NEEDS TO DO TO FIX THEIR SHIT because you know, at this stage in their lives, I really do not think U2 need such helpful guidance. They’re doing juuuuuuust fine.

Also while we’re at it, lets stop talking shit about how MU-U-U-U-U-U-UCH Bono has aged in the past couple of years oh my god, hush the shit up, he looks great, and bitch even if he didn’t, you try breaking half your body in a devastating accident and see how you end up on the other side, after all that stress and pain and heartache you silly little wanks.

(this is not directed at anyone on here, you know I love you all, but I am tiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiired of hateraters)

Clarification on the Studio Mir photo leaks & extortion


The original leaker (asked mom to get them a private tour of Studio Mir, went to Studio Mir, took & uploaded photos without permission, took them down once Mir found out & they got into trouble as a result)

extilia (reblogged & reposted the photos, refused to delete, HAS DELETED THEM NOW)


Klance14 (threatened Studio Mir by ransoming the photos if they didn’t make Klance canon - NO PROOF so far that they are a troll. In fact, their upset replies before they deleted their account seem to point towards “Brat who’s upset that they didn’t get to make their ship canon & that they’re getting in trouble for threatening a studio)

These are THREE separate people. Stop arguing about whether or not Shaladins or Antis suck worse, both sides are in the wrong here.

People could lose their jobs over this, it’s not just the original leaker getting trouble with Studio Mir, it’s Studio Mir getting in trouble with DREAMWORKS.

This probably won’t get the show cancelled, but some of the animators could get fired, demoted or get their reputations in the industry stained because of this.

And even if Klance14 WAS a troll, do you really think that Studio Mir would care about it? It doesn’t matter to them whether or not it was the Shaladins or Antis who fucked up - all they see is “fans of Klance are threatening them over something they could get sued for”.

Lord Pastel Lance OUT.

The Last Knight impressions

If you want to know my more comprehensive (screaming) thoughts on #transformers5, keep and eye out for the upcoming review on OneOfUs.Net.
In the meantime, here’s some bullet points:


- Yes, there are still entirely too goddamn many characters, especially humans, many of which serve absolutely no purpose other than dumb cameos. Even the much-touted new character Izabella is rendered utterly worthless.

- Optimus Prime, featured heavily in the marketing in his new, sinister, “Nemesis Prime” persona, is barely in the movie. He probably has about as much screen time as the Dinobots did in the last movie.

- Speaking of Dinobots, I am fairly certain that they were killed at some point in a deleted scene, because they completely disappear from the film, and Hasbro probably told Bay that they were too valuable as characters to kill off (which Bay probably didn’t appreciate, since he’s gone on record about how much he hates the Dinobots).


- Infernicus looks cool.

- Quintessa looks cool, and is completely unexplained, since she’s apparently a liar so nothing she says can be taken as truth.

- Megatron is an afterthought.

- I want two whole movies based on 2 of the 5 screenplays mashed into this movie: one which is about a drunk-ass Merlin using alien tech to help Arthur, and one about Anthony Hopkins going on stupid adventures with his murder-y C-3PO.

  • t'challa at some point, probably: so like they are so weird? i already know i can't hang with the whites but those whites in particular are just... a mess. like, they just lie to each other? all the time??? and fight?? where's the organization?? they're like rabid dogs turning on each other tbh and once blinky is out of my freezer i'm telling them all to delete my number

sorry i’ve been quiet lately. here’s some old wip paintings that i probably will never get around to finishing because painting is hard and i am weak

Me, writing papers

Me, weeks before the due date: pff, I don’t have to be an organized student when I have the magical ability to start writing a decent paper two days before I have to submit it

Me, the day before the due date: why did I do this to myself? why am I like this? will past and future Julia never learn what present Julia has to go through?!

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[META] Papyrus Doesn’t Play Dumb (nor is he stupid)

I know I should be working on one of my other multiple meta & theory projects, but this is something that has been bothering me for a long time: the popular assumption that Papyrus pretends to seem naive and stupid around Sans because….who knows, but usually the explanation boils down to him being a condescending jerk.

My dash was flooded with this nonsense the other day and my fuse pretty much broke a few times. I had to delete a few posts after blowing up at some people on the subject. But then I realized I should probably explain my point-of-view in a stand-alone post, in detail.

First things first, the basic premise of my argument:

The popular taken-for-canon “Fool or Phony” Papyrus interpretation presents only two possible explanations for apparent inconsistencies with Papyrus’ character: either Papyrus chooses to play dumb around his brother and friends for no clear reason, or he’s dumb as bricks.  Both options are unconscionable and ultimately contradict what is presented in the canon.

This post won’t be covering every scene with Papyrus that relates to this idea that Papyrus must be either Fool or Phony, but I think I selected the moments in the game most frequently brought up when the idea is discussed. So be warned that this is nearly 4000 words long and contains 43 images.  My apologies to my followers on mobile. 

This isn’t going to be a rant on why this idea makes me cranky.  This is just going to be a counter-argument. Where I occasionally refer to Liar!Papyrus in colorful language, because I’m only human and I really really hate this character interpretation.

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1) Ask blogs are not a competition. Your point is invalid. I might not have fifty-something asks in the inbox like some blogs do but as long as one person out there sends in questions I will have something to answer.

2) If people can ship ZoSan then I can ship FrankyxIceburg. Just like ZoSan they don’t actually hate each other and it’s really obvious. Also note: Masculinity levels have nothing to do with sexual orientation.

Good bye Anon. You’re blocked.

Please Don’t Run Away... (John Laurens x Reader)

    So Imma be posting more frequently since valentines day is around the corner so expect more fanfictions to pop up. Also a lot of them are going to be fluffy because again, valentines day, I want you guys to have some noice af material. I’m also going to be making a masterlist soon so you can look through all the fanfics easily! Anyway enough with the stuupid announcements lets get this shit started.

   Era/Time: Modern

   Angst/Fluff/Smut: A littel bit of angst with some fluff sprinkled in.

   Pairing: John Laurens x Reader

    Warnings: Self doubt? Anxiety but nothing too bad I promise.


    John knew something was wrong… You hadn’t been yourself in a while. You were usually a generally happy person. Of course, just like everyone else, you have pitfalls but… This one was different. You just didn’t seem to bounce back like you usually do.

   You’ve been like this for three months. John still doesn’t know whats bothering you. You used to tell him everything. Now you avoid talk to him, no, you just try to avoid him generally as much as you can. It’s been starting to get to him too, he has know been wondering if you hate him.

   One night you saw him sitting by himself in the living room. He didn’t notice you. He was mumbling to himself and he had visible tear stains on his cheeks. You got closer to him… Not close enough for him to notice you, but close enough for you to hear what he was mumbling.

   “Why won’t they talk to me…?” John whimpered to himself. “Did I do something for them to hate me?” Your heart broke hearing him say these things. “(y/n) why won’t you talk to me…?” He whispered, barely audible to you. Tears stung you eyes.

   You backed away as he continued to mumble to himself. You caused this. Due to the fact that you were to insecure to bother him about your feelings, caused you to drag him down with you.

   After about an hour of thinking you finally made up your mind. You were going to run away. Out of his life, out of everyone’s life. You wrote him a note then started to pack a bag, consisting of only the bare minimum. You walked into the living room, seeing that John had cried himself to sleep.

   The sight of him, laying on the couch with tear stains on his cheeks, by which you caused, made your heart break even more.You set the note down next to him on the table, as well as your keys to the apartment you two used to share.

   Tears streamed down your face as you placed a very soft kiss onto his forehead before fishing your phone out of your pocket and turning it off. You then headed out the front door, closing it as softly as your could, careful not to wake John. You got in your car and drove away after sitting in the driveway for a minute or two.

    —-The next morning in John’s POV—-

    I woke up to a note from (y/n). Maybe they went out to grab some stuff from a store or something. Boy was I wrong.

   The note read- “Dear John, I have left for good. I’ve cuased you too much pain and for that I can never forgive myself. The best thing I can do for you and our friends is to leave. Go away… Far away. Never to bother you or our friends again. No I’m not going to kill myself if that is what you are thinking. Just think of it as though I had to move away. I love you, and I will always love you… Never forget that. XOXOXO honey. Sincerely your beloved, (y/f/n) (y/l/n).”

   My heart dropped to my stomach as I finished reading the letter. I immediately tried to call them, but it went straight to voicemail. Their phone must be off. “Shit, shit, shit, shit!!” I yell running a hand through my hair. I ended up calling the hamilsquad, hoping that they could help me find (y/n)

   “What do you mean they ran away?!” Alex asked, obviously surprised and concerned by the news. Laf and Herc also looked surprised and sad. “Guys I’m scared… What if they hurt themselves?” I whimper out. “I guess we’ll just have to find them before that happens now won’t me mon amie?” I hear Laf whisper as he puts a hand on my shoulder. I looked up at Alex and Herc and they both nodded, giving me a small smile.

   We ended up contacting a lot more people. We contacted the Schylur sisters, George Washington, my adoptive father ho had taken a particular liking to (y/n), and even Jefferson and Madison were concerned. Burr also tagged along… We needed as much help as we can get.

     —-Time skip forward a couple days of you and them driving. Back in second POV—-

   You stopped at a motel in Ohio, needing another break from driving. You sat in your room, on your bed, ordered some pizza and decided to turn on your phone to delete all your contacts and reminisce on the pictures in your phone. Right after your phone fully booted up, thousands of texts flooded your phone. They were all from the people looking for you. You slightly regretted running away but at this point in time it was probably the best for everyone.

   They would find someone to take your spot, and then everyone would be happy again. Well everyone besides you.

    You made a mistake by turning your phone on. For the amount of time your phone was one, everyone was able to get your location using the GPS on your phone. Turns out that they were only a few hours from you.

     —-Time skip—-

    You sat in your room, when you suddenly heard a knock on your door. Not thinking much of it, imaging it was only like maintenance or something you opened the door without looking out the peep hole. You immediately came face to face with a large group of concerned friends who you though you ran away from.

    “(y-y/n)….” You heard John whisper as tears welled up in your eyes. You went to close the door when Jefferson stopped you from doing so.

   “I-I… G-guys… “ Was all you managed to choke out before Peggy, Angelica, and Eliza all tackle hugged you. “Please don’t ever think you are a bother to us (y/n)…” Peggy whispered to you hugging you tighter.

   You tried to say something but all you managed out was a strangled sob. You ended up just crying into the Schylur sisters shoulders hugging them as tightly as you could, without squeezing them too hard. Soon after, everyone joined in as John placed kisses all over your face neck and chest.

   “Please don’t run away, oh please don’t run away…”

anonymous asked:

Could you explain how the parties shifted the way they did?

The following is a (very) long excerpt from the still-in-progress research project I’m writing, and as such, I’m only posting it under the understanding that none of you all don’t share or reblog it or save it in any way. Just in case, I’m removing all citations from it to make it less valuable to steal, and I’ll probably delete it later on at some point.

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Lesson Learned

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Warnings: Swearing

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Y/N - Your name, Y/L/N - Your Last Name


A/N: A toque is the same as a beanie. I figured I would translate the Canadian for you :) 

Y/N woke up and she was freezing. She had all of her blankets wrapped around her and she was still shivering.

“F.R.I.D.A.Y what the hell is going on with the air conditioning?” She said out loud

“The main thermostat for this floor has been damaged beyond repair miss.” The AI answered

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Brunch goes really well. They laugh and talk like they always do, and it’s nice. Dan can’t help but think that maybe, if they were to actually date in some weird twist of fate, they would get along really well.

Of course they would. They’re best friends. They’re already in love.

They decide to walk home instead of catch a taxi. The walk is nice, quiet, they just take time to be around each other. Dan notices Phil keeps looking at him, but doesn’t point it out. He wonders if maybe Phil knows Dan’s looking at him too.

At some point, Dan notices Phil shivering. Phil hadn’t brought a jacket, is in a short sleeved shirt because London’s crazy and he probably didn’t check the weather. Dan sighs and shrugs his own sweater off before offering it to Phil. Phil gives him a questioning look.

“Take it,” Dan says. “You look freezing.”

Phil doesn’t say anything for a minute. And then he takes Dan’s sweater and pulls it over his head. “Thank you,” he says quietly.

“No problem,” Dan answers.

Neither of them say anything the rest of the way home.

It takes a village

Author’s Note: this is the first time i’ve ever written any of the dark sides. they are probably way OOC but i know i’m not really going to fix it except for some grammer and spelling mistakes, which there probably still is some. so. feel free to just delete this Scribbles if it’s to horrible, i don’t wanna scar anyone on your blog for life with bad writing.


“Anti?” Lucy called out as she walked through the park after school. She looked around for any sign of her friends, “Mare? Where are you guys?”

It was at this point the child thought her friends had abandoned her. This was the first time in months no one had found her in the park to keep her from going home to a father who would not spare her a minute.

Lucy couldn’t help but smile at the narration that filled her ears. She giggled a bit as she covered her eyes with her hands.

“Ok Host! Where am I going?” she called out.

She decided to keep walking along the concrete path. Maybe they were just about to enter the park. She could try and surprise them for once.

She couldn’t help but giggle as she walked forward. She liked keeping her eyes covered, it added to the excitement of whatever world the Host was going to put her in. She felt her backpack bounce slightly with every step, and that feeling only made her walk faster it seemed.

Until she ran into someone.

“Lucy? How many times have we told you not to walk like that.” she heard a familiar voice say.

She felt gentle hands grab her wrists and pull her hands from her face. When she saw Natemare knelt down in front of her she couldn’t help but grin and jump up to hug him.


The entity laughed and scooped her up. “Sorry I’m a little late today Little Lu.” He said spinning her around slightly which made her laugh. “We have something big planned for you today.”

“What is it what is it?” she couldn’t help but ask.

But Natemare just laughed and ruffled her hair. “You’ll find out.”

“Wait will I?” she asked looking around. “Where’s Host?”

And as if on cue, The Host walked out, book in hand despite the fact his eyes were still wrapped in bandages. He closed it and tucked it under his arm.

And so He began to narrate. Reunited, the three began their journey towards the surprise.

“It’s just down the street I wouldn’t call it a journey.” Natemare teased but Lucy jumped down from him anyway.

“Host your bandages are dirty!” She cried as she ran towards him. “How are your eyes supposed to get better if you don’t change them?” she asked as she quickly took off her backpack.

“Wait why did you bring bandages with you to school?” Natemare asked.

“I’ve been doing it since that one day Anti and me had that tree climbing race and I fell and hurt my leg pretty bad.” She explained pulling out them out.

The Host knelt down and as she reached for them he gently grabbed her hands.

“You know they’re never going to heal right Lucy?” He asked.

She didn’t say anything for awhile but she reached behind is head to undo them. “Just cause Dr. Iplier said they’re not going to heal doesn’t mean we can stop trying. Doctors said the same thing about my mama when she got sick. They said she’d never get better, but that didn’t stop her from trying to, even when she went away she was still trying. ” Lucy stated.

He let her take the bandages off but made sure she didn’t have to see the mess for very long. Once they were all changed she smiled and grabbed one of his hands.

“Come on!” She yelled pulling him up. He gave a small chuckle as she ran back to Natemare and grabbed his hand. “Where are we going where are we going?” She asked.

“Come on it’s this way.” Natemare said with a laugh leading the way.

A couple minutes later and Lucy recognized that they were coming up to the fair grounds. She remembered a couple of students talk about how the fair was going to be coming to town again this year. But she was confused on what they could do now. Her classmates made it sound like it wasn’t opening for another week.

As they stepped closer, she noticed a familiar glitch demon standing on top of a wooden crate.

“Ladies and Gentlemen!” Anti started to yell from on top of his box, and a top hat on his head. “Entities and Lucys! Gather around Gather around!”

Lucy couldn’t help but giggle as she let go of Natemare and The Host to run up to see Anti better. “What are you doing Anti?” She asked.

“Well little girl.” Anti teased with a smirk. “For one day and one day only, we get the entire fair grounds to ourselves!” He announced.

Excitement and confusion rushed through her veins as she looked back at Natemare and The Host, to see if they would agree with what Anti said.

“They set up the place earlier than usual, so we figured why not go and have the same awesome experience, without all the people pushing and shoving you out of the way.” Natemare explained with a shrug as if this wasn’t a big deal.

“Won’t we get into trouble though?” She asked looking back up at Anti who jumped down from his box.

“Nah there’s no one here to bust us.” Anti said with a smirk.

“Lucy do you accept this adventure?” The Host asked.

She nodded quickly and smiled. “Yeah! Let’s go!”

The Host cleared his throat. Lucy bounced in her spot as he begun narrating.

And so the group walked towards the gates of the fairgrounds despite the lock-

A loud zap though made everyone jump.

Lucy turned towards the gate to see Anti had already gone ahead, and broken the lock that kept the gates close.

“Anti that was rude!” Lucy scolded lightly.

“What?” He asked innocently. “Your not the only one excited to get in there kid.” Anti said with a shrug.

“Hey Glitchy, bet I can eat more deep fried stuff then you can” Natemare challenged as he walked forward.

“Oh it’s on.” Anti called as the two had ran off ahead.

“Guys wait!” Lucy yelled but it went unheard. The two were already off. She turned back towards The Host. “What were you going to say?”

The Host sighed and shook his head. “No it’s ok Lucy.” He assured. “Shall we go in?”

“Yeah!” She said going in ahead.

She spent nearly the whole evening there with them. Anti was able to get the machines started to work all the rides. Natemare and Anti both went on the really big ones with her to keep her from getting too scared. And The Host was more than glad escort her through the haunt house while Natemare and Anti went through the food court and tried to figure out how to get them working.

Lucy was taking a break. She had pulled out some papers from her backpack just to go over what she needed to do for homework when she heard one of them sit down next to her.

“Whatcha got there kiddo?” Anti asked.

“homework.” She whined. “I forgot I got a lot to do when I get home…”

“Aw so does that mean you’re going to have to leave us early?” Anti asked.

“What’s that I hear about leaving early?” She heard Natemare from behind her.

“I got homework!” She called over her shoulder.

She heard Natemare make a noise of disgust and slight frustration as she felt his head on top of hers.

“Don’t worry about that until you get home. Come on we still haven’t gone through the hall with all the weird mirrors.” Natemare said.

“Yeah and there’s still the carnival games still to play.” Anti argued.

Lucy sighed a bit and shoved everything back into her bag. She got up and was just about to say she’d stay for a little longer when she heard someone she didn’t recognize.


She turned and saw the shadow of someone walking up.

“You’re Trespassing on private property! Come on out and you won’t get in any worse trouble then you’re already in!”

“I thought you said there was no one here Anti?” Lucy asked as she turned back.

But when she turned around, Anti and Natemare were nowhere to be seen.

Filled with fear of what consequences would be bestowed upon her, she could hear The Host begin to narrate, Lucy gathered her things quickly into her arms and ran as fast as her legs could carry her.

She didn’t argue. She flung her backpack onto her back and ran as quickly as she could away from the person coming towards her.

This wasn’t the first time the boys tried scaring her like this. She’s been left alone in scarier places with monsters coming after her. But unlike those times she felt real panic bubbling inside her. This wasn’t just a monster she could out smart or slay.

This was a real person who could get her into real trouble. She could only imagine how furious her father would be if he was to get called about her breaking into the fair grounds.

“Anti?! Mare?!” She yelled as she ran past the carnival games. “T-this isn’t funny! Help me!” She cried as she tried to find somewhere to hide.

But everything was too opened. She couldn’t find something she could duck down behind or crawl into. She could hear heavy footsteps behind her. She was being chased, she had to of been.

She turned between two of the food stands into a dead end. It was hard to breathe as she turned around only to see the shadow of whoever it was growing as they got closer to her.

“No no no no” her chest felt tight. Her body felt like it was starting to cave in on itself as she couldn’t help but cover her head with her arms and crouch down in attempt to make herself disappear.

She was so scared out of her mind, she didn’t even notice the world suddenly felt…off.

“Good Evening Officer.” She heard a familiar smooth voice say.

In an instant her body stopped shaking, slowly her hands dropped from her head as she looked up to see it was indeed a police officer at the entrance of the small alley.

“What do you think you’re doing here-“

“I could be asking you the same thing.” she heard Darkiplier speak from behind her. “I received a message from one of my friends that my daughter has been chased into here by gremlins disguised as school children.” He scorned as if he was legitimately furious. “Instead of chasing down the attackers who could be doing far worse to this place since they’ve lost sight of her. You’ve decided to chase down a poor seven year old, nearly causing her to go into a complete Panic attack.”

The Officer looked as if he was about to run away himself. She didn’t move until she felt a gentle hand take her shoulder. She slowly got up and held onto Dark’s suit jacket. She could feel herself starting to calm down but she still felt on edge.

It didn’t take much more to make the Officer leave on a wild goose chase for other kids. With a gentle hand Dark lead Lucy off the fairgrounds without another word.

At least until they were about a block away from the gates.

“Would either of you like to explain why you allowed Lucy into such a panicked state?!” She could hear Darkiplier’s voice boom.

“I didn’t think this would freak her out so bad, she’s faced a whole lot worse than a man in an overpriced uniform.” Natemare argued.

“Yeah, but more importantly, what makes you think you can claim her as your kid?!” Anti yelled.

“She might as well be since I’m the only one that takes care of her properly.” Dark hissed.

“Now wait a minute, I’ve done pretty good looking after her when she’s done from school.” Natemare argued.

“Not as good as me.” Anti grumbled.

“Anti you let her drop 10 feet out of a tree.” Natemare hissed.

“And all she got was a few cuts and a big bruise!”

But the arguing stopped when Lucy whimpered. There was too much yelling, they sounded too angry. She had a death grip on Dark’s jacket as the two took small steps forward.

“Little Lu?” Anti asked.

“Hey, we’re sorry, it’s ok.” Natemare cooed.

Dark knelt down, she let go of his jacket just for a moment so she could bury her face into is shoulder.

“I wanna go home.” she mumbled.

“As you wish, hold on.” Dark said as he wrapped his arms around her and picked her up. She held onto him tightly. “I’m taking her home.” Dark stated.

As Dark carried her away, she looked up to see Anti and Natemare heartbroken it looked like. She managed a small wave goodbye, a small gesture to make sure they knew she wasn’t mad at them.

They cracked a small smile as Dark turned the corner.

That night she sat in her bed in her pajamas struggling to finish her homework. It turned out to be much harder then she thought it would be. She was just about to shove it off the bed when the room seemed to be a bit foggier than usual. She turned towards her closet to see grey smoke coming out from the bottom of it.

“Mare?” She asked as she got off her bed and walked towards it.

But when she opened the door, he wasn’t there.

“How you doing Lucy?” he asked from behind her.

She jumped and turned to see him sitting on her bed.

“Mare you scared me!” she whined a bit as she went back to her bed. “I’m doing ok…”

“Sorry for scaring you…in and outside the fair…” He apologized.

She frowned a bit and grabbed her homework and gently booped him on the head.

“It’s ok…I know you guys didn’t mean It.” she said as she put her homework to the side. “Where’s Anti?”

“Still fighting with Dark.” Natemare grumbled. “He’s still salty about what dark said.”

Lucy couldn’t help but giggle. “But you all are my dad’s.” She said before something crossed her mind and for a moment she felt panicked again. “Wait is Host ok? I didn’t say goodbye to him!”

“It’s ok Little Lu.” Mare said with a smile. “He was actually the one that went and got Mr. Grumpy pants. You’ll probably see him tomorrow.”

Lucy sighed. “Ok, good…” she looked back to her homework and couldn’t help but make a face.

“Stuck?” Mare asked.

“Yeah, I thought it would be easy but it’s not…” she grumbled.

Natemare spent a couple of minutes helping her fly through the rest of her homework and picking out a stuffed animal to sleep with before he grabbed her pillow and started to shake it out.

“Good dreams ahoy!” He announced before throwing it at the head of her bed. “There, set for bed?”

“Yeah!” She said as she crawled under her blanket. “Thanks Mare!”

He smiled for a moment before his face turned slightly serious. “You know Lucy…you don’t have to stay here…”

She sat up slightly and frowned a bit. “I know…Anti tells me that when he tucks me in. I could live with one of you guys instead of here.”

“Maybe since it’s you we could all get a place together.” Mare joked.

It made Lucy giggle a bit but it didn’t keep the smile on her face. “My dad just misses my mom a whole lot…I do to you know.”

“I understand that, but you don’t have anyone to take care of but yourself, and even then you don’t have to do much. Lucy you ate twice the amount you usually do today at the fair. Did you eat lunch today?” Mare asked.

“I didn’t have enough.” Lucy mumbled.

“And has your dad done anything about the brats at school?”

Lucy looked down and messed with the edge of her blanket. “He…he doesn’t really pay attention when I tell him about my day…”

“Do you think that’s how dads are supposed to be treating their kids?” Mare asked.

Lucy didn’t answer.

“You know we’d be treating you a lot better…We’d get Google could teach you whatever you want to know. Anti would make sure you stay active. I’d be your side kick in whatever world Host introduces you into. And you know Dark would make sure you don’t get to scared or overwhelmed by anything.”

“Don’t make me choose…” Lucy begged, feeling her chest hurt.

Natemare said nothing, just hugged her and held her close as she held onto him.

“You guys would be great dads…I know it…you’d make sure I’d never be sad for too long…But what about my dad, what would happen to him if I left? He’ll get better; he just needs time, like I needed time.” she explained.

“If he doesn’t soon, Dark’s going to ask you, and you know how hard it is to tell him no.” Mare said.

“I know…” Lucy mumbled.

It wasn’t long after Mare was tucking in Lucy in and turning off her light. She laid there and let her eyes drift close. She loved the guys; they were a part of her family. But she couldn’t abandon what little of her first one she had left. Her dad would get better. The kids at school would leave her alone. She just needed more time.

Time would fix everything.

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Harry X Reader

I had been suspicious for a while now. Things between harry I had changed, not drastically but enough for me to question what was going on. He was distant from me, didn’t touch me as much, didn’t act like a couple with me. I had spoken to my friends previously and they all said that I should just confront him about it but I wanted to be loyal, I trusted him that everything was fine. It all started with an angry phone call that he refused to talk about…

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I just want everyone to know that if you have sent an ask, it WILL be answered, eventually. Whether its from a month ago or a day ago, it will be answered at some point. I have a lot of them, and im trying to, for the most part, do the oldest ones first. Sometimes i choose them out of order, either if i feel like its an appropriate time to do it, or i just choose an easier one bc im tired ;w;. I am sorry if it takes a long time to do yours. I post a minimum of 1 sometime before i go to bed that day so i hope you understand it does take a while.

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Hi, I've been following your page/blog (I don't know which term to use, sorry), and you seem to give out some really good advice, so, I was just wondering if you had any tips on third person writing? It always seems to get quite bland when I try it.... thanks for any tips you can give me

Hey, don’t worry about the term, I never know either! So firstly, here’s a link you might like to check out, I’m also pretty sure I did another one like this, but I can’t find it! I always tend to write in third person, it’s sort of become an instinct and I do tend to rave about it XD Here’s some tips I’ve picked up from writing in third person:

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