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I like food puns, so have some Valentine’s cards! (part 1 / 2)


rucas + tropes (part 1)


Word Count: 5.6K+
Rating: T
Relationship: WestAllen
Summary: If you’re not careful, you’ll miss it.

Part 1: Barry

When Barry Allen walked into the apartment that he shared with one of his closest friends after returning from a week-long criminstalistics conference, the last thing he expected was to be attacked by said friend.  He had just walked in and had dropped his suitcase hard on the floor when Bette San Souci, his old college girlfriend, and current roommate, came from seemingly nowhere and threw herself at him, pushing him back against the door.  Her eyes were wide as she clamped her hand over his mouth and pressed him harder against the door while holding a finger over her lips, signaling for him to be quiet.  Barry furrowed his brows in confusion, thinking that someone dangerous was in the apartment, but Bette’s smile that crossed her lips swiftlu punted that thought out of his head.

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