probably translated that one line really wrong

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If Sabo concentrates his logia ability in his blind eye, Ace can see from the afterlife what Sabo sees right now.

OHHHH THIS IS A COOL IDEA.  i guess the question is whether sabo would know ace could see through it :O (tho i assume if he knows to concentrate his powers there, he’d have to know)

i’m not really inclined to write aus myself i’m not creative enough but tbh i’m surprised there aren’t more aus of this nature….i know @motolokiev has a really cool one that’s kinda similar but i can’t find it rn.  considering canon sabo’s way of acting, i think there are lots of interesting aus to be had about them having some sort of physical connection beyond the grave/sabo having part of ace’s consciousness in him, but i don’t see that often.

which is probably due in part to mangastream unfortunately butchering the translation of this line and so giving a large part of the fandom the completely wrong idea as to what he said:

above is the official, and most correct translation- he literally refers to the fire as being ace, and talks as though ace spoke to him.  and later he talks about how when he got his memories back, it was because ace “told him who he was”.  so yeah.  ace actually having some way of seeing through sabo/communicating to sabo would slot in p well with canon ahaha.  

Looking back at stage play 「Touken Ranbu」

One day free since stage play 「Touken Ranbu」 ended…

Sometime today, I felt sort of unsatisfied

Thinking, “I wonder if I should think back over stage play 「Touken Ranbu」”

Every time I finish a play, for each one,
I write something that turns into a  「looking back blog」 but

I feel like I want to do it this time too, not leaving this play out.

I’m always thinking freely and as much as I want
Writing about mundane things so

I think it becomes long, rambling writing so,
please forgive me.

And if you’d like, or you have time, please read it

Looking back at stage play 「Touken Ranbu」.


Before the production of 「Touken Ranbu」, I only vaguely knew about it.

I had forgotten where I knew it from but,

It’s really popular,
but the only details I knew about the Touken Ranbu is that it was about taking care of swords.

Sword dance [ranbu] is something I’m good at, or I guess I should say I like it so

When there was talk about swords
“If they do something like turn it into a stage play, I want to try performing in it.”

I thought things like that.


I was surprised when talks of turning it into a stage play came around.

I instantly started looking into 「Touken Ranbu」.

First it was data related to my role, 「Yamanbagiri Kunihiro」, and its connection to history.

What kind of character it was, and so on.

“But it won’t be any good if I don’t play the game!”
I thought, and I felt like playing the game.

I thought that but……

At that time, there still wasn’t a smartphone app

It was a computer game so

Because my computer had broken, I wasn’t able to play it…

Since that was the case, I thought,
“For the time being, I’ll research the character as much as possible”,
and I kept doing a lot of searching and reading.

In my research

It wasn’t just Yamanbagiri Kunihiro,

There are a lot of other characters

They’re all really fascinating characters, I realized in each of their individual episodes and interactions.

I like Japanese history so

To a degree there was knowledge of that history in my head but

Seeing history from the sword’s starting point

I was able to see the history that I had been aware of until now from a different point of view so

Even though I was just researching
It was really interesting.

The character that caught my attention,

Manba-chan, of course,

I played Okita Souji in musical 「Hakuoki」 so,

I was curious about 「Kashuu Kiyomitsu」 and 「Yamatonokami Yasusada」. lol

When I was acting in Hakumyu

My part in Tou-sute had already been determined so,

While the role was 「Yamanbagiri Kunihiro」,

“Now I’m wielding 「Kashuu Kiyomitsu」 as Okita Souji, aren’t I ~ “
During the Hakumyu performances I was thinking things like that. lol

This and that

During Tou-sute practice.

The Tou-sute characters

There were a lot of people that I had co-starred with before now,
personally, it was a really easy setting for me to be in.

But as you can see from the group of cast members,

The cast of Tou-sute this time
Headed by Hiroki-kun, nothing but amazing people !

There were a lot of people with accomplishments and great abilities so,

As part of that,
I was happy being the attendant of the citadel in Tou-sute, but on the other hand there was strong pressure.

It’s also because this is a really huge production.

Tou-sute’s story this time

There’s also the conflict of Oda’s swords,
And Yamanbagiri Kunihiro’s growth.

That’s what the director, Suemitsu-san, told me.


“Putting aside the pressure I feel now, in this production I want to achieve some growth myself along with Manba-chan..”

I was thinking something like that at the time.

The story of Tou-sute this time

Mikazuki’s acting as Yamambagiri’s guide but,

At the same time that was happening

Hiroki-kun was guiding me as the cast group’s leader

I was thinking, “I should build myself up along with 「Yamanbagiri Kunihiro」 shouldn’t I?”

The scenes with Mikazuki where we’re talking and looking at the moon,
I really love them.

Even though it was a performance,

Talking with Hiroki-kun, playing Mikazuki
I could feel any haziness in my mind disappear right away.

In that time, the feeling of the haziness that Yamanbagiri had falling away instantly, with a thud.

In the beginning Yamanbagiri had built a wall against Mikazuki but
Through that, finally, his heart would open a little.

Those scenes are the exact reason that the emotional attachment is there.

And then the war council scenes.

I like those scenes too, of course.

The war council had special scenes and content daily but,

They still took place on the battleground.

Having brought up the daily special content

In general we were preparing with a quick briefing but,

It didn’t end up being anything like a prep session ! ! lol

It was mostly Mikazuki and Tsurumaru
putting in ad-libs,

We weren’t supposed to laugh
Hasebe and Yamanbagiri would end up laughing. lol

Yamanbagiri especially had all kinds of lines with explanations so

Even though I absolutely wasn’t supposed to laugh

Those two people would end up laughing ! lol

Being unable to say my explanation lines while I was laughing
It was difficult. lol

But, I love those scenes.

Time after time, not knowing what would happen
If I’m being honest it was a really scary thing but

It’s because of those members that I didn’t feel fear or anything
By trusting in them, I was able to truly enjoy the ad-libs.

It isn’t just the war council scenes.

There was a sense of security in every one of the scenes,

Performing was really fun.

A lot of discussions unfolded so that we could make the characters really come to life there.


I love each of the scenes.

The Tou-sute cast that was able to breathe life into the characters, I love all of them.


Manba-chan’s mantle caused me some problems.

When I put on the mantle for the first time, I was already tangled in it…

Twisting around my arms,

Wrapping around my sword,

Constantly hitting the people around me,

It was quite unruly.

So during practice, I worked with the mantle the whole time.

In the beginning it was a relatively clean mantle (dirt getting into it) but,

Gradually it was becoming worn out. lol

But that’s the exact reason I grew such an attachment to that mantle so
My mantle for practice and my mantle for performances were the same.

So, Manba-chan’s original mantle is dirty. lol

I’m attached to that mantle so

When the performances were over
When I would think things like 「Now I can’t wear this…」 I got really sad. lol

That mantle, I want to wear it agaiiin.

Around the time I entered Tou-sute practice

The smartphone version of the game had come out so

Everyone was playing the Touken Ranbu game in the training room
No matter who’s hand anything was in,
We couldn’t easily clear the stages one by one; that, and all kinds of talks sprung up. *

I saw each person taking care of the characters they were playing in the stage play and
I thought, “Yeah, everyone really does love their characters.”

So of course, I was also always taking care of Manba-chan.

Stage play  「Touken Ranbu」, false rumours burning through Honnouji
It’s been finished but

I hope everyone from the previous Tou-sute can come back again.

When that time comes, as 「Yamanbagiri Kunihiro」 again,
I want to appear before everyone.

Yagen Toushirou.

It was my first time co-starring with Kitamuu but,

We got along so well that it really didn’t feel like it

Shokudaikiri Mitsutada.

Ton-chan is big as always isn’t he

His build is too good, I’m astonished

Ichigo Hitofuri.

We played the same role of Okita Souji in Hakumyu.

Our first time working together, he was a reliable, hard-working co-star

His stage fighting was really cool, wasn’t it

Sayo Samonji.


Takeru, the parts of taijutsu that remain are way too shocking *

[T/N: this is probably wrong, but i had a hard time working out a more correct translation… it could also just be something along the lines of ‘the way his body works/moves is too amazing’, if i had to guess.]

On top of that, I was totally shocked to hear that this is his stage debut

Tsurumaru Kuninaga.


The ringleader of the war council scenes


Generally he would be the one walking about different things in the preparatory briefings


And making everyone laugh

But he also got to enjoy that himself

Mikazuki Munechika.


My thoughts this time, once more.

That is
Hiroki-kun is a truly big person.

His ability and his existence are big.

The scenes where I talk with Mikazuki while looking at the moon.
I loved them.


It’s the second time I’ve said that. lol

I really wanted to take more pictures with everyone but,

In the midst of the commotion
I wasn’t able to take pictures with all of the members

But surely we’ll be able to meet again

Once more.  

Stage play  「Touken Ranbu」
Thank you ! (・∀・)ノ☆

The letters, presents, colored paper that I received from everyone.
I’m very happy

I get to look through the letters carefully one by one.

I’ll also take care in using the presents

Stage play 「Touken Ranbu」 has come to an end but,

Aramaki Yoshihiko’s activities will continue after this.

I will focus even more from now on so

I hope that, if you don’t mind, you continue to lend me your support.

Thank you for reading up to this point.

I’m sorry for my bad writing and long rambling.

Manba-chan often says things like 「I’m a replica」 but,

Even an actor playing a 2-dimensional character
It’s an 「imitation」 of that character.

Even me, myself, playing Manba-chan
It’s a 「replica」, I think
It was a strange thing to have been thinking about.

It’s now, so I can say it.

「I, I’m not some kind of imitation.」

As Yamanbagiri Kunihiro himself

I was able to stand on the stage and,
I think I was able to get approval from all of the masters, and
Because of that, I’m really proud of what I did.

If that’s just arrogance, please excuse me


All of the masters,

Truly, thank you ! !

Well then ! !

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Hi Monica just wanted to let you know the words He tian used to describe the kiss in chinese was "感受非常深刻" - 感受 means feeling so I'm pretty sure he was describing his feelings on the kiss and not the kiss itself, 非常 just means very, the problem is 深刻 I'm not sure how to translate it into english.. I guess it could translate to "profound"..? But if you use google translate the word they give for it is "deep". Idk if this helps just my personal take on it sorry if it's confusing!!


okay, this was very creepy, sorry, but thank you so so much for sending me this!!!!! i would have spent hours just trying to figure out which characters had been used, and you explained it perfectly well!!

so, i made a quick search about those last two characters (深刻) because im nothing if not incredibly fussy, and i tried to look on as many different translator sites as possible and a couple of them also gave me ‘impressive, something that leaves an impression’ as a possible meaning, but in all of them the most common words used to translate them were ‘deep’ and ‘profound’

as i said before i don’t know anything of chinese, so i really apologise if i say something completely wrong, but if i had to try and put together a translation for that entire line it would probably be something like 'the feeling was very deep’ or 'it felt very deep’ (since you can use 感受 either as a noun or as a verb??)

im personally going to consider this one as a closer translation to the line rather than 'it was very memorable’, mostly because in this particular case i feel like the meaning of the single characters is more important than trying to get an interpretation of the line that might work better in english (aaah, i don’t know if i managed to explain myself, but when you translate something from another language you can’t always be literal, you often have to find a way to keep the overall meaning of a certain phrase while changing its form, which is what i think happened with the 'it was very memorable’ version, while 'the feeling was very deep’ is more literal but maybe it doesn’t work well in english??)

but yeah, i think the 'feeling’ part of the line is very important because in this case he tian would be talking about his own feelings on the kiss and basically saying (in front of guan shan!!!!) that there were some deep, real emotions involved and that it wasn’t just something that he did to make fun or humiliate guan shan (which is probably what guan shan thought that was)

okay, this is getting way too long, and i really need to go see my dad now, but thank you so much again for sending me this, anon, you’re the best!!! (and thank you for calling me by my name, that made me so happy!!!!!)

What would a Mazume conversation look like on LINE? (trans.)

Hello :3

A few weeks ago on Yamamori’s twitter, there was a very cute conversation between a fan and Sensei concerning about what Mamura and Suzume’s LINE conversation would consist of. The fan had such a fun time much to Sensei’s amusement. Check it out, it’s so cute! 

(PS. Mamura is talking in a very guy’s way of talking (think tsundere-ish, not very polite, haha). Makes him seem very cool in that sense.)

Sensei! Thanks for replying twice! I’m so excited for the release of the 9th volume that my friend and I were playing pretend with Hirunaka no Ryuusei, it was so funny we couldn’t stop! I wonder what kind of person Mamura is on LINE? (Lol) I’m really curious (Lol)

LINE Screencap:

- Mamura is in green

- Suzume is in white

“That Girl” (What Mamura lists Suzume as in his LINE contacts)

Mamura 22.03: Because it’s you, you’re just going to go to Tsukiji again right?

That Girl 22.04: Yeah, Mamura come with me,

Mamura 22.04: Haa (Sigh), alright, can’t help it.

That Girl 22.05: Yaay~!! *rise up*  As expected of Mamura~ *kick*

Mamura 22.07: Seriously you… Haa (Sigh)…

Mamura 22.08: You know that time when we were walking (around Tsukiji) you were seriously like a dog!

That Girl 22.08: Hah?!

That Girl 22.08: *vivacious* (sfx)

Mamura 22.11: Haa (sigh)….So? When we going?

That Girl 22.13: If it’s in spring break, we can go anytime~

What a funny playtime you guys had there (Lol)

Roughly, I feel like he would use one lined answers and without a lot of punctuation~
He would use words like “Dunno”, “Oh really?”, “Got it” quite often. Probably.

Thanks for the reply! ( i _ i )One liners…. I see, that seems like Mamura (Lol). I feel like Suzume wouldn’t lose to Mamura’s conciseness and would bombard him with messages (Lol). But when I think about it, Suzume doesn’t have a smart phone! (Cries) ← I made a fundamentally wrong mistake!

credit: x