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Did Narti even exist?

Here’s a crack theory for you. What if we’ve been looking at Narti and Kova’s relationship all wrong?

We’ve all been led to believe that Kova is an extension of Narti, the cat being her eyes and ears. But.. what if it’s the other way around? What if instead ‘Narti’ is some kind of vessel for Kova? Here me out for a second.

First of all, I don’t think it’s coincidence that Narti can’t speak. If Kova is the operating mind here, then she can’t speak because he can’t speak. And ‘she’ doesn’t have working eyes or ears because ‘she’ doesn’t need them. Or rather, Kova doesn’t need them. He can see and hear perfectly fine. Therefore they aren’t necessary. 'Narti’ is simply an acting body for Kova to operate behind, a way to blend in and engage in combat.

But who would create something like 'Narti’ for a cat, and why would it be necessary?

Well. I think Prince Lotor can give us the answers to both of those.

We already know that Kova has been around for a while. He was there before Zarkon and Honerva were even married.

And he stuck around because of his exposure to the Quintessence. It caused him to stop aging. So it’s safe to say that Lotor probably grew up around this cat, or at least spent a lot of time with it.

But that’s probably not the reason he decided to keep Kova around. Let me remind that Kova is Honerva’s cat. And we know that Lotor was fond of his mother because of the way he talked about her when he and the generals were at the rift on Daibazaal.

He kept Kova because Kova is the last physical piece of his mother he has left.

But how would it look for the Prince of the Galra to need to carry a cat around? Probably pretty weak in their eyes. Here’s where 'Narti’ comes in.

'Narti’ is his excuse for keeping Kova around.

And Lotor absolutely has the means for creating something like 'Narti’ because he most likely has (at least some) of the magical Altean abilities that Allura and Haggar have. This would also explan Narti/Kova’s unique abilities to mind control and such, Lotor could have done anything.

So Lotor created 'Narti’ to give Kova a reason to stay at his side, and at the same time give the Prince another general in the field. And Kova is probably 100% capable of all this, again, because of his exposure to Quintessence. (We saw what it did to Haggar and Zarkon, there’s no telling what all it did to the cat.)

And Lotor didn’t tell any of the other generals about this because he didn’t want them to look down on him.

So when 'Narti’ got corrupted, Lotor didn’t really 'kill her’ because she never existed in the first place. It was just the cat’s vessel. (Dreamworks also made it very clear to us here that the cat is still alive..)

And he didn’t take the cat with him/didn’t give the generals a reason for killing their 'teammate’ because again, he didn’t want to look weak.

I’d also like to point out the look on Lotor’s face after everything has happened. He might just be tired but.. He looks upset to me.

Yes, his Father wants him dead, and his remaining generals turned on him. But.. Maybe he lost more than we realized. Kova probably meant a lot to him.

This theory could be far from true. But dreamworks did say that Narti has a 'mysterious past’, which has yet to be revealed. So we know we’re not quite done with this character, otherwise they wouldn’t have pointed that out to us. (Let me also point out the fact that this is Narti’s data table yet.. Kova is there.)

At this point, anything is possible.


This is slightly off topic, but Kova having been left behind while Zarkons forces take over the base gives him a chance to find his way back to Haggar, and maybe trigger some more of her memories. Like the fact that Lotor is her son.

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I was just rewatching s3 and I noticed these two things: 1) In A Very Supernatural Christmas, Dean is telling Sam that monsters are real and goes "Well, the first thing you have to know is we have the coolest dad in the world. He’s a superhero." Which ofc reminded me of 12x11 and 13x01. 2) In Sin City, Ruby(LOVE INTEREST)says to Sam "On the bright side, I'll be there with you. That little fallen angel on your shoulder." And yeah I probably don't need to tell you what that reminded me of.

Wait, previous anon, I should have just read deeper into my inbox :P Someone’s doing my job for me.

(Oh god, unless that was you but there were like 2 other messages between these)

Which reminds me one of the things from my season 3 rewatch was pointing out that Dean had the good angel on his shoulder and Sam had the fallen angel, if you interpret this painting as angel wings:

(Part of my rewatch was a determined attempt to get Dean pulling an unattractive face in every screencap to counteract the rest of tumblr)

And yeah, argh, the whole superhero thing is aaaawful about Dean. I’m still sensitive. Hold me :P There’s the “I’m batman” thing as well in 3x03. It’s a completely messed up join the dots about Dean’s relationship to the job and his father but what do you expect when Edlund is helping build the picture :D

“biggest fan”

for @yoianniversary //I think yuuri’s mom is such a sweet and supportive character //// probably yuuri’s first and number 1 fan <3



Drew ♡ Akko

 Only one episode and I’m already enjoying the chemistry between these two. XD

It’s definitely following some traditional standards of shoujo-esque couples, while adding in a few non-traditional ones to make things a little more interesting.


school is helpful, but you are a priority

i haven’t drawn johnny in a while but i still love him



Sora (or Sky)

I told myself I wasn’t going to do this because it felt like something that was forbidden territory, and I didn’t think it would work, but surprisingly his design came naturally to me. (Especially the hair). After receiving an influx of messages asking me to do my take on Sora (AND I MEAN A LOT OF MESSAGES) I figured I’d at least try it. So here he is. I based this outfit of the “World Of Final Fantasy” and “KH 3D” outfit. I wanted to show that you can put POC (Especially black people) in these kinds of stories and still get the same effect. It’s really not as hard as people think and it can be done without making them stereotypes or tropes. The “Key” is to have a love and appreciation for the core of who the character is. The essence of who they are.

In this drawing, Sora reminds me of my little brother, Julius. Its probably because of how warm his personality is and how much he doesn’t hold grudges and has a genuine love for people. Like Sora, He’s playful, but he’s got a lot of wisdom for his age. There’s an innocence to him, that I feel is prevalent here. I guess I subconsciously ended up drawing that here. Now that I think about it, He’s 13 going on 14 years old now, which is the age of Sora in the 1st KH. So maybe that’s why…. He’s also is a big KH fan himself. (That’s my fault) I guess, I’m doing this for him too.

And Yes, you can cosplay as this and yes I’m doing Riku and Kairi and a few others later. Don’t worry. Mkay. I’m rambling. Back to work!

Friendly reminder that

- Piper is Native American

- Hazel is black

- Frank is Chinese

- Leo is Latino

Please don’t whitewash. Representation is important.

just a shout out to football fans from asia, australia, south and north america and other parts of the world who wake up in the middle of night to watch football and support their favourite teams, despite having school/uni/work on the next day. you are real mvps and I admire your passion and commitment!

Things to remember about Autism & social skills

It’s ok to be really bad with them. You may feel as if you’re just falling into the common stereotype, but trust me. There are lots of people to fall with you. (although it might get a lil awkward between y'all)

It’s ok to be really good with them. Sometimes it feels like you don’t belong here, but trust me, you do. Remember that time you felt a really nice texture and made a really fun noise? Remember that time you accidentally spent 3 hours looking for the perfection reaction image because darn it what if I mess up and they block me? Remember all the times you did something super autistic? Heck yea, now gimme a hug!

Struggling socially comes in many awkward flavours. Whether you’re extremely shy, anxious, passive, clingy, overbearing, awkward, or just plain dense as a brick, it still counts. It’s all good, dude.


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