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can i ask a favor of y’all? i’m having a really weird dissociative/i’m not real night and it’d really help me out if you like any of my posts you see? you totally don’t need to respond at all or anything, just. i need to know i’m not just screaming into the void. 

kitkats-for-the-soul  asked:

Peach, Black Raspberry and Mocha for the icecream ask game °•♡•°

  • peach: how do you relax?

Deep breaths, sleep, and reminding myself that anything I do now probably won’t affect me in thirty years

  • black raspberry: do you have any pets?

I have a lot of fish (to be specific my dad does lol) but i have a little puppy named Didi (which is little brother in chinese) and i love him~

  • mocha: ideal weather conditions?

It’s pouring outside, thunder and lighting lights up the clouds, the rain is warm and flowers are nice and watered ♥(ˆ⌣ˆԅ)

Friendly reminder that

- Piper is Native American

- Hazel is black

- Frank is Chinese

- Leo is Latino

Please don’t whitewash. Representation is important.

“Thank you to CARATs who have given us a happy week as a present” 

trans credit


Drew ♡ Akko

 Only one episode and I’m already enjoying the chemistry between these two. XD

It’s definitely following some traditional standards of shoujo-esque couples, while adding in a few non-traditional ones to make things a little more interesting.

(( its been a tough couple of weeks, i think we could all use a little break))

Seriously tho, when Mia in Resident Evil kept freaking out, she said that she could feel “her crawling her way back inside of me”…

doesn’t that sound like a thing mr.antisepticeye would do in said series i wonder?

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school is helpful, but you are a priority