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sorry guys im probably having the worst slump of my life atm so i havent posted in a while. im also not gonna watch season 4 yet cuz i get the feeling i wont be able to enjoy it with how emo i am rn OTL 

please forgive me, i dont intend to completely abandon u guys and certainly not my friends aaaaah ajsdjldkjadjs. i just need some time away from social stuff so thats whats happening. thanks for understanding.

The Ten Types of Fans on Tumblr, as told by Supernatural Characters:

1.  The Becky

Generic unhinged fangirl.  Has zero concept of socially acceptable behavior, is probably a multi-shipper, and is okay with the concept of sibling incest.  Posts nothing but surprisingly well-written erotic fanfiction, and might legitimately have a member of the cast tied up in their basement. 

2.  The Gabriel 

Posts nothing but memes and crack edits.  Will find a way to make even the most heartbreaking scene seem comical and ridiculous, and you will love/hate them for it. 

3.  The Castiel

This person is an innocent in a world of shell-shocked Tumblr veterans. Is generally well-mannered and respectful, despite having to put up with a lot of bullshit from everyone else.  Doesn’t get sexual innuendos, and thinks shipping has something to do with boats. 

4.  The Ambriel 

Appears cute and innocent, but is also sort of ignorant and occasionally says something super offensive without even realizing it.  Is probably fourteen or younger.  Will not last long on this site.

5.  The Sam

Will honest-to-God post a ten chapter essay on why his OTP should be canon. Comes up with the bizarrely good headcanons, edits, and theories.  Ships Destiel like crazy.  Is obviously smart, and probably went to an ivy league college.  You will wonder why they’re not doing something more productive with their life. 

6.  The Crowley

Not to be mistaken with the Sam, this person is at least ten times smarter than everyone else, but more of a jerk about it.  They will complain about everything, from poor writing, to continuity errors, to drama within the fandom.  

They also probably post a lot of porn.

7.  The Charlie 

Posts the most adorable fanart, reblogs all your stuff, and sends you a *hugs!* in response to sad posts.  Generally someone you just really want to hang out with, and probably has the best multi-fandom blog you’ve ever seen.

8.  The Metatron

Is generally the worst in every regard.  Obnoxious, disrespectful, doesn’t tag spoilers, and will try to convince you that your favorite characters are straight.

9.  The Bobby

Legit oldest and most experienced person in the fandom.  Has lived through all the drama, and has probably met the entire cast on multiple occasions.  Should be treated with the utmost respect and reverence at all times. 

10.  The Dean 

Is just completely obsessed with Destiel.  Does things on Tumblr that they would never admit to in real life.  Posts nothing but erotic Castiel fanart, fanfiction (both fluff and smut), and bisexual pride posters.

Seriously, I can’t thank you all enough for supporting me.

I had my first blog for four years and could never hit past 450, but in less than a year you guys have supported me way more than I ever could have asked for. I appreciate all of you, and thank you so much for every nice comment, tag, and reblog!
Steve Aoki: the man who works 361 days a year - BBC News
"When I'm not in the studio or touring and playing shows, I get fidgety," says DJ and producer Steve Aoki.

Next time you feel like a bit of a moan about how few holidays you get, spare a thought for DJ and producer Steve Aoki who plays 300 plus shows a year and takes less than an average working week off.

Okay, we understand the idea of travelling the globe and playing music to thousands of gibbering clubbers may not seem like work to most punters but the income tax man would beg to differ.

Anyway, we tracked Steve down on his uber-short vacation ahead of the Grammys where a Netflix film about his hectic lifestyle called I’ll Sleep When I’m Dead was nominated in the documentary category.

Steve also recently collaborated with One Directioner Louis Tomlinson on the track Just Hold On.

Steve, we’re speaking to you in Aspen, Colorado, how is it going?

It’s beautiful, I have a view of the mountains and the trees, it’s really nice.

Are you a country person at heart then or are you a city boy?

I’m a city boy that romanticises being away from the city.

300 shows a year and just four days off, is that all it takes to recharge the batteries?

I’ve got to take a break sometime, so I’m spending the days snowboarding and enjoying myself with my friends, I do that once a year and this is my four days off. I try to enjoy doing my hobbies. You get into a cycle and it becomes awkward when I’m not in the studio or touring and playing shows, I get fidgety, I have to get back into the grind. I’m lucky because I love what I do.

Where are you at your most creative?

That’s an interesting thing because before, I would have to find it in a a particular location but I’ve realised that my inspiration is everywhere I go and I need to be able to harness that and sometimes those moments of creativity are fleeting and you have to try and capture it when it comes. Luckily I get to travel the world and meet amazing creative people and you just have to be in the now and soak it in.

You spend most of the year travelling, what are your must-have travel items?

Just so I can survive, because I don’t have a regular sleep pattern, in order to sleep in a car or a plane, I have my eye-mask, my specific eye-mask, I have this obnoxious pillow I travel with and my headphones.

The most important bit about the eye mask is that it doesn’t touch my eyes so it looks like a bra for a doll, it’s bulging, I should paint some eyeballs on it. I put it on and it’s blacked out. I got my hood up, headphones on, if I’m travelling through Japan or China, I have a face-mask, you can’t tell who I am.

You’re working with the Migos, who were described by Donald Glover as ‘this generation’s Beatles’, what did he mean and do you agree?

I’ve know these guys for a long time, they played a show in Atlanta, we went into the studio and knocked out a song real quick. These guys are amazing, without writing anything down they get an idea and start vibing it out and just nail it in one go.

The thing about music is that you look at The Beatles and throughout history there are very few groups that define a sound and generation. That song Bad and Boujee is definitive of this time in America, of American culture, so I agree with Donald that they represent culture in a really massive way.

You had a new punk-influenced fashion collection showcased during New York fashion week, is this about scaling up 'Steve Aoki’ the brand?

I’ve been involved in fashion in one form or another for a long time, when I was 15 I was screen-printing shirts in my mum’s house for my first band and selling them on the road. So I knew it was something I wanted to do but it took a crazy long time for the Dim Mak collection to be ready.

We wanted to showcase it in the right way and so we turned the runway into a skate ramp so the energy of the [clothing] line was matched visually by what people were seeing as the skaters modelled the clothes.

You didn’t bother training models to skate then?

That would have been a disaster, we got some of New York’s best skaters that really knew how to rep the brand.

Lots of articles claimed New York fashion week was notable for how political some of the shows were. What is it like being a creative person working in Donald Trump’s America? Especially as a second-generation immigrant.

This is probably the worst period of time that I have lived in America, under this dictator-style, fascist president who is pushing his regime and clearing the rights of minorities, immigrants, women, the LGBT community, across the board - there are major steps backwards.

But one thing is for certain - the world is noticing that America itself is coming together and uniting as a voice. That’s why punk happened in the early 70s because it was the voice of protest and rebellion post-Vietnam and now its happening again. We’re having a renaissance. I’m excited about the voices and the people that are going to be speaking out.

There’s a lot of creative spirit, especially in music and the arts and fashion, it’s all part of a larger thing. The Rage Against The Machines of the world, they’re going to come back and inspire more people.

Can we expect some politically-charged material from you?

I can’t help it, it’s in my DNA and I’m not one to sit on the fence especially when something like this has shown its face. When I post something political or anti-Trump on my Facebook, some of the comments I get, you can’t believe how much ignorance is out there.

I might lose some fans by not staying neutral but I don’t have a choice, I have to use my voice.

Many of us make studyblrs to improve our productivity but, as much as we like to deny it, looking at pictures of notes + reading tips does not equal studying. So here are five ways you can use your studyblr to your advantage!

1. Find an accountability partner! 

Finding someone who reminds you to get stuff done is really easy! Just post about it and you’ll probably get at least one person who’s interested!

You can just check in with each other through the day and make sure both of you are making the most of your time!

2. Find a study buddy! 

Find someone who’s studying some of the same subjects as you and teach each other for practice or if you don’t understand something! The best way to go about this is to find a few studyblrs who are taking these classes and outright ask them! Don’t be shy, the worst they could say is no!

3. Post your bujo or planner or a cute to-do list! 

Personally, the thought of having all boxes checked off when I post a picture really motivates me to get stuff done.

4. Take the 100 days of productivity challenge! 

You don’t even have to post a picture (I sure as hell don’t), just write a little summary of what you’ve accomplished that day and set some goals for the next day. It’s a great way to keep yourself accountable.

5. Post studyspo after studying

Let’s be honest, there are probably studyblrs who take their studyspo pictures before they even begin to study. But that won’t really do anything for you. Instead, tell yourself that if you study today, you get to take a picture of your studying. If you study some more, you get to edit said picture. And once you’re done, you get to proudly post it!

Anyway, those are all the little ways I personally use my studyblr to be more productive. Feel free to add any other ways in which you use studyblr to your advantage!

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2 Statements On Each Sign

Aries: Drags everyone they love. Emotional but doesn’t always express it constructively (tbh never does).

Taurus: Secretly the momfriend, but doesn’t want anyone to know that. Might use you with ulterior motives, but is grateful for you nonetheless.

Gemini: Well-known, but whether they are adored or hated depends on the person. Secretly emo trash, mostly for bands.

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comedydoctor18  asked:

Who would win and who would fail in the Reddit 50/50 challenge? (Question directed at the mod on Villainos characters)

// Okay, personally, I LOVE Reddit’s 50/50 challenge cause I’m a sick fuck. The 50/50 Challenge and NoSleep are my fav subreddits. As for the Villainous crew…

// Dr.Flug would probably only click the ones he knew were cute/sfw. For a subreddit with a lot of fucked up shit, it had the best cute stuff. But you know he’s bound to misclick one and have to set his phone down for a while after seeing some doctors tending to a man with his head split wide open. He fails.

// Black Hat would do the opposite– Seeking out the worst of the posts, of course. Dead bodies, people being set aflame, heads being chopped off, shootings; they all make him laugh. But he throws his phone across the room the second one of the nsfw posts are a dick or something. He needs a new phone every time. He wins for the most part.

// 5.0.5′s big paws can’t operate a phone let alone a computer, but he’s probably caught Black Hat on the subreddit once or twice and been scarred for life. But I don’t think you can say he wins or fails– He’s not really playing.

// As for Demencia, she’s there for it all. The cute stuff is nice– But the weird stuff is better. Who knew that’s what someone would look like after they hit the pavement jumping off a building? Fucking cool. A lady’s tits? Very nice. Genitalia disease? Gross haha. She definitely wins.

anonymous asked:

Teenagers are the worst to try and wake up. I was wondering if you'd ever write a ficlet where Yuri stays the night at the Katsuki-Nikiforov household and the couple work together to try and get Yuri up and ready for the day. I'd like to see all of the insults the blond would throw as his two "parents" try to get him out of bed hahaha

It’s been almost a full 30 minutes since Yuuri came in here and, despite that Mari has always said he possesses the personality of a particularly adorable doormat, he’s just about at his wit’s end.

No one ever prepared him for anything like this. Mari would already be up and about by the time he woke up, helping to set up for the day, and Yuuri isn’t entirely sure that his parents actually sleep at all; Phichit would bounce out of bed at the slightest provocation, ready to greet the day by posting a “this is my brushing my teeth face” selfie; Victor rises from their sheets like a siren surfacing from the sea, all smiles and pillow creased cheeks, and kisses the sleep away from Yuuri’s lips with a rumpled grin. Even Makkachin doesn’t give him trouble when he nudges her awake for their morning walks.

Yuuri himself, even in the midst of his worst teenage attitude, had never been this bad. 

It shouldn’t be surprising that he’d probably have an easier time trying to wake the dead. Yuri Plisetsky has always been in a class of his own. 

“Yuri, please,” he tries, pulling with all of his not inconsiderable strength, but the cotton duvet burrito that has taken up residence in their guest room doesn’t budge. “The photographers said they were going to be at the rink at 8am sharp.”

“Get out,” the burrito snarls.

“Get up,” Yuuri pleads. “Lilia’s entirely filled up my voicemail. Yakov is threatening to come over himself and I’m not ready to deal with him so early in the morning. I need time to prepare, Yuri. You can’t expect me to survive his shouting before 7am. Is this really how you want me to die?” 

The burrito somehow curls into itself until it’s less of a burrito and more of a pill bug. “Fuck off, pig! Why would you schedule this stupid thing so early?”

You scheduled this stupid thing!” Yuuri puts his hands on his hips. “You said you’d be at your skinniest early in the morning.”

“I said no such thing!” The pill bug flat-out lies. “Now get out!”

“Why did you even come to stay with us if you weren’t going to keep your meeting? You live closer to the rink than we do.”

There’s no answer.

“Yuri.” Nothing. “Yuri.” Zip. “Don’t make me call Yuuko.” Zilch. “You little Russian punk, get out of bed this instant!


“Fine. Have it your way. When Yakov and Lilia paint the rink with your blood because of this, I won’t shed a single tear.”

Yuuri stomps into the kitchen, hoping for a little bit of sympathy, but Victor is too busy watching something on his phone. A tinny rendition of In The Hall of the Mountain King pours from the palm of Victor’s hand; he’s studiously jotting down notes as the music picks up tempo. 

“He’s your son.” The only one who hears and soothes his pain is the box of  Пряники hiding in the back of a cabinet. “I’m not doing him any more favors until he checks that attitude.”

Victor nods absently and crosses something out on the pad of paper in front of him, scribbling above it. “Mm-hmm.”


Blinking, Victor snaps out of it and looks around. “Yuri’s not up?”

“Nope,” Yuuri says through a mouthful of delicious, sugary goodness. “And good luck trying to change that.”

With a scowl that even Yuuri’s own father would be envious of, Victor slides off the stool and walks over to the door that opens onto the balcony. He opens it and shouts, “Otabek, what a surprise! Come on in!” Then slams the door shut.

From deep within the condo comes the deep, bone-chilling howl of a creature roused from its slumber at the mere mention of its embarrassing crush, followed by the thud of a body hitting the floor. “WHAT THE FUCK TELL HIM NOT TO COME IN HERE I’M GETTING DRESSED!”

Yuuri stares into the hallway. “Seriously?

Victor beams and turns his attention back to his phone. “Oh, look. Our son is awake.”

anonymous asked:

So I was looking back through your posts, and I feel the need to tell you that every time you draw Fresh post-emotion, I get a little uncomfortable. A genuine smile from Fresh just... weirds me out for some reason. Help?

…I’m probably the worst person to ask for help in this situation :D

On that note, MCQ!Fresh is that wonderful character who falls outta the expected limits just enough to be in the uncanny valley, but once you get used to that, he falls into the limits, and — voila! — now that has become the uncanny valley!

Fresh belong to CQ

MommaCQ belongs to Alaina

10/100 | tuesday june 27 2017

Wow I am the worst at keeping up with this account I apologize. Overall this past school year was probably the worst ever and I have never been so constantly sad and stressed at all times but it’s okay because I got a scholarship for full tuition and fees at my #1 college so I’m optimistic for the future… also terrified. College is scary. 

Hopefully as I start to review things for the upcoming school year I’ll have more things to post but for now here is one of my study guides for AP Music Theory. 

We Could Be Gigantic

for @padfootdidntdoit , whomst i would be lost without 

word count: 4700

part i | AO3 | spotify playlist


When the kettle begins boiling in earnest, it drowns out the ticking of that awful clock that Sirius found in a train station, or at the bottom of the Thames, or in nineteen fifty-two. He installed it so far up the wall behind the fridge that Lily hasn’t a hope of reaching it unless she somehow manages to grow an extra three feet, and it drives her mad (especially considering he’s only eight inches taller than her). The point of this is that Lily spends as much time as possible per day boiling the kettle. Lately, her rate of tea consumption is just about levelling James’, which is – well, she sent him a crate of real tea last week so it must be just about time to post him another one.

The clock isn’t even on the right time, which is probably the worst part. Actually, no, the fact that Lily has started automatically adding an hour and six minutes on in her head is probably the worst part.

(She was at work last week when her co-worker Dorcas had asked the time and Lily had told her it was four fifty. Needless to say, their boss had not been pleased to discover Dorcas in the staff room packing up her things an hour before the end of her shift.)

Lily looks at the clock, and it reads two forty-five, which means that in nine minutes’ time, James will be seated in front of his laptop, ready to receive an incoming video call from her. She plugs her own computer into its charger, and waits for it to turn on (too slowly), and then she logs in to Skype.

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If There's God (of Social Media)

@kazliin I’m not done with coping from your destructive chapter.

I cannot write angst, thank god for that. So there’s my semi headcannon/hopeful thinking of what happen behind he screen?? This is heavily inspired by @kixboxer ’s idea of Victor’s secret internet accounts


Victor Nikiforov have two instagram account.

He also have two twitter handle.

One of the account in each platform are ratified, blue ticked, and co-managed by Yakov’s PR team during the time of need such as posterity shots, events and exclusive shows announcement.

The other account, however, lacks the mark of legitimacy, have less than 3 digit followers in contrast of millions in his official accounts, also running mainly on Katsuki Yuuri based content.

His second instagram especially, conspicuously named poodleonskate, is an avid follower of Phicit Chulanont’s account and religiously liking every single post tagged #spottheyuuri, won at least 3 giveaway post (2 of them are Yuuri Merchandise, the other is artisan nail polish set) and mainly posts random scenery photos and Katsuki Yuuri’s screengrab stills.

His other twitter also used to liking and retweeting every Yuuri-content from Chulanont’s feed. He also used the twitter to gush about Yuuri with fellow Yuuri fans, that probably will shred him alive if they know that he’s… well.. him?

Victor probably spent more time using his unofficial account more than Yakov would like. He almost failed to be surprised when Mila casually commented on his post as poodleonskate, she probably caught him engaging some excited foray with twitter user yuurifan1275 about Katsuki’s new exhibition skate. Yakov apparently knows too and offhandedly warned him about personal information and maintaining public image.

That didn’t stop him to occasionally slip. The worst slip on came in the form of liking one of Chulanont’s instagram post using his official account.

(“Holy fucking shit?”, Phichit choked and ultimately sprayed the half chewed remains of his breakfast all over the kitchen table. The notification in his phone stayed innocently.

‘V-nikiforov, blueducky, saracrispino liked your post
#spottheyuuri #cocolacafe #spring #detroit #dogfriendslife ’

“Ew.” Yuuri crossed the livingroom with disdainful eyes towards their table and the remains of Phicit’s breakfast all over their dingy table.

As much as he wanted to share the extraordinary happening in his sns life, Yuuri getting aneurysm this early in the morning is not exactly the best scenario for everyone involved.)

Yakov gave him an earful afterwards while his rinkmates watched from the rinkside with varying degree of amusement and secondhand embarrassment. Half an hour and several ‘yes coach, not going to happen again’ thrown, Victor’s back on the ice with nothing but slight mortification and cold dread of someone caught red handed. Despite himself, a traitorous part of his mind cannot help but being thrilled of the outcome.He slightly hoped that Yuuri (or Phichit, and then by proxy, Yuuri) would comment on it.

They didn’t.


Donna Francie @bingowednesday
What just happenED?!!!! OMG!!

Eloisethecat @bonnie-bie
@bingowednesday Victor liked a #spottheyuuri post??#whatdoesthatmean #viktuuri

Victuuriistotallyreal @just-inn
Excuse me while I’m draining my tears out #viktuuri

Bluescluesboy @JonahLi
@bonnie-b @bingowednesday here we go again…

Viktorlove @sundayterrs
@JonahLi Ikr?! It’s just a lke?!! We all know Victor LOVES dog? Like LOVE LOVE? That post have a cute dog!! Not evrything is abt your gross shipping!

Zaskia G. @chameleonarecute
Another day in FS fandom.. #viktuurilimbo #spottheyuuri

ひめこ。西山 @kumahimee
Can confirm that Japanese twitter also lost their shit. #instagate #spottheyuuri #viktornikiforov #katsukiyuuri #figureskating


After the Big Reveal, years worth of tears were spilled within a day, heart wrenching apologies, more kissing, and tedious ceremonies and official duties performed with hands on each other’s body parts, the floodgate finally opened.

Within an hour V-nikiforov’s official account already liked every post tagged #spottheyuuri, compilation videos of Yuuri singing in the livingroom while dipping a mop, every Katsuki based aesthetic blog, and various account’s post in which Yuuri is tagged.

(“Holy shit.” Ketty said as her feed flooded with notification after skating legend Victor Nikiforov, also Yuuri’s supposed arch nemesis retweeted her post about Yuuri’s FS composing session, liked In her instagram featuring her equipment that was used in composing Yuuri on Ice song.)

(“Holy shit” said professor Gilman of Advanced Trigonometry class after his usually barren instagram feed exploded after someone named V-nikiforov liked his last year’s class photo featuring international student slash campus heartthrob Katsuki.)

“Really.” Yuuri asked dryly, but the corner of his mouth are soft and fond.

Victor looked him straight in the eyes, his eyes are sporting the same puffiness as Yuuri and as red. His nose is still clogged when he answered but his grin are terribly (terribly) blinding.


Phicit+chu posted


I totally appreciate the likes guys, but #reallyvictor? #nowweknow #wegetit #littleyurihadbenscreamingfor10minutes #guys #guystherearechildrenpresent #pausethekissing #victuuri #lovewins #Iamthebestman


Me: Man, Kira Yoshikage is such a cool bad guy! Like he is the kinda guy who could live right next to you or hang out with him and never know that he is a serial killer. Killer Queen is one awesome cat-man stand, and who doesn’t love his Queen references? Also I mean he is pretty attractive, and his booty is on point. He just wants a quiet life, I can relate to that. The hand kink is a little weird, but we are all have our thing, just gotta roll with it. He is probably one of my favorite villains. 

Also me:


anonymous asked:

I see that you barely draw the original fnaf crew, like freddy,chica,bonnie etc. How come?

Haha,.,..,,.well you see.,,I……………………………..Have No Idea How To Draw Them


Running has never come easy to me, I could barely run for 20 seconds the very first time I tried. I want to remind people that when you see posts of people doing a 10 mile run, or glowing with sweat after a 5K none of that come easily. We all have to start somewhere.

I decided I want to run a 10K, I started the couch to 10K app a few weeks ago and it was going okay. Then I took 2 weeks (1 because of sickness and 1 because of Easter holidays) and ate a lot of chocolate, but I made myself go out today. It was probably the worst run of my life (other than that very first one). I felt so self conscious and sweaty and tired and sick. But I reminded myself that I am doing this for me. I love pushing my body and seeing what amazing things it can do and I think running is the biggest challenge I can give my body. So I will continue to push myself, motivate myself to go out and run when it’s the last thing I want to do and start eating to fuel and nourish my body again. 

You don’t have to be a certain size, wear the best nike pros or track your runs. Do what works for you and remember to never compare your journey to anyone else. Use other people’s photos and updates to motivate yourself. We are all on our own journey, going at our own pace. 


Do I have an explanation for this? No not really

Saihara’s Dragon Maid!! Ft Ouma as Tohru and Himiko as Kanna.

Hat-less Saihara sprite by @photoshopronpa !!