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otp meme: seven scenes (1/7)

Which Haikyuu!! Character You Should Fight: Datekou Edition

Moniwa Kaname | Who wins: You 

Though I’m not sure what Moniwa would ever do to warrant being fought, he’s a sweetie, you could probably beat him pretty easily. He cried when Futakuchi said something vaguely nice, this boi is not made for fights. I mean, the worst he could do is give you a stern talking to afterwards, but even then it still wouldn’t be very hurtful or reprimanding, cuz he’s a wuss who can’t handle vaguely nice comments from shitty kouhais. Go ahead, fight Moniwa, though who knows why you would want to. 

Kamasaki Yasushi | Who wins: Kamasaki 

Holy shit, why the hell would you want to fight Kamasaki?! This guy is tall as fuck and knows no fear. He’s beefy as hell, too, so even if you’re taller/the same height as him, he can probably still whoop your ass. He’s got a lot of pent up frustration from dealing with Futakuchi’s bullshit all day, too, so he might just take out that anger on you. Don’t fight Kamasaki if you value your limbs. 

Sasaya Takehito | Who wins: ???

It’s a bit of a mystery here. I mean, I guess you could make him annoyed by calling him an old man, but even then, he’s probably not even going to want to fight you. Might snark you a bit, but that’s probably it. Fight Sasaya if you want. 

Futakuchi Kenji | Who wins: Futakuchi 

Yeah, you’re not to fight Futakuchi. He’s practically a walking salt mine so he’d bust out some snarky remarks and lower your morale, and if you still want to fight, this guy is Datekou’s ace. He is fully capable of beating you up, should you piss him off enough. I think the only way to beat him is to catch him off guard with your own snarky comments, but even then it’s risky. Don’t fight Futakuchi without a bulletproof backup plan. 

Aone Takanobu | Who wins: Aone 

Okay, first of all, why are you fighting Aone? What did he do to you? He’s a nice guy who just wants someone to sit next to him on the train. He didn’t do anything to you. If you do end up fighting him, though, he can and will beat you up as he is 6″4 and clearly very strong. Besides, if you try and fight Aone, Futakuchi might just come out of nowhere to fight you in his place, and we’ve already established not to fight Futakuchi. Don’t fight Aone, he doesn’t deserve that. 

Onagawa Tarou | Who wins: Not you

Honestly, who knows with this guy. He seems pretty chill most of the time, so it might be an easy win? However, that calm could very well hide a storm, so it might not be the best idea. Be careful when fighting Onagawa. 

Obara Yutaka | Who wins: Obara

So, here’s the thing. Obara’s another mystery, so who knows whether or not he wants to fight you or not. That doesn’t mean he can’t fight you, though. The guy is 6″2 and not exactly scrawny. He could probably beat you up if he tried. Don’t fight Obara. 

Koganegawa Kanji | Who wins: You 

Okay, so, you may be intimidated by his sheer height and that weird-ass hairdo he’s got going on, but do not be fooled. He may be strong, but he has no idea what to do with said strength. There’s also no way he’s been 6″4 for very long, probably only recently had a growth spurt, so he might be clumsy too. Go ahead, fight Koganegawa. Just be aware of the risks. 

Sakunami Kousuke | Who wins: No one

Why are you fighting Sakunami?! He didn’t do anything to you. He just wants to play volleyball. Though, if you do decide to fight him, he’ll put up a very good fight. He probably knows no fear, as he’s surrounded by these big trees he calls teammates, and he’s probably diligent af too, so if you beat him, he might just try again until he beats you. Don’t fight Sakunami. 

Who You Should Fight In Deus Ex: Sarif Industries Edition.
  • Jensen: He never asked for this, but SURE go ahead. Get your ass handed to you. The man punches through walls and snaps necks like he's popping heads off barbie dolls. He could probably pull some Mortal Kombat shit if he wanted, pull your still beating heart out of your chest and show it to you. If you WANT to fight him I say go for it. It's your funeral and or hospital bill, but if you DO manage to beat him somehow please buy him a drink or something. Please?
  • Malik: NO! Why the fuck would you?? Malik doesn't deserve nor need that. Besides, she'd probably kick your ass. But if you did well enough she'd probably offer a hand to help you up, BECAUSE SHES A GOOD, NICE PERSON. So ya know, you could just not fight her.
  • Pritchard: Yes. Please fight him. I will PAY you to fight him and I'm sure you can find some other people who will also pitch in to see you throw down with Francis. I mean, it wont be much of a fight, you might even feel bad about it later and aside from some extreme shit talking I'm not even sure he'd do much fighting back.... and then later he'd probably hack your bank account and clean you the fuck out and also ruin your credit- you know what, on second thought, maybe don't actually fight him. Maybe just.. snark with him.
  • Megan: Haha, yea sure. She'll probably find some way to come back later on and fuck you up tho, might bring asshole friends too. If you want to, do it, just don't say you weren't warned when it bites you in the ass.
  • Sarif: Sure why not? He likes baseball so I'm sure he's got a bat somewhere. Go ahead and fight him it'll probably be fun, hell he might even give you bitchin' new arms TO fight him with. You can't take it too far tho because then you actually do have to fight Jensen if you want to or not.
  • Athene: OH GOD NO. No no no no. That is a bad idea on SO many accounts. This woman works with Sarif day in and day out, she puts up with EVERYTHING. She runs on more coffee than Pritchard could even dream of drinking in one day. She's not even trained in anything specifically but she will fucking annihilate you through sheer force of will. Do NOT fuck with Athene. She will destroy you.
1k Follow Forever

Hello! Here is my follow forever for 1k! :) I know I said I would do one for 1.5k, but I made the edit earlier. Okay I know the edit looks so bad and it’s probably the worst edit ever.

I never thought I would come this far in like a little over a month. I don’t even know why people follow me, haha. I just want to thank everyone for following me, I love you all and if any of you ever need anything, I’ll be right here. My ask box is always open! :) 

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Quick reminder!!!

I’ve seen a couple of posts about this recently and I wanted to remind everyone NOT TO REPOST PEOPLES GIFS/EDITS/ART/ANYTHING. It’s happened to me quite a few times before, and Ive seen it happen to other people and it’s just not cool and here are some reasons why…

  1. It takes a long time and lots of effort to make gifs!!!!! If you like a gifset someone made reblog it! Its easier than reposting it and it will make the creator of it probably smile!
  2. “I just want to get notes though” thats totally fine, but when you take any sort of art/edit someone made, you’re basically saying “I want all the notes but I dont want to do any of the work” and thats not cool
  3. There are plenty of people who are willing to help anyone who wants to learn how to make things themselves (including me!!!) 
  4. One of the worst feelings ever is seeing something you made, you spent time on reposted, with lots and lots of notes. (and dont even get me started on reposted things getting noticed by youtubers)

Basically, dont use anybodys edits without permission- I know there are a few exceptions like I personally dont care if you use my gifs as reaction photos or in a reply to an ask but some people do care, so add credit always if you do! Thanks and have a nice day ♥♥♥