probably the worlds most beautiful couple

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Can we talk about Louis’ tummy pls

in light of the last couple days, let’s all come together to worship the most beautiful thing in the world aka louis’ tummy

for example:



this day was a fuckin blessin g,


the definition of the abs and the softness of the pudgyness kjengkenfj [bonus nips and belly button cos they cute 2]

NEXT TO YOU AKA LOUIS WEARING A SKIN TIGHT SHIRT BLESSING HARRY AND US ALL. i love lvoelovelvoelve the way louis’ tum is visible when he wears tighter shirts??


and this day louis was so fidgety with his clothes that i want to cuddle and kiss his tum and tell him he is the cutest bean




Summary: When you leave a wedding party intending to go home and drown in loneliness, Bucky Barnes changes your plans. 
Pairing: Bucky x Reader
Word counting: 1.2k
Warnings: Alternative Universe, Bucky is a Lawyer. Fluff. 

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“And we’re done.” Joshua said, looking at the small group you were with, and you gave the newlywed couple a glance while cleaning your violin.

Even though you were invited, you didn’t plan to stay for the party. It was too tiring.

Four years. Four years playing at weddings around the whole US with the same group of people, that was your life. A known violinist, the favourite of many, and so lonely.

At your side, Josh was eagerly talking to Danny and Erin. He played the Cello, like Josh himself, and Erin was a violinist. The two of them were a couple - a beautiful couple - and the two men were as close as brothers. You, on the other hand, was too shy to interrupt them, even after fours years together and wasn’t that close. You were the black sheep of the group.

Weddings made you sad. It wasn’t for mean reasons, but because of your love life - or the lack of it, actually. You were single. Honestly, you were the most single person in the whole world. In your mid to late twenties, you’ve never had more than some hookups. You’ve never been loved and was probably bound to be alone forever.

Maybe you should consider adopting a cat.

“You’re going home already?” Erin looked at you.

Maybe two of them. Or three.

“Yeah, I’m not feeling that good.” You dismissed her. “Do you have a ride back home?”

“Yeah, my brother brought my car.” Danny affirmed. “Are you okay? I can drive you home if you’re feeling too bad.”

“I’m just tired.” You lied.

He nodded, and you finished organising your stuff before walking to your car, putting them in the backseat just to realise you’ve forgotten your purse inside.

You sighed before walking back there, the high heels decorating your feet making every step a torture.

You were ready to go after doing it and were just a few steps from your car when your body crashed into another, much taller and stronger than yours, making a face when whatever drink he had in hand spilt all over you.

“Oh my God.” The man exclaimed, surprised.

You looked up at him. Oh, he was strong. He was huge. With relatively long hair and blue eyes, he was also adorable and very handsome.

“I’m so sorry.” He blushed. “I swear I didn’t see you. I’m so sorry. I’m gonna have it cleaned for you, I swear.”

You looked at your dress and took a breath, inhaling the smell of wine.

“At least it is white wine.” You looked at him. “You’d own me a new dress is it was red wine.”

The man opened a surprised smile, still embarrassed with what he had caused.

“Here.” He pulled a card from his pocket. “Here is my number.”

You looked down at his hand, taking it and reading the simple card.

“James Barnes.” You looked at him. “Lawyer..”

“Yes..” He confirmed. “And you are the violinist.”

“Y/N.” You corrected him.

“Nice to meet you, Y/N.” He smiled. “I must say, you are amazing.”

You blushed. No one had ever approached you to say that.

“I could see the passion in your eyes.” He affirmed. “It was beautiful.”

“Thanks, James.” You blushed.

“Call me Bucky.” He corrected you.

“Thanks, Bucky.” You smiled at him.

He smiled openly, and you noticed how he had dimples on his cheek.

“You were leaving?” He asked.

Bucky nodded and scratched his chin for a moment.

“Maybe this is rushed because we don’t know each other.” He said, embarrassed. “But I think I have somewhere you would like to go.”

“Oh.” You exclaimed, surprised.

You pondered. He was a stranger, but what did you have to lose? Your day was already bad, it couldn’t get worse.

“Have you ever been in a Karaoke?”

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Generation to Generation + Sam Holland

Summary: In which Sam joins you in you monthly trip to the downtown antique shops and he meets a woman who helps Sam in more ways than one.

Warnings: None. Just fluff fluff fluff.

Words: 1, 497

A/N: Here you go, here you go, here you go! I love this and I’m sure of it. Enjoy it my darlings.

“You’ll love this, I’m sure of it!” You exclaim as you swing your adjoined hands up and down as the two of you walk down the sidewalk towards the shops. Sam agreed to join you for your “antique weekend” because he knew how much you enjoyed glancing into the past that you adored so much. 

You were a history buff, and you had a knack for knowing every song from the forties, fifties, and sixties or for books from the early 1900′s or for jewelry from the roaring twenties. And these antique weekends were your way of appreciating the decades that you swore you should have been born in. Sam being the old-soul that you claim he is, held tightly to your hand as the oldie goldie classics played on the downtown strip. 

Your Aubrey Hepburn inspired look made your figure look even curvier than it usually did, the all black attire slimming you and hugging your waist. The black turtle neck, that was partially hid under that khaki colored coat, tucked into your pants snuggly, your hair in a ponytail that swung back and fourth as the two of you walked. You always dressed according to the occasion, and so was Sam, in his dark grey dress pants and sweater with a white collar peeking out from underneath, a blazer put on over the attire to keep the late autumn chill out.

Sam would be lying if he said he didn’t think that this was the most beautiful he’d ever seen you. Your serine face made you look like you were the most peaceful women in the world, your light pink lips in a small smile as you looked around at all the shops you had probably been in a thousand times before. He smiled at you lightly, letting go of your hand to grab at the camera that was across his body. You stopped and watched his actions, beginning to giggle nervously. 

“Sam! You can’t take my picture! I told you no more, remember how many you took a couple of weeks ago?!” You exclaimed as you covered your giggle with your hand, rolling your eyes at him as he prepped to take your picture with an amused smirk, “Seriously, Sam!” 

“Just this one, then no more after that!” He said as he held the camera back to his chest before holding it up to his eye once more. You rolled your eyes once more, before posing with a small smirk on your face as you peered at the camera through your eyelashes. Sam smiled and took the picture, letting you take his hand back in yours before walking into a store that was up ahead. Your eyes lit up as you pulled open the door, Sam holding it for you as you walked into your wonderland. 

Sam watched as you began to walk around quietly, peering at this and looking at their prices, picking up tea cups or children’s books. The elder lady at the register smiled softly at you, Sam walking towards the register and striking up a conversation with the woman.

“How are you?” He asked as he looked at the woman and then to you, watching as you looked at a case of jewelry.

“I’m doing well…Is she your girlfriend? She comes in here about once every month, and I’d hate for her to be alone.” The woman smiled up at Sam, looking at him and watching as his eyes lit up at the sound of you doing something you love.

“Yes. We’ve been together for a few months now,” He looked from you to the woman who had started counting the freckles on his cheeks, “She’s the most beautiful girl I know.” The woman’s face softened, a moment of realization hitting her, before opening the display cabinet built into the desk and searching it thoroughly.

Sam looked down at the objects in the glass case, looking through as the older woman did, then his eyes caught something bright. Tt was a ring, a dainty one that immediately reminded him of you. The three diamonds clustered together, with tinier ones surrounding the larger three, the dirty gold band glimmering in the light. Sam was mesmerized by it, watching as the stones sparkled in the low light, “What’s that, right there?”

His finger landed on the glass as he reached his hand to point the small object out, the woman looked up at him and a smiled landed on her lips. The woman knew exactly what he was asking for, her fingers grasping the ring and bringing it up for Sam’s brown eyes to examine it. The woman watched as she took it in his own hands, his pointer finger coming out to delicately touch the stones, “That’s a genuine, 18 karat gold, ring from the 1930′s. It was handed down from generation to generation, but I didn’t have a daughter of my own and my husband and I are divorced. A lovely man, but we both had our differences, but why keep the ring if you aren’t married to the man who gave it to you?”

She looked up at Sam as he kept looking at the ring, his eyes widening at her words. She winked at him before pulling the case open once again and grabbing a Kelly green velvet ring box. She handed it to him and nodded towards you, “Here. She’ll definitely say yes.” 

Sam finally looked at the woman, his eyes widening, “Oh! I-I-We aren’t looking to get married yet, w-we’re only 18.” A blush was already creeping up onto his cheeks as he looked at the ring box in the ladies hand, the green velvet looking smooth and contrasting from the pink in his cheeks. 

The woman chuckled as she shook her head, smiling slyly up at him before lifting her finger, “Ah, that is the key, ‘yet’. I’m not saying get married right now, but I’ll let you in on a little secret - months ago she walked into this shop, and stared at this ring for, well, I don’t remember how long. But finally she looked up at me with that smile that you know I’m talking about and said When I find the one, he’ll find this ring and he’ll marry me with it. I swear it’ll happen, you watch

“I laughed because I thought she was just being silly, but months later here you come strolling into this store, looking at that ring like you look at her. And, well good Lord, I just had that feeling.” 

Sam was flabbergasted by her words, his eyes slowly moving to land on your body as you looked from side to side at the aisle and aisle of antiques. Your hand landed on a small ornate tea cup, with golden pink’s and green’s and navy’s painting along the cup. You picked up the saucer and looked at the price, smiling as you kept hold of them in your hand. Sam looked towards the lady, who in turn looked at him and further stretched out her arm to hand him the ring box, “How much?”

“Free of charge.”

“Now you know I can’t do th-”

“She’s about to head this way, so if you don’t take it nowyou never will.” And with that she opened the box, letting Sam place it inside before snapping it closed and letting the woman place it in his hand a ‘thank you’ leaving his mouth quickly and quiet as he shoved the box into his back pocket, and just in time as you walked up with the cup and saucer in hand. 

“Just these, darling?” The woman smile charmingly, winking up at Sam as you nodded and reached for your purse. Sam placed a hand on your arm, pausing your actions. 

“Let me get it, love.” You furrowed your eyebrows and shook your head lightly as he began to pull out his wallet, “You don’t have to do that, Sam.” Sam only smiled as he handed over the money, and taking the bag and giving it to you, leaning over and leaving a long kiss on the top of your head.

“I don’t have to, but I want to. And that makes all the difference.” He smiled down at you as his hand cupped your cheek. You leaned into his larger hand, smiling lightly before taking your bag and thanking the woman. She only smiled and expressed her admiration for the two of you. It was Sam’s turn to wink now, looking at the woman sweetly and happily as she spoke. 

After the woman’s words, you said a quick good-bye to her and began to walk out. Sam leaned over to the woman and kissed her cheek lightly, “Thank you. You didn’t have to do that, I’ll repay you someday.”

“I didn’t have to, but I wanted to. And that makes all the difference.” She winked at him, watching as the two walked off with their hands tightly held together.

The thing i love about Dirk Gently isn’t actually the source material. Don’t get me wrong, the source material is A+ excellence, but the best thing is the fandom.

We’ve jumped on a thing which has a sketchy couple of books, written by a writer who honestly and with the best love in the world did most of his best plot writing ‘for the gags’.

We’ve involved ourselves in a series which ended on a HORRIFIC cliffhanger, one that means that - after the airing of season 2 - probably half of our fanfiction will be out of canon and thrown into AU land.

But we’ve done it because we believe so hard in the fucking BEAUTIFUL world that Max Landis has created, the spectacular landscape that Douglas Adams had left behind.

I love that. I love it so hard, guys.

They Call Towes Captain Serious?

I hope you enjoy!!!


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          Pittsburgh had lost against the Chicago Blackhawks 4-1, a game that they could have won.  No one on the team was very happy about it and to make matters worse it was an away game meaning you couldn’t be there to cheer your boyfriend and captain up. When you called him to tell him he played great no matter what the score he sent the call straight to voice mail and chose not to say a word to you over phone call or text until he got home in the very early morning and even then, it was just “Go on to bed I’ll be in soon, I have to figure out what happened.”  He didn’t come to bed.  

           You woke up around 8:00, six hours after your boyfriend had gotten home, to see him sitting on the couch still in his dress shirt and dress pants with his eyes glued to the T.V and iPad sitting beside him, both showing replays of the game.  Standing in the entryway to the living room you decided to just watch him for a couple minutes before deciding enough is enough, he can’t do this.

           “Babe” you say hesitantly hoping not to startle him “have you gotten any sleep?”  Still not taking his eyes off the T.V he shrugged his shoulders in response.  “Come on it is time for bed” you say firmly grabbing the remote and shutting off the T.V and puling him up by his hands.

           “Can’t, I have to be at practice in 15 minutes” he says quietly giving you a peck on the cheek and heading to the bedroom.  Following behind him you stand in the doorway preparing to not let him out of the room. Watching his muscles move and tense as he changes you can’t help but admire his body.  It’s not like it’s something you haven’t seen before but you always become mesmerized by his body.  How could anyone not be?

           Once he’s done changing he walks over to you placing his hands on your shoulders.  “Come on you have to move or else I will be late for practice.”

           “I’m not moving” you say keeping your place “you haven’t slept at all since you got back and I know for sure you didn’t sleep on the plane so don’t lie to me.”

           You can tell he’s about to argue but thinks against it “(y/n) I need you to move baby please, I’m the captain I can’t just miss practices.”

          “Whoever said Johnathan Towes is captain serious never met you” he laughs at your little joke but it just annoys you slightly “Sidney you are exhausted, if you go to this practice you will play terribly during the next game and I’m pretty sure the guys would rather you miss a practice than play a terrible game.”

           “I am not nearly as serious, thank you very much” he replies indignantly “and if I stayed home what would we do?”

           You know right away what he’s implying but you also know that he needs sleep more, however enticing it may be.  “You Mr. Serious will be sleeping and I will be cleaning.”

           “That’s no fun” he pouts before quickly adding “see I know fun.”

           “Sid” you sigh “you need to sleep, you played a full game and haven’t slept since who knows when.”

           He grumbles something in response before crawling into bed and bringing the covers up to his shoulders “can you at least cuddle with me until I fall asleep?”

           “Sure thing babe” you smile while getting into the other side of the bed and resting your head on his chest.  No matter how much he works out and how built he gets, he will continue to be the most comfortable pillow in the world.  

           Within minutes you hear soft snores coming from your beautiful boyfriend.  Thankful he had fallen asleep so quick you give him a kiss on the cheek before attempting to get out of bed to start your day.  All attempts halted however, when Sidney’s arms tighten around you and incoherent mumbles escape his mouth.  Deciding that you could do with another couple hours of sleep you cuddle back into him.

           “Thank you (y/n)” he whispers into your hair “I don’t know what I’d do without you, I love you.”

           “You’d probably be dead due to exhaustion” you giggle a little “but I love you anyways, no matter how serious you are sometimes.”

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halloween hc? like what costume they would wear rfa+minor trio



  • probably something really cool and well done or something made 5 mins before leaving 
  • probably a Disney prince 


  • something that lets him show his beauty 
  • not masks 
  • probably a werewolf or a skull painted on his face
  • or something really fashion 


  • doesn’t have time for this 
  • most likely to stay at home watching movies (working) 


  • we all know he’s a vampire type 
  • I mean all hot characters are vampires for halloween
  • literally wear a cape and put his hair back 
  • and of course the fangs


  • he loves cats
  • he’s going to save the world 
  • so of course it has to be Chat Noir 


  • probably doesn’t know what to do 
  • and let people decide for him 
  • like if you want to wear a couple costume he’s going to be whatever you decide 
  • but if is up to him probably something simple but nice like a super hero 


  • literal just a mask 
  • doesn’t want to do something complicated 
  • and a mask is just so easy 


  • he doesn’t want a costume 
  • but is halloween 
  • so he wears some ears like cat or bunny ears
  • thats it 
There’s A Time For Beauty

Sal was pretty.

His prosthetic probably hid something he never wanted the world around him to see, but he kept his hair pulled back into pigtails and he was built thin. His hands were delicate and his eyes, from what Larry could see, were the most intense blue.

He had tried mixing paints to look like them a couple of times, to match the blue.

So far, it hadn’t worked, but he still kept trying.

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Fanfiction Master Post

I’m working on a couple of fics right now, but I thought I’d put them all in the same place. I work mostly off asks, so give me all of them.



- The 100

I’m working on a couple more and I’ll update this when I write them. 

Prompt lists that I thought were cool:

Ask for any prompt, any pairing in either fandom, and I’ll go for it, my otp or not. (Prompts don’t have to be from the list, I just thought it might be easier for you guys).

UPDATE: I’ve added the GMW chat au’s that use lines from HIMYM:

Farkle Minkus and Maya Hart at some point, probably - Riarkle with Farkle and Maya

I will not have sex with Isadora - Isadora/everybody - crack

It’s Physics, Lucas - Lucaya and Farkle

Champgne pt 1 - Riarkle

Champagne pt 2 - Riarkle

Call from the Hospital - Lucaya and Farkle

Is this a Discussion of the Degree to which You Stabbed me? - Riarkle and Lucas

*This* much fun - Lucas and Zay

They’re only tears - comedic take on the rilucas breakup

Did you just use my name as a verb? - core four

Drunken Farkle pt 1 - Riarkle and core four

Drunken Farkle pt 2 - Farkle and Zay

Drunken Farkle pt 3 - Farkle and Zay

Drunken Farkle pt 4 - Riarkle

Drunken Farkle pt 5 - Riarkle and the core four

Dude, be cool… Farkle and Lucas

She wasn’t pregnant? - Lucaya and Farkle

And your mom was perfect? - everyone

It’s a date - Zayadora

I really hate the rodeo - Lucaya

Little P in the Gutter - Rilaya

We’re wearing the same shirt! - Zaya

I’m your bitch. Why this time? - Maya, Riley, Farkle, Lucas, Zay

Going on the list - Lucaya and everyone else

One more and I’ll believe you - Lucaya, Riley, and Zay

Butterfly Tattoo - Lucaya, Riarkle, and Zay

Gone - Lucaya, Riarkle, over rilucas

Using only her words - Riarkle

Chewbacca - Riarkle, Lucaya

I’ll kill you! - Riarkle and Lucas

Field of Dreams - Lucaya, Riley, Farkle, and Zay

I hear ya - Lucaya

Only if you’re into it - Maya + the bartender

You get to do the dumping - over rilucas and Maya

Modeling for Maya - Lucaya, Riley, Farkle, Zay

Swarley - Zayadora, Lucas, and Farkle

Assface - Lucaya

Your eyes are so beautiful - Rilaya and Isadora

You’re smiling - Riarkle

The jerks - Lucaya

The coffee industry - Rilaya

Late care package - Riarkle and Isadora

On getting some - Riarkle

Holding it - Riarkle

Poor my boobs - Riarkle and Lucaya

Warm Soup Belly - Riarkle, Lucaya, and Zay

Adrian Eskett

When Even finds out about Isak’s fake ID he looses it. Five minutes of nothing but laughter, only stopped by Isak’s frustrated ‘Are you done?’.

“I can’t believe you had a fake ID. What a cute little baby Isak.” Even was grinning ear to ear. “No way it could’ve worked with your cute little baby face.”

“Fuck off.” Isak sounds irritated, but the small smile playing in his eyes lets Even know he is anything but mad.

“It’s so cute. It reminds me of how young you are, a tiny little ’99.” Even rolls to be next to where Isak is sitting at their pillows. “What name did you use on it?”

“Adrian Eskett. It sounded like a real name.”

Adrian Eskett. You wouldn’t pull of Adrian baby. You’re too cute, you need a cute name. Isak is cute.”

“No, fuck you, I could so be an Adrian.” Isak let his fingers run through Even’s fringe as he spoke.

“Shit I just remembered this one time I got cornered by an officer outside of a party at Eva’s and I told the cop that it was my name shit.”

“What happened?” Even pulled Isak’s hand to his mouth to softly kiss his palm.

“The cop said something through her radio and I just fucking sprinted. I knew she didn’t believe me, no fucking way. I just ran. Jonas was on his bike a couple meters away and we just went. Shit I could have been arrested if they’d caught me.”

“There’s no way your ID would work now. They probably know. ‘Don’t serve anyone by the name of Adrian Eskett. It’s fake. You’ll know who he is because he’s the most beautiful boy in the world.’

“Well isn’t it good I’ve got myself an all grown up boyfriend to buy alcohol for me?” Isak beams down at Even.

“Yes, very lucky.” Even shuffles to lean up and kiss Isak without really getting up.

Ok, I’m gonna to rewrite my impressions about Kaisoo EXO Pepero CF, because I did some research about Pepero Day and I have so much feels to dispose to tell!

Pepero Day it’s a day that resembles Valentine’s Day. It’s celebrated on November 11th and it’s a day a person can buy a Pepero and give to someone they like. It doesn’t need to be a boyfriend/girlfriend/crush. You can choose a friend or someone in your family or work colleague. It’s a big commercial day in South Korea, but I won’t talk about this.

Anyway, first of all, I just love how Lotte loves Kaisoo. I think they see the chemistry between them something that SMEvil ignores most of the time tbh and puts them together at every oportunity they have like

Before you bash on me, I just want to say that I know this isn’t from Pepero CF, but Pepero is manufactured by Lotte Confectionery, so do you think it’s a coincidence? Because I don’t.  

But the pictures/gif below are actually from Pepero and it’s interesting how they end being paired up together or put side by side in advertisements. Probably it doesn’t have any ulteror motive, but, as I said, I don’t believe in coincidences. And I’m desilusion as fuck, deal with it.

CF Pepero 15s Version

CF Pepero 30s Version

Now, talking about Pepero CF.  It’s getting closer to Pepero Day (everybody must remember that it’s a day compared to Valentine’s Day in SK), so the CF’s theme (both 15s and 30s) is basically about EXO boys having fun with each other and with other people they like (as friends, colleagues, whatever). But they have a difference, that’s important to be noticed! Lotte’s 15s CF title is basically this: “Don’t you smell the sweet fragrance coming from somewhere?! A romatic Pepero day just like God EXO-K’s warm hug. We will be happy if we share!_15s". They start hugging each othet, what’s a ordinary thing to do. “Okay, let’s hug my buddies and let a lot of strangers come to us! Yey”.

But, after the message (“Be closer to people you’re close with, be close to people were once close with again and start being close to the people you want to be close with today”), something “weird” happens. We can see some random female girl feeding Sehun the pepero, the elder couple with the Pepero boxes heart and… Jongin feeding Kyungsoo. It’s okay, like, it’s not the first time this happens and, FUCK, KAISOO, but I want to be rational for a minute or two, because I think Kaisoo’s appearance wasn’t random (like nothing Lotte does). What I want to say, is that Kaisoo’s appearance has a meaning. 

I think Lotte’s objective is to show three types of couples at this 15s CF: the young and straight one (Sehun and the girl), the elder couple who appears next and Kaisoo as a new type of couple that can’t be just ignored: the same sex couple. This theory can be controversial for some, because “oh, they’re Korea, Koreans are homophobes and conservatives, etc, etc”. But it kind of makes sense, because 1) if you compare this CF with the 30s one, you will see that the first one has a romantic feeling on it. Even the video titles bring this feeling (the one who appears in 30s is just: “The official Pepero Day countdown! You will be happy if you share a pepero with EXO-K who fire shots to the heart!_30s”). The 30s CF brings a bigger meaning of what friendship and companionship means. It’s interesting as well, but not in the same way as 15s CF.  2) I think that, even in a conservative country like South Korea, homosexuality is a reality. Same sex couples there are kind of opressed if compared with other countries across the globe, but they exist! So, maybe Lotte thought that Kaisoo scene could be a way to motivate same sex couples to buy their products and give them to the person they love, like straight couples do, without being too obvious. 3) It’s subtle, but intimate at the same time. It can show some brotherly affection, but the entire 15s video didn’t pass me this impression. The viewer can see affection in the small details, from the way Kyungsoo eats the pepero to the way Jongin looks at Kyungsoo and gives him the pepero. It’s intimate even with Chanyeol and Suho on the background. Did you notice that, even with they appearing on the scene, neither of them stare much at Kaisoo? They didn’t even feed each other like Kaisoo did, and it was something they could have done easily and it would be explanable enough. But it would ruin their moment somehow and don’t pass the real meaning of it. I dare say that Chanyeol and Suho were just there to not make Kaisoo’s part in this CF more obvious than already is. Just to make everything to seem normal and nice to see on TV.

I don’t mean that this CF is Kaisoo’s way to tell the world that they’re a real couple even if I wanted to, tbh, or that they’re gay or something like that. My point is that, for some reason, Lotte sees Kaisoo the same way as their shippers. Probably, not like a legitate couple like some shippers do, but they see… Something. If it’s a spark or connection of feeling between the two, I don’t know. They just have this feel that every interaction with them is full of happiness and so carefree that looks like they’re enjoying this moments with each other.

And it’s one of them most beautiful things about Kaisoo and one of the reasons that made a lot of fans and Lotte fall in love with them.

What the Hell is a Ghostfacer?

Pairing: Dean x Reader


Warning: Swearing and ghostfacer hate?

Your name: submit What is this?

“For the last time Dean, I only wore the dress cause you dared me too” You were in tears when Dean started telling embarrassing stories about his little brother. It was quite refreshing from the research and the “hey so get this”. You were currently in baby, getting ready for one of the most easiest hunts alive. You still don’t know why Sam couldn’t go alone and leave you and Dean to what the cool kids call ‘catch up’.

“Yeah okay Sammy whatever helps you sleep at night. So hunt, drinks then ice-cream and strippers for Sammy? Whaddya say babe?” Hunting was something you were honestly thankful for. Knowing that the supernatural exist isnt quite stress free, so from time to time letting out steam is necessary. Especially if you can gank any son of a bitch that comes your way… also saving a few here and there.

“I agree. When was the last time you got laid Sam? I mean someone other than your hand”  Dean let out a hearty laugh which was louder than the rumble coming from the Impala. Sam simply sat there staring at you two, giving what you like to call ‘his moosiest bitch face’.

“Yeah yeah whatever, Y/N. I can get laid if I want to. So get this” You groaned at his famous topic changer, and to think seconds ago you were on a break.

“Anyways so, Eric Withers. Slaughtered his wife after going insane then he shot himself in the head. After his death, every female who stayed in that house in the last 4 years died and they all looked like his wife. His bones remain publicly unknown but polices files say it’s either inside the house or in the backyard. So Y/N, you and I, we’re gonna search the outside while Dean looks inside for the remains, alright? But you gotta stick close to me since you fit the previous victims profile. Also he always attacks at 3:00am and it’s 2:40 now. We have about 20 or less minutes to find the bones, okay?” You nodded and looked at Dean who was worried. He originally wanted to be with you and keep you safe but Sam knew his emotions would get the best of him if anything went south. Which wouldn’t happen, obviously since it was such an easy hunt.

“Hey babe it’s okay. I’ll be fine” You leaned forward and placed an innocent kiss at the back of his clenched jaw, he loosened at the simple and comforting gesture.

“Yeah okay, we’re almost ther-SON OF A BITCH” You jumped at Dean’s sudden outburst. He quickly pulled over in front of the house and got out of the car, which you and Sam soon followed after. As you exited you saw a van parked in front of the abandoned home with the word “GHOSTFACERS” written on it.

“What the hell is a ghostfacer?” You thought you remembered Sam once mention something about ghost hunting rookies almost getting everyone killed. Though you also recall Sam saying they were quitting the business after Dean busted their only shot into Hollywood.

“Ghostfacers are the best asskicking ghost team ever. We face the ghosts when other’s will not” Two full grown ass men emerged from the van wearing spy clothes. If Dean wasn’t so pissed right now you would be on the floor laughing.They look like 14 year olds, spying on their hot neighbours. Reluctantly you decide to speak.

“Waiiiiiit… are- are they hunters?” You turned towards Sam expecting an answer when he only shrugged in return. Dean let out a dark chuckle which kinda turned you on, in a freakishly weird way.

“More like douchebags, Harry. Ed. What are you geeks doing here? I’m pretty sure the buffy the Vampire slayer convention is in May.” Dean simply said as if it was some fact in a book. You bursted out laughing choking on nothing but air, it was an amazing quality of yours. Regaining control you just sighed out loud while still chuckling. They seemed unmoved of Dean’s insult and when the shorter ones eyes fell on you he not so subtly tapped the other man notifying him of your presence. You squinted when the one with glasses shone his bright light at you and soon enough you became annoyed.

“Alright Dr Who, how about you drop the light before I punch you square in the face.” Normally you’re nice, to anyone really, but if Dean had a reason to hate someone then most probably they’re dicks. Especially if they’re ghosthunters on tv. It pissed you off knowing people exploit the supernatural world for their own shameless entertainment, the jobs about saving people and hunting things. Not recording things, and show the whole world.

“Sweet lord of the rings Harry, she’s beautiful, funny, and fierce.” Dean’s demeanor became defensive when he walked in front of you, guarding you from the irritable couple.

“Look’s like she’s taken Ed. Maybe we should save her Liam Neeson style” You rolled your eyes at their horrible attempt to flirt. Your eyes later landed on Dean and you saw his Jaw tensing in the moonlight while his green eyes became a shade darker. No way… Dean was jealous from those two idiots? Literally Sam has a better chance in getting in your pants then them… and you see Sam as a brother.

The one called Ed walked up to you confidently and grabbed your tense hand pulling it to his lips, in disgust you pull it away wiping your hand on your jeans. Dean growled at the frail boy causing him to fear Dean for a single second before returning to his annoying self.

“Ma lady, I am Ed Zeddmore and my partner here is Harry Spengler. We hunt ghosts and you’ll be safer with us than these two meat heads” You looked behind him and saw Harry smile and wave at you. Sam walked towards Ed backing him into Harry.

“Don’t fucking talk to her, in fact don’t even look at her” Dean menacingly spoke from your side causing Ed and Harry to scoff and fold their arms.

“You don’t own her, it’s a free country. Fifty shades of way too much protein. Am I right?” Feeling Dean tense under your touch you gently patted his back in reassurance that everything is fine. His knuckles weren’t worth bleeding over two self absorbed idiots.

“Yeh okay Romeo and Juliet. How about no. But uhm enjoy the sausage fest while my partners and I have a ghost to gank.” You motioned towards your animalistic boyfriend and his moose of a brother to enter the house while you grabbed the equipment needed for this ten minute mission. You walked towards the Impala as Sam and Dean spoke to the two baffled boys, from a distance it looked like parents scolding their children and the image of Mama Sam and Daddy Dean made you belly laugh. Opening the trunk you grabbed salt rounds for all, three shot guns, your iron ring and some plain old rock salt. When Dean finished chewing up the boys he signalled that it was 2:46, dammit you wasted six minutes on this crap. You distributed the weapons and grabbed Dean’s hand out of instinct, walking towards the house you left the two facers behind in the dark to fumble with their cameras. The minute you entered the abandoned home you’re persona changed from normal Y/N to badass huntress Y/N.

You carefully made your way into the house making sure nothing popped out at you. Looking around you observed and admired the run down house, the chandelier that effortlessly dropped from the ceiling or the antique furniture placed so perfectly in the living room and the marble based stairs that spiraled upwards. If you weren’t on a hunt you probably would have drawn the houses interior as it was so amazingly vintage. Twirling your ring on your finger out of habit, you turned towards Sam who was still outside but you saw the two idiots grabbing their equipment and entering the house before Sam.

“No dammit stay ou- SLAM” As soon as the boys entered the house the doors slam shut, frustration was an understatement to what you were feeling. You heard Sam yell for you and Dean but you couldn’t open the damn door. Supernatural lockdown, freaking amazing. Dean went to every corner of the house to check for any opening possible and not so surprisingly, they were all tightly shut.

“SAM FIND THE BONES AND BURN THE DICK” Dean yelled to his brother while he marched upstairs leaving you with the two unprofessional ghost hunters. They simply stared at you winking and creating a superior stance which you found incredibly hilarious.

“For fuck sake. What time is it Y/N?” Dean yelled from upstairs as he tried finding a possible way out. Your heart was now racing from the adrenaline, these idiots wasted your time and now a simple salt and burn turned into a game of don’t die from the fucking crazy ghost.

“2:50” Your voice echoed through the halls and Harry began recording you inappropriately.

“Ghostfacers here, we’re locked in the house haunted by Eric Withers.” Ed made a horrible ghost sound effect that made you wanna punch him in the dick. Harry faced the camera at you and started complimenting your physical features like you were the first women they’ve seen in years. You rolled your eyes and walked around the house investigating every crook.

“Shit we had about 10 minutes before the son of a bitch showed up. Why would he lock us down now?” Dean spoke as he walked down the stairs  You saw Ed and Harry holding their cameras tight to their chest frantically looking around the room. Do they even know how to hunt? Yup… you were going to die because of two possibly frustrated virgins.

“Maybe uh, maybe he felt us come in and he’s trying to stop us from finding his bones which is most likely out-freaking-side.” You ran your hands through your head and sat down on the nearest chair.

“She’s smart and beautiful, Harry.” You flipped them off as your vision was focused on the floorboards. Now was not the time to argue, you needed to find a way out and help Sam. Your flashlight started to flicker and when you hit against your palm it blew out. Great, that’s never a good sign. Dean let out a sigh and his breath became visible when the temperature suddenly dropped about 10 degrees. You held your shotgun up but jumped at the touch of Harry’s arm on your shoulder.

“It’s okay Y/N, I’ll be your knight in shining armor.” Harry shamelessly smiled when he tried pulling you into his side ‘protectively’. It’s funny, if you threw him in front of a wolf he’d probably be dead within seconds, knight in shining armor. Please. Dean saw you struggling to get out of Harry’s grip and marched towards him about to punch his face in and luckily for the idiot, you stopped Dean.

“Baby it ain’t worth it and you know it right now we’ve got a crazy ass ghost on our hands. Deal with that now” You kissed the tip of his nose and lightly squeezed his hand. Dean didn’t like to admit it but he’d sometimes get insecure no matter who flirted with you. How could they not? You were beautiful in so many ways that even angels would become flustered around your presence. So when you would get hit on it made Dean feel not worthy of your love but never once did you show that. You always ignored the flirting and always reminded Dean that you were his and he was simply yours.

“Yeah okay babe, You two… stay away from my girlfriend because if I won’t kick your ass she most likely will and that’s something you don’t want” You smirked and chuckled but that soon came to halt as Deans flashlight started to flicker and the room became even colder.

“Harry, Ed! Grab the salt from my duffel, make a circle and stand in it.” You and Dean were now back to back waiting for the circle to be made.

“You want us to make the circle in the duffel bag?” If you weren’t in a life or death situation you most probably would have pulled your hair out.

“NO you idiots. Just make the damn circle.” You saw Withers ghost appearing in the corner and shot him right in the face. You heard Dean shoot next while Ed and Harry scrambled to make the protective circle admiring your skills in the process.

“Holy crap Ed… I think I’m in love” Dean aimed his gun towards Harry and shot right beside his face. The blood drained from his face as he cowered in fear falling into a ball.

“Sorry there was a ghost behind you” You were about to laugh at your jealous green eyed hunter but then your guns were magically flung out of your hands leaving you with your pure iron ring and dean with a crowbar.

“Alright Eric come at us.” Suddenly he appeared next to you and Dean got to him before he got you. You looked in front of Dean and punched Eric straight in the face, Dean turned around and swung next to your head while you ducked. Harry and Ed just stared at you two in sheer astonishment. From their point of view it looked like you and Dean had choreographed your moves when in reality you two just knew each other so well where you can actually assume each others moves. It was as if you two were soulmates. You were about to punch him again but then he spontaneously bursted into flames screaming in the process. Dean shielded your body from the heat and rested his body against you since you did the same. You stared into his eyes smiling while you were out of breath. The doors became unlocked and a sweaty and greasy Sam came to view

“Holy crap, you should’ve seen the amount of nastiness in that coffin.” Sam bent forward wiping the sweat off his brow.

“Good job Sammy” You leaned into Dean about to kiss him when the poop faces ruined your romantic moment by their obnoxious clapping.

“HOLY ROBIN AND BATMAN Y/N YOU’RE SO PERFECT! SO SEXY THE WAY YOU PUNCHED THAT GHOST. AND YOUR LEGS OH DEAR GOD THE WA- OWW!” you straight up punched Ed in the face for being really fucking annoying. You heard Dean laugh and whisper “thats my girl” while you twisted Ed’s arm resting your knee on his lower back. Sam was laughing at the mere sight while Harry just stood awkwardly, shifting from leg to leg, not knowing how to deal with this situation.

“Listen here dick-wad, I’m pretty sure I made it clear that Dean and I are dating yet you still disrespected that which is a majjjoooorrr turn off. Not only for me but for all women around the world and shocker… you’re single. Honestly learn how to talk to a woman properly instead of treating her like an inanimate object with boobs and a vagina. Good Night or day. Whatever.” With that you dropped the withering boys hand and held Deans calloused one instead. His grin was wider than a childs on christmas morning, you didn’t notice it until you were packing up your stuff by the impala.

“What’s wrong? Why are you looking at me like that?” In instinct your hand went to your hair in an attempt to fix it but Dean just grabbed your hand pulling you into a long awaited kiss. His lips glided against yours as if they were made for eachother. Pulling apart he still left soft kisses before leaning his forehead onto yours.

“How did I get so damn lucky?” You smiled and breathed in his sweet scent of leather and cologne. Even after a hunt he still managed to smell fine as ever.

“Hmm its because of your car. It does things to a lady” He obviously knew you were kidding and in response he merely slapped your butt playfully which earned a groan from Sam.

“Don’t worry Sammy you’re still gonna get laid tonight.” You sat in the impala leaving all thoughts of the ghostfacers behind you for, what you hoped would be the, last time.

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Hey! Wondering if you have a list of any good fanfic recs for Wondy and Steve? And also some meta/analysis of the two! Thanks so much!! :D

Hey! I’ve been thinking about this since you mentioned this on Twitter, and while Wondertrev fics are few and far between, I’ve got a few favorites.

^ Beautiful Stranger by NotYou. This is my favorite Diana/Steve fan fic ever. EVER. The writer is massively talented and the pacing is flawless and I am kind of devastated that it hasn’t been updated in a while, so I just read it over and over again.

^ 20 Random Facts about Diana by BradyGirl_12. You can’t have a Wondertrev fan fiction list without mentioning BradyGirl_12, who is probably the first (and for a while, the only) person shipping this couple in the online fan fiction world.  This isn’t her longest and most detailed, but it’s one of my favorites.

^ True Faces by @mithen​. I read this one a few years ago and it sticks out as being particularly languid and lovely, much like the current Trinity series.  

^ The Horn Rimmed Spectacles by oksofia. This fic features Lois Lane and Steve Trevor having a conversation about their SOs. It’s tongue in cheek and hilarious.

^ Dancing by _DownToEarth. Ending the list with a beautiful fan fic that’s up only on this tumblr. 

While there are many more stories out there, I tried to pick the ones that have fun with the uniqueness of Diana and Steve’s relationship. Hope this list tides you over for a while until we get a new round of talented writers tackling this precious, precious ship (HINT HINT HINT). Thanks for the question!

I’ve been saying lately that I want to turn the box room into a writing nook, and when I got home from work today, this is what I found. I honestly have the most beautiful boyfriend in the whole world. He’s given me somewhere that I can escape to and write stories, and that’s probably the best gift you can give a writer. Space. Thank you so much.

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In my eyes, JB likes Jackson, finds him cute and hot and often wonder how can he be real. Junior likes him for his personality and Mark likes all of Jackson and he is a creeper for him , which it's way Jackson and Mark are awkward with one another. The other members, specially Bam Bam can tell the situation about Mark and Jackson, i think Yugyeom secretly supports JB and Jackson because - cont!

-cont. Because you can see how happy he becomes while he looks at JB when a Jackbum moment happents, like he knows JB likes Jackson. I think both Junior and Mark have intense emotions for Jackson but Junior can control better and appear as the close friend. and Youngjae is the good friend Jackson can joke with. But at the end i think Jackson is clue of it all which it makes him more cute but makes the members go crazy haha, and since Jackson is close with them all they can’t figure him out. 

First of all, I want to say sorry for my late answer. I’ve been really busy with homeworks, exams and family, but I’m back. 

I started to listen songs and watch videos of GOT7 thanks to JackBum, and that’s why I’ve been more focused on Jaebum and Jackson than in the other members when I’ve seen videos of them together. With this I’m trying to explain that I really don’t know how the other members feel about Jackson, so is probably that I’m wrong with what I’m going to say now. Anyway, I’ve noticed that all of them have a great admiration and love for Jackson. Junior loves him, Mark seems a teenager in love and Jackson and Bambam seem the typical friends with benefits. Then we have Yugyeom, my baby and jackbum’s shipper nº1. As you said, (and I’m agree with you), Yugyeom becomes so happy when a moment Jackbum happens, and it suggests that he knows something. 

He knows how much Jaebum loves Jackson, because god, is obvious. I think Jaebum isn’t the type of person that enjoys skinship, and for some persons he is someone distant and cold, but with Jackson is different. You can see his comfortable face when Jackson hugs him, when Jackson rests his head on his shoulder, the way he touches and looks at Jackson, like he’s the most beautiful (and hot) thing in the world…

On the other hand, Jackson becomes someone “submissive”. He is Jaebum’s fanboy nº1, he’s very cute and sweet with Jb, like he’s flirting with his hyung… 

Idk, they complement each other very well, and probably one of the things that I love the most of this couple is how they behave between them. Besides that, they aren’t an OTP that make a lot of fanservice, so I appreciate and love more their moments together.
And as you said, Jackson makes the members go crazy, and I find it normally, because is impossible don’t fall por him.

Thanks for your question and sorry for all the mistakes!<3

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Axis+Romano, 2p!Prussia and Nyo!Belarus reacting to their crush confessing that they liked them, and would've told them sooner, but their crush thought they liked someone else? (You guys answered my two other asks before omf, it seems as if the other blogs I ask on are busy or they're flooded with asks or something, thank you!)

Utter shock. The feelings would suddenly hit him in one gigantic clump. He’s never really had to deal with love and he really hasn’t tried to. The fact that he thinks his crushes might be obvious worries him but then his mind quickly darts back to the fact that he’d just been in the middle of a confession. It would all be so unfamiliar that there would be a great gap of time till he came out to say he’d either accept or reject their love.

Ok wait a second. Are you sure this isn’t an anime right now. It’s so cliché how can this even happen? Maybe it’s not real. Maybe it’s all a dream? He’d probably ask a few questions about if it’s actually real life. He’d regain his composure and gladly accept. How crazy to think that he would have his eyes set on anyone else.

Would assure them right away that he wouldn’t fall for anyone else but them. He’d probably make a couple remarks about how they’re the most beautiful thing in the world and he’d always dreamed about them being together. But usually that’s something extra he says because, well, he’s Italian. He’d give so many smooches and quickly accept their feelings

Blushed cheeks. Glossy averted eyes. Some grumbles here and there. It wouldn’t be clear exactly what he said but it would be along the lines of, “Why would you even think that I would have my eyes anywhere but on you.” And how he can barely work when they’re in he same room together. He would hesitantly accept their confession and maybe if he’s lucky, he’d get a little session of pecks all over his face.

This wee baby can barely stand being called cute without thinking about it too much, let alone being confessed to about undying love. On the inside he’d probably be so confused about many things. Why do they like me? Am I even looking at other people enough for them to even be considered my crush? He may or may not accept your feelings. It just depends on how you act around him.

Wouldn’t show much on the outside. Just a plain nod and a “I find myself thinking about your extensively high levels of cuteness often.” It doesn’t answer the question really … Or… Does it? But anyways. He really wouldn’t show his actual feelings unless he’s alone with his lover. He’d most defiantly accept their feelings though!

mod Wer

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Favourite wolfstar rec lists?

of course! ♥

this is the rec list i made a while ago, and it’s a great one because, according to me, i have incredible taste. i really need to make another one because there are so many more amazing things i’ve read recently and want to rec!!! but i promise all of those are gorgeous gems and absolutely, 105% deserve all the love in the world heaped on them

here is a list someone sent me when i first got into the fandom a couple years ago! it’s a whole bunch of AUs, many of them canon-divergent; i definitely haven’t read all of them, but there are so many wonderful things i’ve found there, it’s like a buffet of beauty tbh

i really like this one too–there are a few dead links there, which happens with most older rec lists, but it’s pretty huge and i guarantee you’ll find something you love on it

another massive one from the annals of time. again, you’ll probably run into some dead links, but the majority should be working and ready for your eyeballs

here’s morgan @sapphicmodernity’s rec list, which contains a wealth of beautiful things (also her own writing is always so evocative and moving; watching stars collide in particular is a tremendous thing)

@wolfstarwarehouse did a huuuuge Christmas-themed rec list, and i love it because nothing makes me feel festive like the greatest gift of all:  gay wizards at the holidays. in general, they’re a great blog for finding r/s recs, and they have a few other themed lists

ENJOY DUDE, i hope that helps!! there was a big post going around like, a year ago? that had a lot of amazing (and some more obscure) stuff on it that i’d love to link you to, but i can’t seem to find it even after some semi-diligent searching :( if i ever manage to find it i promise i’ll reblog it just 4 you. and me. also if anyone knows what post i’m talking about PLEASE hmu i’m desperate for some devastation 

It’s a Humble Path

Rating: T

Pairing: SasuSaku

Summary: She thinks of him when there’s nothing else to focus on but the memory of the contours of his face and the bitterness of his smile. // Post-Canon, 699-700 setting.


Nights of solitude and hopeful wishes come to be too repetitive. One night after the other. Same glistening eyes. Same silent words. Same blinding pain. Same thing.

Sakura finds herself looking at the stars from the windowsill in her apartment; looking at the way they shine and glint in the darkness of the universe. She finds herself wondering if Sasuke sees them in the same way she does—alone in bed clutching at the idea of hearing the velvet caress in his voice once again, maybe even, somewhere in the dark paths of his sinful mind, he may be saving a small, clear, untainted space for her only, too—and barely shaking her head after realising that he would never do that.

She wonders.

But wondering is what she does, and wondering is the only thing she can do in the loneliness and the uselessness of her current position with him. He left with an unspeakable—but very much heard—promise. He left to redeem himself; to get rid of the wrongful doings done in the past; to travel; to forgive and be forgiven; to stop the guilt from spreading; to observe and admire the loveliness of the world that once he was too blinded to see; to live more than he has ever lived in just a few years.

But, in any case presented to the pink-haired woman, he left to come back.

She still hopes he does, one day. No matter how far, no matter the struggles: he would return. She still hopes he does, one day, one night, enter through the big, wooden doors of Konoha to greet the people he once so much did despise, with rather newly found understatement and confidence in his poise.

She hopes, but sometimes hope is not just enough. Hope, sometimes, doesn’t bring her the reassurance she needs that Sasuke is fine in his travels; doesn’t let her know the due date of his arrival; doesn’t make her less preoccupied. It makes her all but faithful to her resolve, unfortunately.

She removes herself from the window in a swift motion before her mind can think about it too much.

A sole tear escapes her eye, though, suddenly and without warning, and, before she can do anything about it, she grabs the curtains to close them abruptly. As if the light from the moon up above can burn her very soul.

Not a single light of the stars shines through it anymore in the cold of december, and she sighs contently laying down back in bed, exhaling an exasperated sigh.

287 nights after the year after the war, when he left, and so many more to come.

She closes her eyes.






On day 444, Sakura finally accepts that this is not going to be easy, and that the road she’s taking leading to Sasuke’s life is going to be the hardest thing of all. But she accepts it. She embraces the time needed; the desperation of going to find him when she feels down; the fact that he’s been away for so long; the realisation that anywhere she looks she’s reminded of him and his travels.

She thinks of him when there’s nothing else to focus on but the memory of the contours of his face and the bitterness of his smile.

But she accepts all of it. All of it regarding him, she accepts.

It’s hard first, but she finds that the more the days passed by, the easier it was for her to cope with the ideas and the lingering sensation of hopelessness. She feels—not happy, but—close to happy, in those moments.

People said he was in wind now.

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top 10 favorite bars routines of 2014
  1. Yao Jinnan nationals podium training: It’s probably wierd not to choose her faboulus golden routine from worlds in favor of a routine from podium training. However I much prefer the composition of this one. It has the perfect balance between pirouettes, transitions and releases. The first connection she shows is original and beautifully done. Her transitions all have fantastic amplitude and the combination takes my breath away every time. And god, this is some pirouettes porn right here. Those extremely tricky pirouettes just look so easy for her and they finish right into the handstand, it’s stunning. Words can’t express how happy I am that this girl is our uneven bars champion. She totally deserves it.
  2. Huang Huidan worlds EF: I always loved Huang but in 2012 I thought that she’d be one of the many chinese gymnasts who would burn out and retire before she was able to live up to her potential. But boy, was I wrong! This girl has had a fabulous last couple of years and this routine is probably the best one she has had during her entire career. There are still a couple of form deductions but who cares? Her first combination looks so effortless, her dismount is super unique and awsome and she sticks it cold, her pirouettes were pretty much flawless and that piked jaeger is one of the most beautiful pieces of gymnastics being done in the world right now. This simply is a gorgeous routine.
  3. Shang Chunsong asian games AA: How? How is this routine even real? It’s so fucking difficult. She starts with a spectacular combination, which includes her own original skill and she doesn’t stop throwing crazy skills until the dismount. She doesn’t even count the gienger in her top 8 elements. She fucking does a D rated skill only for the connection value! like… HOW? And she may not have the absolutely perfect form we’ve seen from some chinese gymnasts in the past but she has done a great job cleaning up her skills and improving her pirouettes since last year. It’s a huge shame she had a rough time on this event at worlds because damn, she’s so good, so fucking good!
  4. Tan Jiaxin worlds quals: You know you have unbelievable depth on bars when you have a gymnast like Tan Jiaxin and don’t use her at team finals. This routine is freaking spectacular from start to finish. She flies high above the bar, she has crisp pirouettes and she performs the one ridiculously difficult combination after the other. And when you think that the impressive part is over she performs one of the most difficult dismounts this world has ever seen. And she does it pretty darn well. This bars set and the amanar she’s training would make Jiaxin a lock for every future team and I’d have absolutely no problem with that.
  5. Aliya Mustafina worlds EF: It’s a shame that Aliya wasn’t able to add more difficulty to her routine this year. But, when it comes to execution it doesn’t get any better than that. I was gasping after every single pirouette because holy shit, this is how you hit a handstand. And on top of that her Van Leeuwen is beautiful, her jaeger is high and clean and she can do this dismount in her sleep. There’s something really special about her bars. Her swing is aressive and graceful at the same time, she attacks the apparatus but she still looks elegant and relaxed. I hope she’s able to upgrade and stay in the mix because I can’t even imagine a bars final without her.
  6. Becky Downie euros EF: Finally, fucking finally! Last year Becky had two opportunities to win a major bars medal and she fell both times. That did not happen this year. For the whole season she nailed routine after routine and proved that she is one of the best in the world on this event. I’m not really a fan of having a million variations of the same skill in your bars set but one has to give her credit for this routine. She has her own original skill and she performs two combinations that nobody else in the world can do. And that time she really nailed every single skill and deserved to become european champion.
  7. Jessica Lopez worlds AA: I absolutely love Jessica as a gymnast and as a person and bars is the event where she really stands out to me. She has an extremely tricky routine full of difficult combinations and she really did nail it. It’s so exciting to see her hitting her piked tkatcev to pak and her 2nd combination never fails to amaze me. She finished that clear hip 1/1 after the maloney right into a handstand and connected it beautifully with her spectacular two releases combination. She really does fly during this routine, her releases are nice and high and she has one of the highest and prettiest double front dismounts out there.
  8. Rebecca Tunney nationals EF: This routine is so packed with difficulty, it’s insane. And damn, that church + bharwaj combination! Like, how is this shit even possible? How can one connect those two extremely difficult skills? HOW? Rebecca is not the cleanest gymnasts and there are lots of things I wish she could improve on. But this routine is simply mindblowing and it makes me scream out of excitement every time I watch it. 
  9. Brenna Dowell nationals day 1: This perforance was probably the highlight of a quite rough year for Brenna and it is spectacular. This routine is so freaking difficult and so unique. I just love the maloney + giant full combination. It shows impressive power and control. And of course the Tweddle + ezhova combination gives me life. Some times I think that Brenna didn’t really live up to her potential but then I remember that nobody ever thought she’d even be in the mix back in 2012 and that she really did defied everyone’s expectations and became a breath taking bars worker and a fantastic gymnast overall. I would absolutely love to see her competing elite again but even if she doesn’t I can’t wait to see her in college gymnastics. I don’t usually follow NCAA but I will definitely follow her.
  10. Ashton Locklear nationals day 1: This girl definitely wins the “biggest surprsise of 2014” award. Like, holy shit? She went from being pretty much unknown to being a fucking world champion in just a few months. Her first combination is so awsome to watch, it feels like it goes on forever and her jaeger has to be one of the best ones out there. She hits her handstands beautifully, she has gorgeous lines and toe point, she has a lovely swing and she knows how to stick a landing. She is a fabulous bars worker and I can’t wait to see more of her.

Honorable mentions: Daria Spiridonova worlds EF, Ruby Harrold euros TF, Larrissa Miller commonwealth games EF, Larisa Iordache worlds AA, Viktoria Komova russian cup, Εlizabeth Price, american cup


Kelly Rowland Poses Nude For Elle Magazine (Shot By Lance Gross)

Kelly Rowland or Kelly Glowland? Because the mom-to-be is giving off glowing, ethereal pregnant queen goddess tease in Elle magazine!

With one hand covering her growing boobs and another holding her baby bump, Kelly takes part in the tradition of pregnant celebrity moms posing nude in her latest photo spread. The image was captured by actor and celebrity photographer Lance Gross, and also includes a few clothed shots as well, where Kelz looks just as gorgeous in a tuxedo and dresses, as she does in the buff.

For the interview portion of the feature, Kelly gushes about beginning her journey as a new mom (she’s due in a couple of weeks) and how she plans to raise her son while balancing her career. She also shares the secret behind her enviable glow (hint: cocoa butter on deck!), the yummy treats she’s been craving, and not understanding why nude pregnancy shots are so frowned upon.

Peep the highlights:

On what she looks forward most to about motherhood:

I can’t wait until he gets here. I just have a couple more weeks. I’m excited to bring a child into the world, and sharing that experience with my husband is probably the most beautiful part.

Her cravings:

I love cherry pie and chocolate ice cream with peanut butter mixed in it. And I had a week straight where I was obsessed with nachos.

On her pregnancy beauty regimen:

I’ve switched out anything with harsh chemicals. I use nothing but shea butter, pure cocoa butter and coconut oil. It’s amazing how all of those things work so well for my skin. I’m going to continue to just use those after the baby gets here.

On the kind of celebrity mom she plans on being:

I just plan to play it by ear. Everybody has their normal. And sometimes, award shows are a part of that. I have girlfriends who have that experience, and they’ll say ‘You know, I just really didn’t want to be without my child today.’ And it’s just that simple. It’s about finding your normal, whatever that may be.

On posing nude:

Some pregnant women get flack for nude photos. Why was it important to you to include those in the shoot?
I don’t know why they would get flack. It’s really—I won’t say amazing—it’s Godmazing [laughs] watching your body carry a human. I took a birthing class and I was amazed by all the things this woman was saying to me about birthing and what the body does naturally. Why wouldn’t you want to celebrate that? The body should be celebrated.

On balancing being a mom, a wife and an entertainer:

I watch Diana Ross and Donna Summer and all these women—they’ve managed to do it all. I think ‘What makes me different? I can definitely do it.’ And this is something I’ve wanted. I’ve been talking about babies since last year. I believe I spoke it into existence during a conversation with my friend, and I feel like I became pregnant overnight! And she said all we need is a community of strong people around us, and we rely on each other and our families.

On rumors she’ll be playing Donna Summer in upcoming biopic:

All these rumors! I was just with my glam squad, we were having fun and we saw this beautiful picture of a Donna Summer record. I was like ‘let’s try to do this look!’ I love Donna Summer. I love how she’s this sex goddess, and she’s so beautiful and powerful onstage. So we mocked up a cover and I posted a picture. That’s all it was! But it would be an amazing opportunity to play her.